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u/botstein · 2 pointsr/Turntablists

Avery Self-Adhesive Removable Labels, 1-Inch Diameter, White, 600 per Pack (05410)

I use these because they're super cheap, super easy to see unless you're using white vinyl, and you can write on print on them really easily. I use them both to mark the position of my records and to mark the key and BPM on the jacket.

u/Free-Cookies · 1 pointr/Turntablists

Do you put stickers in the center hole, to make it a perfect fit for the pin on the turntable platter?

Here is a video of a dj explaining and showcasing it.

You can use any stickers. I buy mine in a book shop, like $3-4 for 1000+ stickers. [6 x 50] mm is my favorite:

u/dragonslovetacos2 · 2 pointsr/Turntablists

Hosa D5S-6 CAIG DeoxIT 5% Spray Contact Cleaner, 5 oz. I love you too.

Source: electronics technician

u/ctsneeks · 1 pointr/Turntablists

If you're looking for a cheap dust cover, this one is $25 off Amazon.

If you're looking for an original plastic cover, they're hard to come by since they don't make them anymore or they're expensive ($129 last I checked). You're going to have a tough time getting a turntablist to give you theirs, as our turntable equipment mean everything to us. Dust is the enemy.

If you want quality though, go with fuzeebear's suggestion and get a Decksaver. They're stronger, look better, and can take a beating. I bought Decksavers and they're worth every penny.

u/IAMTYLERDERPEN · 2 pointsr/Turntablists

or use this one that I use for less than $10.

The reason plugging a 3.5mm output into a phone is because most phones nowadays use combi jack ports for using in-line mics on headphones.

u/teck_neeks · 2 pointsr/Turntablists

havent personally tried these but good reviews and won't break the bank.

sorry to hear about your table :(