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u/Jim_Ballsmith · 2 pointsr/dreamcast

Thanks so much for the review! I have this one currently: and I use it on my 1080p screen, but when I use it it's so much darker than going straight through VGA. Question for you - I'll be likely getting a 4K tv at somepoint and those don't have VGA ports... would you recommend that mini VGA to HDMI converter? I'm a pretty casual gamer but would love the optimal visuals if I can

Edit: just read your review of the mini converter. It looks to me like it's more of the picture I'd be looking for! Thanks again

u/RebootRevival · 3 pointsr/dreamcast

Taiyo Yuden. Are considered the best. There are a few different partners for TY but JVC is supposed to be the best version. But they are all speciality disc and not as easy to get as verbatim. For Standard consumer discs, verbatim are considered to be the best. Different media has different sweet spots on write speeds. Memorex CD-rs work just fine on the dreamcast on low burn speeds with a good burner. Just read up on how CD's are burned and it should help with figuring out read problems of back ups.

u/Enemy_Zero · 1 pointr/dreamcast

Also, did you download the root file from the usbgdrom site? There's a file that has to be on the USB in order for it to run properly.

If you have, move on to USB sticks. I ordered a couple different USB drives before I found one that would work. The one I've actually had the best luck with is a USB microsd reader. I put a 400GB micro sd in it and it works perfect.

Here's the one I'm using:
CY Mini Size 5Gbps Super Speed...

And the micro sd card:
SanDisk Ultra 400GB microSDXC...

Good luck.

u/BrokenStrides · 0 pointsr/dreamcast

I also have a Bravia and I have had success using this with this adaptor and it's been working great. Good luck!

u/Dinohammer · 4 pointsr/dreamcast

Nice post. I am in the US and my set up is

Tomee VGA cable

Etekcity VGA to HDMI upscaler

Also need this to convert the audio

It works great and looks amazing seeing the DC in 1080p. The only issue I had is to make sure you plug the VGA cable in tightly. It fits more snugly than it is supposed to and if it isn't pushed in all the way, it won't work.

u/Oshtoby · 0 pointsr/dreamcast

This is the one I bought. Is it more expensive? Yes. But... does it have Amazon Prime 2 day delivery? Yes. Does it have Amazon backed return policies? Yes. I mean, it's totally worth it, in my opinion.

u/SwervinGirvin · 3 pointsr/dreamcast

What are you trying to output to? HDTV? CRT monitor? Because sometimes the VGA is a minimal difference on HD displays, either that or you get excessive smudging and it could actually look worse. Then you'd have to introduce an upscaler such as the XRGB mini and since you're on a budget don't even look up the price of that device.

But if you are going straight into a CRT then just about anything will work but I'd recommend a "box" over "cable" any day. Just make sure you've got corresponding speakers to connect to your respective "box". Some have a 3.5mm audio jack and some have Stereo Out (red & white).

Holy Grail VGA -!hanzo/c1gph

Average Grade VGA -

Absolute Crap VGA cable -

Hope this helps!

u/r2deetard · 2 pointsr/dreamcast

I had some burning issues at first. I ended up using a better quality disk and haven't had a dud since. These are the best you can get. I bought Taiyo Yuden disks and have had excellent results. Get them now, because they have been discontinued.

u/benryves · 1 pointr/dreamcast

You'll need an active transcoder that will convert from the RGB colour space to YPbPr. Yes, it's possible, in other words, but you'll need something with active electronics in it - a simple cable won't work (cables with RCA plugs on one end and a VGA connector on the other are designed for devices that specifically accept YPbPr component through a VGA connector, e.g. certain projectors).

Edit: I live in a part of the world that skipped YPbPr component so don't really have any specific recommendations but looking on the US Amazon this is the sort of thing to look for (some of the top reviews are from Dreamcast owners, but general reviews are poor - I just thought it would serve as an example).

u/Marsh_Wiggle86 · 1 pointr/dreamcast

I'm not an expert so I defer to Google in that regards. The Akira is supposed to be good. I use a aftermarket VGA cable to upscaler. It has some issues but it definitely looks better than AV cables. Check the links below for what I currently use.

Retro-Bit Dreamcast - Cable

HDE VGA w/Audio to HDMI Video Scaler Converter Box

u/tucsonsduke · 2 pointsr/dreamcast

Since VGA is Analog and DP is Digital, you usually need a powered adapter. Also, all the adapters I've found have been DP to VGA, not the other way around. When dealing with VGA the direction is important. I think you could possibly do it with a VGA to HDMI adapter.

Followed by a HDMI to Displayport cable.

The best route might be a Dreamcast to HDMI adapter

followed by a female HDMI to Displayport.



It's certainly possible, but it'll be a bit more work than I think you envisioned.


Edit - P.S. Be sure that the Displayport on your iMac is a displayport in and not a displayport out.

P.P.S. It seems the Female HDMI to Displayport might be one direction as well, DP-->HDMI

u/BangkokPadang · 5 pointsr/dreamcast

The easy answer is that you need to buy one of THESE and then plug it in to one of THESE.

For more money, you can buy a better quality VGA box, and a better quality upscaler. You could even get a VGA to HDMI converter and skip component altogether, if your TV has HDMI.

u/Jakeasuno · 1 pointr/dreamcast

I've just got one of the cheap silver VGA/S Video switch boxes for my dreamcast, and a decent VGA cable isn't much, obviously it's not going to be outputting high resolutions so doesn't need to be fancy. It's just the HDMI converter you want to spend a bit more on to avoid picture quality issues. It's one of those devices where you get what you pay for. Thankfully the dreamcast doesn't constantly switch video output like some systems do, it's just the screen centering that I've noticed can be off.

At the cheapest end you can find boxes like this on Amazon, but it's worth shopping around for the reviews. It tends to be the built in scaling that causes issues in them.

Portta PETVHS VGA + Stereo to HDMI Converter up Scaler v1.3 support 720P/1080p

u/cr08 · 1 pointr/dreamcast

Works perfectly for me. Combined with a cheap VGA-HDMI converter linked below. Perfectly crisp video and no glitches so far even on a cheapo 13" Dynex TV. Got other TV's in the house I need to also test with it.

u/mrneo240 · 2 pointsr/dreamcast


It says upscaler but I highly doubt it. My tv reports HDMI with a resolution of 640x480. Takes a little power brick (included) and plugs in the VGA +audio out from tomee/retrobit cables, then outputs with an HDMI cable.

My tv never has issues with the signal.

Good luck! Btw shipping without prime took ages, with prime I bet it would be snappy

u/kaicolabs · 1 pointr/dreamcast

Hi all,

Just a quick update. The Kaico DreamCast HDMI Adaptor Revision 3 has just landed in Amazon US FBA Centre and are now on the website :

We should also have them live on Amazon UK and both and by the end of the week :)

u/BS401 · 1 pointr/dreamcast

This just arrived yesterday and it works great hooked up to my monitor I usually have my desktop plugged into.

POUND HD Link Cable for Sega Dreamcast

u/puripuripunk · 1 pointr/dreamcast

I have this one from Amazon works great, a must have if you have to read lots of text or frequently use a shell on your DC.

u/SirRockALot1 · 1 pointr/dreamcast

Lots of 1-star reviews for this one as well. Like with everything retro gaming, it's never easy and YMMV ;-)

u/unSentAuron · 1 pointr/dreamcast

This is the fan I bought:
Noctua NF-A4x10 5V, Premium Quiet Fan, 3-Pin, 5V Version (40x10mm, Brown)

Can you tell if I need an adapter?

Also, I want to have the capacitors & the battery replaced

u/dmcnelly · 3 pointsr/dreamcast

If you're connecting with composite cables, you are going to notice an IMMENSE upgrade in picture quality. If you can find a Sega VGA box, those are the ones to go for. Otherwise this one is also a fairly priced but good option.

u/ChildofValhalla · 4 pointsr/dreamcast

I use the RetroBit VGA cable and despite needing to kind of force it in the first time, the picture quality is fantastic. I don't have it hooked up to an HDMI converter, though.

You could always just buy a Dreamcast HDMI cable these days.

u/nbkdope · 1 pointr/dreamcast

Would this Combined with this be a good choice?

u/felipedlhiz · 1 pointr/dreamcast

Maybe a VGA to HDMI converter? I went for this option and I’m really happy with it. Check out Portta’s HDMI scaler, it’s out of stock now but it’s a viable option!

P.S: note that you will need a DC VGA cable too! Price for the whole set would be around 50€/60$

u/k1ng0fh34rt5 · 2 pointsr/dreamcast

This is my setup...

ESYNIC VGA to HDMI Converter Box 1080p HD Video Converter Adapter with RCA L/R Audio:

VGA High Definition Cable:

It's cheap, and provides a 'good enough' experience.

u/darcLinkDC · 1 pointr/dreamcast

Only cards up to 32GB are officially supported but most larger cards work fine.

I use this 400GB card ($65) for all retail games:

I use this 128GB card ($28) for homebrew/indies/hacks/protos/experimenting/etc.

u/docbaily · 1 pointr/dreamcast

That's a GDEMU drive replacement. It plugs into the connector that the GD-ROM drive would normally connect to. Mine is a clone of the original that I got on amazon.

The white part around it is a 3D printed enclosure.

Edit: If you do go with a clone route for GDEMU, don't update the firmware. Just leave it. It works.

u/Elementix · 2 pointsr/dreamcast

Look into a PicoPSU. That'll replace the big PSU that's inside then you need one of these to power it externally:

That's the one I use. 👍

Once you have clean power, go from there.

u/Le_Gogh · 2 pointsr/dreamcast

I bought this one:

Noctua NF-A4x10 5V - 3-Pin Premium Quiet Fan (40mm, Brown)

u/IAmBloodBrother · 1 pointr/dreamcast

As far as practicing on something, i took an old PC tower apart that my dad gave me, i have all the pcb still, as well as a battery holder (score), so ive got scrap to mess with. I will snag some cat5 cable too, thanks for that.
This is the iron I intend to get when i get the ball rolling with my modding:

I have considered the Dream Ide Reborn, but I however fancy an internal HDD mod, and so I think this is the route i would go:

u/roomba_floorvac · 1 pointr/dreamcast

I recommend this Weller from Amazon. It is a little pricier than others, but top-notch quality, especially if you plan on soldering in the future.

u/zaprowsdower77 · 1 pointr/dreamcast

You should be able to run your dreamcast through hdmi with better graphics for 60 bucks, you simply need these three things...
And then a tiny audio adapter in order to connect the cables and have the audio go through hdmi,

The Etekcity can do 720p but for some reason 1080 does not work. I first bought a Panlong, it did not work for me. The picture would show in 720 and 1080 but it scrolls diagonally and could not be fixed. I then bought the Etekcity, and although it only works in 720 it still looks ridiculously nicer than standard. I assumed it would barely be noticeable but it is a lot, though if you never played dreamcast the standard way it might not seem all that big of a deal.

u/morphinapg · 1 pointr/dreamcast

Let the TV do the upscaling. Those TVs do upscaling great and any cable will be far worse at upscaling than the TV. Use the HDMI cable I bought here:

u/ChurchMilitant · 1 pointr/dreamcast

I just bought one of these, but ultimately I want to get a VGA-to-HDMI converter.

Should I have gotten the VGA Box instead?

u/justanideahere · 2 pointsr/dreamcast

[Mad Catz MC wheel for dreamcast]

without a doubt the best wheel for the dreamcast
(just make sure you get the MC2 and NOT the first MC, the first one is horrid)

u/Aesk · 3 pointsr/dreamcast

I use a Retro Cast VGA cable I got off ebay for $10 and this VGA to HDMI converter:

It works just fine for me.

u/ShakeNBakey · 1 pointr/dreamcast

I use these just fine. Never had a problem with the two TVs I have that have VGA hook ups

u/SiliconeClone · 3 pointsr/dreamcast

Amazon Prime is the fastest way :p

They are cheaper elsewhere ($107 on Amazon), but you get Amazon's return policy if it blows.

u/[deleted] · 0 pointsr/dreamcast

This item didn't get very good reviews on amazon but one user said mentioned it worked for converting VGA to Component.

Monoprice 108668 VGA-Inch Component (YpbPr) Converter

u/Caseman550 · 1 pointr/dreamcast

I was thinking get one of these or this. Thoughts?

u/8BiTw0LF · 1 pointr/dreamcast

DCHDMI, but if you don't have the money for it, get this:

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/dreamcast


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/YB90 · 1 pointr/dreamcast

was it this one you got? I've got the same issue and i've got a Toro from beahbros with VGA to a HDMI scaler which works on my monitor but my elgato cannot pick it up due to it being a 640 x 480 image

u/ClassicUncleJessie · 1 pointr/dreamcast

I'm using 390GB/400GB.

3 times I just tested the time it took from pressing the power button, to arriving at the GDMenu screen. It was reliably 16 seconds each time.

This is the SD card I'm using.

u/Its_Tony_B · 2 pointsr/dreamcast

This is the scaler/convertor
Portta HDMI Converter Up-scales VGA...

And its just a generic Chinese vga cable

u/icebear518 · 2 pointsr/dreamcast

That's the converter I had to buy since my AV receiver does not support 480p only 720 and up. You might have to buy this one if your tv can't support 480p.

But also your cables could be bad, I am also using a cheap Chinese vga cable for my Dreamcast but it works just fine.

u/SuperBabyHix · 2 pointsr/dreamcast

The cheap ones found on Amazon and Ebay, such as this one are for the most part great for the money. They do not do any kind of upscaling, but most modern TVs can handle 480p scaling just fine. Fortunately this also means they add no additional lag.

If you are a perfectionist though, there is an issue that may be a deal breaker. And this is my understanding of the issue, so someone correct me if I am getting this wrong. The Dreamcast VGA outputs a 640x480 image, but crams it into a 720x480 signal. Using one of these HDMI converters can result in an image that is slightly squished. It's not something that bothers me personally, as in I'm not about to pay $100+ for something to correct it, but it may drive you nuts. If your TV lets you adjust the horizontal size you can correct it, but I believe there is still a slight loss in resolution.

u/TheLegendOfXela · 6 pointsr/dreamcast

You should search on OfferUp or Facebook marketplace to find the Dreamcast if you can! There is a way to connect a USB keyboard to the Dreamcast, but it's a pain. Everything else is an eBay thing to get!

Also, don't get the VGA to HDMI thing! I would recommend going for this:

u/ferrarisnowday · 1 pointr/dreamcast

What can you use the broadband adaptor for these days? Do people still play PSO on their DCs? I could be really in to that, I need to check on /r/pso once I come up with enough free time to add a game like PSO to my schedule.

I actually bought this VGA box but it was DOA so I had to ship it back and get a refund.