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u/Junior72 · 3 pointsr/airpods

I have to agree, get them now. I too was thinking "should I wait" but gave in and I'm thrilled with these so far. I keep seeing the AP2 may come out
in 2019(?) Who knows, I just got tired of waiting.

Many Apple stores should have stock now in store..I picked these up from a Verizon store because I used a GC towards them.
** If you choose that, I would call different Verizon stores though to make sure they have them in took me 8 calls to different stores until I finally found a location that had them.

However, they have them in stock online at Verizon - free shipping 2 day if you're not near an Apple Store. (Apple free shipping on my end is 13 days! - their "Next Day shipping" is $8.00 and states I would get them March 28th...umm?🤔)

Another very VERY nice deal is IF you have Amazon Prime, free overnight shipping as of 3:05pm ET Mar 16.

u/N-Code · 1 pointr/airpods

I had the same problem. For everyday use, the Airpods fit me pretty well, but I as soon as I started to sweat while working out they would immediately start to work their way out of my ears. I found it super annoying because I was constantly having to adjust them and force them back into my ears. I bought a set of these Spigen silicone hooks and they work pretty damn well! I love having them on when I run. The thing that I liked better about these over the Earhoox is that these look to me much easier to get on and off. It only takes me a couple of seconds before a run to through them on the Airpods.

u/cybershadowwolf · 2 pointsr/airpods

I’m going to start off by saying I don’t have AirPods. They’re ordered, but not here yet.
However, since you have no responses I wanted to at least add my two cents.
From what I’ve seen, there are a few designs that can help with the overall sound. Not really boosting the bass, but isolating the sound more if that makes sense.
For example, these would help:
So would these:

However they don’t fit in the case. So you have to take them off every time you put them back, and have some way to not lose the tips until you get the AirPods back out.

I’ve been looking at some that fit in the case and help stay in your ear better ( but I don’t think they’ll help with sound that much.

Don’t forget you can probably mess with your EQ to help and you may get more from that than the accessories.

u/cadfax · 16 pointsr/airpods

Hi! You might want to check these out. I have these and have recommended to others in my family. They come with 4 pieces in one order (left and right ear x 2).

The best part of these ones, compared to other 3rd party ones, is these can fit your charging case with the lid fully closed. It may be a touch tight at beginning but really have been perfect. Either way, good luck.

u/gaatu · 9 pointsr/airpods

I recommend these to everyone LOL! I love them because they provide a better, more comfortable seal imo, while being able to stay in the case.

u/unofficialmoderator · 1 pointr/airpods

The AirPods also suck for my ears, I find them to fit much better with the foam tips. But I also have a pair of EarBuddyz 2.0 for when I exercise with my Airpods. I wouldn’t trust these foam tips while running. I just love how these foam tips can stay on while in the charging case which is a huge plus in my eyes. Something like the EarBuddyz cannot do that.

Link to the EarBuddyz 2.0 :

u/draxlrose · 9 pointsr/airpods

You won't regret it! Its amazing! The auto pairing thing is life changing! Also get some Airpods earclips to secure them to your ear while running or exercising.

EarBuddyz 2.0 Apple Airpods and EarPods Covers and Hooks Attachment for iPhone Earphones Headphones Earbuds - Clear (2 Pairs)

Another accessory i bought: (see various colors):

PodSkinz AirPods Case Protective Silicone Cover and Skin for Apple Airpods Charging Case (Diamond Blue)

u/Whiplash104 · 1 pointr/airpods

I use this one

It does pick up pocket lint to you have to clean it out occasionally, but it has protected my AirPods just fine for two years. Tip: Put them in so the lid is backward from the flap or put them in upside down. That helps the silicone lid flap stay closed.

u/jcrockerman · 2 pointsr/airpods

Qladcase for AirPods Hard Carrying Case, Compact Earbuds Holder MP3 Bluetooth iPod Earphones Earbuds Apple Headphones, Zipper Enclosure Mesh Mini Pocket Perfect for Accessories (Black/Red)

I have this case and I'm pretty sure I can fit a Tile in there. I have my case at home so I'll try it once I get home.

u/devinh1122 · 1 pointr/airpods

This one works amazing with my Nintendo switch. They pair In like 5 seconds so I like it. Haven’t had to charge it in about 4 days. And it’s small. Cheers 😋

u/daedalus1115 · 1 pointr/airpods

FYI for anyone that finds this and has a similar question: I bought this and it works P E R F E C T L Y. I love that it can function as both a transmitter and receiver:

TROND 2-in-1 Bluetooth V4.1 Transmitter Receiver / Wireless 3.5mm Audio Adapter (aptX Low Latency for Both TX and RX, 2 Devices Simultaneously)

u/Mykhartley02 · 2 pointsr/airpods

Best thing I have used is blue tack that I got from amazon. It always cleans them really well for me.

u/thereal-jackbauer · 8 pointsr/airpods

Not sure what you exactly mean by travel case, but I have this one. It's a bit pricey for what it is ($20), but the keychain part is good quality and the cover has protected my airpod case a few times from drops. It doesn't cover the top of the case though.

u/LucasPelton · 1 pointr/airpods

Try getting those silicone covers. If you get the ones without the ear hooks, then it won’t affect opening and closing the case and they actually really help with the fit. Something like this:

u/AuroraDrag0n · 1 pointr/airpods

Screw those, you HAVE to get these. I have large ears and my Airpods would fall right out from WALKING.

With these babies attached to the Airpods, it braces perfectly along the inside of your ear with very soft and comfortable material, and when they are in your ear, you can feel how secure they are without even moving, but to test them I tried shaking, twisting, headbanging, I even did a few cartwheels, and I COULD NOT GET THEM TO FALL OUT OF MY EAR. It was such a liberating moment.

You can thank me later!

u/timmychunks · 3 pointsr/airpods

I got one of these OXO Electronics Cleaning Brushes and it works great to clean Airpods.

u/EricDArneson · 1 pointr/airpods

Damn we’ll at least you fixed it. Next time just use blu-tack Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty 2-Ounce (1087306)
It’s like really stiff putty that doesn’t come
apart easily.
I’ve owned my AirPods for almost 2 months and never had to clean them. I just clean my ears a lot more now and I don’t workout with mine. All of my wired EarPods would get clogged but I would just buy new ones. AirPods are too expensive too do that though so I just make sure my ears are clean.

Also you might want to get a case or a skin if you’re worried about ink or stains. I almost had the same thing happen in my work bag but I noticed the pen cap beforehand.

u/Nacho_Damn_Bidness · 1 pointr/airpods

I haven't had to use it yet, but I hear people post this product for removing debris from AirPods.

A clean toothbrush as well

u/johnsoto2 · 3 pointsr/airpods

My mother had both of her gen airpods go significantly quieter to literally no sound at all. Literally to the point where we were convinced that it was beyond repair. Then used Blu-Tack on both airpods and it literally goes inside the mesh and sticks to everything and gets everything out. To the point where it sounds like new. Ive been there and Blu-Tack was the solution.

u/Fabled-fox · 2 pointsr/airpods

If you do get them clean I suggest maybe using these if it happens frequently. It prevents wax getting in in the first place. Just a suggestion 😀 12 Pack(24pcs) Foam Earbud Earpad Replacement Sponge Covers for Earphone (White)

u/Are_We_There_Yet_ · 1 pointr/airpods

I have ones without the hooks that just make the buds larger and fit in your ear holes tighter. I think they help with sound.

Edit: These: EarSkinz ES3 Covers for Apple AirPods (Red)

u/schyewill32 · 1 pointr/airpods

If you’re looking for a slim soft case with nothing over the hinge, this one is great:

u/megnoliaz · 1 pointr/airpods

I have little ears and was worried they wouldn't fit properly. They fit fine, but if I'm going for a run or something, I use these. Maybe try something like that? I also kind of angle them into my ears rather than completely parallel to my head.

u/Freakazoidberg · 1 pointr/airpods

Yeah it would look weird but I'm kinda worried that it will slip out. Even though it feels pretty snug. I'm talking about these things:

u/CaliKorea91 · 2 pointsr/airpods

Makes sense, so something like this?

I'm looking to engrave some Chinese characters in it so maybe I can take a box cutter to it or something? You can tell I'm really terrible with crafts so any specific suggestions would be very helpful lol

u/machiz7888 · 2 pointsr/airpods

I ordered this last year for my Bose QC 30s. I absolutely love it for flying, I've used it several times between LA and NYC and Europe without issue.

I have yet to try it with my Airpods (I still use the QC 30s when I fly for noise cancellation) but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

u/Caveman_Bro · 3 pointsr/airpods

These fit in the charging case, and the sensors work through the semi-translucent white color. Airpods weren't a perfect fit in my ears, but with these, they're damn near perfect.

u/gorcbor19 · 2 pointsr/airpods

$144 I saw today on Amazon.
[edit] I see. The model I was looking at is the non wireless charge. I wonder if it’s worth the extra $25?

u/Mr_Holmes · 2 pointsr/airpods

Yep, this. If you don't need it ASAP, pay $10 more for the new version on Amazon.

u/engwish · 1 pointr/airpods

Yep, unfortunately that's just life with the AirPods, especially if you're going to put them in your pocket all the time.

You can use a Q-tip to get out the dust, or if you are so inclined you can use something like Blu Tack to get the dust out.

u/enowapi-_ · 1 pointr/airpods

I suggest some putty and use it to grab and pull wax, dirt and grime OUT of the AirPods instead of "jamming" it down in there.

This is personally what I use. Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive 75g

Great for cleaning out the screen filter and the tight spot just underneath, between the pod and the stem, as well as the inside lid and pod nest of the airpod case.

u/JRNTWKENG · 1 pointr/airpods

I used these when I'm out. I felt like the left one was always about to fall out of my ear, so I tried these. Worked flawlessly. I've gotten used to them "bare" so I don't use my tips as much, but when hiking, they come in clutch.

u/GrumpyGlasses · 1 pointr/airpods

I have the AirPod 1 and wanted wireless charging. I bought a 3P wireless charging case for $12+, which I think for the convenience, it’s super worth it. The only downside is you lose the female lightning port (the 3P wireless case uses it) and you can’t use fancy AirPod case covers. I also have a Qi charging stand for my phone so this 3P charging case can also charge on it.

NeotrixQI A5-W Wireless Charging Case Protective Cover Compatible for Apple AirPods Case and Any Qi Wireless Charger - White, 1-Pack

u/mpga479m · 13 pointsr/airpods

it was featured on gizmodo, a deal from amazon. search for the $15.99 NeotrixQI

edit: should have just posted link: amazon!

u/mtndewfeind · 1 pointr/airpods

I recommend a case for the case this is the one I have it claims it water proof and dust proof. I haven’t tested the water proof but since using them I noticed a lot less dust within the case

u/mercurysquad · 2 pointsr/airpods

This is the only solution!

  • And it's cheap too.
  • And it fits in the case.
  • And it prevents earwax buildup
  • And it's acoustically transparent!

    Just cut holes where the sensors are.

    I first bought black foams from local electronics superstore, but the sound was bad, too much dampening of the treble. Today I just received these white ones, 12 pairs for 7 bucks, and wow.

    I can finally use my AirPods.
u/TheGameChanger84 · 7 pointsr/airpods

Well the ear pads, the white ones I have on I got from Amazon. They are by DamonLight. {Fit in The case} Airpods Earpods Covers Compatible with airpods 2&1 Anti-Slip Silicone Soft Sport Covers Accessories Apple AirPods Earbud 2 Pairs (White)

The dust guard is made by Elago. They have a couple colors for both the Wireless case and regular. I have the wireless case with the LED obviously in the front so I didn’t need that little led cutout. elago Dust Guard for AirPods 2 Wireless Charging Case [Matte Space Grey][1 Set]- [Chromium Plating][Protect AirPods from Iron/Metal Shavings][Watch Installation Video]

I see it got a 1 star review. Most people unfortunately DONT follow instructions

u/joseconseco999 · 3 pointsr/airpods

Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive 75g

I pull off a half-inch piece and use it once a week for 4 weeks. It'll last you a lonnnnng time for almost $7.

u/swellco · 2 pointsr/airpods

12 Pack(24pcs) Foam Earbud Earpad Replacement Sponge Covers for Earphone (White)

u/AquaticFilter · 1 pointr/airpods

{Fit in The case} Airpods Earpods Covers Anti-Slip Silicone Soft Sport Covers Accessories for Apple AirPods Earbud airpods eartips 2 Pairs (White)

u/jbailey1991 · 4 pointsr/airpods

Somebody posted about this not long ago, and apparently these work. Though I haven’t tried them myself.

u/shawntim · 2 pointsr/airpods

EarBuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks and Covers Accessories Compatible with Apple AirPods 1 & AirPods 2 or EarPods Headphones/Earphones/Earbuds (3 Pairs) (Clear)

u/justanothergyuy · 1 pointr/airpods

I use these to deal with my abnormally shaped ears.

u/joshuajbrunner · 3 pointsr/airpods

I have these ones

EarBuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks and Covers Accessories for Apple AirPods or EarPods Headphones/ Earphones/ Earbuds (3 Pairs) (Clear)

u/gurase · 1 pointr/airpods

I totally understand. I just looked up the ear hooks I used: EarBuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks and Covers Accessories Compatible with Apple AirPods 1 & AirPods 2 or EarPods Headphones/ Earphones/ Earbuds (3 Pairs) (Clear)

u/KenS007 · 0 pointsr/airpods

I don’t know if his promotion continues. You can ask him or get it from Amazon

u/BabyMonkeyOnPig · 5 pointsr/airpods

Just recently bought these $24 they’re waterproof in case they get exposed to rain

u/J_Marley · 1 pointr/airpods

If you haven't returned them yet, don't. Earpods (of any generation) never fit my ears. They would always fall out and shift around on me. This is one of the main reasons I was hesitant on getting the AirPods. However, I found these on Amazon and they have made all the difference.

u/tenz0r24 · 2 pointsr/airpods

I hated carrying an extra item in my pocket too, even my keys. So I've been using a carabiner clip to hold my keys for a while now. Once I got the AirPods, I ended up buying this below:

Qladcase for AirPods Hard Carrying Case, Compact Earbuds Holder MP3 Bluetooth iPod Earphones Earbuds Apple Headphones, Zipper Enclosure Mesh Mini Pocket Perfect for Accessories (Black/Red)

It has its own carabiner attached to the case, and I just have it clipped with my keys, and this helps limit my pockets to just my iPhone and slim wallet card case.

u/felipehn · 1 pointr/airpods

I've been using these
the only problem is that you have to take them out when you charge the airpods.