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u/epicpandemic916 · 1 pointr/Planetside

you know so far its been great i guess, the improvement on arma 3 is through the roof but the improvement in fps in planetside isnt as high as i thought it might be, but i did some research and i feel that fps issues are just something that will forever plague a game with a possible 400 man battle going on, even with an intel cpu, i doubt theyre doing much better than 25-30 fps in huge battles. my new cpu has gotten down to 20 and below in massive battles but mostly its doing great and hitting my gpu (radeon 7770) alot at about 50-60. looking back i dont regret it, because i did it myself, and it was rather simple to swap just the cpu, where as a whole motherboard would be quite extensive i imagine and would probably need some help, and hopefully it would all be compatible. i doubled my score on 3dmark 11 to 6352 for cpu score, now i feel i need to upgrade my gpu :p,

also the 8350 just dropped 15 bucks to $179

u/locknars · 1 pointr/Planetside

What takes you 10 steps in 3DS can take 3 in Maya sometimes. It really is that good. That said the skills you learn in any 3d program are nvr wasted as no matter how different the program the basic concepts are usually quite similar. Get Maya.

As for tutorials. Just like everything else there are massive pools of knowledge for any program out there on the net. The issues with youtube vids is the production quality differes so much. I'm sure you can find countless examples and tutorials to help get you started. But as you progress I would suggest looking for pdf versions of hard copy references material and published tutorials. stuff like...

I mean you can probably get a pdf version online for free but if you want the hardcopy (sometimes it just nice to have the 700 page book)with DVD so you feel all legit it will cost you about 4 bucks used and ~30 brand new.

Happy Modeling!

u/undefeatedantitheist · -1 pointsr/Planetside

"...rapidly become..." I stated.

If you really knew anything about how software like games function - other than in very general terms - you'd know that memory manipulation is will ultimately always beat detection directed at memory.

Which is why anti-cheat features gravitate towards scans of source files too. But these too are ultimately always beatable by memory manipulation.

Which is why anti-cheat features gravitate towards heuristics scanning too, ie. appraisal of user behaviour. At this level, the lines between fit-for-purpose features and spying on you begin to get blurry. They can get very blurred and easily crossed completely if the engineers - or the profiteers under which they work - undergo a lapse in moral fortitude; a spike in greed.

Just take a quick look at the license agreements for things. The provision there for 'whoops' should scare the shit out of you.

Or not. And the crux of this issue is always ultimately psychological. What does a person consider unfair/invasive/immoral/unnecessary/malicious/nefarious?

I'm not speaking as some casual enthusiast, I've been a CS infsec for 15 years now, working for international banks. About half of the software packages I inspect log the shit out of ~everything. As people get used to it - without complaining (through ascent or ignorance) - so the vendors feel more free to expand on the activity.

The thing is, if we were living in The Culture, I'd not have a problem living with mass monitoring of everything as I'd trust those with power over me not to fuck me in a sociopathic/psychopathic/irrational/greedy way. But we live in a world where those with power over us are crazy apes.

u/betacyanin · 2 pointsr/Planetside

It seems like we heaped stuff on them because it's easier to see the faults in something you're familiar with.

There's also a relatively recent cultural tendency (around Turnbull's time, iirc - good book btw) to blame western influence on issues. While that can be true and accurate, and is in many cases, it doesn't mean it's always the case and isn't necessarily to the massive degree people will attribute it to. It's the opposite of the blame the victim mentality, really.

I'm fairly certain that you already know that change isn't necessarily negative or positive, just neutral. Cultures don't change entirely from being influenced by another one - syncretism occurs, the blending of things, so many of the problems mentioned above were already there, just differently expressed in a context you're unfamiliar with. The cultural influence merged with those aspects and the result was them expressed in a form you recognize as culturally familiar, making it easy to attribute it to western culture as that's what you know. Much of the stuff you see now chains back centuries or more and this is just the latest step.

> (men are studs and awesome, women are sluts and should be ashamed)

That's a cultural perception of sex, not a result of views on sexuality. Some cultures have had the opposite seen as the norm, where a woman having lovers was seen as a right and a status symbol and the man being untrustworthy if he was with too many women.

u/DeedleFake · 2 pointsr/Planetside

In no particular order:

u/7rounds · 1 pointr/Planetside

Well I just got a capture card. It's a hardware solution so don't think about it if you're afraid to open your computer. I was using it last night and this specific one is pretty good. It captures 1080p @ 30fps and saves it as AVI. It will also let you record from a mic and have that as a separate file. If you want that one you're going to need a graphics card with an HDMI output. It's also nice because you just push a button and it will capture whatever is on your screen so you can show windows stuff and not have to worry about which program is being recorded.

Like I said I've just started using it last night, I will upload some video footage later and link it if you'd like. It is a tad expensive at $179 but, it works.

u/lifestop · 2 pointsr/Planetside

I don't think you'll regret it, it made a huge difference for me. You can get a 128gb SSD w/free shipping (prime) on Amazon for $62.99.

Oh, and you can setup Steam so that you can choose where to install games, so you can save your SSD for the games that really need it.

u/archont · 3 pointsr/Planetside

Congratulations, the DAEMON's algorithms have selected you to be an operative of the darknet. Accept, and in your briefcase you will find data overlay glasses biometrically precalibrated to your persona, identification required to infiltrate your corporate target and 50 darknet credits. Should you accept, thr AutoM8 autonomous vehicles in your area will be at your disposal, as will tokens to access and bypass your target's network. Reject this offer, and you will be killed painlessly via gas.

Welcome to the darknet, operative

u/kammysmb · 1 pointr/Planetside

Don't use a laser mouse for fps games, it's not a good idea, the sensors have acceleration issues.

If you use high sensitivity and want a cheap mouse, something like this might interest you.

u/foxual · 1 pointr/Planetside

Barebones basic, but good quality/brand, to run your OS and a few games, you're looking at $70:

$40 more for double the space.

u/iamtenninja · 2 pointsr/Planetside

THere's still 3 hours as of right now: AMD FX 8350 for $129.99

pretty solid price for this processer.

u/Rydenan · 2 pointsr/Planetside

In warpgate and small fights, it will be 60-70 fps. In large fights, it's 40-50. Here's some footage of me playing on Ultra 4K the other day (watch out, volume might be a little loud). It's honestly a lot smoother and more responsive than you'd expect. Still, I don't normally play on these settings because there is still a noticeable increase in latency over playing on potato mode. Unfortunately.

I play on an Zephyrus M laptop (link), which has an i7-8750H and GTX 1070.

u/WarOtter · 1 pointr/Planetside

You no longer have posting privileges until you read this thoroughly and are prepared to take a test.

u/Recatek · 0 pointsr/Planetside

Here, I found a handy guide to dealing with the game's development trajectory.

u/coolfire1080P · 2 pointsr/Planetside

you can also get a xim 4 and use a mouse and keyboard. Not great but miles ahead of a controller.

u/CakeNStuff · 1 pointr/Planetside

There's a book based off this same principle called "A Murder of Crows" it's free on amazon. Seriously. Read it. It's really emotional stuff.

u/TheLazySamurai4 · 1 pointr/Planetside

Everybody Poops vs Nobody Poops But You

I added the links because people often confuse reality with tv.

u/ArcFault · 1 pointr/Planetside

If you want to stream with no hit to your CPU - you'd need two. One for just capturing though.

u/Geek_King · 12 pointsr/Planetside

Well done man! That is absolutely fantastic, I very much love when fan made works of art like this take a look at the soldiers and portrays them as people. Great work! I'd be very interested to see similar art based on humanizing scenes featuring NC and Vanu. Though I guess with Vanu it'd make more sense to show the look of pain as the new convert is altered with alien technology.

As Aldo mentioned, its great to see a nod to the horrors of being killed in gruesome ways over and over again in an endless war. There's a book by Kevin Kauffmann named "Murder of Crows" it's about convicts and other dregs of society who are put on a artificially made prison planet and made to compete in war games against other teams. Right before someone is killed during the games, their brain is copied via an implant in the neck and uploaded to a satelite, then installed into a clone of that person. It's pretty interesting read and very similar to how Planetside presents the re-birthing matrix.

Link to the Book: (Unless I'm mistaken, looks like the first book in the series is free)

u/LEOtheCOOL · 1 pointr/Planetside

> But the thing is, PS2's high sky ceiling is the only reason anyone spends any significant amount of time in ESFs.

Its also the reason why the overwhelming majority of people don't spend any time in ESFs at all.

> If there wasn't an allure to playing a high-skill playstyle, then anyone who would have piloted would have already moved on to another game.

You might find this book interesting

> Getting nailed by undodgeable, uncounterable lockons is certainly punishment.

Thats really poetic, but you aren't actually being punished.

> Tribes Ascend failed because Hi-Rez abandoned it. ... I can go on and find people playing.

lol OK If a game is struggling to keep as many players as a 20 year old text base MMO, I wouldn't exactly call that a success. has more players than Tribes: Ascend.

for comparison

Bringing it back to the OP. I know a2am isn't fair, and isn't fun, but leaving them in the game while making them useless like the OP proposes only makes the air game's problems worse.

u/Sappow · 2 pointsr/Planetside

VS maxes were crap at AI before the max pass. I used em, I had both cosmos and blue shifts, etc; they really weren't good. The max pass made them a bunch better.

If the statistics they're using indicate that they were good before the big max pass, they're using problematic statistics or statistics with an explanation other than "X is OP", because the VS maxes objectively weren't good, by the numbers or by play experience.

It's also worth noting that we were only given two KD ratio numbers; if pre-max pass VS maxes had a high KDR, it could easily have been because they were never pulled for AI duty, only AA, even moreso than the TR and NC maxes were; the result of that would be an inflated KDR because burster maxes tend to be secure and safe and would get a lot of kills without really being in danger ever, back then. They could have a dramatically higher KDR than the others via that, but that doesn't mean that they were OP in all roles; it meant no one used them on that faction except for the one very high return role, which inflated their overall performance. Presumably if that were the case it would show by being able to filter performance by weapon.

There's a reason the saying is "lies, damn lies, and statistics". Giving partial statistics, without any context or crosstabs, really makes me feel very suspect about the validity and usefulness of the argument being made. Darrell Huff's book is relevant there...