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u/clarityandblank · 1 pointr/jordan

Well if you check out the Amazon link you can see that they have a very high rating based on customer satisfaction. Also here is a link to their website if you'd like to learn more about them ;)
I made the decision to buy them mainly because of how many runners recommended them online.

u/koko-wa-doko · 1 pointr/jordan


Before I had my bank account, I used prepaid VISA cards. Housing bank offer one. I remember using it to verify my PayPal and if nothing changed, I remember withdrawing money from PayPal to it or was it deducting money from PayPal when I purchase stuff using it...I'm not sure, but it worked.

However, it was very limited and not-so-friendly to use because you don't have to open an account, you won't be able to check it online and for some reason, it used to take longer times to check balance at ATMs and sometimes it got stuck until the ATM timed out and ejected it. To check any transaction, I used to go to the bank branch and ask the customer service.

Some other banks offer similar card that might be better but I didn't try any after this.

If you would like, I can buy you Amazon gift card and I'll send you an invoice to pay me via PayPal.

u/jordanonymous · 2 pointsr/jordan

This might be worth your time:

Peace be upon you.

u/maya8808 · 1 pointr/jordan

Use a coffee a bean grinder

Check online for ones used for the spices'

They work better than regular grinders

Like this

u/dragnu5 · 1 pointr/jordan

You can get some nice Taotronics noise cancelling ones from Amazon for ~32+8 shipping via ShopandShip.

Maybe try places like techtown and see how much they'd charge you for that.

It's almost double your budget though

u/dilandeniz · 1 pointr/jordan

Just buy a visa gift card with your balance. I believe they have up to $200 so you would have to buy 5 of them and then you can withdraw the money from the visa card. The only ones i can see rn are with purchase fee of $6.95 so it would total to 206.95.
$200 visa card
$200 MasterCard

u/Jazmondo · 2 pointsr/jordan

My go to for Jameed is Amazon, where are you located in the U.S?

Jameed on Amazon