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We found 47 Reddit comments about The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring / The Two Towers / The Return of the King Extended Editions) [Blu-ray]. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring / The Two Towers / The Return of the King Extended Editions) [Blu-ray]
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47 Reddit comments about The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring / The Two Towers / The Return of the King Extended Editions) [Blu-ray]:

u/awesomface · 1559 pointsr/gaming

Waste of time when you have this. Don't think I wouldn't spot that extended gold box set of LORD OF THE RINGS MOTHERFUCKER! PUT IT ON NOW!

Edit: This thread right now. Photoshop Paint the charts!

Edit2: In case anyone is interested in this extremely complete and amazing set of the LOTR movies, you can purchase it here. I watch it all at least once a year, and even most of the special features as I find it one of the best special features of any film to watch. So amazing how they made these.

Edit4: Many (including myself) have purchased this set in previous years for $50 usually around thanksgiving/christmas so you might want to wait to purchase then. Also, some are skeptical of my Amazon link and to them I say, buy from wherever you want MOTHER FUCKERS! I buy almost anything I can through Amazon Prime because it's just a phenomenal deal, especially if you have the student rate. Oh Amazon, I love you so much....I certainly don't work for you but I would totally if you asked wink wink

u/Youngtusk · 390 pointsr/lotr

Literally just bought this, and was about to post it here too. Link

u/Atropos_Is_Here · 145 pointsr/lotrmemes

If any of you are lacking in quality, the Blu Ray extended box set is down to $26 on Amazon for a deal of the day today!

u/therealjshaff · 35 pointsr/movies

Well, the set is Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day, so if you were going to buy it, today would be the day to do it.

For that price, I'd probably say yeah, it's worth it.

u/mmoustis18 · 6 pointsr/barstoolsports

PSA: Amazon deal of the day is LoTR extended edition Blue ray is $26 on amazon normally it is $120.

u/peteroh9 · 5 pointsr/lotr

This is a less confusing link because it actually shows the $25.99 sale.

u/Gamanis · 5 pointsr/dvdcollection

This set is honestly the best set of movies I own. The box it comes in is simply amazing. its not just a typical cardboard holder. Id recommend checking it out in store to really see what the box is like. The extended edition is not necessary but makes it a little more enjoyable.

as for steel-books, they are the same most of the time, its just the case they come in is just a better box. Sometimes they have cool cover art. I always prefer steel-books just because they look better than the plastic holders.

u/darthmandalor · 4 pointsr/lotr
u/ofMilwaukee · 3 pointsr/promos

Lies, it's actually $49.99. It was $39.99 in December 2012 though. Fantastic box set by the way.

u/somethingX · 3 pointsr/worldjerking

Aw shucks, I already filmed it and released it on Blu-ray ^^^^Get ^^^^it? ^^^^Cuz ^^^^the ^^^^text ^^^^is ^^^^blue!

u/Bruce_Bruce · 3 pointsr/marvelstudios

I can't speak for Vallen, but I have that gold-box special edition blu-ray set and it's PACKED full of bonus content.

It's come down in price significantly, I got it within a couple of months of release and paid double for what it is now

u/smilymammoth · 3 pointsr/lotr

[I've just looked at Amazon, the blu-ray is there for less than $75?]( 1&keywords=lotr+extended+edition+blu+ray) The DVDs would be even cheaper and that's not even counting used

u/Nam-Ereh-Won · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I just got one. :3

u/EyeceEyeceBaby · 2 pointsr/lotr

The Extended Edition Blu-Rays and DVDs both contain cast and crew audio commentary. I highly doubt you'll find legal copies online that contain the commentary. You're going to have to purchase physical copies.

u/PubLiic · 2 pointsr/lotrmemes

Nevermind, I thought OP linked the regular version.

This seems to be amazon's lowest price and what I bought it at last year.

u/BrotherBodhi · 2 pointsr/lotr

Price history here. As you can see, the $119.98 price they are showing in the strikethrough on the page is the highest the product has ever been listen on Amazon, which was all the way back in July 2012. It has spiked up a little bit since then but it has spent a lot of time at cheaper prices. Worth mentioning that the current price is the lowest price ever.

So the Amazon page is actually comparing the highest price ever to the lowest price ever

u/jmsmith9597 · 2 pointsr/lotr

Yeah, it’s on a huge sale for $50 right now. We had Amazon points saved which brought it down to $20 in the end. Still, this is a $120 set so I’d definitely snag it!

Here’s a link: The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring / The Two Towers / The Return of the King Extended Editions) [Blu-ray]

u/suchamazewow · 2 pointsr/Music

BTW lotr extended blu-ray set is $28 on Amazon today, lowest price ever

u/Pryach · 2 pointsr/lotr

Even on blu-ray, the extended edition version of the films are are 2 discs. I don't think I've ever seen an extended edition on 1 disc.

The full trilogy with everything (included appendices) is on sale right now for $53.

You can also buy individual versions of each movie for pretty cheap ($8 right now) (no appendices).

u/ComputerSavvy · 2 pointsr/funny

I bought the 15 disc Blu-ray collectors set on Amazon for $36 a while back, when I have a few days off, I'm going to do that. Gotta plan ahead with munchies, pizza, unplug the phone...

Edit: Added link

u/bok4600 · 1 pointr/dvdcollection
u/Storm-Sage · 1 pointr/DealsReddit

Apparently this is not the real "Extended edition" as noted by half of all the reviews that gave it 1 star which is borderline false advertising:

> This is not the extended editions with complete footage, these are the "as seen in theaters" cuts. Wait for the real product to be released.

u/casual__t · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I recently watched Warm Bodies, it was good, definitely a different take on zombie movies, but not as good as I expected it to be.

I love The Lord of The Rings

I'd like one for the money

u/sageofshadow · 1 pointr/movies

No, there are special extended version dvds. They sell both versions. Here is the Theatrical Blu-ray. Here is the Extended Blu-ray (notice it says extended edition)

I think only once released both cuts on the same disc, but the norm is each has its own version.

u/suuuuuu · 1 pointr/lotr

Less than $60 for Blu Ray (well worth it, an incredible difference!), extended editions, and all the appendices. Can't recommend more highly.

u/Jos_Metadi · 1 pointr/lotr

I have the Extended Edition DVD's of each and just got the Extended Edition Blu-rays.

Yes, the movies themselves are blu ray quality. You really get to see the Gandalf's pores and each strand of Eowyn's hair. :-) It does make the landscapes look prettier.
It comes with the same appendices, but they are on DVD rather than Blu-Ray. Those discs won't look any better. It also comes with an additional "Behind the Scenes" DVD for each movie which appears to have a lot of the footage used to make the appendices, but also some new material.

If you're going to get your own set, I'd recommend
this edition.

u/bub2000 · 1 pointr/movies

They're on sale for $28USD right now

u/MalodorousFlatulence · 1 pointr/lotrmemes

But if you don't care about 4k, here it is on Amazon. Will probably go on sale for about $50 during Black Friday next month, though.

u/Endyo · 1 pointr/funny

If you're gonna spend 50 dongs on Lotr, at least get the ridiculously extended edition with boat loads of extra stuff that is almost hard to watch in its thorough nature.

I don't know why it has a fairly low review score, but it's probably something to do with Amazon's stupid practice of combining every related product into one review.

u/codeycoderson · 1 pointr/lotr

Hey, do you think you could link me? Is this what I'm looking for? Is that the right set for the extended edition?

u/IgnoreMyName · 1 pointr/lotr


I got it for $27 at the time, new. ;)

Must have. Which is why I am so sad and frustrated for losing part 2 of RotK. I'd been rewatching one part a night and tonight I was supposed to finish... :(

u/mikewilzn · 1 pointr/dvdcollection

One of the greatest movie franchises in existence. I have the extended edition box set and it's super nice.