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u/numeralCow · 1 pointr/doommetal

I use a set of NAD Viso HP50 and I'm super happy with them. Great bass but balanced overall really well with a surprisingly great soundstage for closed headphones. I don't use an amp because they're driven fine from a non amped source (Surface Pro).

I listen to everything on them and everything sounds great.

I bought them without demoing since nobody best new carries them. It was a risk but I did it based on reviews.

u/daddydicklooker · 2 pointsr/doommetal

There are a few great headphones for doom metal in the price range.

Grado makes some of the best headphones for rock/metal for the fast and tight bass response the Grado SR80e would be a good choice for a more well rounded sound. However they can be bright and sound a bit cold however they are very fun headphones. Since they are open they also provide no sound isolation.

Superlux HD-681 EVO are another great pair in the price range. They come in two colors black and white they have a nice warm sound with good bass and decent mids these are also fun for doom. They come with a nice set of accessories 2 detachable cables 2 sets of ear pads velour and leatherette and a bag.

I own a pair of grados and wear the evos for about 8hrs a day at work. So I have experience with both sets. Depending on your choice in doom and other music would be the other types of music you listen to honestly.

u/OutrageousLibrarian · 4 pointsr/doommetal

Music teacher here (if you thought live shows were loud, try 5th grade band). I have some custom fit ones that I like a lot. But, for way less money, I recommend and use Etymotic. The are, to my ear, a good balance of protection and attenuation (as mentioned below) for the money.

u/the_progrocker · 1 pointr/doommetal

Correct answer. I used to never wear them to concerts, and it's dumb. You can hear the bands perfectly with them in and save your hearing. I bought these ones and use them for everything:

u/crushing-crushed · 1 pointr/doommetal

Elder's debut is straight Sleep worship... I like their sound now much better, but it's a really solid debut.

u/lysergicfuneral · 1 pointr/doommetal

I've seen many shows with these, including Sleep (front row, 10 amps in the face) and they're great. blocks the highs which hurt your hearing the most, but you can hear the music better than without them.

u/kissthepan · 5 pointsr/doommetal

Just basic ones for concerts will be fine. The foam plugs are more for deadening sound without regard for any distortion (like who cares about the subtleties of chainsaw noise). The sound quality won't be ideal. Concert or musician's earplugs will just bring everything down a bit with little distortion.

These are what I have: link.

Well worth it. These bands will ruin your ears. When I saw Sleep I almost wanted them to.

u/bandito5021 · 2 pointsr/doommetal

Any recommendations? I have general-use Mack’s earplugs, but I’m not sure if they’re adequate. These:

u/antagon1st · 3 pointsr/doommetal

I use this similar plug that also uses stems for tunneling sound. Comes with a lanyard for your neck as well. The wall of sound will rock you.

u/flycounter · 4 pointsr/doommetal

These are what I use. Put the yellow end in when you're near the front, put the green in end at other times.

They come apart so you don't have to have the other end sticking out of your ear unless you want to, so don't worry about that.
The good thing is you can sleep in them (green side). Started using them in Afghanistan, where the green side was enough to filter out all the other dudes snoring and farting but you could still hear the alarms when they came on.
Also, at least for me, they go in quick and stay in, unlike foamies.

u/SoUglyEveryoneDied · 2 pointsr/doommetal

Hahaha Church of Misery and Bongripper are too good. Straight up Hippie killer cover.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/doommetal

Valkyrie was founded by Pete Adams of Baroness and his brother Jake Adams in Lexington, Virginia. Some kickass riffing.

Buy this track here or try to find an original pressing here, if you're into that sort of thing (you should be). I think they are also on iTunes, if you really want to perpetuate that DRM shit.

u/Pki · 4 pointsr/doommetal

I bought some for Sunn O))) last month. It was my first time seeing them and the ear plugs were so effective I had to take them out a few times to get a taste of what I was missing. Zero lingering ringing or regrets the next day.

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts Musicians Motorcycles Noise Sensitivity Conditions and More (Ear Plugs Come in Premium Gift Box Packaging) - Blue

u/ulimar · 1 pointr/doommetal

I do have them, just forgot to put them back on for the picture. I need to replace the switches under the pedals, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm also a little reticent to do so, since they are SMD (surface mount) switches, and I'm not quite comfortable with that yet. I also had to make my own power supply for it. I used this power supply ( cut off the barrel and put on one from this power supply (

u/Chronicbias · 1 pointr/doommetal

THE SKULL - the heavy doom-rock band featuring original TROUBLE members vocalist Eric Wagner and drummer Jeff “Oly” Olson, alongside longtime former TROUBLE bassist Ron Holzner and SACRED DAWN guitarist Lothar Keller – have added former PENTAGRAM guitarist Matt Goldsborough (pictured below) to the group's ranks.

Link to 30 seconds of each song of the upcoming album(4 november Tee Pee):
Tourdates in Barcelona, Portugal and Londen & Art if you scroll down: