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u/jstenoien · 1 pointr/ProRevenge

They are indeed partial tang, with plastic handles (like cutcos), and no rivets. The funny part is that it'll still outperform the cutcos, but if those things matter to you:

Here, same knife with rosewood handles, rivets, full tang construction, and it's $3 less than the fibrox version.

Victorinox has a lifetime warranty on defects and has a great reputation for sometimes even honoring the warranty when a knife fails from user abuse. Yes I know all about the gimmicky "infinity guarantee" and it can indeed sound like an absolutely amazing warranty to the uneducated buyer. Unfortunately once you realize that you are paying ~50x what the knives are actually worth it doesn't sound so awesome anymore. And for sharpening, I pay $3 for my 2 knives over 6 inches and $2 for the 3 under once a year to have them sharpened. That's $3 more than cutco charges for the shipping cost, and if I bought the full victorinox set for $160 vs the 6 piece set from cutco for $676 it would cost $16/year to sharpen all of them or 32 years to break even.

Btw, I know it looks like I'm obsessed about the fibrox knives or something, but I wouldn't even personally buy them for myself (although I have for friends just getting into cooking). The fibrox line is a great budget level knife line, but for only $20-30 more a knife you start being able to grab a MAC, Global, or Tojiro DP knives that are as much better than the fibrox as the fibrox is to cutcos. I'm simply using it to demonstrate just how much of a ripoff Cutcos are even when compared to a budget level knife.

u/prettehkitteh · 4 pointsr/ProRevenge

We're all a little nuts here :) I'm happy that you, too, are trying to work on it and improve your life, and I wish you the best of luck!

If you're interested, my husband started DBT a few months back with his therapist and has been using this workbook, which seems to be helping him. We also just discovered this series of posts, which helped him express some things to me and helped me to conceptualize what's going on in his head and what I can do.

u/jamesjaceable · 3 pointsr/ProRevenge

I eat a lot of spicy food, as do a few of my friends.

What started out as "Can you handle this" turned into "This Megadeth Hot Sauce is delicious on wings."

u/Bielzabutt · 10 pointsr/ProRevenge

"liquid ass" I'm pretty sure you can get it at any prank store.

u/anomalous_cowherd · 2 pointsr/ProRevenge

No, sorry. To the best of my knowledge Grammer only exists as a proper noun.

I don't know of a specific single word for a book of grammar rules, that would usually just be called 'Grammar Rules' or something more entertaining like "Grammar: Know Your Shit or Know You're Shit".

u/IphtashuFitz · 1 pointr/ProRevenge

If it was me I'd leave him a wooden nickel. If I was feeling generous maybe I'd leave him two...

u/Eyerate · 3 pointsr/ProRevenge

nah dude, its all RTF out of the box now and has been for the last 8 years or more. most planes are full EPO foam and fly on electric ducted fans. even the trainers are RTF and use props with lazer guidance to keep you from crashing. theyre only like 100 bucks. look up "hobbyzone supercub trainer"

edit: heres the trainer i learned on years ago:

u/alex_moose · 2 pointsr/ProRevenge

[Here's a link: Lux ET50 Digital Washable Timer] (

Can shower in 5 minutes in a pinch, but have 15 minutes? Set the timer for 5-10 minutes, enjoy soaking in the water, pondering hypothetical scenarios, etc. Timer goes off, freak out and realize you'll be late if you don't get moving, finish your shower and hop out.

u/20Tacocat02 · 8 pointsr/ProRevenge

After some research, this was the behemoth (if memory serves me correctly)

u/TDD · 2 pointsr/ProRevenge

You'd spend $500 on solo cups for one day? Using this price point means that you would buy roughly 4167 solo cups on your alleged "average wednesday".

u/Langly- · 3 pointsr/ProRevenge

Something like but his had a little LCD screen, and the model didn't have good reviews. Closer to but still not what he showed me a picture of.

u/Oakroscoe · 2 pointsr/ProRevenge

Yeah that $4.81 is gonna kill you. Norpro 360-Pack Ornate Wood Toothpicks

u/Chi847 · 1 pointr/ProRevenge

This is a complicated question with many factors in play. Let me take a stab at it. The policies of Daley's father. I would suggest reading this.

Decades ago, Blacks and other minorities attempted to move into those areas facing great resistance. Whites fled, businesses fled with them. Riots happened after King's death. Flood of cheap drugs in the 80's. The building of giant public housing complexes. Horner/Stateway/Rockwell Gardens. The power of gangs in those areas. Things are slowly changing. Back in the late 80's you wouldn't dream of going near Chicago Stadium, now the United Center. Now it's different. Humbolt Park out West used to known as a really bad it's improving in increments

I'd also suggest reading this.

u/NightGod · 1 pointr/ProRevenge

Here's a pair of scissors that will cut a penny (I just tested it with mine) for $9.75 on Amazon. Trauma sheers are damned-near unstoppable.

u/darkenseyreth · 16 pointsr/ProRevenge

> The thing about model airplanes is you cant just open a box, throw in some batteries and go. A model plane, usually has at least some construction that invloves CA Glue and some nails/screws at the very least even for the RTF models.

Not true. Even 15 years ago when I first got into the hobby I could got to a store, buy an RTF model, slap the batteries in the controller, plug the plane's battery in on my way to the park, attach the wings to the frame with the provided elastics, and be flying within 20 min. They even still sell the model. RC helicopters were even easier, with a 5 min setup time, but a bitch to try and fly.

The only thing that quadcopters (I hate calling them drones) have done to the hobby is make it more accessible. And like any technology that suddenly becomes accessible it invites the assholes as well. And now the assholes are no longer confined to the ground, like they were with RC cars.