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u/thornwindfaerie · 3 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Nail stuff is pretty broad but I'll see if I can help!

Dotting tools, striping tapes, rhinestones, and nail art brushes are great for her age bracket (and they have the added bonus of being super cheap!!)!

For a higher level of difficulty check out nail stampers with "plates". Here is a tutorial to show what those actually do, tutorial.

You know your kid better than I do, but at her age I would have loved a dedicated space for my "beauty supplies". Would a desk with a nail station be a welcome gift? If you live near an IKEA, get something like this and these for polish storage, each box fits 50 polishes easy! I would also get a desk lamp and some mason jars or whatever to hold the tools that are too big for the box. Maybe even a vanity mirror for when makeup becomes a thing. To keep the desktop clean and easily manageable I would get some cheap plastic place mats from the dollar tree.

Polish-wise, Sinful Colors is a cheap brand of polish found in most drug stores, usually around $2 a bottle, but the colors are nice and go on well (I own about 20 of them and use them often). For a person her age I probably wouldn't get too many of the more expensive brands like Essie on up, just because preferences are fleeting at that age. Eventually, you could dive into the deep scary world of independent polish makers (where all the pretty colors are!!)

u/Lyongirl · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

I need a holo in my life! and this color club is only 7.65 and free shipping WOO!

So a story of my life..okay how about the awesomely corny story I told at my wedding??

The first night I met him I was hanging out with his best friend (who was interested in me at the time but...he's not my type so we were just friends). We decided to go pick my future husband up and go to a club. On the way there his friend told me he didn't really have a lot of experience with girls so it would be awesome if I ran and gave him a hug. Being the crazy not shy person I am, I did that..but it was night time and dark. I am 5'...he's 6'. I didn't realize this until I was right in front of him so I literally jumped into his arms to hug him. This was the first time we ever met. We became best friends. Not too long after we were hanging out at a playground alone and just laying on the grass staring at the stars. We saw a shooting star so we each made a wish. My wish came true on my wedding day.. I married my soul mate and I'm still madly in love.

Sorry if I made you gag. He gives me the tinglies and I can't help it!

u/Celladoore · 5 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

1: I had a little girl around 5 at my daycare named Lily who was just smart as a whip, and for some reason she just loved me. Since she was another workers child she would always be there early, so we would color together or play with playdough while we waited for others to arrive, and I imagine that had something to do with it.

Anyway, she was friends with my niece, and ended up coming to her birthday party at a nature park. One of the activities was a scavenger hunt when the children were supposed to pick an adult and go for a walk in the woods to collect various naturey things. When it came time to pick she immediately calls out "I pick miss Michelle!" and her mother just gives her just the saddest look. Lilly looks at her mother and says in an incredibly grown up and calming tone "Now just because I didn't pick you doesn't mean I don't love you, I just don't get to see miss Michelle as much." her mother nods, seemingly placated, and we totally nail the scavenger hunt ;)

2: Zoya Godiva is so demure and elegant, but still has some nice sparkle to it, so it is never boring. I also really love the Zoya Intimate collection, especially Jules and Dove.

3: I've never had to dress business casual before, but one thing I do know is the air conditioning will probably be up way too high most of the year, so cardigans are probably a good bet!

4: Mod lacquer Satire, I'm addicted to corals and jellies. For a non indie I've been lusting after Sparking Garbage for months now.

Good luck on and congratulations on your new job!

u/lexacd · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

I was thinking that she could get:

-Wet n' Wild Blazed. it may not look to amazing in this picture, but it's a fantastic coral color that is perfect for summer.
-China Glaze for Audrey. I know it has been mentioned here before, but omg, someone polished me with it a few months ago and I'm so in love. Everyone needs this color.
-OPI Russian Navy. I noticed this was mentioned as well, but I am a huge advocate for it, everyone needs a nice dark polish. I have been lusting after this one for a while. It looks stunning on its own, as well as a matte.
-For good measure, she needs a good top coat. Poshe. I used to use Seche Vite, but switched to Poshe when I realized how thick Seche Vite gets about halfway through the bottle (I don't have this issue with Poshe until the end of the bottle).

I hope this helps! <3

u/dyannnnna · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

Well, you can start by taking a Biotin supplement or prenatal vitamins. Those will help speed up the growth of your natural nails. You'll also want to get a strengthening polish of some sort. OPI Nail Envy is popular, but I'm not sure what's available where you live. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Hand cream as often as possible. Apply cuticle oil at least once or twice a day. There are tons out there. File your nails gently, and if they're not too sensitive, buff the surface to even it out. Don't over buff it. It shouldn't hurt. After your nail surfaces are stronger and less sensitive, you might want to get a cuticle remover gel and some orange wood sticks. Apply the cuticle remover, let it sit for a minute, and then use the orange wood to gently push back any of the stuff growing up your nails. Wash your hands after using the cuticle remover, if left on too long it could burn your skin. Moisturize.

I linked some products on amazon. Just because I linked specific products doesn't mean that's what you have to use. It might take a little while to figure out the routine that works best for you, but you can do it.

u/unlodgical · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Yay! Thanks for hosting! <3

For a blue I think this would be awesome! It's a darker blue like the hoodie, and the swatches look fantastic with shine and with a matte top coat!

I would totally pair it with this gold. It seems to be a more yellow gold like the hoodie as well.

Woo! I bet you're gonna love the games. All that ice and fights and stuff!

u/secretagentkitty · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

I think this is a great idea! C'mon spring!

u/musicalpets · 11 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Happy Birthday! :) Hope it was great, and thanks for this gauntlet!

Seche Vite top coats were recently removed out of the CVS I live closest to :/ $4.84 :)

And for the song, if you like Kpop, Apink just released a new song: [Nonono.] ( It's super cute!

u/lochnessie15 · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

<3 Feelings suck sometimes :( It'll be okay!

I'm going to spam you with random adorable, mostly lamb pictures from my Black Sheep gauntlet that just ended, since a lot of them made me smile :)

an awesome sheep video with lights!


fuzzy sheep!

happy black lamb

a lamb and a duck!

not quite a sheep...

another cute lamb

and another one...

and yet another one!

erm, I think you might notice a theme here...

a random rainbow sheep

mom's a playground, right?

and a random sheep lamp because I kept typing "lamp" instead of "lamb"

And this is what's on my nails right now -it's Pretty & Polished Dancing at Dusk in the cold state, since my fingers are freezing, topped with Urban Outfitters La Luna. It makes me think of princess nails or something, especially when they're warm and change to a light blue.

Color Club Over the Moon is pretty high on my wishlist right now, since I've recently discovered just how amazing Color Club holos are.

u/netters_nails · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Carpe Noctom cosmetics has Prince Eric and Seawitch There's also LynB Machiavellian and From Night To Day Unfortunately I think this is permanently sold out but I am in love with Nail Pattern Boldness Vincent Price Is Right (though I don't own it) and there's Color Club Beyond and Revolution Lucky 13 Lacquer has Bad Wolf

Aaaaaaand then there's Colors by Llarowe:

u/dinos_rawr · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

I have lots :) CG Def Defying is $4.63, CG Red Satin is $4.66, CG Surreal Appeal is $5, CG Whirled Away is $5.27, Essie Ballet Slippers is $5.79, and this stamper is $4.35. There's more options than that, so if I win you can look at those too if none of these tickle your fancy :)

I also have lots of favorite shows! I love Supernatural, Weeds, Pretty Little Liars, the new Hawaii Five-0, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, Psych, Fringe. (The bold ones are the ones I recommend you watch if you haven't seen them already)

edit to add Fringe. More may be added haha

u/birdsofterrordise · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

~Polish Uno

~Polish Dos

~Polish Drei

~Polish Quatre

~Polish Cinco

Disclaimer: A couple fit that I think with shipping might be over $15? If so and the numbers gods smile upon me, totally choose one of the other cheaper ones. Because when it comes down it, I just really like getting things in the mail. It makes me feel loved. <3 Fun gauntlet, good luck ladies! And gents if you are here!

u/silentwail · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

I know you want my lumps

It might take a while before I can get a mani done for this if it has to be a new one. I've got too much BS going on these days.
I decided to go with this mani because it was one of the few times I actually got to take the time to do "art".

I do not know any men that would allow me to paint their nails in any capacity. This is a bummer for me. I did, however, paint the nails of a robot hand today. Even gave it stiletto tips... Sadly I do not know it's true gender so I don't think it will count.
I'm still working on finding the time to paint my coworkers nails..we've been super busy at work (we only get 15 minute breaks and I know he'll want to remove it ASAP so I have to move fast) Hopefully I'll return soon....


I would like to request this if I happen to win. =) Thanks for hosting!!!

u/le_mazing · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

This striping tape is awesome!! I feel like it's been on my wishlist forever lol I also think these nail art brushes look nice!! :) A little over budget but they may be worth it lol rhinestones!! Thanks for hosting this but it's only May 1st!! :3

u/tibean2992 · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

I would love some striping tape. I dont have any, and I would really appreciate it. Like really appreciate it.
Not much is going on in my life. Im baking chocolate sugar cookies though. If anyone wants a super easy chocolate sugar cookie recipe, Let me know.

u/Kittenmittons91 · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

We both need Color Club Over the Moon!

Why? Well, first, look at that holo. It's like rainbows on your nails. Also, the Color Club holos have the most amazing formula, they practically paint themselves on! And that blue shade is so fun and flattering.

Summer is the best time for holos because they look so gorgeous in the sun, so obviously we need this ASAP to make the most of the summer we have left! Wouldn't this look gorgeous on us at the beach? I think so.

u/Paracontra · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Bluebell is very pretty :D

I'm going to a 'The Limousines' concert this Thursday. :) It's a cd release thing... will be very fun I hope!

luvinpink you're awesome!!

u/CookieCriminal · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet
  1. oh hey errmagerd how are you today?!

  2. such nail art is this one. I love Hello Kitty!

  3. My miracle product for nail care would be OPI Nail Envy. It keeps my nails incredibly strong. I would also suggest keeping your cuticles moisturized, I'm obsessed with E&A oils. My fave is Pumpkin Apple Butter. Finally, I don't know what kind of remover you use, but I swear ever since I switched to Zoya Remove it feels like my nails peel less. I'm not sure if it's because there is no acetone in it, but it's incredibly gentle yet still tough enough to remove glitters and such. I know it's pricey, but it's worth it 'cause this is how we do it!
u/rosie__ · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

Sunshine Pop looks pretty bright and need to get it for summer. I have flip flop fantasy but looks much brighter then the pic. I also have thats shore bright which is very pretty.[I also haveSally hensen mighty mango which is also brighter then pic. light bright

u/leeleereddits1 · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Thanks for the answer. Now I know I need to get some, so I have weapons coming from y fingers. XD

Oh, and it's on Amazon for like $8.50 and free shipping! (Woop!)

u/SpicyLikePepper · 3 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

I can't win both?! LAME ;)

El cheapo BRUSHES. I've decided that you can't have too many of the skinny ones :)

I just realized you specifically said POLISH. Lol. Here's the cheapest polish...though I feel like the prices change every time I click on my WL

Llama face. Llamas are pretty, right?

u/LMBiebs · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet


And this polish sparkles, indeed! $4.50 and free shipping!
=) Thank you for the gauntlet!

u/twerkysandwich · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

Yeah they dry decently fast but it sounds like you need some of this. You can slather it on when your nails are still wet and it'll dry pretty quickly and look like glass.

u/mjhc · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Thanks for doing this!
I fell in love with this Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by China Glaze right after I saw it.

u/[deleted] · 9 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

There is a bunch of stuff that can be donated! But here are some highlights:

Essie Cute as a Button is exactly $6.25!!

Who doesn't need a good purple?


Such a pretty blue!!

Kleancolor mini metallic


And I feel obligated to leave something from MINE hehe :)

Seche Vite! $4.85!!

u/snackzzz · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

We actually had 6 similar items!! i'm gonna say we both need nail envy because i only have a few drops of mine left (sads:/) and we want BEAUTIFUL nails! this stuff is seriously my god. i can't get over how much my nails have improved! i know you want strong ass nails, too, because who doesn't??:)

also, yay for birthday!!

u/mobscura · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Manglaze isn't specifically marketed towards men. Their company and nail polish names are naughty, to be sure. Their main thing is their polish has a matte finish. Using a matte top coat will give anything a finish like that.

As for the nail splitting, try a nail strengthener and make sure the nails are moisturized frequently with hand cream and/or cuticle cream.

u/violinkeri · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

i also have i'm not lion on my wishlist. I love a good glitter :)

u/Ninakasper · 3 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Here is probably one of my favorites, [ombre nails] ( and to keep with the theme here is an item that's [blue]
( Thanks for the great contest! :D

u/MommyDiDi · 8 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

NKOTB - Remix

and Snap My Dragon baby!!!

Happy Belated Birthday darling!

u/Marykins · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

I'm not a fan of neons but That's Shore Bright is seriously awesome.

light bright!

u/ceairaraptor · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

This may be considered my best mani. Mostly based on popularity/upvotes, not necessarily because it's my favorite.

I've got a thing for dark holos, so Color Club Beyond it is!

u/schist4granite · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

I LOVE YOU AND THE FLASH CONTEST AND CAP LOCKS! Please Reddit raffle, love me!

So my life right now is working at a day camp.... I do that all morning and then come home super exhausted from the heat and do nothing.... I SHOULD be working on my thesis and job hunting but that is turning into a slow to haulted process :/ Oh well!

u/rachelrad · 3 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

China Glaze That's Shore Bright is the BEST neon purple!!!! light and bright, baby!

edit: Seriously, though. That polish! Amazeballs.

I've worn it twice since October, and that's a pretty big deal.

u/try_another4 · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

CC Over the Moon! We needs this polish, precious. It is gorgeous and holographic! It will shine like our souls in the sun :3

u/unicorntentacles · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

You have options for one for me and one for you!

China Glaze Below Deck,

KBShimmer Where My Peeps At,

China Glaze I'm not Lion,

China Glaze Aquadelic

OPI Gettin Miss PIggy With It,

OPI Divine Swine

We share a lot! I think you should get CG Aquadelic because it has been on my wishlist since August of last year!

u/cupicakexx · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

1: oh hey errmagerd! Thanks for the contests!

2: such nail art - Star Wars mani. I worked really hard on this one.

3: this is how we do it - I wish I had a secret for nail care! I've tried SO many products recommended here (and given them each a month of use) with no luck - but maybe one will work for you: Sally Hansen Complete Care, OPI Nail Envy Original, OPI Nail Envy Maintenance, ORLY Bonder, and Nail Tek. Still my nails peel at the tips. I really don't know what to do, aside from keeping my nails trimmed short or not polishing at all. I'm trying this by Sally Hansen, now. I've only been using this for one week, so it's too early to tell. I do use cuticle oil, and like most people here, I use Emerald & Ash (as well as Rainbow Honey & Essie Apricot Oil) - though, I'm not as religious about it as I probably should be. I tend to wait until my cuticles look in rough shape. >.>

u/Shallara12 · 3 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Sorry babes :/

I don't have any thing for stamping so [This would be fantastic] (

You know that everyone on here is here for you and if you need to just focus on something else I highly recommend Top Gear, one of their special episodes where they go to another country (seriously its hilarious and I don't even like cars)

It'll be okay sweety.

u/gingysnap · 5 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Indies I could not live without...

  1. Consulting Detective by A Study in Polish

  2. Softening the Bad Things by Lucky 13

  3. Oodiful by Nail Pattern Boldness

    Mainstream polishes I can't live without...

  4. Warm and Fozzie by OPI

  5. Yasmeen by Zoya (just discovered how awesome this is today omg.)

  6. Stacy by Zoya

  7. Godiva by Zoya

  8. Pussy Galore by OPI

  9. I Theodora You by OPI

  10. Russian Navy by OPI

  11. For Audrey by China Glaze

    These are in no particular order and I know I'm missing a bunch lol!
u/maladroitent · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

Yay, congrats girl! I just love to get in all the gauntlets :P Practical self is saying "You need nail brushes" or "Files, you have no files lady" but really I have been lemming over forever!

u/ReisaD · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

It's 8.50. I am getting it for my birthday. :) I will make sure of it some how. :D

u/MorningStarshine · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

Also, here it is on amazon for 8.50, free shipping.

u/_henhenpal_ · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

We both have nail envy! My nails are definitely not at their strongest right now, and nail envy would definitely help. Thank you so much for the contest!

EDIT: hay, look, we both have knackered too. But I'm not sure if that one counts because it's TOO DAMN HIGH. I hate BL for that. You can't just make beautiful polishes and then make them EXPENSIVE. :P

u/zombietreats · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

That. So Cute.

Hm, what's going on with me. I'm covered in water because the sprinkler needed to be turned on and the grass looks so bad! Haha

u/Kr1st1na · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

Both /u/rachelrad and I are both long-time lurkers that have just introduced ourselves, and we both have Orly Sparkling Garbage
on our wishlists. I think we should all get it because it is without-a-doubt a must-have polish for our collections! It's so so sparkly, and that name is amazeballs too :)

u/CrossedWires · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Oh wait, even better! This one from Nail_World365 is $0.99+free shipping to Canada.

u/kimipixi · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

I know its kinda boring but this goes by so fast, especially if you do your nails 3x a week like I do.

nail envy

u/Hipashia · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet
u/pumpkinandboone · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

Get a stamping kit - stamper here and some popular plates here! This is a good tutorial. I was hesitant to try it but just did right now and it's sooo cooooool!

u/bubblegumtrees · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

Omg /o/ You are so nice! I will totally pay it forward.

I'm somewhat confused about how to figure out shipping on these, so do any of these come out to less than $5? Seche Vite, Essie Protein Base Coat, or Stamper

u/ni-rey · 1 pointr/PolishGauntlet

iz been eyin it 4.68

4.80 is a really awkward number with shipping, this one is 4.69

This one is 8cents over =/ 4.88

you could get THREE of these for 4.92, one for you one for me one for a contest!!

I shall stop. im becoming obsessive finding a polish for 4.8 exactly. =/