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u/TheFissureMan · 3 pointsr/classic4chan

Did your AP history class use one of these textbooks? Textbook publishing is extremely political and too costly to risk upsetting parents, politicians or special interest groups. The safe pattern presented in past books is copied, and any controversy is removed to satisfy the majority and avoid turning students off.

I'd recommend reading this book if you want to learn more.

  • The American Adventure (1975)

  • American Adventures (1987)

  • American History (1982)

  • The American Pageant (1991)

  • The American Tradition (1984)

  • The American Way (1979)

  • The Challenge of Freedom (1990)

  • Discovering American History (1974)

  • Land of Promise (1983)

  • Life and Liberty (1984)

  • Triumph of the American Nation (1986)

  • The United States: A History of the Republic (1991)

  • The American Pageant (2006)

  • The American Journey (2000)

  • The Americans (2007)

  • America: Pathways to the Present (2005)

  • A History of the United States (2005)

  • Holt American Nation (2003)
u/Dannybam · 1 pointr/classic4chan

After further deliberation... the hinge thing is probably unnecessary.

A rectangular or square plate is probably superior... could have angle iron "skis" topside to facilitate drag reduction...

...and a 500lb capacity winch to actuate the magnet.

This may be best accomplished by a team of coordinating bots.

A surveying drone...

...a lightweight mine detecting and site marking rover (anything under 50 pounds with a spread footprint I presume to be unlikely to trip a mine)...

...and a heavy duty plate-dropping drone.

To add all functions to one machine is maybe not outside of the realm of possibility. Like this, only much wider and carrying all of the tech listed above.

Requiring a drone capable of lifting 200 pounds or more to sustain flight a few inches above the ground while performing metal detection seems in-viable. Perhaps a guiding contact wire instead of an altimeter could replace the rover, and add its responsibility to the drone.... or function similar to a hovercraft. Surely a drone carrying all of the equipment above is liable to weigh more than 50 pounds... and thus the thrust necessary to lift it may very well be transferred into dangerous pressures on the ground within a few inches of altitude.

Winch 10 pounds

Magnet 2 pounds

Metal detector ~5 pounds?

Survey equipment ~10 pounds?

Drone ??? pounds?

u/Chris153 · 3 pointsr/classic4chan

First part sounds like this book: Sum by David Eagleman
Easily in my top 5

u/fortean · 5 pointsr/classic4chan

USB sticks are hardly protruding nowadays.

People love creating problems where there's none.

u/Jkid · 2 pointsr/classic4chan

Oh hey, I actually made a critique about this when it was first published on my website:

And it's also in my compilation of Yotsuba Society as well:

u/WeberStateWildcat · 33 pointsr/classic4chan

If you don't mind making out with the torso of what appears to be Marge Simpson in a nightgown.

u/OmniYummie · 57 pointsr/classic4chan

....and after that, he'll need this.

u/Borbio · 35 pointsr/classic4chan

I recognize this photo, its an album cover.

u/withmorten · 1 pointr/classic4chan

Why, what's going on?

Oh btw, can you order another used DVD for me and send it to me?

The one by "dogsrloose". The 1ct cheaper sends from the UK, which would be kinda retarded.

It's the original Fullscreen version of the movie.

I can send you the moneys again via paypal and such.

u/aahdin · 4 pointsr/classic4chan

The actual stupid part is people assuming 1000W.

There's no reason you can't cook at 100W, it just A) cooks slower, and B) needs a cover. Still gets up to 400 degrees which is plenty to burn pancakes if you forget about them.

Instead of all this arguing about physics you can literally just google "Car charger hot plate" and see that [it's a real product aimed at truckers](

u/zawse · 0 pointsr/classic4chan

I know this is an old post, but it really saddens me how much people ignore the truth. There was a study done by David Noble that concluded that the vast majority of our advances in technology could not be done in the private sector. Did private industry put a man on the moon? They certainly want to take credit for it now. It would not be possible without the massive collective effort of the WHOLE WORLD.

You don't have to accept anything, faith is belief without evidence. I'll take evidence any day.

Also, if you had the choice between a government you could (theoretically) vote out if it was abusing you or one which could do whatever they wanted with impunity with no recourse for the citizen, which would you choose?

Maybe you never read about the labor struggles of the past; that only the government could tell private industry to not kill people or provide them basic wages and working conditions.
What do they say? Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it?