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u/konohasaiyajin · 3 pointsr/VGMvinyl

I have the Pro-Ject DC Carbon (, which is even better with the upgraded platter (

Absolutely love it, but for the lower price-range the LP120 is where it's at if you want new. My friend has one and it's pretty nice.

As he (Serariron) said, vintage stuff is great and can be found cheap, but then you might need to worry about fixing something up or making sure you have nice pre-amps and whatnot to go with it. So for ease and cost the LP120 is really the best choice.

u/foamed · 2 pointsr/VGMvinyl

Turntable: Rega Planar 3/Elys 2

Receiver: Harman Kardon HK 3770

Headphones: Philips Fidelio X2

I want to upgrade the receiver and buy some really good speakers, but at the moment I'm saving up money to upgrade my computer. At some point I'll likely buy a much better pair of heapdhones. I would love to get Sennheiser HD 800S, they are pretty pricey though.

u/shojobot · 3 pointsr/VGMvinyl

I think it might be an imported version of the same product. Searching that UPC (4988601467216) brings up the vinyl set on CDJapan, Play-Asia and Amazon Japan. Amazon Japan has a second edition simply listed as "import" with a different UPC. Conversely, that Best Buy UPC pops up on US Amazon for an edition specifically labelled "import," and it's similarly priced to Best Buy

u/jonerandom · 3 pointsr/VGMvinyl

I have no idea if it will ever show up, but I just pre-ordered it from

I’m in Canada. Price shows as £49.03 but when I ordered it, price comes up as £40.86, with £7.68 for shipping, £6.33 for import fee deposit, for a total of £54.87, which is about $92 CAD. Much cheaper than anywhere else I could find (I can’t justify paying $50+ USD for shipping!).

Note that it is a pre-order, says it will ship November 22, 2019. Lists as 3 discs but has the full 74-track listing across 4 discs.

Hoping it actually shows up, would love to own this soundtrack!

u/slavikcc · 1 pointr/VGMvinyl

According to the details on Amazon UK, there are a number of things to note of the LP release:


    A whole new mix and master for vinyl makes it very tantalizing to get.
u/forkmylife · 2 pointsr/VGMvinyl

They are these Audioengine ones they are pretty nice, but I really just loved how sleek they look!

u/The_BOZBOZ · 1 pointr/VGMvinyl


This might be a silly question but will a copy bought from amazon France be different to one bought from Will it have French text or anything like that? I'm keen to take up that cheaper price but wouldn't want the packaging or track list to be in French.

u/BioshockedNinja · 1 pointr/VGMvinyl

Amazon also carries it. If you have prime it might be a good idea to pick it up from there for the free 2 day shipping.

u/ParadoxicGer · 1 pointr/VGMvinyl

I wonder how expensive it will be.

The human revolution soundtrack is 84€ in Germany directly from Amazon which is a fucking joke.

If I can buy a soundtrack on 6 LPs recorded by 2 professional orchestras for even 10 bucks less (Final Fantasy in Tokyo and London by the symphony guys), I am sure as shit not going to pay that much for a fully digitialy made OST.

But it comes directly from Square Enix, so I shouldn't be surprised. Their EU pricing for the FF picture discs was a fucking joke as well with like 30 or 40 bucks shipping from Britain to Germany which is insane.

u/Incandescent_Man · 1 pointr/VGMvinyl

I listened to it on Bandcamp (I think). The composition was pretty sub-par. There were times the piano sounded out of tune. I'm a huge fan of the Undertale soundtrack and most all of the remixes. I've liked a wide range of Undertale remixes from the polka vibes of Lenich & Kirya Podskazka to the dance vibes of Hopes & Dreams by Arcien, but this one was a let down in my opinion.

u/SirSandwichSpread · 2 pointsr/VGMvinyl

Middle-earth Limited Collector's Edition (Blu-ray + DVD)

It was announced at $799 and launched at like $599 after backlash I think. It's just a nicely packaged collection of the movies, I'm pretty sure there's no additional new content and I doubt the packaging had that much of a premium.

u/SomeonesDumbIdea · 1 pointr/VGMvinyl

Might be too late, but you're better off ordering it from amazon.

u/rpbtz · 1 pointr/VGMvinyl

A quick Google search reveals that this will be available from a lot of stores. Also available on Amazon for those interested:

u/TheBeardomancer · 1 pointr/VGMvinyl

It was a EU/UK release I think? I have not seen an official listing on Amazon in the US, but here is the UK Amazon with the track listing. It does not cost too much more to buy from a reseller on Amazon US if that is where you are located.

u/GGVII · 1 pointr/VGMvinyl

Link: HERE

Pre-Order: 20/09/2019

Price: £29.67 (At the moment)