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u/goldenfishes · 5 pointsr/SBU
  1. To add a second major you need to fill out the major change form and include both majors. The major change form requires department signatures so you will probably have to talk to both of the departments about it before getting it signed. You can do this at any time. If you had any questions about this, the people to talk to would be the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences advisors (not the general advisors).

  2. If there is a way to transfer undergrad colleges, I don't know about it. It is a pretty pointless system. If you don't end up being able to switch, you can always sign up to room with your friend for sophomore year.

  3. I don't know much about H-Quad.

  4. It won't be hard to meet a lot of people because it is pretty easy to meet everyone on your floor in corridor style. The bathrooms might be really messy.

  5. Bring flip flops for the showers, anything you need for personal hygiene, anything you'll need to have in your room. A good laundry bin makes that a lot easier. That's all I can think of right now.

  6. They send you the name, phone number, and email address of your roommate a week or two before classes if I remember correctly.

  7. I haven't gone, but from what I hear they sound very good.

  8. Just relax and get ready to work hard during the year. Don't mess up your gpa freshman year.
u/MirruhsEdge · 2 pointsr/SBU

I just took AMS 361 last semester. It's a really interesting class, and I really enjoyed it. I haven't taken Calc III, but I've heard it's actually much harder. Also, although the class is generally considered easier than Calc III, it's definitely not a walk in the park. If you're trying to prepare for the class, I don't think there's much you can do other than buying the textbook and starting to study the material on your own. I don't know what textbook your professor requires, but you should get Calculus IV: With Many Examples as a supplement. The Calc IV professor from last semester wrote it, and the actual lessons aren't that great, but the exercises are pretty challenging.

u/perennialExhaustion · 9 pointsr/SBU

The big metal thing up top is called Yagi antenna, which is basically just increases signal strength to nearby WiFi access points. Looks like this one

Connected to that is an external USB network adapter, looks like the awesome T-Link Archer or N150 connected to a USB extension.


So what OP is doing is extending range and connecting to a different nearby router, probably optimum wifi off campus or something.


EDIT: whoops, OP responded while i was typing. Didn't show up until now.

u/jawnsteinbeck · 2 pointsr/SBU

get the carbon copy notebook. it means that when you write on it, it’ll leave an imprint on the other paper, so that you can hand it in at the end of lab. basically, the carbon copy notebook ensures duplication.
something like this:
Student Lab Notebook: 100 Spiral Bound duplicate pages(Package may vary)
best of luck in lab!

u/mfiels · 1 pointr/SBU

Learn C/C++ on your own. It is so powerful and good to know if you will ever be doing any high performance code (games, graphics, OS, etc...)

Check out this book (SBU library has it)

Makes learning C/C++ super easy for those who are already acquainted with a different language.

u/tatiwtr · 2 pointsr/SBU

If you already have one, great, otherwise I would recommend a 1gbps switch for extended usefulness.

u/_Jardi · 2 pointsr/SBU

One of these:

iSimple IS31 Antenna Bypass FM Modulator for Factory or Aftermarket Car Radios

Basically it goes inline with your antenna wire, and then plugs into the stereo jack on your phone (as an interrupt). I haven't touched my radio in YEARS.
Tune to the station the device is set at (around 87.3 or something) and you're set.
It DOES (hardly) interfere with signal, but it's minimal and goes back when you turn it off. I have the power to mine go on when I turn my stereo on.

Pairs well with one of these, which allows you to rid of the wire all together by using bluetooth.

There are cheaper ones, but this is the one I've got.

Bluetooth Car Adapter with 2 Built-in Mics, 15 Hours Hands-Free Talking Bluetooth Receiver

As a bonus, while you've got your dash disassembled, this works well too. Get rid of your cigarette lighter, and replace it with a permanent USB Quick Charge jack. This one is silver, but they have others.

u/BeepBoopist · 1 pointr/SBU

I have [this kayak] ( from Amazon. It's ~$60 and works pretty well, just annoying to inflate and deflate. Pretty compact though

u/jdog90000 · 1 pointr/SBU

This is what we used:

Edit: I just realized the rent price is waaaay higher than what I paid last year, not sure why. I had rented it for a semester for $17, but it looks like it's charging like $80.

Edit 2: Hold up, I think I just found the ebook. I'll post a link here if I get it.

u/asianwombat · 2 pointsr/SBU

thanks! this is actually really helpful, also is the textbook this: ?

i cant seem to find the one listed for the class online so im thinking of getting it from the bookstore

u/bzhen0915 · 2 pointsr/SBU

Uvex Stealth OTG Safety Goggles with Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Coating (S3970DF ) - 19369, Navy Body, Clear Lens

Just a random one I found. As long as they are goggles that wrap around and completely shield your eyes from all angles (glasses are insufficient), you’ll be fine

u/thepotatowedeserve · 2 pointsr/SBU

sure, its a fender squire bullet strat like mint green if you cant tell from pics, comes with amp, strap, tuner, picks, guitar bag and an instructional dvd. Used twice in its lifetime because im terrible at it. hows $140 for everything?

amazon link to just guitar:

u/areej20 · 2 pointsr/SBU

BookFactory Carbonless Student Lab Notebook - 100 Sets of Pages (8.5" X 11") (Duplicator) - Scientific Grid Pages, Durable Translucent Cover, Wire-O Binding (LAB-100-7GW-D (Student))

this one seems okay

u/kjlafs · -1 pointsr/SBU

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.

Fast Food Nation is one of the books for the course, but not the one you are asking about.

u/minecart123 · 5 pointsr/SBU

In op's defense here are some prices I found online.

Processor ($339.99):

Graphics Card ($550.83):

RAM ($129.99): (EDIT: made a mistake with ram. Previous was DDR3)

PSU ($56.99):

CPU Cooler ($29.99):

SSD ($55.99):

HDD ($45.99):

339.99+550.83+129.99+56.99+29.99+55.99+45.99=$1209.77 (EDIT:Made a mistake with calculation and also want to note these all are found through quick searches and most don't look like top quality products. What op has is probably priced a bit more than all these parts. Also click on the frickin pc part picker on the post.) without case, monitor, and motherboard included. It is quite a steal in my opinion. By the way op are you wiling to sell just your CPU cooler to me? What would you price it at?