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u/moustachedelait · 7 pointsr/karaoke
  • I started out with just trying to get it going on my laptop with kjams & a microphone.
  • But that didn't sound good and look good, so I hooked up my laptop to my tv through a receiver
  • But using my mic through the laptop mic hole, caused a delay between the audio of the song and the mic
  • This is why you need a mixer. You need the sound of the laptop and the sound of the mic to arrive at the same time. I got this one. Mic goes in channel one, laptop goes in channel 3 or 4 (get the right cable)
  • That mixer's output goes into my receiver now. My receiver allows to get the audio from a different input than the video. This was essential in my setup. I have a basic yamaha 4 hdmi receiver. I turn it to hdmi1, but get the sound from one of the audio inputs, where the mixer goes into (get the right cable)
  • sweet, now I have music and mic arriving in my receiver, and it's going to the speakers and the tv is displaying my laptop
  • now people are tripping over the mic cable and they want a second mic
  • get yourself some wireless mics. the ones i bought are no longer for sale but they are "dual channel" and "uhf" or something
  • now you need some songs though I have to say, just opening youtube and searching a song title + ' karaoke' works pretty darn well as well
  • and some disco lights!
  • my friends like it and say it's the best home setup they know

    Btw, nice effort on the è but you want the other one: fiancé
    It's easy to remember: é the stripe goes on and so does the sound. è the stripe stops and the sound is short

u/SaitonHamonoJutsu · 1 pointr/karaoke

I have two Karaoke Systems:


One at home with Speakers, a Mixer, Wired Mics, and I feed sound from a MiBox to the mixer, and use YouTube. People can cast, and add to the queue easily.


But if you're interested in a portable system that works pretty well, here's the following set-up I used that works really well.


  • Speaker: Sony MHC-V71
  • Microphones: A | B | C | D | E
  • TV with Audio Out, and HDMI IN or built-in Apps | You can use built-in Youtube, or connect a Laptop/Chromecast/Roku and put your songs like that and the audio can connect to the Speaker directly.


    It's a pretty easy portable set-up, the Speaker Has a Karaoke Mode, can connect two wired mics (not recommended) or connect to the Wireless Receiver since it can amplify the microphones itself. The "mixing" is manual as in you find the perfect volume at first, then set-and-forget.


    It sounds REALLY good, and packs a punch.


    If you're doing a home set-up, go with PA Speakers and a Mixer.


    Keep an eye out for Monoprice Gear, especially the following bundles:


  • Open Box
  • Regular Price
u/salnajjar · 3 pointsr/karaoke

I've only used it once or twice myself, but Karafun isn't bad. It's a stand alone karaoke application with an online subscription service to their song library.

You will still need microphones, mixer, amp etc.

A good simple home setup can be:

  • Cheap 4 channel mixer with two XLR inputs and two phono/rca or 1/4" jack plug inputs (something like this shouldn't break the bank)
  • Two moderately decent microphones (I recommend wired over wireless as you get better sound for the money) (Another amazon link to something not too over priced that should fit the bill)
  • Lastly, a PC headphone out to 1/4" TRS connector cable (Amazon link again)

    Now you can mix the Karaoke software on a PC with the microphones, individually adjust the levels of the microphones to accomodate different volumes of singers, mix stereo tracks down into mono tracks (some karaoke songs are muxed with backing vocals).

    Just install the software on a laptop, connect the laptop to your TV or a second monitor and the audio out of the mixer to your amplifier and you're good to go.
u/flanc · 1 pointr/karaoke

If you have good internet, you don't have to download the Videos, but it would make your setup more mobile and fool-proof. I don't see an easy way to do pitch control on videos. (others may have an idea...I don't)

You can connect the output of your computer/smart TV to a mixing board along with one/more microphones. The output of the mixer goes to your PA ( amp/speaker or powered speaker). If you don't have a mixer, Amazon has relatively inexpensive Behringer and Yahama units with effects that I've used and recommend.



You don't need karaoke software as you aren't using karaoke files. Some karaoke software does have the means of playing videos but that just complicates things. If you are playing the files online, you can just use your browser. If you want to download them, use a shareware video downloader like 4k Video downloader ( ) and a video player like VLC. I've used the free version of 4k Video downloader and it works fine without having to purchase the "pro" version. Let me know if that's not clear and I'll try to help.

u/areyoukiddingme5233 · 1 pointr/karaoke

Do you already have the speaker? I have a different setup which was super cheap, and just use youtube videos for karaoke tracks (no subscription).

I use this bluetooth speaker which has 1/8" input from these microphones. I play the sound from the computer out through the speaker, and the video goes through HDMI to the TV screen. I've had great luck with it!

u/Baby_You_A_Stah · 1 pointr/karaoke

/u/tplgigo is absolutely right. You gotta have a signal booster of some sort. But, to tell you the truth, if there are a lot of other devices (register, jukebox, televisions, etc.) attached to the wi-fi, it will make little difference. If the bar has a window where you can tuck away a small device, you may could spring for a standalone hot spot. But that is $30-$50 out of your own pocket each month for a few gigabytes. Though, Lord help ya if you aren't in an area with a strong cell signal....

u/theofficialorange · 1 pointr/karaoke

I'm considering this Shure over the $14 Pyle. Do I need the XLR to XLR or the XLR to QTR? I'm pretty sure that the QTR stands for 1/4" but I'm not going to assume and buy the wrong thing. lol And yes, my living room is carpeted!

u/willnotwashout · 2 pointsr/karaoke

Ditto the above.

People will need to be able to hear the backing tracks over their singing which will require amplification. Laptop speakers will not be adequate.

There should be a music equipment rental place near you. Something you might consider is a one piece PA/Amp. Something like this, easy to setup, and should be relatively inexpensive to rent for a day or two:

u/sewiv · 2 pointsr/karaoke

> you're assuming it's an autotuner when it's not.

Yes, it is.

From amazon:

"Auto chromatic pitch correction requires no key or scale setting, in fact, the only correction controls are amount and on/off"

u/freditoj · 1 pointr/karaoke

I found this bad boy which I can hook up to my receiver:

The problem is how can I add the laptop music to the output of this machine so both are heard at the same time?