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u/Alseid · 6 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

Ok so, on the SuperBestFriends' Eyes of Heaven p19 video, Woolie mentioned something about an "Araki is the Bible" imgur album, and I went looking for it.


>Jo-Jo's Bible Adventure takes children on a fun and interactive journey with big brother Jonathan and little sister Jolie through popular Bible stories. Readers will learn bible stories through a unique storytelling voice accentuated with rhyming verses. Children will enjoy reading the action packed stories beginning with the Creation of the World, to Noah and the significance of the Rainbow and Jacob the heel catcher and ending with the Israelites' escape from Egypt. The biblical scenes are uniquely illustrated with vibrant colors and the characters possess various melanin complexions that all kids will enjoy. This book is the first book in the Jo-Jo's Adventures series which includes Jo-Jo's Bible Camp Adventures, Jo-Jo's Christmas Adventures and Jo-Jo's Easter Adventures.

(Emphasis mine)


u/KingJackel · 6 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

My current collection is very big, but I like what I've got. I have volumes 11-16 of Stardust Crusaders (I really love the last several battles of Part 3), the DVD set of season 1 of the anime (the one with the dub), and an Iggy plush I got as a gift.

u/CobaltCab · 1 pointr/StardustCrusaders

It's a great adaptation! As for the Iggy, you can get it here and he's super soft too

u/mantisman · 22 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

That would definitely be the third volume of the Battle Tendency JoJoniums, here's a link to it on Amazon, assuming you want it in English, as long as she's caught up to that volume it should be the perfect choice. It has some good content featuring Caesar and even has him on the cover.

u/Boopyd · 2 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

I got it new from Amazon. The 2 volumes costed me 19.49 dollars without the shipping. with standard shipping to Israel(where I live)it costed me 26.46 dollars. I also activated the free trial for amazon prime to get a discount. So I guess that if you live closer to America(or " Services, Inc.") then you should get it for even cheaper.

Vol 15:

Vol 16:

btw if you want to know if its worth the money so yea it is.

u/Strange_Bean · 1 pointr/StardustCrusaders

The one that's currently out is region locked to Region A; the USA and other non-Australian countries. The one that was recently delayed from this month to April is region locked to Region B; which includes the UK, Australia, and other miscellaneous countries.

Blu-ray regions are different to DVD regions, and most Blu-ray players are not region free. The ones that claim to be 'region free' usually need to be toggled between regions (which can be fine if you're willing to put in the effort). This also goes for most Blu-ray players that you'd buy/find in a PC, since the region locking is baked into the player, not the software.

So, it's possible to play a Region A disc in Australia with the right player, but chances are it won't work with what you have already, and it definitely won't be as easy as just having the Region B disc.

u/SilentNarrator · 18 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

The wammu drawing is taken from the back of the re-release of part 2 , with new cover art by him heres the amazon link. And checking online its says the re-release was made in 2014 in japan and 2015 with english text, so this wammu picture is definitely recent and has his part 8 artstyle considering JoJolion came out in 2011. So yeah it's really weird to see wamuu like this, if you want an even weird out here's all the jojos in his part 8 style in a group shot

u/Blaze721 · 1 pointr/StardustCrusaders

The English releases started coming out in 2005, here is volume 1 and the rest are on Amazon and I believe Barnes & Noble sells them too.

u/J-Talking · 2 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

I believe that when I watched it on Crunchyroll, Parts 1, 2, and the first half of Part 3 were the uncensored versions. (If I'm remembering wrong, feel free to downvote this comment and tell our bro what's really up.)

But if that won't work, English blu-rays for Parts 1 and 2 are coming on the 25th (which will include the Japanese dub as well). I assume they'll also be available in Canada, but I guess I don't really know for sure.

u/labmember_001 · 1 pointr/StardustCrusaders

Barnes and Noble will have it, or Amazon \^^

u/Jawkess · 2 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

Well, two months later, there is now a listing on Amazon for it. Episodes 1-20 in set 1. Set to release July 2nd

u/ScroopyNoopy · 2 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

I don't know if they just label it different than it's supposed to be but Amazon has Season 1 and Season 2 Part 1 Season 1 covers Jonathan and Joseph and Season 2 Part 1 has Jotaro and they're all dubbed.

u/DarkbirdX · 2 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

You could just get them from amazon DE? Here?

u/Nightvayne283 · 2 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

Your best bet is with this, although quite a few retailers are seemingly selling it if you have a preferred one. The only other legal physical release for the show in english was just a mess. There's no dvd/bluray for the rest of the series yet.

u/QuintonVance · 1 pointr/StardustCrusaders

The big volumes soon to be released in English are in colour. I've already pre-ordered mine ;)

u/IIDarXideII · 4 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

I hope this is allowed. I just seen that the LE Blu-ray's of Part 1-3 are currently $34.99. They normally retail for $69.99 each. I don't see these advertised anywhere for this sale:
Part 1-2:

Part 3:

Part 3 - Battle of Egpyt:

u/PokemonTom09 · 1 pointr/StardustCrusaders

Parts 1 and 2

First half of Part 3

Second half of Part 3

First half of Part 4

The second half of part 4 and part 5 have yet to be released on Blu Ray or DVD outside Japan.

u/redheaded_robot · 1 pointr/StardustCrusaders

The Blurays are scheduled to come out this summer, or you can buy the DVDs or episodes on Amazon.

u/AbsoluteMagnitude · 1 pointr/StardustCrusaders

Can't find the blu-ray, but here is the dub on DVD.

u/superllama5 · 3 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

This may not be the exact answer you're looking for, but this should help.

Official JoJo website



u/Capopanzone · 11 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

There you go:

I don't think you'll find the English translation in Paris, but it does exists

u/Jdizzydizzle · 1 pointr/StardustCrusaders

This is what I found not sure of that's what your talking about.

u/Droid1138 · 1 pointr/StardustCrusaders

Just the latest I saw this but it doesn't look like the rest

u/GodotFoire · 11 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

Also, part 5 has official translations in French and Italian. So if you speak one of the two languages and are afraid of the bad English scans near the end, it's really worth purchasing some of the last volumes.

u/k1ttent1ts · 2 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

Amazon Canada is the only Canadian "retailor" I can find them listed through - HOWEVER the release has been pushed to August 8th. :,(
As per /u/dragonclaw417 's comment below, the censoring isn't actually all that bad in parts 3 and 4.