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u/robness · 2 pointsr/VaporVinyl

Details: It's a book the owner of the telegram room( started to put together. The book is cut in half and each page are fun quotables by 2 computer systems in nostalgic reflection. One is rugged(Memphis Megahertz) and cyberpunk/spaghetti western in nature whilst the other (Kansas City Fractal) is traditional and emotional Vaporwave tech nostalgia and pre internet nostalgia stylings. We had a lot of fun compiling it and I(Robness) had help from the rest of the community members(mostly my other mod Rat Sarcoma) knock me down and made sure I wasn't falling too far off the mark. Truly a pleasure to make and I tried to make the cover as A E S T H E T I C as possible as ornamentation for future computer/coffee tables in a possible dystopian/utopian environment. Cheers! Here is a free PDF "Shareware" copy of the book to take a preview at....

The Amazon link for the physical copy is here. Thank you! The Amazon product link just launched so it's not fully compiled, the book description is all there and stuff though. I literally just pressed the PUBLISH button so yeah. Cool!

u/plantbasedmenace · 3 pointsr/VaporVinyl

I lucked out at Goodwill! However, these are pretty much the same thing and I love them because you can swap vinyl out super easily.

u/deadwax666 · 1 pointr/VaporVinyl

On Amazon now, I think international shipping from them is way cheaper. Like $6.99 for an LP or something like that.

u/4kw4rd_dr4g0n · 1 pointr/VaporVinyl

Here's a link

And yes, I do plan on upgrading it eventually.