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u/PUBERT_MCYEASTY · 0 pointsr/Rainbow6

I deleted my comment because it came off as pretty dickish. I can tell the difference between above me and below me perfectly fine with my DT990s and audio settings set to Hi-Fi. I don't know what else to tell you other than suggesting different headphones, because they make a big difference. I'd suggest AD700x, AKG K701, or AKG K702 if you want the best sound localization you can get.

With that said, there is still room for improvement within R6's sound engine.

u/ThachWeave · 2 pointsr/Rainbow6

> You can always get creative. For the GSG-9 AM95 You could buy somthing like and get some cheap ear muffs and affix them to the helmet somehow. After that just paint over it and make it look flush. you could do that for under 50 bucks.

Now that could work. Thanks!

> SAS operators are really easy to do. Most of them you can just plug and play with gear you find at military surplus and amazon.

That's the thing though, as great as they are in the game, I'm just not particularly enthusiastic about cosplaying one -- no offense, Mute cosplayer. The one really interesting one would be Sledge, since you'd need to either be bald or have a bald cap, and a prop sledgehammer.

u/OsmannyM · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Def check out the Logitech G430 Amazon BestBuy $40 right now on bestbuy.

I've had these for over 2 years and they are still the best. Pretty comfortable with glasses, not sure if you have but comfortable nonetheless. I can hear footsteps clearly on siege and even pubg.

Check out the reviews on the Amazon link.

u/_3_7__ · -1 pointsr/Rainbow6

Look up the FPS Strikepack on google, basically it clips on your controller and adds 2 paddles on the bottom like a scuf, it’s also a modpack but I don’t use any mods

The paddles have magnets in them and you can remove both or one of them if you’d like. So I remove the right one and set the left one to circle

I really like it, way more than scuf, and it’s only like 40 dollars. You can set the paddles to any button on your controller in seconds, it’s really easy to use

Collective Minds Strike Pack F.P.S. Dominator Controller Adapter with MODS & Paddles for PS4

u/NeverEndingXsin · 2 pointsr/Rainbow6

You're a godsend, thank you so much for the response :) I decided to look more into getting a separate headset and mic because it'll be better in the long run. And the reviews on those are pretty damn good.

Music definitely won't be an issue as I only use my PC for gaming, but I was looking at the upgraded version of the one I linked and it's $40 more but a lot better.

These: Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Headphones

u/EmperorNarwhale · 2 pointsr/Rainbow6

If you can, get a pair of headphones and a separate microphone. They will blow any "premium gaming headset" out of the water. Gaming headsets are typically closed-back headsets, which limits your sound stage. You'll want a piar of open-back headphones. They also have to cram a lot more inside the headphones which typically results in something being of lower quality.

It seems you're on Xbox one, so you'll need one of the controllers with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

If you're on PS4, you can use the same items I have listed, and if you're on PC you don't need the splitter.

One of the best pair of headphones you can get is this one. The Audio Technica ATH M50x.

Then get an antilion modmic. It attaches right to your headphones with no hassle.

Then get this thing so you can use the headphones and microphone on your xbox one controller. (Yes, it works on Xbox One.)

All you have to do is plug your headphones and microphone into the splitter, and your splitter into your xbox one controller. Way better than a gaming headset, and way cheaper too.

You can even get better earpads for better comfort, if you want.

u/Zmuha · 1 pointr/Rainbow6 It was only so cheap because I traded some old 360 games in, but best of luck.

u/Taldresh · 6 pointsr/Rainbow6

You can always get creative. For the GSG-9 AM95 You could buy somthing like
and get some cheap ear muffs and affix them to the helmet somehow. After that just paint over it and make it look flush. you could do that for under 50 bucks. SAS operators are really easy to do. Most of them you can just plug and play with gear you find at military surplus and amazon.

u/dtate24 · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

[No mod necessary.] ( And I can understand the cost argument, but if you're getting into the gaming world for cost and you're buying a console + PC controller + online gaming service, you're looking at dropping around $700. It's not that much more to buy a low-end gaming PC, AFAIK.

As far as ease of use goes, I'd say the two are equal, if not more so for controllers given that they're made for one thing and one thing only, as opposed to the M&K setup, which was first designed for text editing as its main purpose. I'm assuming you're a PC player? Not being derogatory, but I'm not making it up that M&K gamers on console FPS games are viewed in the same light as hackers in the console community and I could understand how a PC player wouldn't quite understand that.

Edit: In looking at the XIM comments I saw a user that had a disability which made it unable for him to use a controller properly. When I said earlier I couldn't see a reason that a console gamer would use a M&K setup aside from getting an advantage, I didn't think about disabilities and I wanted to say that obviously this is a perfectly acceptable reason to use such a setup. But aside from being unable to play on your console otherwise, M&K users are still as scummy as scummy gets in the console world.

u/unseen__ · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

I just got a pair of these on sale for $85. The best headphones I've used for gaming so far and I have tried MANY. From gaming headsets to high end headphones. I hear that these are also very good and a bit less.

u/Zashyr · 0 pointsr/Rainbow6

Don't buy astros they are over rated and you need the mix amp.

These are probably the best head phones for siege. These amplify the treble more the bass and that's when you start hearing the foot steps a lot better.

u/Rhyces · 3 pointsr/Rainbow6

Logitech g430.

Great headset with all your essentials; 7.1 digital dolby sourround sound, a decent mic, comfy removable ear cups if you sweat a lot and its lightweight so you wont get a strain on your head if you play for extended hours.

I've had these for 6 months no issues, would recommend.

u/Thermington · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

I've used this before which clips onto your headphone cable, works great and sounds clear.

u/HebrewLantern · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

If this is like the one I bought from Best Buy, it's the base game, not starter and comes with discs and a code for u play

u/Alulcard · 2 pointsr/Rainbow6

The answer is no, however, when you get the year 2 pass, you get 10% off everything in the store and a 5% renown boost. So that 25000 renown to get new operators turn into 22500 renown.

Edit: If you want the year one pass, you can get it [here:] ( However, be careful as i dont know if the year 1 pass still works.

i got this from my own post here if you need any more info


u/CrouchingToaster · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

My headphones that I use are nothing near surround sound, but I can still locate people fine now, raise the volume a bit and see if that improves.

u/Dionlewis123 · 2 pointsr/Rainbow6

Okay well there are a few headsets I will recommend, depending on your preferences.

If you want a wireless headset I would go with the Sony platinum headset:

If you prefer wired I’d go with the hyperx cloud 2’s:

u/Homiesunite · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

I use an Asus VG248QE. Been using it for about 2 years and have had 0 issues. Best monitor I've ever had.

u/heeebrewhammer · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

This one is amazing and not too expensive. Pair it with a mod mic

u/litehound · 2 pointsr/Rainbow6

Well, as someone else pointed out, you could've gotten the full game for $15 here. And trust me, having the prices be half isn't worth it. Normally that grind'd get you a whole CTU and a half.

u/Beatstorm · 1 pointr/Rainbow6


I can also confirm it works because I bought it myself about a month ago to get the SAT gear, like you.

Edit: I'm also 99% sure this pass is for PC only.

u/one_smooth_operator · 2 pointsr/Rainbow6

Here is where I found the helmet:

It's very comfortable and affordable, also comes with the visor.

u/crownpr1nce · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Sure you can sadly Games dont need to be optimized or anything.

Its not quite as fluid as a PC KBM, but close enough that you get a massive advantage.

u/Rudi-Brudi · 2 pointsr/Rainbow6

If you want the BEST SOUND for the price, DON'T buy Gaming-Headsets! They are overpriced garbage.
Buy a pair of Hi-Fi-Headphones instead and put a clip-mic on.
Look for Beyerdynamic
or AKG
and clip this mic on:

If you give a shit on many useless settings in your soundcard, buy a headphone amp instead. (e.g. Fiio E10) It gives you a much much better sound for your headphones at a lower price then gaming soundcards.

Oh and you don't need surround headsets with 7.1 or soundcard settings with surround simulation. Just set it to stereo and the game will simulate the surround sound by itself. You will hear the difference!

u/DeliveryDrone · 3 pointsr/Rainbow6

Someone posted a thread about getting a pair of HyperX Cloud II... they seam very nice.

u/akkashtin · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

My friend who does game battles for the new call of duty just ordered one. Everyone on the top leaderboard uses one since it puts them on a whole different level.

u/siegeballer726 · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

I'll explain it like this: Sony licenses an mnk adapter.... Sony is aware that the only reason people would use said licensed mnk adapter is to play mnk on a game that doesn't support it natively, therefore Sony is showing they don't care if people use said adapters to play mnk on PS4 games that don't support mnk. I'm not breaking PS4 rules, if Ubi doesn't like that PS4 doesn't care if people use mnk or not, then they can remove their game from PS4. If not, I'm not cheating.

u/FoxHoundUnit89 · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

In the past I've owned these:

All of which, if the game has good sound design, will basically allow me to see through walls. A lot of it does come down to the game you're playing, and of course setting the audio up properly so it doesn't have a bunch of bullshit echo and what-not.

u/CRONOGEO · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Yes.... and no. You can buy keycodes in Amazon for example and send the key to your friend. I'm not sure if you can do that using Uplay Store

(The URL was just an example, is not the Season Pass)

u/Lows005 · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Gaming ($149.99 price tag). It's plug & play and appears to work fine on PC but the console versions of the games aren't "meant" to be played with a Kb/M so there are issues with the movement and aiming. Rather than the mouse being a 1:1, it merely replicates the movement of a joystick. Major issues with dead zones and acceleration. I'm sure it's something you could get use to, or live with...but it's not quite there yet and I'm guessing it won't be until console fully integrates Kb/M and the game developers add that as a configuration option. I don't see that happening on current gen consoles.

u/CaliforniaF0g · 5 pointsr/Rainbow6

Us Y1 season pass holders were supposed to have a 5% PERMANENT reknown boost, but UBI has a different definition of permanent than what is in the dictionary.
All I have instead that have stuck on to my account is a gold R6 charm and a few skins.

u/amason · 6 pointsr/Rainbow6

$35 on Amazon right now:

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Xbox One


u/Pleasant_Vibes · 3 pointsr/Rainbow6

You can still buy the season pass for year 1. Get it here on amazon while it's on sale.

u/concon9 · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Amazon has it right on the bottom of the product page for the Standard edition PC download. They don't even offer the AoS edition.

u/akira_ikeda · 2 pointsr/Rainbow6

Well, I use the mouse software to map the extra buttons to the numpad, and then in game I map the keybinds to that numpad button.

It's a generic mouse, but it's got 10 extra buttons :D Not this exact one but similar

u/StarShrek1337 · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Buying a year 1 season pass off of Amazon in the next few days, you're simply incorrect.
If they had the operator bundle I would get that, but it's not on amazon

u/conorcelt · 2 pointsr/Rainbow6


These have a better review than the OG SCUF for under $40, used $30. I don't think paddles are a problem anymore now that drop shotting and crouch spam has been severely nerfed. A few months ago, I would put paddles in the same category as MnK, but at this point, paddles don't give much of an advantage. I can do everything just as quickly with a stock Dualshock 4 as someone can do with paddles.


You can compete just fine with someone who uses paddles, as the only advantage given to paddles has now been taken away. You can't as easily compete with someone who can flick 270 degrees from your teammate's head to your head in a quarter second with little to no recoil.

u/Reqzr_Astro · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Basically paddles you can put on a normal dualshock 4 controller. Basically turns a base PS4 controller into an elite controller.

u/afik_ps4 · 3 pointsr/Rainbow6

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Pro League All Gold Sets - PS4 [Digital Code]

u/PhantomFallacy23 · 2 pointsr/Rainbow6

I went with a 24" just because it was $150 cheaper than the 27" at the time i purchased it. I was more concerned with getting a monitor that was 144hz with 1ms response time than I was with how big it was. If your looking at monitor here is a link to the one I use. It comes in both 24" and 27".

Monitor Link:

u/Deosl · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

It's not on steam or Uplay yet. You can find it on amazon.

u/Toradoki · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

You will have to buy it from external site other than Ubisofts as they don't sell it anymore.

It's 14,99$ on Amazon for example.

u/Ctrl_Alt_Del_Esc · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Gerber Ding-Dong Breaching Tool

The irl version if anybody wants to become Sledge irl

u/eibv · 6 pointsr/Rainbow6

Actual breaching hammers are usually between pretty expensive and more than just a common hardware store item. Sledges seems to be based on the far cheaper Gerber one though.

u/FTZulu · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

TOM CLANCY'S Rainbow Six SIEGE Season Pass [Online Game Code]

This should be it.

u/Daddy_Maestro · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

I heard bad things regarding their quality and customer support.

You can get one of these:

It's much cheaper and provides basically the same functionality. I haven't tried it so look for reviews before buying one.

u/Gieske · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Pro League All Gold Sets - PS4 [Digital Code]

I did just see that it's only for US unfortunately

u/HorrorBrot · 5 pointsr/Rainbow6

Get a ModMic or a Zm-Mic1 (build a micarms from lego or something else), put it on your hi-fi headphones and you've beaten 95% of headsets on the market in quality for same price or less

u/fs337 · 26 pointsr/Rainbow6

It's actually a real breaching hammer. It's the Gerber Ding Dong Breaching Tool, for those really stubborn baby food jars.

u/CheezusRiced06 · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Hey man, dunno if you'll see this in time but if you have Amazon prime and are still looking for a 502, they're on sale for 40 bucks which is an absolute steal

u/DetHomer · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Suffer through casual and completely switch to pc for a week or so. Doesn’t take that long to learn key placements, but your aim will be shitty for a couple of months. Try and get a mouse with switchable DPI (mine is the Logitech Proteus G502 and it switches from 400-3200 .