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u/HackrKnownAsFullChan · 5 pointsr/bakchodi

>I am specifically looking at writing systems, vis-à-vis Right to left and Left to right and their role in development or impairment of cognitive skills like empathy, humaneness and certain emotional attributes.

There is no evidence for this. However, there is considerable evidence about a more basic difference in languages: the subject verb order. People whose mother tongue has one SVO like Japanese or Chinese, find it very difficult to learn the opposite kind like English. It should be the same for Hindi/English but speaking multiple languages helps overcome the SVO divide. Secondly if Hindi speaking children are exposed to English between ages of 4-6 they will find it easier to learn multiple languages.

The part about symmetrical facial development is crap. Must of the muscles used for speaking are invisible. Whether children smile in their childhood has a much larger impact on their facial structure.

Speakers of one language having accent in another is due to similar phonemes having subtly different sounds. For example the Hindi

phoneme is very different from the 3 different phonemes represented by the English R, which is again different from the spoken R in French. The Chinese Ri phoneme falls in between
र and ड़. But the speakers typically use the more familiar tongue position making them sound different giving people an accent.

Incidentally in most languages R represents a range of sounds that are in Hindi covered as
य र ल व

If you are actually interested in linguistics, instead of just bakchodi, then try reading Steve Pinker's The Language Instinct

u/JarinJove · 1 pointr/bakchodi

Update: Due to popular feedback, I decided to make split versions of the ebook edition for anyone who found 2554 pages too daunting but are still interested in reading my book. In case any of you are still interested.

Part I Only.

Part II Only.

Explanation on pricing can be read here.

u/randia-stooge-panda · 1 pointr/bakchodi

Who are you? I asked her to show vegena, why are you acting like one brother? I think you need help; buy this, this and thisbrother.

u/dahibhalla · 3 pointsr/bakchodi

If only we could buy it on amazon. Be sure to check Q&A.

Or buy a GM counter and go hiking in central Andhra or other uranium rich regions.

u/Monteoas · 6 pointsr/bakchodi

Bakchodi aside if anyone wants to read about shivalingam I recommend this book

u/Nth_reddit_account · 2 pointsr/bakchodi

I thought it was joke, here is the source

u/sarsat · 1 pointr/bakchodi

The book costs 5k!

Scoop! : Inside Stories From The Partition To The Present

u/realist_optimist · 0 pointsr/bakchodi

Bhai, thoda paisa kharch karke apne liye kuch achha kar lo. 1 2

u/Bernard_Woolley · 1 pointr/bakchodi

Rs. 5,106 now. It's an academic work with a limited print run. Hence the high price, I'm guessing.

u/palgravemac · 8 pointsr/bakchodi

Filthy Mleccha are the worst WE WUZ'ers. The entire argument they make for their existence is based on WE WUZ Greeks, Phoenicians, Abraham, Jesus Christ, etc all the way to the Enlightenment scholars.

In fact, notorious Mleccha Adolf Hitler dispatched "Savitri Devi" (a wealthy French socialite) to India to explore a religion suitable and fit for his Aryan Race. That was their entire goddamn plan: to digest Sanaatan Dharma and to fit it into their views/agenda on racial science.

Here's a book also about similar adventures: " The Cult of Emptiness. the Western Discovery of Buddhist Thought and the Invention of Oriental Philosophy" (

u/Humidsummer14 · 4 pointsr/bakchodi

Abhe abcd chutia, read this book before commenting.

No wonder white women ignore self hating cunts like you.

u/RajaRajaC · 1 pointr/bakchodi

>Why would they? Religion? Most alliances are usually sealed with marriage in royal affairs. As weird as it sounds for Rajputs, they probably weren't raring to marry off their daughters/sons to people who speak a different language, eat different food and wear different clothes. Inter religion marriage is still present. Inter regional marriages though, very rare in India.

You couldn't be more wrong! There are many many instances of Indian empires (cutting across regions and languages) forming alliances.

You have had the Chalukya (South Indian, Kannadiga) empire ally itself with the Gurjara Pratiharas (North Indians) and the Palas (Buddhist Bengalis) and fight off the Arab invaders for close to 50 years. This was after the Chalukyas, Pratiharas and Palas had been fighting each other for half a century. They basically stopped fighting each other and allied against a common enemy.

You have the Kalachuri dynasty (North India) getting into alliances (strengthened by Matrimonial ties) with the Rashtrakutas and Chandellas.

I won't write a list of 20 such alliances I can think off, you can simply buy this book that goes into this at great length. It is titled.... Matrimonial Alliances and Ancient India Polity (Reconstructing Indian History and Culture).

I know this bakchodi, but the amount of shitty Indian history is just off the fucking charts.

I am tired, and hence won't go into how wrong your post on 1857 is. You literally sound like you picked up some English propaganda letter from 1858 and are basing your comments on this.