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3M P100 Particulate Filter with Nuisance Level Organic Vapor Release, 2-Pair
Use for sanding and scraping of lead-based paint in certain projectsUse for mold remediation in accordance with US-EPA GuidelinesFor workplace/occupational applications onlyFits 3M 6000 series half face respirators
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18 Reddit comments about 3M P100 Particulate Filter with Nuisance Level Organic Vapor Release, 2-Pair:

u/drivenlegend · 7 pointsr/woodworking

I use the 3M quick latch with the P100 particulate filters. I've been very pleased. My brother swears by the RZ Masks. I bought a couple and don't find them all that comfortable unfortunately.

u/spokale · 6 pointsr/Spokane

Just for myself and my gf, I bought a box of N95 paper respirators back in the 2015 wildfire season, and just invested in some more heavy-duty hardware since this is coming a thing:

$25 - 3M Half facepiece reusable respirator

$15 - 2-pack 3M NIOSH-approved P100 particulate and organic gas filter

If your employer doesn't care about your health, you should!

u/DimesInTheJar · 6 pointsr/Welding

Noted. Thanks I ordered these for starters. If these aren't what you're talking about could you share a link?

u/mwagner36143 · 5 pointsr/woodworking

I work in the hazmat industry and agree with the previous posts. Grab a 3M half-face respirator. I’d shoot for either p100 “pancake” filters (dust protection and very light vapor protection on a budget) or organic vapor for the same dust protection and extreme vapor/fume protection

u/Hatsuwr · 3 pointsr/preppers

Oh nothing wrong with N95 - definitely has its uses. It's good, basic filtration, but the same job can be accomplished by a $0.75 dust mask.

Here's some info on the N## and P## filtration ratings:

What mask or respirator you use will depend upon your uses. What did you have in mind?


Personally, I keep some of these around for most random uses that come up:


And I have this respirator:

with these filters:

for more serious contaminants, extended use, or to block oils and vapors.

u/Orcinus24x5 · 3 pointsr/metalworking

The first (and last) time I used an angle grinder without a respirator, I wound up with a sore upper respiratory tract for a solid month. Respirators are cheap. If your instructor won't provide one, buy your own. Hell, buy your own anyways. They can be useful around the house if you ever decide to paint or do renovations, or even if you have a particularly stinky S.O. in the bathroom.

This respirator with these filters are what I use. P100, which means oil-proof and blocks 99.97% of particles, plus nuisance-level organic vapor filtering.

u/kmc_v3 · 3 pointsr/sanfrancisco

If you can, buy a reusable respirator and some P100 filters. It's much more effective than N95 masks. (Note that the 3M respirators come in 3 sizes, medium is supposed to fit 85% of users.)

u/bazilbt · 3 pointsr/electricians

I like the 3m half face masks. They are more comfortable than disposable masks and you can get all kinds of cartridges for them. I used them for years along with full face masks. They are quite comfortable for a 12 hour shift.
They also come apart quite easily so you can wash them in the sink.

Edit: then these filters for particulate, mold, fiberglass, they also cut down on welding gas odor

u/thejunioristadmin · 2 pointsr/woodworking

3m 6503ql this is the mask only

dust filters

You can get different filters for different applications. Like for finishes you can swap out the filter so you don't breathe in the fumes and whatnot. They are easy to take on and off.

I got these ones because the internet told me to, and they are/were cheap.

u/oddacious · 2 pointsr/woodworking

I use these, which go with this, so you can have hot pink AND talk like Bane. And, like, avoid cancer or silicosis or some shit.

u/AnonymousGunNut · 2 pointsr/securityguards

If your company doesn't care too much about obscure rules and is willing to look the other way on you not being certified and cleared for respiratory protection then a 3M half mask is your best bet. P100 dust/ash filtration plus organic vapor using activated carbon to scrub chemicals out of the air or just for odor relief. Use it all the time for changing a relative's cats' litter boxes and I do not smell a thing with either filter. plus (less expensive, wears out and odor breaks through faster than the big filter, but very lightweight) (more expensive, lasts a very very long time, heavier)

If your site is super anal about OSHA rules when it comes to masks then you'll have to stick to disposable masks and not reusable rubber masks with filter cartridges. 3M makes ash/dust protection ones with a thin activated carbon layer for odor relief.

u/tab1129 · 2 pointsr/woodworking

I personally like the N100's. I hate dust boogers, and the N100 is the only one that will block out mold, which I am very sensitive to. If you are getting good lumber that has no lumber mold on it the N95 should be fine however. You probably don't need the P as you will just be dealing with particulates. However, I have the half face respirator with these pink P100 3M filters. The fit is a lot better than a disposable, and the replacement filters are like 12 bucks for a 2 pack, not too bad as they will last a decent while.

u/funktopus · 1 pointr/BeginnerWoodWorking

I love my dust mask. I use these filters and they have held up really well.

I don't have a router so do you just use a straight bit and a plunge router?

u/glwilliams4 · 1 pointr/woodworking

I starting using this mask with these filters a few weeks ago and it's made a world of difference for me. I just hate having to wear it for hours after I've made dust because it's all floating around.

u/p2p_editor · 1 pointr/woodworking

Second /u/Grimsterr. A respirator is an absolute godsend in the shop.

I use this kind, with these filters.

They're amazing. The respirator itself is super comfortable. Its silicone gasket is very soft and snugs up perfectly against your face, blocking all air ingress and egress around the edges of the mask. (As an eyeglass wearer, this is a huge deal for me. The disposable ones inevitably send your hot breath straight up around the edges, right into your eyes and instantly fog up your glasses.) The filters block everything. Well, everything you're going to be exposed to in a woodshop. All the dust, and all the smelly finishing-product vapors. It's pretty astonishing what you can't smell while wearing one of those things.

And they're pretty inexpensive, too. If you go through a lot of those disposable masks, you'll break even pretty quickly on a proper respirator.

u/VerticalMonster · 1 pointr/woodworking

A respirator is awesome. I highly recommend the 3M 7500 series (e.g. 7502). The vent on the 7500 faces downwards, so if you're wearing a face shield (as I do when running a bench or angle grinder), it won't fog the shield. Amazon Link

The P100 "Pancake" filter are a good match. Low profile and organic vapor relief (i.e. good working with small amounts of solvents). Another Link

Finally, for ear protection, I like earplugs with a string attached. Easy to take in and out and low profile if you're also wearing a faceshield or welding helmet, or whatever. example