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u/DevsMetsGmen · 1 pointr/lego

I'm inclined to agree despite that all I initially said was "you have no leg to stand on" but on the other hand, there's an equal amount of upvoting for the comment I replied to, which is inaccurate. It being reddit, I think people are just likely to upvote religious "neutrality" (and anti-theism) and downvote what they perceive as "pro-religion."

In the end, Lego is a company looking for consumers. There are more than enough examples of how Lego has no problem taking Christian money, and if other religions were as easy to market to I'm sure you'd find that throughout, also.

I'm actually surprised that there hasn't been a legitimate Lego nativity, at least that my super abbreviated Google search has pulled up. The Fisher Price Little People Nativity is a huge product every holiday season, and it would seem that with the different stages of Lego product they could probably hit the same families two or three times if they played their cards right (a Duplo set, a Juniors set, a Creator set, and maybe even a Collector's Series or whatever that super detailed, mega-sized edition is). Not all at once, of course, but over time.

Santa is a symbol of the Christmas spirit or Christmas marketing or whatever you want to call it, but is indelibly tied to the holiday itself with its religious roots. The Advent Calendars aren't called even something benign like "Christmas Countdowns" or "Winter Calendars" like the "Winter Village" and that says that the marketing people were in no way scared off by the religious connotation of the word "Advent."

Lastly, for all of those who want to pretend that Lego is this great Switzerland of religious neutrality, I put out there the Brick Bible which is explicitly "not endorsed or created by LEGO" but in this day and age I'd be shocked if a company couldn't put the kibosh on such a thing if they wanted to. But, why? It's marketing. It creates purchases, and enthusiasts, and it doesn't incite anyone to violence like other world religions might if their holy book was recreated in the same fun-loving spirit.

u/bmemike · 5 pointsr/lego

Def sort by type. Sorting by color is a recipe for insanity.

Start with the common brick types first. Only after you've tackled that chore should you worry about the more specialty stuff. There will get to a certain point where you just need to start lumping things together and that's fine - but discovering where the line is for you is something that the process itself will reveal.

Many people like the Akro Mils drawers: (they have different models with different sized drawers, so try to figure out what may work best for you by browsing).

...but that may or may not work for your collection size and it's impossible for someone to know if it will work for you or not. They're very handy regardless.

I think the important thing to realize is that collection organization isn't a task to do and be done with. It's a process that never truly ends. You always need to stay on top of it and as your set grows, your sorting techniques will evolve to match the new reality of what you have.

One thing is for certain though: the sooner you start, the better off you'll be - regardless of how large a task it feels like.

Good luck.

u/Darth_Ravenous · 4 pointsr/lego

The design is from Thomas Poulsom’s book Birds From Bricks. I enjoyed his Lego Ideas birds set a lot, so I got the book and tried this rockhopper penguin design first.

The build is definitely just for show—the feet fall off with the slightest provocation and the base detaches readily. The wing articulation is fun, and the head can pivot freely. I also had trouble with the head. The design shows some of the lightsaber blades/feathers floating in air behind the head, so I made some adjustments to the head. I like the overall look a lot though, and think it does a great job of capturing the penguin’s likeness.

u/hackedhead_ · 1 pointr/lego

Interesting. for reference, I have 15-20 thousand pieces, and I'm only now considering sorting to be worthwhile. I'm sorting my most common pieces by type (all colors of 1x2 plates in one compartment) and other types in mixed categories (all 1xN slopes in one compartment (1x2, 1x3, 1x4 all together). I'm using these (several of each):

But with under 5K parts, I'd recommend just sorting by size, as I mentioned before, maybe into something like this, with one drawer for each size:

Hope that helps!

u/behemuthm · 12 pointsr/lego

Jesus Christ that's like $1000 in Lego. Did you buy those yourself or were they presents from others? If from others you should consider yourself VERY lucky.

I received the VW Campervan 10220 from my wife and am gingerly putting it together and really enjoying taking my time with it. What do you do with your completed sets? Do you take them apart and put them back in their box or do you keep them out on display? I live in a small place so I can only have one set out at a time. How quickly do you build your kits? I bought a pieced-together 10179 from bricklink and took it apart and resold it as soon as I finished it. Took me over two months to put together (at night after I came home from work) and I loved every minute of it. But I literally had no place for it so I had to sell it.

u/ToxicThrob · 3 pointsr/lego

i think this would be right up your alley. it's a great book. i think you'd appreciate it more if you built a few of your own creations first, but if you really want something to pull from, there are all kinds of cool techniques in here

edit: and don't worry about it, you'll surprise yourself with some of the stuff you come up with!

u/ilovelegos · 1 pointr/lego

Yes Yes Yes. I just organized some bricks etc. into 4 of these.

Another tip. Don't use standard tackle boxes or parts boxes. Be sure to use organizers that have the compartments that are removable. I have spent a lot of time trying to find a specific color in a bin that I could not dump out. Something like this...

u/ninjakitt3n · 0 pointsr/lego

You don't need to, but I want to. These are the shelves I'm getting.

Going to grab six of them at first once the color sort is complete. It's a lot easier to sort by type when the color is already done. When I say type I don't mean one drawer for each specific brick, more like one for slopes, one for bricks, one for modified bricks. All color sorted and ready to go.

u/JasterMereel42 · 3 pointsr/lego

You know, I'm in the process of cleaning and sorting my childhood Lego collection as well as a few CL hauls I've had. The thing I keep going back and forth on is the horizontal or vertical storage. Those Akro-Mils containers are fantastic for sure and they are what I call 'vertical storage'. Meaning, the mechanism to open the containers is in the vertical plane. I'm currently using things such as this, this, and this. This is all 'horizontal storage' since the opening to access the pieces is in the horizontal plane. I think I prefer this because then it is easily stackable in a closet or bookshelf.

Did you think about this when thinking of a storage solution?

u/ZenKeys88 · 6 pointsr/lego

Plastic bins are usually the best way to go, no small holes for the tiny pieces to get through.

I realize you probably don't need a 12-pack, I'm just showing you what I'm on about.

If he's an avid builder, you might want to try sorting the pieces into drawers like this:

Makes it much easier to find pieces than endlessly pawing through a bucket of all your bricks.

u/Sniper1154 · 3 pointsr/lego

All credit goes to Onyx Lego Storage. S/he took the time to make these labels, unfortunately they're in .CDR format (Corel Draw) and a lot of people might not have that software. Since they were free to download, I downloaded them and PDF'd them to make it easier for everyone else. If you're an organizational freak like me these will come in handy! They're sized very well to be used on drawers like this

u/againey · 1 pointr/lego

I bought four of these a few years ago: Stack-On DS-39 39 Drawer Storage Cabinet. They're not the absolute highest quality, but they're not bad, and certainly get the job done better than the containers I'd been using before. Two of them are devoted to Technic pieces, one is mostly for minifig parts, and the fourth is for miscellaneous small bits.

u/TyDiL · 2 pointsr/lego

You got this picture from, surely you can buy that exact product?

I just searched "storage cabinet" and got the exact item you wanted for fairly cheap and free shipping:

Why not just go with this? If it were $24 for US amazon, then I'd probably buy it. I just bought three of these because of the sale and so I can have portable storage:


u/petecas · 2 pointsr/lego and amazing. Drawers/bins that are removable and rearrangeable make it easier to sort out what you want for the current MOC.

When/if you fill up a bin, you can either subdivide further or move some of the Lego to deep storage.

I'm pretty dead set against sorting by color, it's WAY easier to find a red 1x2 in a bin of 1x2s than it is to find it in a bin of red.

u/getdamonkey · 3 pointsr/lego

I sort by a combination of color and piece using a three tiered system.

Tier 1 - Small Parts Storage
All of a given piece are put into a drawer at this point. As more drawers are needed, I begin to sort into colors. Once I fill 4 drawers, I move to Tier 2

Tier 2 - Stanley Cases
Most of my brick and plates are in these. Each has ten interchangeable trays so you can reorganize to have a case you can take with you for a given project. I mostly use the 10 compartment model but own a couple of the 25 compartment for things like 1x1 tiles that come in a large number of colors. Once one of the large compartments is full, I move to tier 3.

Tier 3 - Shoebox storage
Each of these holds 6.5 qts of brick which is equivalent to one Pick a Brick case from the LEGO store. If one of these gets filled up, I start a second one.

Most of my collection is sorted this way. I do use these for minifigs and plastic drawers for things like bionicle parts.

u/Unknown_Pleasures · 1 pointr/lego

A little higher than budget but this one looks really cool

Also the new Skiff has nice minifigs and is under budget and you could get a Tie Fighter and be within your price range

u/Dreamy_Bongo · 1 pointr/lego

The same guy's YouTube channel is great. Also visit THE JK Brickworks YouTube page.

u/CityKid00 · 1 pointr/lego

That X-Men one sounds awesome! I might check that out. I've also been a fan of The Lord of the Rings so I'll check that out also.

EDIT: Just looked at the X-Men one. I think I might get that one or the Fierce Flyer.

u/ryanmercer · 1 pointr/lego

I want one!

Edit: here is the set on amazon. Ordered :)

Edit 2: looks like there are a ton in a childrens series, Bible stories in lego for kids.

Edit 3: fairy tales too!

u/Foreveralone42875 · 3 pointsr/lego

It has been on Amazon for .04 less than retail for the last few days. If you have Amazon Prime it is free shipping and if you live in my state there is no sales tax!

8 left in stock!!!

u/HalfBredGerman · 2 pointsr/lego

This Though I am pretty sure it is discontinued.

u/Dakar-A · 1 pointr/lego

Personally, I love this: Stack-On DS-60 60 Drawer Storage Cabinet for sorting small collections of pieces. Plus the drawers come out, so you could have authentic dumping action.

And I'd recommend being firm on sorting by piece, not color. It'll save so much time down the road.

u/Lego_Nabii · 11 pointsr/lego

A lot of what I said is from before my time at LEGO (I started in October 2006), and many of the insights come form this book: by David Robertson, it's a great read for LEGO fans and anyone interested in how business fail and how to turn this around.

The LEGO Company of today is a long way from what it was back then, when I joined the Design team we (I started with 9 other designers) took it up to the unprecedented number of 80 designers, since then the company has grown and grown and there are now over 230 of us! It's an exciting time but we all know we must never return to those days of the early 2000's.

u/whenisvadertime · 2 pointsr/lego

I had a $25 Amazon Gift Card, and was thinking about buying this, only to find the price shot up to $45 yesterday.

u/EpikYummeh · 1 pointr/lego

Get the Death Star II! Pretty pricey nowadays, though.

u/okmkz · 2 pointsr/lego

D'oh! I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with 7965

u/ZIIIIIIIIZ · 5 pointsr/lego

I just started on this venture myself, and I am planning on using some of these: to store the bricks in. They have different versions that include all large bins, and a mix of the two.

Now looking at your picture, if you can imagine for a minute, my plan is to have a worktable something like your bottom half, and then above mounted on the walls I would place those parts containers.

I was also thinking that on the workbench I would secure down some of the larger baseplates as a build/play area.

I have measure my wall, and I could hold 15 of those storage bins, but really i would only get about have or so due to the table.

In my mind this sounds good....but I will have to see how it goes....and post pictures!

u/Russell_Schulz · 3 pointsr/lego

There is a series of three books like this one which may be enticing.

None of the bits require a computer (including a Mindstorms smart brick).

u/OyleSlyck · 2 pointsr/lego

> 6866 Wolverines Chopper Showdown

There are sets being sold through third party sellers on Amazon. Downside is, the cheapest set is $68.50. Yikes!

u/IVIuggle · 2 pointsr/lego

If you've only got two tubs, I'd suggest maybe sorting them by color in these drawers. They're a bit expensive on amazon, you might be able to find them cheaper at your local Walmart. These types are good for organizing into individual parts, but might be a bit overkill for a smaller collection.

u/alexisew · 2 pointsr/lego

In case you ever expand your collection and need more boxes: the Stanley small-parts organizers are just about the best thing ever for storing Lego-- they have removable compartments, so you can pull out a bin, look through it, dump it out, whatever. There's a shallow version with small to medium size compartments and a deep version with big compartments, all of them stack together (nice for storage), and the compartments are isolated enough to keep everything separated if the box gets flipped upside down while closed even with the smallest of pieces.

u/PurpleCapybara · 4 pointsr/lego

Huge sale over at amazon right now. A whopping 4 cents!

u/longarmofthelaw · 2 pointsr/lego

This guy is nuts with the Technic designs. I highly recommend his book as well.

u/pakosorio · 2 pointsr/lego


1 left in stock! hurry!

**edit: I've just seen the price: sorry to see it's more than twice the american price.

u/xl1969vx · 4 pointsr/lego

You guys should take a look at the following book: The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder's Guide.
I just started reading it as I wanted to get back into Technic. I basically wanted a book that took me through some engineering principles with Technic - highly recommended.

u/wiccabilly · 1 pointr/lego

I got mine on Amazon for $120.

u/AshitloadOfLego · 0 pointsr/lego

Price match it with tru they will price match with amazon so I been told.

u/ohreddit1 · 1 pointr/lego

Nope Just ran it's shelf life and had a following. Here is the Amazon Link

LEGO Wolverine Chopper Showdown 6866

u/ejdme · 1 pointr/lego

Amazon also has it, fluctuating in and out of stock.

u/ekballo · 1 pointr/lego

I have this. Got both the Old and New Testaments at Amazon for $16.44. Also includes a double-sided poster.

u/zgh5002 · 1 pointr/lego

I picked up The 7965 Millennium Falcon for $80 which works out to $0.06 a piece.

u/Guzzisti · 2 pointsr/lego

Small pieces/special pieces: Storage drawers

Bricks/small plates: Storage bins

Larger plates/pieces: Storage containers

u/BtDB · 2 pointsr/lego

akro mills storage cabinets. theseor these
sort by type, takes longer to sort at first, but so worth it.

u/opusknecht · 4 pointsr/lego

This helped me a lot.

And I bought one of these to start:

Akro-Mils 10144 D 20-Inch by 16-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch Hardware and Craft Cabinet, Black

u/ComicDebris · 1 pointr/lego

Akro-Mills cabinet from Amazon.

No idea why the red one is $15 cheaper than the gray one. But they work well.

u/idlephase · 1 pointr/lego

Also on Amazon with a slight delay LEGO Ideas Exo Suit 21109

u/burstonyamom · 1 pointr/lego

I don't think it comes with one because it is more directed toward kids. if you want one to display like the actual death star you can get the collectors edition

u/Drakblod · 2 pointsr/lego

Does he like reading?

"Brick by brick" is a pretty cool book that's both about the history of LEGO but mainly about how LEGO went from almost going bankrupt to being the leading toy company in the world in the early 2000s:

u/LovesFLSun · 1 pointr/lego

Damn. Not 7 months ago at the Lego store in Downtown Disney.. 400.00 in a slightly smashed box with a "damaged box discount" NOW, its over 750.00 on Amazon. Crazy!