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u/mangaza · 1 pointr/giftcardexchange

Does this set the precedent for removing everything that's not strictly the definition of a gift card? Even though it was approved by another mod? If so, may want to make a sticky/announcement because there are people who don't offer strictly gift cards such as myself.

A question, do you consider these as gift cards?

Edit: As far as I know, there aren't any other subreddits for game cards. Unless, /r/gamesale is considered one.

u/goodtimeshaxor · 2 pointsr/giftcardexchange

Oh definitely. I've seen that too. I was just trying to let OP know that he probably won't get anyone to bite and might want to lower the price a bit.

Good luck either way.

u/EyadXVI · 1 pointr/giftcardexchange

You'd have to pay tax, but you can just buy a steam card with your Amazon gift card here

u/MyDonkeyDiedOfAids · 3 pointsr/giftcardexchange

[This] ( one or [this] ( one or [this] ( one or [this] ( one or [this] ( one or [this] ( one or [this] ( one or [this] ( one.

I would however highly suggest you buy your lover/mother [this] ( riveting novel. It is especially scary and very good value for the price.

u/ArrowheadVenom · 0 pointsr/giftcardexchange

No one will want to do this, because it's already possible in a more secure way.

The key with /r/giftcardexchange is to offer less desirable items for less. Someone might pay $45 PayPal for $50 PSN, for example.

u/Vinnybagofdonuts · 1 pointr/giftcardexchange

ah okay. so would you prefer me to buy this and send you the code or to just send you money?

u/phillyproud21 · 1 pointr/giftcardexchange

I've got a $10 amazon card you could use to buy PSN on amazon Here

u/RageIsReal · 5 pointsr/giftcardexchange

Not so sure about those numbers, you can get 3 months for $21.99 on Amazon and even cheaper on other sites

u/Camille_Bot · 1 pointr/giftcardexchange

go to to buy a $2 amazon gc

send it to yourself, then when we trade, forward the amazon gift card email to me along with the riot point code

we can continue in PMs from here

u/apoorlydrawnape · 1 pointr/giftcardexchange

not one that i would use for this.

to the right of the thingy where u choose ur amount, u type in 16.

u/APerfidiousDane · 2 pointsr/giftcardexchange

that link is wonky

Not sure if any gc works but I used egift card for myself: