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u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/borrow

Hello /u/lucioghosty,

B1) Please read all of our Rules and Borrower FAQ's

B2) Do not delete this submission (or ANY submission past or present), for any reason, or any of your comments as it will result in a ban. If your request is fulfilled or you no longer need the money please do one or a combination of A) edit your post to reflect the change, B) flair your post as 'complete' (the flair button is under the body text of the post), and/or C) make a comment that it's no longer needed.

B3) Wait 24 hours from this post to make another unless this post or the next is prearranged with a particular lender

B4) Vet your lenders! Be careful who you send your personal information to A) CHECK your lenders r/borrow history by clicking here. Do this for every loan request you recieve. B) Are they BLACKLISTED or asking for PROHIBITED ITEMS/INFORMATION (see THIS LINK)? Message moderators immediately C) Are they eligible (90+ day account, 1000+ karma, not banned) and active (any big account activity gaps?). Ultimately, you are free to accept loans from any user though you do so at your own risk. Loans made with ineligible/banned users will not be tracked by LoansBot and you will not get credit for loans fulfilled by ineligible lenders, so proceed at your own risk

B5) Understand and properly use all LoansBot commands to mark loan status

B6) If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, feel free to ask moderators by clicking HERE



L1) Please read all of our Rules and Lender FAQ's

L2) Vet your borrowers! A) See items 2 and 3 right below, B) Check for any past REQ posts and scan the comments for red flags, C) Check the UniversalScammerList, D) Install RedditScamLabeler to your browser, E) Install this quick karma-earning investigation tool to your browser, F) See these lists of sketchy user behaviors: "Karma farmers", How to identify high risk borrowers

L3) Check to see if lucioghosty has a Post Deletion History

L4) Check lucioghosty's Spam History, SnoopSnoo profile, and Atomiks Analyzer Profile !

L5) It is suggested that lenders take into account a user’s current open loans and repayment history when considering funding a loan. This includes a) do they have any repayment history? Extra vetting may be required if not, b) are they asking for loans while still having some out (this is not against the rules)? Are the open loans late? It is encouraged and courteous to contact current lenders to inquire about open loans, c) How much has a borrower repaid historically (in total) vs. how much do they have out now in total? "Piling", or lenders continuously providing loans to borrowers with many already open loans, is highly discouraged unless the borrower has a very solid repayment history

L6) Understand and properly use all LoansBot commands to mark loan status

L7) For your convenience, upon conclusion of this loan you can follow these links for prefilled posts regarding this loan - PAID, LATE, UNPAID


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Hey Reddit,

I'm saving up for some equipment to get me started in astrophotgraphy, and the last thing I really need is a tracking mount. I have my eyes set on the SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Pro Pack Whch is currently $369 on Amazon(as opposed to $415 elsewhere). I've saved up $251.90, but that leaves me with just about $125 that I need to come up with. Between getting paid, freelancing, and donating plasma, I should have the $125 by July 31, but I always give myself a little extra time in case something happens. I'm looking to get this ASAP so that I can go out and start taking some photos within the next week.

If you look at my borrower history, you can see that I've borrowed way more and always paid back, never been late, etc. Every lender has said I'm one of the easiest people to work with!

Should you need it, I'll provide ID(censored, of course) and proof of address. Upon repayment, I'd like to do 20% interest which would be $25 for a total repayment of $150. Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.


I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

u/Fluent_English_Riter · 2 pointsr/borrow

Appreciate it. I'm getting an air mattress. Normally, I would put the obligatory frowny face after that sentence, but this one is actually pretty sweet. It comes with memory foam and can support a 600lb man. I tried it at a friend's house and it felt more like a high-end spring mattress. If you can save me money on this, I'd be amazed :).

u/theregoesmyeye · 1 pointr/borrow

From what I've read, if I were to come in and give them my laptop back right now, I would have one year to come back and pick up my contract from where I left off. If I were to come in one year and one day from when I dropped it off, my money in the item is lost.

The contract told me that when they physically repo an item, the contract ends immediately.

Bonus: If you try to pawn it, there is a pawn system in place that will automatically report the serial number of the laptop as stolen. Also, if you don't pay it and move to another state, it's a class E felony of "obtaining property by false pretenses."

EDIT: Extra special bonus: I was once borrowing a Galaxy Note 5 from them until I could get a replacement, and I noticed that the firmware ended in '_RAC'. Turns out, their headquarters installs a custom ROM that allows RAC to find its location if you default on it.

EDITEDIT: The reason I wanted to leave RAC so bad is because of this. Here is the laptop I have from them. After paying it off, I would've paid $3,639. Here is the exact same laptop on Amazon for $1,313. That is a 177% increase.

u/daniell61 · 1 pointr/borrow

Pricy vehicle to maintain.

is your pump shot or dying?

I can take a look at my local scrap yard tomorrow and see if they have any jeep wranglers /LJ's in the back...They do hav ea lot of cherokee's to.

E: also. amazon has a semi decent pump it seems.