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u/ShitbirdMcDickbird · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

By buying a stimpack and playing all free week heroes to level 5 you can amass gold pretty quickly to buy some heroes you want.

I started playing after my friends had already been playing for months so I was far behind on owning heroes as well. There was a really cheap deal on amazon for "buying" the game, which came with a handful of heroes. I did that, played them all to 5 along with the free week heroes, and by then I had amassed a bunch of gold so i was able to buy even more. I did this before loot boxes, players doing this now will get a few free heroes along the way from the boxes as well.

There are also several hero bundles with 20 heroes a piece coming on 4/15. No clue what the price will be yet but I'm assuming it will be decent.

It's just a question of if your friend has more money, or time. Despite being "free" to play, the game is going to cost you one of those if your goal is to own a bunch of heroes.

u/karazax · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

The Retail Starter bundle can get you Golden Tiger Mount, Five Heroes: Sonya - Warrior, Zeratul - Assassin, Zagara - Specialist, Li Li - Support, Jaina - Assassin, Ronin Zeratul Skin for ~$11.

This is a collection of Guides, Resources and tips to help master the game that also includes tips for getting the most value from a new account.

It includes:

u/Lorhand · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

So you actually didn't look up the Nexus Challenger or the Nexus Conqueror bundle like I told you to and instead looked up a two year old article. Congrats. Now I know at least you are just trolling.

There. The two bundles. $25. Starter Pack $5 around the web, which I'm sure you can find with your magnificent google skills. Add in RAF and you have a more than just solid roster for barely $30.

Two months ago we had an Overwatch promo that rewarded people with five free heroes. That's almost 30 heroes out of 60 at the time, and I didn't include the free gold you get for leveling heroes and your account, the season rewards, the seasonal events, the daily quests or the Brawls. Stop whining about the price policies. It doesn't take 440 days. You have no idea what you are talking about, so you can keep your baseless assumptions to yourself.

u/-ZenMaster- · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

There's that starter bundle thing on [Amazon] (

Its $20 and has 5 heroes, 1 skin, and 1 exclusive mount.

The in game Nexus bundles might be a better deal, but if you wanted to go all out, and if there isn't too much overlap, you could consider this bundle.

Welcome to Heroes man, I use to mainly play WoW, but Heroes has become my main game (my first and only MOBAS just like you as well).

u/Dains84 · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

My new work keyboard is a Corsair mechanical. I think it's this model (, but I'd recommend one of their keyboards that don't have a textured spacebar as that's quickly driving me up a wall. The keys themselves are responsive and surprisingly quiet.

The keyboard I've had forever was a basic Microsoft Multimedia keyboard, but if you want something with some more bells and whistles Logitech all the way. My old roommate gave me two G15s when she upgraded to mechanicals, and I've been rocking one ever since. I keep the other in the closet as a backup in case this one ever dies, but I doubt it will. It looks like the spritual successor is the G710 mechanical (, with the G105 being a non mechanical, and thus way cheaper variant (

I also recommend their mice. The G400 I have at work and the G500s at home have consistently been one of the most comfortable models I've used. It looks like they no longer make those models, but the general shape of it seems to be the current G403 ( or M500 (

u/ghostdunk · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

Going into the Mid-Season Brawl, a general question: Sam Walker has a book called The Captain Class, which says that the common thread among dominant, athletic sports teams that consistently win championships is the captain of the team -- not the superstar of the team, not the coach of the team, but the player that is the leader of the team in a social dimension. Walker found that the captain was the most important variable in these teams' success.

Do you see this in play at all in e-sports, and specifically in the Heroes community? Granted, the comparison may not be perfect as many teams are already handicapped by not having a coach (as all athletic sports teams do).

u/Jasper0812 · 4 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

Not that i know of - there are a couple interesting options though -

  1. If someone "recruits" you through the recruit a friend program, you'll get Raynor and a stimpack free at level 1 and Sylvanas free when you reach level 10.

  2. Buy the box copy of Heroes of the Storm - in the US you can get 5 heroes for $15 (

    Other than that the gold gain and hero rotation are actually pretty decent, but I hear you on it being a big investment.
u/Eleven918 · 3 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

Get this. You can add an extra SSD and have about 1TB of storage. Game looks great and the laptop is not too heavy. Runs on High-Ultra depending on the patch.

I forgot to add that the speakers are great. Really loud and crisp. One of the best laptop speakers i have ever heard.

u/L-E-iT · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

You can look into a device called a "Power Line Adapter". Its a device that will run your wired connection through the power line in your apartment. I seem to max out on 40Mb/s on mine, but I am not sure of the exact speeds I purchased as I cant check since i'm at work. Since it is not just an ethernet cord, it can be moved around the house, and it plugs into any power outlet that you have.

I imagine latency is your biggest issue you are facing, but to be honest I don't have a big issue with these impacting my ping time at all. Its something to look into.

Quick Edit: Here is a link to the one I own. It comes in a few varieties if you need something specific with it. Hope it helps!

u/Joyandaren · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

Starter edition bundle when it was on sale for, like, $7.

I gave all the Hero codes to friends to help them get started.

u/tmtProdigy · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

Thats a fallacy though. It's a fell known social habit, that unhappy customers are more vocal about their opinions:

Just because there have been some threads with upvotes, does not mean thats the majority, it is highly likely (and the community polls from the past week actually support that claim) that more people are happy or indifferent to this change, than there are people who are unhappy.

It's something that was very easy to see very recently with the mass effect launch. The game was hugely successful and the mass effect sub is buzzing with excited customers, but a few people bandwagoned on the bad press so there is a huge gap between media coverage and outside people "looking in" and the people who actually play and enjoy the game.

u/rinehol · 3 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

She did a lot of it custom but her base is typically based on a book she loves - Creepy Cute Crochet

u/Midseasons · 10 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

Does your daughter read?

Li-Li was the face of Mists of Pandaria promotion, before it released, and part of that was Blizzard releasing a short graphic novel about Li-Li adventuring to Azeroth for the first time and looking for Chen. It could be just what you're looking for!

Fun fact: this comic confirms 100% that the Jug of 1,000 Cups is definitely filled with beer and not tea.

u/edit1754 · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

I usually recommend to look for:

  • A good GPU
  • A good display

    You'll notice differences in those two things a lot more than most other specs. The GPU is the primary determining factor for game performance, and a number of laptops actually have very low quality displays (grayish blacks that form a gradient which varies depending on viewing angle, causing poor contrast and an overall washed-out picture) that I think should be avoided.

    The Dell Inspiron 7559 has a GTX 960M, a 1920x1080 IPS display with good contrast/viewing angles, and should run HotS just fine. Since CPU seems to also be required for this game, know that the i5-6300HQ quad is faster than an i7-7500U dual, for example.

    This is the 2016 Inspiron. The 2017 Inspiron is more expensive, and I recommend to steer clear of it (non-4K models of it) due to very poor display quality. If you want something with better GPU than the 7559, see that link for alternatives.
u/frcShoryuken · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

I always recommend getting this pack when this question comes up. It's a good deal for quite a few things

Golden Tiger Mount

Five Heroes: Sonya, Zeratul, Zagara, Li Li, Jaina

Ronin Zeratul Skin

u/Hollowness_hots · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

dont wait for that, they already said NO ETA for this feature at all. so maybe at some point next year.

Keep in mind if you guys wanna Gift Stuff to your friend you can buy a Digital Gift Card on amazon and that person will get 20$USD to use in the shop anytime he want.

u/bisl · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

True story: a friend of mine bought a starter kit off of Amazon (probably this thing) except he already had Sonya and Li Li. So what did he do? He gave me the download codes like a GOAT. in other words...he gifted me a couple heroes.


I realize that implementing in-game purchases is work, and they've got bigger fish to fry, but the road moneytown is already paved here. I wonder why this isn't possible for individual heroes/skins, or at least other bundles?

u/Azyrn · 10 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

It actually isn't a scam! The Heroes of the storm purchase as you can see from this amazon link (hopefully this doesn't get deleted) actually comes with five heroes: Sonya, Zeratul, Zagara, Li Li, and Jaina as well as the Ronin Zeratul Skin and the Golden Tiger mount. That edition is the only way to get the golden tiger mount.

u/Stevedaveken · 5 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

"Starter Pack" Contents: Golden Tiger Mount, Five Heroes: Sonya - Warrior, Zeratul - Assassin, Zagara - Specialist, Li Li - Support, Jaina - Assassin, Ronin Zeratul Skin, and Quick Start Guide

u/Supra1989 · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

I highly recommend you look into building a desktop like /u/Pyrohair and /u/Nym990 suggest. The users over at /r/buildapc are very helpful. However, if you want or need it to be a laptop, I use a Dell Inspiron 7559 runs HotS just fine. The link is to Amazon, but you might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.

u/vorrtex · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

The most reputable source is amazon, but the price for the whole bundle is 20 USD there which is quite expensive. The bundle contains 5 heroes (Jaina,Zagara,Sonya,Zeratul,LiLi), Ronin Zeratul skin and the Golden Tiger mount.

The tiger mount without anything else can be bought on, its cost will be around 5 USD.

u/Nazeebs · 3 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

Pretty sure the Starter Bundle gives Raynor Muradin and Malfurion + an Armored Horse mount

EDIT : This one gives 5 Heroes, probably the one you are referring to, that's my bad.

u/GhostImpulse · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

> (even more so since you cannot purchase HotS for a retailer on a physical medium).

It comes with a physical DVD, heroes, skins, and even the fabled Golden Tiger Mount!

u/helvetication · 14 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

I usually just wing it, but since people seem to like them, I've started jotting down the patterns. I'm looking into opening an Etsy shop someday, but until then, have your wife check out this book for the basic body and head patterns.

u/ShatterZero · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

There weren't enough framberries in the cake.

The novel was a childhood favorite of mine.

u/BiologicalTreasure · 22 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

There's always the HotS starter bundle that's been available for years. $9.71 (on Amazon) for Sonya, Zeratul, Li Li, Zagara, and Jaina, plus a Zeratul skin and a mount. Would probably be better at about $5.99, but not terrible.

u/Andorien · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

She also stars in a graphic novel that was release right before Mists of Pandaria

u/TitaniumDragon · 0 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

If you actually bothered to read the article (which you clearly did not) you'd know that the source of the numbers is Philip J. Cook's Paying the Tab; the Washington Post was merely reporting on them. Philip Cook himself got the numbers from the US government.

Why are you so butthurt about this? Is it because you're an alcoholic, or is it because you sell liquor?

u/venb0y · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

golden tiger is part of the Hots starter pack, it's not available online I believe.. It's a retail pack - I bought it at release on Amazon for 20€.
15$ atm, if you're in Europe it's around 9€

that's the one I'm talking about:

u/TechTrans · 3 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

I have these:

They're a little big (I have a big-ish head and it's still on the tightest setting), but I can hear easily anything in-game through a couple walls in my house. It has volume control on the headset itself, charges with mini USB, and the mic can be muted by flipping it up.

u/Pyrohair · 18 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

You can buy extenders that run through the house's power lines. They're called "powerline adapters". I use them in my house with my roommates where I can't have a giant UTP cable from the switch to my machine.

Here's an example:

u/PeasantDave · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

I use a Logitech G710+ and mapped the G2 key (left of `) to RCtl + RAlt (which is my PTT hotkey). This keeps me from fat fingering PTT while typing or opening other commands accidentally.

u/Mr_F4ll0ut · 7 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

You can also use code 10TBTALK for 10% ($2) off.

Unfortunately for me, the cheapest shipping option is $19! So...pass. :/

edit: Also available on Amazon with Prime shipping for 29.99

u/camel_Snake · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

You should give the Gentleman Bastard series by Scott Lynch a try.

First one.

u/Senshado · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

> The space between the inner concentric circle of a ring is not "within" the ring.

The space inside the inner concentric circle of a ring is within the ring. Here's a demonstration of the correct usage of "within" and "ring" in the English language.

> They decided to make for the top at once, while the daylight was broad. Concealment was no longer possible, and they could only hope no enemy or spy was observing them. Nothing was seen to be moving on the hill. If Gandalf was anywhere about, there was no sign of him.

> On the western flank of Weathertop they found a sheltered hollow, at the bottom of which there was a bowl-shaped dell with grassy sides. There they left Sam and Pippin with the pony and their packs and luggage. The other three went on. After half an hour's plodding climb Strider reached the crown of the hill; Frodo and Merry followed, tired and breathless. The last slope had been steep and rocky.

> On the top they found, as Strider had said, a wide ring of ancient stone-work, now crumbling and covered with age-long grass. But in the centre a cairn of broken stones had been piled. They were blackened as if with fire. About them the turf was burned to the roots and all within the ring the grass was scorched and shrivelled, as if flames had swept the hilltop; but there was no sign of any living thing.

u/EmperorNortonThe9th · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

Planet = wanderer.

Technically, if you're an ancient greek, Grubby is mostly linguistically correct, the Moon is not a Fixed Star. Grubby = Ptolemaic astronomer confirmed!

If you're not being technical, it's a crazy-ass Mary Poppins metaphor for picking an unneeded teamfight, what the heck do you want?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And if you're concerned about proper English language:
>The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and riffle their pockets for new vocabulary. --James Nicoll

The only REAL reason to really object is if you're concerned that Grubby is secretly lobbying for Pluto to be re-instated as a Planet. A decent book with a great title lays out the argument against the closet crypto-plutonians, though: How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming

u/HORSEPANTSU · 53 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

Switch your mouse hand to your other hand while working/browsing the internet. It'll only take a couple of days to feel natural. This will let your wrist take a break when needed. Still use your other hand occasionally as complete rest is bad. Motion is key.

Is your issue coming from your wrist? Just because you have wrist pain doesn't mean it's the source. A lot of mine comes from neck/shoulder/elbow I've learned (can feel it pull when I do shoulder stretches/movements). You sit down all day for work. Check your back/neck/shoulders/elbow. Make sure you aren't locking up. Again, keeping motion in your body is key.

Make sure your posture is good. This is important too.

This book helped me a lot: It has a overview in the first 3 chapters then specific parts to focus on that hurt in other chapters. So you read chapter 1-3, then skip to your problem chapter.

You most likely hurt because some muscles are over compensating while others are not moving at all. What this book taught me is a lot of our issues from deskjobs/gaming come from being immobile. Evolution, the way our bodies are, are used to constantly being used. Basic muscle-skeletal motion is the backbone of your health. It's how you breathe, blood circulates, speaking, etc. If you stop moving your body adapts to that lifestyle.

Basically, from seeing doctors, and being told to stretch specific parts that hurt (your wrist) never fixed the underlying issue. You should stretch your wrist, it helps a ton and prevents injury. But I had to getup and stretch everything and get my body moving again due to my lifestyle.

Sorry for the wall of text. Idk you position or lifestyle, but if you have a desk job and play video games you're most likely immobile most of the day and only your arms and wrist move, thus they work hard and hurt to makeup for your shoulder and other parts doing nothing. I felt the need to type this out to you and everyone else as a PSA because it'll become much worse than just wrist problems in a few years.

u/seriouslythethird · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

How is it not apparent to you that only 3 out of 8 colours mean the same? That is such little overlap, it is literally worse than randomly guessing.

Holy shit, you're identifying way too much with this bad argument.

I'm saying that arbitrary colours instead of numbers is a bad thing, because it's arbitrary. Is it arbitrary? How about we look at your table. Yes. Arbitrary. Two games by the same company use a completely different and conflicting system. Apparently "Orange" is better than "Yellow", and "Purple" is between the two, and "Green" is sometimes top dog and sometimes basically trash. No reason as to why that should be the case. Clearly completely arbitrary.

Is arbitrary bad? I don't know. How about we ask some designers. Like this book here, which is considered a must-read:

What does he say? Well golly I don't know, maybe someone quoted him? Oh wait, yes, I did, because I read the fucking book: Good design is not arbitrary. You don't need a manual to operate an emergency exit door bar, because those are well designed.

So stop frothing at the mouth like a lunatic, because you're wrong about a dumb thing on the internet.

Colors are a bad design to designate 2500 levels.