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u/obipotobi · 3 pointsr/lotrmemes

Overnight/The Boondock Saints [DVD]

Overnight, that's it, it's about the guy who wrote TBS he got a great opportunity and fucked it. You must Watch if you like TBS. I reckon Overnight will be on YouTube now. If you watch, which you must😊, let me know what you think.

u/MikeTheDestroyer · 1 pointr/lotrmemes

It’s a fantastic read, by the way. The commentary is good if you’re into that sort of thing, but there’s also some other writing in their that’s a lot of fun.

Amazon link

u/Catshit-Dogfart · 1 pointr/lotrmemes

Maybe try an audiobook. I really have little interest in reading books, but audiobooks are a great way to get the same media when you're driving or a long car ride.

u/OnsetOfMSet · 41 pointsr/lotrmemes

According to the information in A Tolkien Bestiary, krakens were one of many various evil beings spawned by Melkor when he first ruled out of Utumno, before even the Elves awoke. When he was defeated and chained, many of these things persished, but a few survived, and this particular kraken resided in some dark underwater place under the Misty Mountains for many Ages. When Moria's Dwarves were getting their asses kicked again, the Orcs found it and dammed the river outside Moria to create the lake we see in the movie for it to infest.

u/Unacceptable_Lemons · 50 pointsr/lotrmemes

> Ted Nasmith

I have a version of The Silmarillion illustrated by him with big glossy pages, and it's quite nice work.

u/MR2FTW · 1 pointr/lotrmemes

Have this at hand whenever you're reading it and you'll be much better off.

u/Spectrum-Art · 1 pointr/lotrmemes

Looks like it's unavailable. Here's a different seller:

u/Atropos_Is_Here · 145 pointsr/lotrmemes

If any of you are lacking in quality, the Blu Ray extended box set is down to $26 on Amazon for a deal of the day today!

u/Crom1989 · 3 pointsr/lotrmemes

I got this as a kid when I started reading the books so I could look up stuff I didn't understand helped alot.
Tolkien's World from A to Z: The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth

u/librul-snowflake · 2 pointsr/lotrmemes

Some LED conversions (like this one that I have: have a small light-emitting section (not circular) to mimic the halogen thing.

u/TrimetTribble · 5 pointsr/lotrmemes

Great post. If you think about it, those issues are all central to Christianity. Why does God allow shit to hit the fan? Why, if he's so powerful, did he send himself (in the form of Jesus) to essentially be a powerless Hobbit?
Heck, Lewis even has a book called The Problem of Pain.

u/MalodorousFlatulence · 1 pointr/lotrmemes

But if you don't care about 4k, here it is on Amazon. Will probably go on sale for about $50 during Black Friday next month, though.

u/PubLiic · 2 pointsr/lotrmemes

Nevermind, I thought OP linked the regular version.

This seems to be amazon's lowest price and what I bought it at last year.

u/AREA_51_BALLOONS · 1 pointr/lotrmemes

Attention! The official weapon of the Area 51 event is here! See the video (1 minute watch) and the Amazon link to buy!