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u/Isomorphic_Algorithm · 1 pointr/Spokane

I completely agree with all of colbinator's suggestions, I just wanted to expand on a couple of them. For your hiking, biking, kayaking, and especially camping I would suggest Farragut State Park.

The mountain biking at Farragut is cross-country, if you are looking for world class downhill mountain biking there is no better place than Schweitzer Mountain. You should probably learn to ski or snowboard if you don't already because the mountains up here are pretty great, and still reasonably priced compared to the rest of the country.

If you want to venture a little further Priest Lake is an absolutely beautiful place. The water is exceptionally clear and you can kayak out to and camp on an island in the middle of the lake. There's also a bunch of awesome full service campgrounds like Indian Creek up there.

Other smaller lakes within an hour drive that are great for kayaking are Newman Lake, Hauser Lake, Hayden Lake, Spirit Lake, Twin Lakes and as mentioned Liberty Lake and Lake Coeur d'Alene. This book has some additional great kayaking suggestions for the area.

If you're into concerts there is no better place than The Gorge Amphitheater. There are some seriously great artists who come through, as well as awesome festivals, and the camping is a whole experience in itself.

I relocated to this area about 3 years ago for the outdoor lifestyle as well, and I've learned a fair bit along the way.
Let me know if you need any other info or if you're planning something fun and need a wingman.

u/Scarcer · 3 pointsr/Spokane



Emergency stuff for the car:

The standard. First aid kit, flares etc. Also a large bag of the cheapest cat litter you can find. If you ever get stuck, you can dig yourself out then sprinkle cat litter around the tire and sprinkle a path out. Works like a charm. Also get a car ice-scraper+brush combo (any cheap thing will work) so you can scrape off the windshield and gently brush the snow off the hood/head & tail lights. Also snow shovels for home and maybe the car in case you get plowed in or you car sits for too many snow-falls. Keep an extra gallon of snow melting wiper fluid in the car at all times and maybe a case at home since you'll be going through a lot of fluid. Make sure you always take extra water with you (don't leave it in the car or it will freeze) just so you can stay hydrated since it's dry as hell in the middle of winter.

Car End of October/early November:

Get an order put in weeks ahead of time for a new cheap steel wheels and proper stud-less snow tires such as Blizzaks. You'll want these on all 4 wheels on both vehicles. They work so well that it will actually make you over confident in the snow. In all seriousness, even if you feel comfortable going 30mph in a 40mph zone, keep it down to 15mph when there is snow on the road. Spokane drivers are inconsistent being a crockpot of Spokane, California, Idaho and transplants and from elsewhere alike. Some will cheap out, not prepare and drive 10mph because it takes them 100 feet to stop, others will drive 40mph because they have all wheel drive that gets them going fast but are too dumb to realize that they still only have 4 wheels and can't stop any faster than the person driving 10mph that they just passed and now have to compensate for their added inertia. Snow chains aren't necessary unless you are hauling extra weight and or roads that aren't managed by city/state (which there aren't many.)

A lot of people do get by with all season/all terrain tires (I managed to for years, living out in the sticks with a FWD sedan) but lets be honest, it's cheap and \^&%ing stupid to not get snow tires. Not only does it save you and give you the ability to stay far away from dumb drivers on the road, but it also saves your summer tires, and when your winter tires get worn down after a few winters, you can ride them into spring/summer until they are done for before putting your summers back on. You will be much less likely to slide into a vehicle ahead of you, spin out, slide off the road into a ditch or get stuck in the first place.

Regarding what size wheels/tires to get:

If your vehicle has low profile wheels, you will want your winter set to be slightly smaller in diameter (not so small that it can't fit over the brake calibers) and also an inch or so thinner than the summer set (definitely don't go wider.) The final tire size mounted onto the wheel should be as close to your summer tire in diameter as possible. So, a thicker rubber wall, thinner tire/wheel, same end result diameter. Just check in with a reputable tire shop and they will help you figure out the best sizes to order. The next time you buy summer tires, you can get a set that's designed for better summer wear and fuel efficiency than all seasons/all terrains.


You wont need anything more than sweaters until the end of October. Sure it will get chilly at night but you won't get much more than a morning freeze until November. Otherwise, some nice thin gloves and a thick jacket is enough to get you out to the vehicle until the engine starts to warm up. Ankle to calf high hiking boots are nice (rubber is fine too but you want something comfortable to drive in.) Basically just something that helps with traction in the snow/icy sidewalks and would be resistant to snow getting in and making your feet wet/cold.

To be proper though get nice wool socks. Mostly in the winter, jeans are fine (though you might feel hyper sensitive the first year or two - being in a new climate so it's up to you if you want thicker pants or cover-alls.

Honorary 5th Season Mention:

The worst thing that happens weather wise in the NW is fire season. It's our equivalent to tornado season. Go get proper medical masks I suggest finding some properly rated masks that also have respirators to help exhale humid air so they get less stuffy. My wife and I both have some in our cars. In fact I went and ordered an air purifier for our apartment as the stagnant smoke will get into your home from both nearby fires and smoke moving down from Canada alike. I've had great experience with Levoit air purifiers. With the dry and humid seasons and smoke here, I recommend changing out your vehicle cabin filters once if not twice a year, will make your vehicle AC smell fresher too.

u/Rug3y · 1 pointr/Spokane

Yes, that's awesome, but this is more than adequate. I have one and it's pretty good. You'll also want a bag for opening the film canister and loading the tank. I think they're like $10. There are a lot of options for chemicals, you can even make your own developer out of household stuff, which is kind of fun to experiment with.

u/wandercitrus · 1 pointr/Spokane

How much are you willing to spend? I know someone who bought a keggerator on amazon for $400 and it's pretty nice. It's nice enough to have at a home bar and not some nasty ass old freezer box with jagged sawsall cuts lol.

But that's just my opinion!

Edit: Found it

u/spokale · 3 pointsr/Spokane

Amazon is good for that right now. Look for N95, N100, or P100. The "P" means it also works for some oil-based particulates and also some organic vapors, whereas N is just 'normal' particles. 3M is a good brand.

3M's website has an awesome search interface for finding what product will work for you, disposable or otherwise, though since this is becoming a yearly thing, I just invested in a reusable mask:

$25 - 3M Half facepiece reusable respirator

$15 - 2-pack 3M NIOSH-approved P100 particulate and organic gas filter

(post-apocalyptic Winco trip incoming)

u/j0ebr0die · 6 pointsr/Spokane

I feel like I always slip on ice every year because we get thawing and freezing periods through the winter. I invested in a pair of Yak Trax and they have been fairly helpful and easy to put on/off when I need to go out and shovel snow.

u/Nowalls4narwhals · 3 pointsr/Spokane

Best seller on Amazon:
Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers

u/No_U_Crazy · 0 pointsr/Spokane

I've had a lot of luck with these Rescue traps. The bait is spendy but convenient as it comes in a cartridge and lasts 10 weeks. I've occasionally been using salmon flavored cat food and hot dogs, though they only last about a week. Got to change it out more often but the results are spectacular, especially when the population is out of control.


Also, get yourself some of these electric tennis racket shaped swatters. They're awesome. Up the game by getting two, get a chalk board. Keep score. You'll start getting disappointed that there aren't enough yellow jackets around.

u/Boonaki · 17 pointsr/Spokane

There is nothing stopping the local police department from specifying your safe must comply with TL-30 which are expensive.

u/c_mitch_15 · 2 pointsr/Spokane

Looks like HP sauce has a shelf life of 2 years... buy it online in bulk...

u/TheDukeDude · 2 pointsr/Spokane

Here's a used copy on Amazon for $14 shipped.
Right here.

u/Soggy_Stargazer · 3 pointsr/Spokane

The real secret is flavacol.

Amazon sells it in bulk, or you can get this stuff:

comes in different sizes. we use the 4oz ones with our stir crazy popcorn maker.

You can buy in bulk and get cheaper with just the popping corn, carton of flavacol, and the coconut popping corn oil, but its a little more work to measure it all out. YMMV.

u/Cheetohz · 1 pointr/Spokane

This doesn't answer your question, but my work buys us new chairs every year. I've been through a ton of chairs.

I got three years ago and refuse to give it up.

My advice is to order this and don't look back.

u/excelsiorsbanjo · 3 pointsr/Spokane

I don't have C-PTSD but can definitely relate. It's not always easy to find a stylist who can do what you ask for. I'm not asian but my hair also sticks up straight if cut too short, even, heh.

I ended up learning how to cut my own hair, which isn't too too complicated in retrospect.

It was a version of this book (How to Cut Your Own or Anybody Else's Hair, by Bob Bent) I believe that finally presented an approach straightforwardly enough to get me going: