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u/Thorvald1331 · 1 pointr/SWlegion

You're almost certainly going to ruin your first brushes, god knows I did, so don't buy anything too expensive. I'd recommend this set as a good starting point;

Also make sure to grab some brush soap to clean your brushes out;

Here's a vid on how to take care of your brushes and use the soap;

You should absolutely make a wet palette too, here's another vid;

As far as paints go, vallejo and citadel are probably your best option, both are very good brands of paint, some people tend to avoid citadel because they tend to cost a little more and if the jars aren't closed tightly they can dry out easily, so It's best to get what you can get both cheaper and the easier.

u/kodos_der_henker · 1 pointr/SWlegion

First some basics:

for miniature painting we use acrylic colours and there are a lot of different brands available some are more famous among miniatures and scale models (because they have specific colours available, like the one you linked is a palette fur US WW2 military colours) some are more often used by artists and all of them have their advantages. The same with brushes and in the end it is more about personal preference and availability (makes no sense to buy the brand people say it is good but you have to order it while something of equal quality is available in the store around the corner and for a beginner a more basic set with ~10 basic colours is better than such a specific one)

For the brushes you want something similar to this

in addition to the one you linked because you need more straight/fine detail ones and some larger one depending on the techniques used (dry brushing for example)


The only thing that I really recommend is to use a caned spray primer as colours won't stick very well to the pure plastic surface and you already have a basecoat if you use a coloured one. But it need to be a Primer and not a spray colour. I prefer Army Painter but mostly because of the colours available

Another thin would be Washes which are kind of thinner colours that add a translucent layer to the model or are used for blacklining

(I also prefer Army Painter over Vallejo here, but the link is more for the example pictures)


For a beginner, a coloured Primer and a Wash can already give good (and fast) results on models like Stormtroopers


u/JDdan · 2 pointsr/SWlegion

If you’re talking about the Reaper Learn to Paint kits they’re pretty awesome. I didn’t find out about them until I had already been painting a while too, but some friends and coworkers have picked them up and seem to love them.

For those that haven’t heard of them, with each set you get a few minis, a brush, some paints and a guide to walk you through some basic techniques that’ll get you painting at least tabletop quality.

u/jsbulen · 5 pointsr/SWlegion

If you're insistent on deconstructing before painting, but want to play a few first, try using sticky-tack or fun-tack to keep the minis together and on their bases. Keep in mind, if painted pieces before gluing and are using a plastic glue or cement, you'll need to get the paint/primer off the contact points before gluing or it won't work properly. Even if you're using regular super glue you should still remove any paint to make a stronger bond.

u/Raphah · 2 pointsr/SWlegion

This is what I use for pretty much all my FFG games. It doesn't look like the image on the page, if you scroll down to the first review (where they're storing 7 Wonders tokens in it), it looks like that. It's great for Legion because one of the wide sections without any dividers in it holds the movement tools and the four range ruler pieces, while all the tokens fit in the other two rows easily.

u/TurboCooler · 3 pointsr/SWlegion

To get started, I recommend getting these two kits to practice.

Reaper Getting Started

Reaper Layers Kit

Whatever miniatures you use, make sure you wash them in warm water and Dove dishwashing liquid.

Those miniatures above DO NOT need primer, but for practice, get some Vallejo, Game Workshop or Army Painter Primer. Whatever you can find locally. Get a gray primer.

Practice on these miniatures. If you do not like them you can try painting them again.

If you want some more practice miniatures find whatever is on clearance at Miniature Market or CoolStuffInc or the unpainted D&D line.

How to start all over again, just soak your painted miniatures in simple green overnight. The next day use some elbow grease, old tooth brush, rinse in clean water and let dry. You are good to give them a second try.

u/Goldenbrownfish · 1 pointr/SWlegion

I use A case or army case because I like magnet solutions

And I use a husky organizer from Home Depot for bits

These are great too

u/stuckinmiddleschool · 1 pointr/SWlegion

Clear acrylic rods (these) and blue/green sharpie.

Edit: and actually my go to for lightsabers is fishing line, far less prone to breaking and thin like OG/Rebels sabers. Prequel sabres are nice and chonky though.

u/chazbamfvonbagg · 1 pointr/SWlegion

Army painter starter set or reaper learn to paint those are both solid starter sets that are an excellent quality with a printed how to. Army painter comes with washes and reaper comes with practice minis and a case. I cant recommend anything more than these two. Between the two go with what ever one is cheaper on amazon that day, or who ever you decide to buy from

u/mctyler72 · 5 pointsr/SWlegion

Have you tried "The Masters" brush cleaner? I use it after every session. And yeah cleaning every couple of minutes during painting helps especially if you aren't thinning your paints.

u/Debonkulous · 5 pointsr/SWlegion

I tend to buy superglue from my local grocery store. Any kind of “Gel” superglue is what I prefer to use. Loctite has always worked really well for me!

Here’s an amazon link as well

u/flyinganchors · 2 pointsr/SWlegion

This looks like it might work out perfectly. Someone in the reviews posted images of the U-wing with IA minis, and as the legion guys are about a head taller, it looks it works really well. Only downside is the price, ($35), but with the untimely demise of toys r us, finding one out on liquidation sale shouldn't be difficult (at least, my local one had a bunch the other day).

u/Lord_Seacow · 2 pointsr/SWlegion

Here are my steps. Happy to answer any further questions. I will say be minimal with the rocks and grasses. A little variation is what you want, but ultimately I was going for a definite sand look.

  • Base with Stirland Mud, sprinkle with grit while still wet to give more variation. I use Army Painter's Black Battleground material
  • After drying use regular glue, like Elmer's, to apply some small rocks. I use Army Painter Battlefield Rocks. For larger base models like the AT-RT I also got some of these larger rocks to apply.
  • Paint over with a coat very watered down Abaddon Black
  • Wash with a coat of watered down Nuln Oil (gives it a more matte finish)
  • Drybrush very lightly with Skavenblight Dinge. I try to keep it very dark, so I use only a very light amount of drybrushing to give it a little variation
  • Pick out a few rocks and small bits of grit with Citadel's Dawnstone and a few others with Tallarn Sand.
  • Give the Dawnstone rocks a light wash of Nuln Oil and drybrush with Administratum Grey when dry
  • Give the Tallarn Sand rocks a light wash of Agrax Earthshade and drybrush with Karak Stone when dry
  • Apply grasses as you feel appropriate. I use Woodland Scenic's 2mm Medium Green Static Grass and a little bit of Green Blended Turf.
u/erichagz12 · 1 pointr/SWlegion

Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Miniature Watercolor Brush - Short Handle Round #3

I use a 4 for everything. I started with 0 and 00, but I use a retarder so it keeps the paint from drying in the brush. I can paint a lot quicker with more paint in the brush and I can even get the very fine points with the 4.

Edit: this was done with airbrush base black, #4 series 7, and a dry brush:

Edit: Also cleaning is important, here is a thread on that :

u/neverdeadned22 · 3 pointsr/SWlegion

Here's the listing on Amazon for the set comes with a brush as well. There's a brush kit from them as well with miniature brushes for like $13 and a spray cost about $15 as well but if you get the off white it's saving you so much time and effort to begin with

u/sarkastik87 · 3 pointsr/SWlegion

I use this stuff and it is incredible at getting paint out and keeping brushes happy.
Brush Soap

u/SnapshotSuperhero · 3 pointsr/SWlegion

I ordered this:


Enough to do way more lightsabers than I'll ever need. Just trimmed it to size, filed the end to be rounded, and then colored with a red sharpie. Once dry I sealed it with gloss varnish. I recommend attaching the blade before coloring with sharpie so you don't smudge it with fingerprints.


I also picked up a neon green, blue, and yellow sharpie... Plenty of blade colors.

u/Algrainga · 4 pointsr/SWlegion

Not sure if this is what you meant. But it makes it easy for opponents to see your cards and upgrades. Just pass the whole thing across the table if they ask a question

u/Dinfea · 3 pointsr/SWlegion

I use these pages, however they are for a smaller binder. But I load a page with the unit card, all unit specific upgrades and the things I never remove. Then I can pull the whole page and use it during play. Just flip the cards I'm not using.

Ultimate Guard Pages 14 Pocket Stand Card Sleeves (10 Piece), Black, Mini

u/mmx2000 · 1 pointr/SWlegion

General Pencil 105-BP The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver 2.5 Ounces Carded-

u/MajorRobin · 1 pointr/SWlegion

Just to check before I order are these brushes ones that would work? And I should order size 2, 0, 000? Assuming size 2 is 2mm?

Edit: then again just noticed 0 and 000 are out of stock.

u/shivore · 3 pointsr/SWlegion

You've been told 3 times now in this thread. Do you need a 4th? Probably not but I'll say it anyway. Get Masters brush cleaner.

u/JaisBit · 1 pointr/SWlegion

I have a Battle Foam bag that I use for transporting whatever minis I'm using, and then the rest of my minis get stored in Plano tackle storage containers. My dice and tokens go in a smaller Plano container that fits in the front pocket of my Battle Foam bag. My cards go in these:

with this binder:

I can't recommend that card storage solution enough, because you can keep your unit cards and their relevant upgrade cards all on the same page, and then just flip any upgrade cards you aren't using face-down, and keep everything in the pages during your games. Makes setting up and putting away much easier, and misplacing cards a lot less likely.

u/Crabtankerous · 1 pointr/SWlegion

I found it here for $35. Here's another that's a little cheaper, but the scale is unclear. At 12 inches long, I think it's a little too big.

u/ATT_Turan · 2 pointsr/SWlegion

This is the one I got for Imperial Assault. I think the 7771 would actually be better for Legion because the internal trays are just trooper-sized. The 3650 and 3455 boxes are taller, which fits some of the weirder-sized Imperial Assault models but results in having one fewer tray.

I didn't see in your pics, does the base and stand for the airspeeder the top? The lower right compartment?