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u/TD746 路 2 pointsr/fatbike

guess this is where Ill speak up. I own the FatCaad2 , and ill offer my opinions:

  • I cant see how adding the lefty would make this much better ,but i havent ridden one with that setup so Ill leave it at that.
  • This bike if you run tubeless is LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT , i think i got mine under 30lbs , which for such a huge machine is truly bizarre.
  • i basically stopped riding all my other bikes (I just ride this with my roadie friends because i dont care anymore)
  • Ive gone thru 2 tires ,because when it comes to sharp rocks/1cm wide sharp roots sticking up, its simply not gonna seal. granted I run at max PSI most of the time and im gonna stop doing that.
  • on snow this thing feels like riding on a cloud.
  • Whatever you'd give up in straightline performance on a regular MTB, youre gonna make up for in the MASSIVE MASSIVE grip that 4.8in tires provide. high or low PSI...the bike simply stays planted in corners and inspires A LOT of confidence.
  • KMC X10 chain , ive broken 2 of them, im a big guy and apparently these chains have a bit thin of a linkage. if you only wanna ride single track, id say converting to single front Chainring might be a better way to go, (and then a thicker chain.
  • raced 'Cross for fun on this, and while i certainly couldnt keep up with the lithe pro-cross guys and their skinny tires in the straights...I was able to climb angles they couldnt touch.
  • The guide-r brakes on the 2017 were trash, i swpped to shimano, im very happy with the results.
  • I went with these flats : , theyre light and they do the job right.

    Ive dumped a bit of money into the bike since Ive had it. Honestly a dropper post may be next on the list. The TL:DR for this bike is...I ditched all my other rides now because its that good.

    I mean the sole-exception is that i cant fit a 4.8inch tire into the lift rack at a DH park in colorado , i honestly think downhill park is still gonna be ruled by a proper dh full suspension, but everything else...this is what you want :)
u/Hackinator 路 1 pointr/fatbike

The front light is a NiteRider Lumina 650. It has 3 modes, all of which are blindingly bright for regular day to day commuting. I love it. It has saved me from crashing into fallen trees on bike paths and also has been useful to help light the way when riding buddies have their lights die on them.

The front fender is an SKS Grand D.A.D. Here is a link to it on Amazon: The fender is awesome once you can get it installed. It installs with a plug that goes into the bottom of your fork. For my tapered fork I had to use some rubber splicing tape to increase the size of the largest plug to get it to fit correctly. The fender is great for keeping dirt, snow, and water off of my frame bag and most of me. It does not do a great job of keeping that stuff off of the bottom bracket area as you can see in the photo.

Another fender you might be interested in would be the Mud Shovel. Here is that link:

u/sns1294 路 1 pointr/fatbike

If you're running tubeless you probably should be running sealant in your tires. Fat tires are pretty thin skinned and puncture easily in my experience. Stans, Orange, Slime are all popular brands.

If you get a hole that won't seal there are plug kits like this that can be installed from the outside, or patches like these that install on the inside.

u/hyintensity 路 2 pointsr/fatbike

Another vote for the Accu-Gauge. 0-15 psi.
Great resolution. Not fragile. Been riding with one for 2 years. Digital gauges have been finicky and dead-battery-haviing for too long.

So far Accu-Gauge is the winner cuz it "Works great, lasts a long time"

Accu-Gage Fat Bike Presta Valve Low Pressure Bicycle Tire Gauge, 15psi

u/yankeedeuce 路 2 pointsr/fatbike

I have that OMM Phat Sherpa and recommend it. They will email you to measure the length/thread pitch of the axle and get the make/model when you order to make sure it is the right one.

I would also get a seat post clamp that has rack mounts like this. Looks much nicer than the hose clamps.

u/jay92477 路 -1 pointsr/fatbike

Spend a $150 more and get a front suspension ride trust me it鈥檚 worth it

suspension fatty on Amazon

u/sully989 路 3 pointsr/fatbike

Park Tool makes some over sized hooks. I had my LBS order me one. Look like Amazon has them too but I always support my LBS when I can. Park Tool Wood Thread Storage Hook, X-Large

u/unreqistered 路 2 pointsr/fatbike

Really cold (like <10掳F). I like that it wraps down over my ears. And I can stick some speakers in them. Also gives me a nice permanent perch for one of my lights.

I usually wear thin hood/balaclava under it. When its really cold, I go with a full face balaclava and some ski/board goggles.

Helmet, balaclava & goggles.

u/e_2 路 1 pointr/fatbike

If you haven't the tools to get at the pawls, not to mention putting things back together... your local bike shop should be able to take care of it with some Lubriplate Mag-1 (expensive grease), ParkTool Grease (great stuff), Phil Wood Grease (amazing stuff) or perhaps some Boshield T-9 lube (light lube).

u/yeziam 路 2 pointsr/fatbike

Bought two of these; one with a wide angle lens. I've had other lights before but I would regularly override the lights on my 29er so I decided to double up. The narrow beam can easily be aimed higher if riding at higher speeds.

u/lets_do_da_monkey 路 1 pointr/fatbike

I have the Accugage from Amazon the r/philtech describes, but I got the 15 psi range one. I put it in my pack, it's fairly small. I too have a Topeak digital gauge, but it doesn't register when you've got the tires below 5 psi, which is where I typically run mine.

u/CopeSe7en 路 2 pointsr/fatbike

Got a yakima 3 bike trunk rack for 70 on nashbar. Truck rack plus an adapter bar for your frame is the cheapest option. get on the googles

u/dabluebunny 路 1 pointr/fatbike

This brand they have a front and back but are sold sepereate from what I have seen. Cost me about 50$ when I got my set.

u/darkeIf666 路 5 pointsr/fatbike

Nothing special

I am planning on a 20 mile ride ride and my hands were looking for another place to be so for 15.00 bucks, this really fits the bill.

u/philtech 路 3 pointsr/fatbike

I have Red Ledge full side zip pants that I use for commuting. Tough to beat them for the price.