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u/MicrowavedAvocado · 6 pointsr/TheExpanse

From what I can tell, none of the producers want you to watch it, or more accurately they want you to watch it on an increasingly outdated distribution platform.

  1. You can watch it on the syfy channel or online via a physical cable service that includes a cable TV package.

  2. Pay two dollars per episode via these services: amazon, google play, youtube, vudu, itunes. For a total of ~26$ for the entire season. Definitely worth it for a great series, but I'm assuming that you're poor, because I'm poor. And I refuse to pay 26$(more than the average DVD set) to buy a season of a TV show, that unlike a DVD set, wont even come with a ton of extra content for the price. Especially when I can get way more for way less with most streaming services. You can also just buy the DVD or blueray, which costs only marginally more than streaming it, and has the added benefit of having a bunch of extras, and also will unnecessarily require you to physically store it in your house.

  3. You can continue to wait for it to come out on streaming services, like netflix. Or for the companies that makes the series to realize that cable TV subscriber numbers have been dropping steadily and increasingly since 2012, and that to compete they will need a legitimate online only service.

  4. You can steal it -- but if you do so, you're just increasing the chances that the series get canceled. And you're also ensuring that a product gets less money. Which means less cool special effects, fewer great actors sign on to the show, worse cinematography, etc etc in future episodes and seasons. And if selfishness doesn't sway you, it also means that all the great people who made the show, and wrote the books, get less money for their work.

  5. Probably the best option right now, (assuming you like most people, have a Netflix account,) is to get the DVDs via netflix. The second season is available there, and hopefully you have a DVD/blueray player available.

    In the meantime, I'd suggest getting the books. The source material is excellent and the universe is masterfully crafted. They are basically Hollywood blockbusters in book form.
u/vwwally · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

No, it was originally a pitch by Ty Franck for a MMORPG for a Chinese ISP, as an incentive for consumers to sign up for the service. It didn't really go anywhere but Franck now had assembled his formerly random ideas and research about a human-occupied solar system into piles of careful notes.

Ty then he started to run it as a roleplaying game on a post-to-play gaming forum. He opened up a private forum with threads for each round, for each character, their actions and out-of-character commentary.

Eventually he ran it as a tabletop RPG with some people including Melinda Snodgrass, Ian Tregillis, and George R.R. Martin. He ended up becoming good friends with Daniel Abraham (who played Miller), and had more writing credits under his belt, and they decided to write a novel in the universe of The Expanse "for pizza money".


There is an Expanse board game out that came out recently also

u/outsourced_bob · 9 pointsr/TheExpanse

Replace all meat with tofu/vegetarian similars (ie Beyond Meat, Gardein, Morning Star Farms, etc) -- I sometimes imagine Red Kibble being similar to Vegan/Vegie Crumbles (I think Morning Star Farms or Gardein makes it) mixed with some curry powder, paprika, cayenne pepper for the spiciness and color....maybe in a tikki masala sauce....

If you have deep pockets (Mr Mao style): lab grown/cultured meat

oh yes....Mushrooms of all types (visit an asian grocery store for a wider selection) cooked in different ways (sauted, soups, seared, fried, etc)

For Alex's lasagna, just swap out the meat for non meat mentioned above and swap out the cheese for soy cheese or artificial cheese (I guess Velveta like products would also be ok)...add some sauteed mushrooms for good measure...the noodles and tomatoe paste/sauce would probably be the same?

....and of course "tubes of goo"... You could make it fun (not really) - taking labels off/tape over all tubes and let folks figure out what they are sucking down (squeeze cheese, frosting, applesauce, yogurt, etc...if feeling passive aggressive...throw in mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce into the mix...)



one more thing about Alex's lasagna - if you wanted to make it true to the episode, I remember he baked/served it in one of those all edge brownie pans:

Alex's Lasagna Image reference:


For the real cheese - I think I recall Miller saying they confiscated "Wheels of Cheese" (think it was cheddar from Vermont...or maybe Wisconsin?)that was bound for Titan- that could be kinda expensive....maybe stop by costco and get a good sized wedge or small wheel/ball and make labels (to stick to the outside plastic) saying things like "UN Customs clear", "Inventory ID: Earth-Titan23of67", "Ceres Customs Cleared", "Evidence - Star Helix - DO NOT REMOVE", generate barcodes and folks can decode with barcode apps, etc.....

u/SirEDCaLot · 4 pointsr/TheExpanse

Sign the petition.

Go on and buy Season 3 with a season pass

Also buy the blu-ray:
(and for S1-S2 if you want).
(the S3 bluray is currently one of the top-20 most popular products on Amazon as a result of this)

WATCH the episodes on Amazon as soon as they come out.

Do you have Twitter? If not get twitter and make sure your account is public (is by default). Tweet @JeffBezos, @AmazonStudios, @Netflix, and other people as mentioned in the megathread. Use hashtag #SaveTheExpanse. Follow the cast and crew. Retweet stuff with #SaveTheExpanse. Do this a lot- more the hashtag is used the better.

Buzz about it on social media. Get your friends to sign the petition and do the above actions.

u/goombakombucha · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

For sure!
Amazon $23 for SD version. Totally worth it. Thanks for supporting the show! Let's hope its enough for season 4+!

Edit: People. Amazon sells both HD and SD versions, sheesh. Click the link and use your eyes before you complain.

u/Kamteix · 8 pointsr/TheExpanse

Few weeks ago, /u/it-reaches-out made some stickers to recreate our favorite crew's mugs (see here).
She was kind enough to send me a few here in France. I receveid it few days ago and here's the results.

Thanks again /u/it-reaches-out

PS: My girlfriend was really happy with the little extra stickers you joined in the mail :D

Edit: You can find the Mugs on Amazon

u/cyberrod411 · 5 pointsr/TheExpanse

FYI, the first book of this series (Kindle version) is FREE for prime members right now if your interested. I don't know how long. I just got it.

u/TheCheshireCody · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

Funny enough, I followed the link in the post and it took me to a listing for the show streaming in UHD. I put it in my watch list, so hopefully I'll be able to access it on my TV when I get home. When I search 'Expanse' I get the regular HD version, when I search 'expanse ultrahd' I get zero results, ditto 'Expanse Ultra HD', and if I even search for it exactly as formatted in the Amazon page - The Expanse [Ultra HD] - I get no results! I need to give them a call and see how to find this content, since their search engine refuses to show it and all I can find by browsing is their original series' (Mozart In The Jungle, Man In The High Tower, etc.) and a few movies for sale.

Thanks for the link - I much prefer going through legit channels whenever I can.

u/sevendeuce · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

lol thanks though just thought i was funny

u/BoTony · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

Here are direct links to the UHD versions, which don't seem to come up through searches in Amazon's search box:

  • Season 1
  • Season 2

    Hoping maybe Amazon figures this mess out and fixes it down the line. But for now, it looks like you need to use these links or do a search from an external search engine (e.g., google) to get these versions. Or at least, that seems to be the case for me, since I own streaming versions of both in the original (HD) format.
u/tqgibtngo · 8 pointsr/TheExpanse

> ... what's up with three ... ?

My understanding is as follows. (I'm literally half-asleep right now, but I'm sure someone will correct any errors or omissions here.)

Currently, in the U.S., the third season remains available for purchase from (and other U.S. outlets e.g. iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and the Microsoft store). — [Edit: Also in Canada from iTunes and Google Play, if I'm not mistaken.]

The first two seasons are available to U.S. Prime members at no extra charge, but not yet the third season. At some point during "winter", the third season should become available for U.S. Prime members (without requiring them to pay extra for it).

I'm not aware of any announcements about future availability to Prime members in various countries outside the U.S. — (Some recent reply-tweets from Prime Video support accounts have said they don't yet have any information to announce about that.)

For viewers outside the U.S., one current option for viewing Season 3 is to purchase the U.S. Blu-rays. According to some reports by users and a third-party reference source, those Blu-rays are region-free (even though Amazon lists them as Region A/1).

u/PsySquared · 7 pointsr/TheExpanse

Kind of found a fix! If you're on a computer you can still watch the UHD versions for free. They're in a separate list here:

u/klobersaurus · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

do yourself a favor and read this asap! it's quick and wonderful!

u/Etunimi · 11 pointsr/TheExpanse

The 4K versions are separate like with other titles on Amazon:

u/rhonage · 3 pointsr/TheExpanse

Cool! This would be perfect on one of these "bulbs":

u/43sunsets · 3 pointsr/TheExpanse

> are region-free

Are you sure -- what's your source? Every time I've looked at the Blu-ray disc description it says Region A, e.g.


I found a forum thread where people say that both Season 1 and 2 are region free:

u/jtriangle · 3 pointsr/TheExpanse

Did you buy the one off amazon and screenprint the MCRN logo on it?

I've had my eye on it for awhile, and it has decreased in price steadily, but it's still a little rich for my blood.

Edit: Behold, the 30 dollar coffee cup.

u/thisismymoniker · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

Dude, please don't the show so we get more content like this in the future. You can buy a season pass from Amazon, and you get the episodes as they are released. Link I'm going to buy the next season myself some time soon.

u/Havitech · 6 pointsr/TheExpanse

Highly recommend his prequel novella, The Churn for anyone interested in reading into his backstory.

u/Olympus017 · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

I just started watching a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. I finished all of season 3 in one day; it’s been forever since I binged a show that quickly.

I’ve already purchased a model Rocinante and am about to start reading Leviathan Wakes when that comes in too.

Can’t wait for season 4.

u/vasska · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

season 3 is showing as #43 in top movies/tv purchases on amazon this morning (5/13). i am certain amazon will look at that info as they decide whether to pick up the show.

since the OP is just an image, not a link:

u/ClancyHabbard · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

On Amazon US. The red ones are sold out, but the silver ones are still in stock. Too small for my taste, but they look nice.

u/AegonStarkgaryen · 3 pointsr/TheExpanse



I asked for a slightly smaller decal then they provide by default, and they were more than willing to oblige! Really great customer service. I'm European by the way, they had no problem shipping here. The size which I asked for and which I used here (which I found to be more consistent with the size shown in the show) is 2 inches x 0.5 inches, which is about half the size of the original decal in the listing.

u/bearoth · 3 pointsr/TheExpanse

Here's the mug they are using in the show, but you have to make the logo yourself :)

u/rory096 · 8 pointsr/TheExpanse

Also Amazon, apparently. This is pretty cool, I had no idea it was an option.

u/Shepards_Conscience · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

The short stories are all amazing, and a couple bucks each on Amazon. The Churn tell Amos's backstory. Wes Chatham read that book with a therapist to talk about what that sort of childhood would do to an adult to prepare to play Amos. The Butcher of Anderson Station reads like the attack on Thoth station, but way harsher. Much more details than the show portrayed. The Vital Abyss shows what happened to the surviving scientists from Thoth.

u/disgustipated · 17 pointsr/TheExpanse

Yep. The Churn will help you understand Amos.

u/SWATrous · 6 pointsr/TheExpanse

They spend plenty of budget on the hero props and the crazy CGI SFX, so the other practical props need to be, well, pretty mundane. A lot of props around the stations are definitely common items that you can find around any modern space.

Some really quick research has shown that this is the cup:

But no research shows me a brown/copper version. Only red and blue and silver.

There's a potential that they used dye or a color insert behind the clear cup to give it the proper color; that or it's actually red but the show's color grading gave it a darker hue.

I would wager that if it's actually got a squishy outer jacket that it's silicone and probably wouldn't accept whatever decals you put on for very long.

u/clarissa_mao · 3 pointsr/TheExpanse

Edit: It's available now!

"This title is currently unavailable"

"Our agreements with the content provider don’t allow purchases of this title at this time."

u/dcousineau · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

Did you read The Churn? It's about Amos' past growing up in Baltimore and talks about a food-stamp/credit chit like program for basic IIRC.

u/Ive_Defected · 3 pointsr/TheExpanse

Oh man, so I guess it was originally a homebrew system before they wrote the books. After it spiked in popularity they got together and banged one out.

The Expanse Roleplaying Game

u/backstept · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

/u/ThatOneIKnow seems to have found it!
It comes in red and silver too! Just like the ones on the show, also saw some blue ones on Amazon.

u/Maxtheman36 · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

As noted in other threads, make sure you're watching the Ultra HD versions on Amazon. They're un-edited:

u/SiccSemperTyrannis · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

They aren't "cutting content". This format is standard across the industry. Go back and check the runtime of Season 1 episodes. They are all right around 40-43 minutes depending on episode, with episode 1 the only one being 44 minutes.

Same is true for Season 2 - every episode is between 40 and 44 minutes long.

Nothing has changed.

u/eChaos · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

Looks like Amazon has the episodes listed correctly, so it must just be a problem with Google Play:

u/warpspeed100 · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

The audio mixing for Season 1 was a bit off. Didn't notice it so much for the later seasons. It is a bit better in the ultra-HD version of season 1 here

u/it-reaches-out · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

You can still get the brownie version on Amazon! Unless you're actually 5+ people, it'll be more than adequate!

u/floppart · 3 pointsr/TheExpanse

There were to instances of the expanse season 1 on amazon. One with the flying Julie logo where you had to buy the episodes and one with a black expanse logo for the season on prime. Amazon just deleted the latter and guess what? The one with the flying Julie logo is now available on prime.

u/neverending_lulz · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

There are three novellas by J.S.A. Corey, set in the world of The Expanse: 1) Gods of Risk, 2) The Churn and The Vital Abyss

u/Swahhillie · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

In the US, yes. You can buy it on Amazon video.

u/jdl_uk · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

I got the Blu Ray

But yes the entire TV industry need to get their collective heads out of their butts

u/Noble9360 · 3 pointsr/TheExpanse

Emsa 504843 City Cup insulated drinking cup, 0.2 litres, translucent red

Like these?

You'd need an MCRN vinyl or etched in...

u/roflbbq · 7 pointsr/TheExpanse

These are the ones used in the show. That looks like the same brand of mug though in OP's photo.

u/AnotherAnonGringo · 3 pointsr/TheExpanse

It did. It's quick read too (couple hours) and I think I only paid like $6 for it on Kindle. Actually, now only $2.99

u/trk2 · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

If you're playing on Amazon, why aren't you watching the 4k version?

u/donkeyduplex · 6 pointsr/TheExpanse

Here it is on Amazon.
30 bucks and its yours. Please don't pirate.

u/JEFFinSoCal · 5 pointsr/TheExpanse

Asking the important questions!

edit: I found this on Amazon.

u/acdcfanbill · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

I'm not sure about Canada, but in the US the 4K UHD releases are on a separate video page on amazon. Here's the links that work for me, maybe they work for you too?

Season 1 UHD -
Season 2 UHD -
Season 3 UHD -

u/NumberMuncher · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

There is a work around. The UHD links seem to work:

I had the same issues. I watched 3 episodes fine yesterday on my non-UHD tv.

u/swusn83 · 3 pointsr/TheExpanse

I know you can order that lasagna pan on Amazon

Baker's Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

u/hideous_coffee · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

Perhaps if you consider reading the synopsis on Amazon a spoiler. But I tagged it anyway.

u/uzlad · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

If you want legality:

If you're not bothered:

u/SeabhacVS · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

On Amazon, they updated the publication/release date of the rulebook to March 19th

u/blanutz · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

These are the mugs they use in the show. Order some stickers from redbubble and you're set.

u/Dorkman03 · 15 pointsr/TheExpanse

The Churn is a short novella that was released between the third and fourth books.

u/FrellPumpkin · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse

Why not Netflix (honest question)?

Otherwise, here you go. 30 Euros for the Bluray (shipping is from US, so it will take a while).

u/CaptainGreezy · 19 pointsr/TheExpanse

It's under a separate listing as "The Expanse [Ultra HD]". It is not a quality setting on the 1080p version.

u/FinnNuwok · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

No idea if it's 4k or not. All it says is HD (and Prime)

HD version:

Edit: Turns out you have to go digging for the 4k (Ultra HD) version of The Expanse, and it is only available from Prime. You can't buy it.

Ultra HD (4k) version:

Edit 2: I don't have Prime. So, I can't check it. All I can say is that the HD version hasn't been corrected.


u/vaiowega · 4 pointsr/TheExpanse

Season 3 doesn't have the "Watch with Prime" option though, whereas season 1 and 2 have it.

u/lynnamor · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

Does this link work for you?

I see individual episodes + full season 3.

u/gdraper99 · 3 pointsr/TheExpanse

I'm in the US, so this link might not work for you. Here is the link I have to use to get the 4K version:

u/insomniac34 · 2 pointsr/TheExpanse works for me. I just googled "Expanse Season 3 UHD".

u/Pharmacololgy · 10 pointsr/TheExpanse

Ditto. :(

Edit: Apparently the 4K links work, courtesy of /u/Etunimi (original post):

> - Season 3:

u/evil-prince · 11 pointsr/TheExpanse

Here are few steps for non-US users to stream The Expanse, although they'd be still breaking the Amazon's T&C.

Step 1: Get an account.

Step 2: Load balance through your credit or debit card -

Step 3: Use a fake US address and set that as your default address.

Step 4: Buy the episodes & season pass -

Now that you're done, you can watch the series without a VPN. Increase in digital sales, DVDs & Blu-rays are probably the only real ways to get Amazon on board. So do what you can.

u/felony_bemboozlement · 15 pointsr/TheExpanse

I got mine here:

Evidently, Walmart has the full lootcrate drop for less available online, don't have a link for them though.

u/townofsalemfangay · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

The deal with Netflix wasn't exclusive. Amazon already has seasons 1-3 on prime. No need to break contract, or buy-out in this case.

u/pixelneer · 1 pointr/TheExpanse

>SyFy doesn't get any money from Netflix, Amazon...

That's just so gloriously wrong.

SyFy is, right or wrongly known for 'Sharknado' and that sort of shite TV. I long ago gave up on them.

Let's break this down.

  • SyFy makes money from advertising revenue (I'll come back here in a sec)

  • SyFy needs viewers for those advertisers, hence the ratings you pointed out.
  • SyFy puts their show on Netflix/ Prime season 1 for free, the new season you have to pay (that's money that they make by the way but not the point I'm making so I'll let you not count all that money...(which btw I know 3 different people that have paid for season 2as they are 'unplugged' and don't get SyFy... but I digress)
  • I watched Season 1 for 'free' on prime last week.
  • GUESS what I'm doing for season 2 now that I've caught up? Go ahead I'll wait. That's right. I am watching it when is airs or shortly after, with those ads etc.

    Just for reference. "The Expanse: Season 2" is $24.99 on Amazon and $29.99 on iTunes... that would be a bit more than '...doesn't get any money from...'

    Again none of this takes into account how much the world has changed since FarScape was canceled. Game of Thrones and other shows would have NEVER survived 15 years ago.. hell they would never have been made or given the opportunity.
u/Abyss_85 · 4 pointsr/TheExpanse

Has anybody who is in the EU tried to buy season 3 over Would that work or would content be geo-blocked afterwards or some other bullshit?

Edit: Found the answer.