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u/plantfood623 · 1 pointr/StrongCurves

Wow, yea don't be... it's like the #1 biological sign of fertility and sexiness in women. Something like 98% of cover models have your measurements, my girlfriend has those measurements and my friends are always like man your girl is sooooooo hot. Hahaha, you sound like me - I'm a 6'3 guy and i always used to be insecure about being "too tall" lol.... the things we tell ourselves. Enjoy!

----- Also side note, i saw your other post where you said your Dexa scan is 32% bodyfat. ZERO chance, you look great and those things are so inaccurate. I workout and eat amazing, have abs and my dexa came back as almost obese. Get one of these

Test yourself every morning for a week when you first wake up, whatever the average is will probably be within 2% of your actual bodyfat.

Also, if you are trying to gain curves and get rid of fat you need to be lifting heavy weights. Deadlifts and Squats. If you eat at a deficit without lifting you will just get skinnyfat which is no fun.


u/HerbalTeaParty · 4 pointsr/StrongCurves

Hi there!

Have you picked up the Strong Curves book yet? If not, that will be a good place for you to start. The book answers pretty much all of your questions for you and gives you a 3- or 4-times a week workout schedule that takes the thought out of "how often should I do x, y, or z?" as well as tips on what to do about calories and nutrition. The program includes upper body workouts for your arms, shoulders, and core. On active rest days (2-3 times per week on the program,) you can do any kind of cardio training such as HIIT, jogging, walking, or yoga. So if you like cardio, you can do it then. Personally, I like yoga to help keep the muscles limber as they grow.

In short for calories, you have three options:

  • Cut: eat 100-200 less calories than your maintenance. You will build less muscle but lose more fat.
  • Bulk: eat 100-200 more calories than your maintenance amount. You will build more muscle but also gain some fat. Many people do cut/bulk cycles to first gain muscle, then lose fat, etc.
  • Recomposition: eat your maintenance amount of calories with high levels of protein. Your body will build muscle and lose fat at the same time, but likely more slowly.

    More information about general fitness tips is available at the great guides at r/xxfitness.

    If you have never done any strength training before, especially with free weights, getting a personal trainer is helpful to get started. But since you're not able to do that, google each movement on Youtube to watch proper form so you don't hurt yourself. Each movement is also described in the book.
u/Aggie05 · 1 pointr/StrongCurves

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I also sometimes have fatigue issues and hand joint pain. I wouldn’t say I’ve been following the strong curves program for a while now, but I definitely do the exercises in the book (but you can find them elsewhere online too).

I also have a glute imbalance, and this has helped me more than 6 months of physical therapy did. I mainly do the activation exercises, glute bridges, hip thrusts, good mornings, Bulgarian split squats, Romanian dead lifts, clamshells, side lying abductions, and core exercise. Not all in one day, I’ll usually do 3-4 after warming up with the activation exercises or some rowing if my hands are feeling good. It will take me about 20-30 minutes total.

I also do 15-30 minutes of restorative yoga daily with an emphasis on hip opening through the (free) Down Dog app. That really helps me the most, and I highly recommend yoga, but if it’s not for you, definitely at least a good stretching routine.

Brett is releasing a new book in a couple weeks called The Glute Lab so maybe hold out for that if you can.

Best of luck to you! I know working out with health issues is a bitch, and a lot of time I just would rather lay in bed, but keeping strong, flexible, and active has really helped my condition.

Edit: some missing words

u/QuestionSleep · 3 pointsr/StrongCurves

I discovered this sub a minute ago, so I can't speak to any of the programs followed here, but I'll share what's been working for me so far (27/f/5'9"/CW:163lbs):

  • I tend to eat a lot at night, but not much during the day and was never one to eat a breakfast, so I started doing intermittent fasting after realizing I was already fasting for about 12 hours a day. Since the end of last year I've lost 35lbs, but I started my fasting sometime in March. If I was someone that normally ate throughout the day I would opt for smaller meals/snacks that are consumed frequently. On average I would say I consume 1400-1700 calories a day.

  • I walk on my lunches, which helps add some steps to the minimal amount I get walking to and from the train/work/my apartment. Google Fit helps me track how many steps, miles, etc. but I don't think about it too much.

  • I bought a little stepper machine for my apartment, because, although I've had a gym membership for a year and a half, I seem to rarely make it to the gym itself. Seeing it in my apartment makes me want to hop on and use it, which also happened with my pull-up bar. I always find excuses to not make it to the gym (not enough time, no clean workout clothes, etc) so it's nice to have something in my home that prompts me to do a quick 100 steps or a pull up here and there.

    I'm still trying to figure things out but I'm over halfway to my weight loss goal (I nearly hit 200lbs last year and want to get back down to 135lbs). Hopefully my methods can be of some help :)
u/Rhynegains · 5 pointsr/StrongCurves

I'm not sure which barbells have a limit below 300lb, I haven't seen one at least. Even the Dick's Sporting Goods cheap one that is terrible is 300lb. Are you sure buying the one you picked is a good idea? There's several on Amazon for decent prices with 500+ limits.


Here's one for $140ish.

Here's a 6ft bar for $65 with a 500lb capacity.

One for $110 with a 600lb capacity.

This one has a 250lb capacity for $31 but it seems like garbage. It's a standard and seems like it may last a year at most. I had a similar bar once and it did not last. Plus the weight of the bar itself is low.

Here's one for $70s for a 7ft Olympic.

And you could probably find some decent prices on Craigslist or FB Marketplace. I got a Matt Chan bar for like $100 through craigslist.


You could check out /r/homegym for more suggestions. A common one is the Dick's Sporting Goods 300lb set though I warn you that the bar isn't great. I bought two sets for the decent and cheap weights and gave one of the bars to a friend. I used the other for a year and now it is a beater bar. Good deal for a bar and weights for cheap.

u/twoowuv · 10 pointsr/StrongCurves

Hi! Everyone is talking about this book by Bret Contreras. It's a great resource for everything you need to know and also has a workout routine designed for those that don't have access to a gym!

You can also find a TON of articles Bret has written on his website. I also follow him on instagram, he posts regularly and I find it helps to keep me motivated.

Hope this helps!

u/rummy26 · 2 pointsr/StrongCurves

I just bough these and I'm happy they came in three pack. Sometimes I want more resistance for side stepping and sometimes I want less. I think if they were thicker like the loop I would like them more, but I like them enough :)

u/AyePushIt · 13 pointsr/StrongCurves

I have these from Amazon and they work great! I always use the X-Heavy with crab walks, donkey kicks and clams I can definitely feel it! They also come with the little pouch to keep them all together. Only complant, my husband asked why my hands smelt like weed when i got back from the gym...
So they do have a smell first time out of the package.

u/det7408 · 4 pointsr/StrongCurves

It does. Strong Curves is a book. Many of the exercises can be found by googling and/or spreadsheets other users have created to track their workouts. In fact, googling Strong Curves workout template should yield a link to the website where Bret (the author) offers the spreadsheets for free. Then its just some googling...

A lot of people find they once they've started, they want to read the book. And we always recommend it. (But it is entirely possible to do the program without it)

u/Quanteriffic · 2 pointsr/StrongCurves

I would use resistance bands. Either loops, or the kind with handles, you can attach them to a door and it's just like cable weights. I have this set and I love it.

You could easy do substitutes for all of those exercises with these. For extra weight, double or triple up the bands. Watch that little video on the Amazon page, they show how to use them.

u/art3m1sm00n · 1 pointr/StrongCurves

I'm the same way with whey protein. I switched to a vegan protein, PlantFusion, that I get in vanilla that I like well enough and causes me no problems. I mix it with almond milk and often other add-ins like cocoa powder, peanut butter powder, etc and enjoy it. I've also used it in oatmeal and baking with success

u/lovelymicrobes · 2 pointsr/StrongCurves

Have you tried a foam pad ? I have this one. It's inexpensive and pretty great; I was initially thinking I'd upgrade later but honestly, I haven't found the need.

u/Asophi · 4 pointsr/StrongCurves

I use the Iron Bull Squat Pad from Amazon it’s super durable and comfortable!

u/kk0826 · 5 pointsr/StrongCurves

Blasphemy! You'll learn to love them. Like someone else said, use a bar wrap.

u/LittleBallOFur · 1 pointr/StrongCurves

I found mine on Amazon under knee brace. Good luck!

knee brace

u/kittykitty-catcat · 3 pointsr/StrongCurves

My gym's barbell pads are so worn, I ended up buying my own!
I purchased this and I've had it for two years, using it two - three times a week! It's still in great shape.

u/ricecrsptreat · 1 pointr/StrongCurves

I have had this happen to me (although I haven't had the lingering tingling after) as well. I can definitely see it causing that, though. Getting a barbell pad like this one basically stopped it from happening for me. You need the cushion to take the compression off that area.

u/LoSientoMrRoboto · 10 pointsr/StrongCurves

basically these I use a pretty heavy resistance for thrusts and squats and a much lighter one for clams, hip raises, and side lying abductions.
Getting set up for barbell thrusts with a band around your knees is a little bit of a circus but its worth it haha

u/krissycole87 · 1 pointr/StrongCurves

Are you attending a gym, or working out at home? At my gym they have 15, 20, 35 & 45lb bars. I used the 15lb bars for a long time on a lot of exercises until I was ready to move up. Ask around at the gym to see if they have different sizes :)
edit: At my gym the 15lb bars are silver pic
The 20lb bars are curved (actually looks like they are called "curl bars") pic
The 35lb bars are black (sometimes called "womens" bar) pic
The 45lb bars are black but slightly longer and a tad wider than the 35lb pic

u/LurkingReligion · 2 pointsr/StrongCurves

I picked mine up at Barnes and Noble but you can find it online too. Here's the book on Amazon:

u/Kittenkajira · 1 pointr/StrongCurves

I do most of it barefoot and keep a pair of hiking sandals in my workout room for some of the exercises that really need shoes. I quite like the hiking sandals for exercising, although they may not be appropriate for a gym.

u/notthewendysgirl · 2 pointsr/StrongCurves

I have these (which tbh I bought b/c of a Whitney Simmons YouTube video...) and they're perfect. I couldn't switch back to the latex ones - the rolling drove me nuts.

u/youaretherevolution · 5 pointsr/StrongCurves

The newest version of this book was released in September 2019, so I am guessing there is quite a bit of new content.

u/embernadette · 1 pointr/StrongCurves

I have these bands that I really like. I use them outside of BB but I also use them to do a lateral band walk instead of the x-walk. I use them for stretching, for making regular unweighted squats more challenging, etc. I tend to collapse my knees in so having the extra resistence prompts me to push against the resistence instead of collapsing in.

I also use gloves often, but mine don't come above my wrist. I jsut prefer them because my hands get slippery or hurt from the barbels someties.

I also run but I personally don't carry a water bottle, but I know a lot of people use camelback backpacks! If you serach water backpack on amazon, you can see some similar things that are much cheaper. And I'm sure you could fit your keys in there too. For my keys, I have my house key on one of these, so I can easily remove it and just stick that in my shorts pocket.