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u/huhthatscool · 3 pointsr/aeroponics

I actually didn't tally up the cost as that wasn't really of a concern to me, but I'll try my best to provide links to the things I bought for this. Feel free to add it up for me!

u/allegedly_harmless · 1 pointr/aeroponics

I use a 5 micron filter bag that helps quite a bit.
Sometimes nozzles clog, that's the nature of working with dissolved salts. Just make sure you monitor appropriately and the nozzles can be changed easily.

u/averageanomaly · 2 pointsr/aeroponics

Hello! This looks incredible! I'm just now a high school senior and have been looking into aeroponics after having done hydroponics for at the past three years. I was apprehensive to spend my petty fast food job money on one of those $80 8800 pumps that aeroponic supply companies sell, and those outrageously priced $5 a piece 50 micron plastic nozzles. I'm glad I finally found a source of information that doesn't try to up the price a ridiculous amount. Also great work on using the Arduino as a timer as that was my plan too! I just never got around to it and decided to learn Python instead of C++ :P You're quite right that finding a timer for this kind of application is both a pain and expensive otherwise.

I have a few questions about your build.
How many nozzles/sprayers can this system support?
Is the above question dependent on the size of the accumulators?
Are those brass nozzles able to produce 5-50 micron droplets?
Are there any problems you have run into using this system?

Final note: check these filter bags out, as they might be a little easier to use straight away than a sponge and could fit into a larger water reservoir.

u/Midas7g · 1 pointr/aeroponics

As this is my first foray into plant growing, I just picked stuff essentially at random that looked right. :P

This is the ultrasonic fogger I got:

For the first few weeks I only used water, but I switched recently to adding in a small bit of hydro nutrients:

The clay pellets suck, so I will advise strongly against them. I'm ordering some rockwool now, and hopefully I can get some more seeds going so I can try it all out.

u/pinkfreude · 1 pointr/aeroponics

Which foggers did you buy? I got this one, and even with an air pump it has a really hard time filling up a 5 gallon bucket.

Also, what nutrient solution are you using?

u/litgoat · 1 pointr/aeroponics

IceProbe Thermoelectric Aquarium Chiller - 4 in. x 4 3/4 in. x 7 1/2 in.

Edit: Keeps the reservoir at 70 degrees

u/MichaelKiselov · 2 pointsr/aeroponics

Hi. Why did you decide to use the 45nm nozzle? It's super-duper-puper small, I'm not even sure where they can be used... maybe some spraying in the production of processors and microcontrollers...

In aeroponics people usually use 100-200micron nozzles, sometimes you can see 80micron, and such nozzles are cheap. Exmpl:

u/TyrealSan · 1 pointr/aeroponics

I don't have that much vertical space either...

What I did last time was cut a 1" hole to the bottom of root container, added a fitting for a short hose that ran into a condensate pump.

Which collected the run-off and every so often turned on and pumped it back into my main reservoir.

u/flyerfanatic93 · 2 pointsr/aeroponics

This is the one I'm looking at. There are cheaper ones and more expensive ones. The reason I like the concept is that they are designed for chemical applications so they are designed to resist corrosion and what not. Not sure if they resist clogging if they are run for many hours non-stop or if they will still have closing issues, but I don't think they would clog as bad as some of the pond foggers I've been looking at.