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u/LetMeGrowThatForYou · 3 pointsr/myevilplan

Trick with the TV is you have to play along and be like "man I dunno, it's been doing that lately". Side fun would be to get a tv-b-gone (or a universal remote) and randomly shut the TV off when he's watching. Has to be ultra stealth tho.

As far as other subtle pranks, sky is the limit broski. I just looked up itching powder on amazon and the related products have some gems. For instance:

If he has a car, the whistles go woooo: (when you wanna woo woooo)

If he has a car:

Glitter bomb: (but that's gonna wreck your place, so maybe not)

The other not so nice thing would be to get ahold of his email address and have fun on craigslist. Apply for jobs, find him a lover, etc.

> The only reason it got to this point is because he’s stepped it up in baby steps.

Yeah, I'm familiar with that. Then all the sudden you wake up and are like, wtf happened. Messing with him a bit will help alleviate the pain. But make sure it's all in good fun or you might bring out the crazy in someone. Good luck!

edit: basically, err on the side of /r/pettyrevenge to play it safe. It's more fun anyway.

u/octopus5650 · 2 pointsr/myevilplan

yeah. I'd get myself something nice, maybe a little something to celebrate his demise with. [This] (
comes to mind

u/dajiffer76 · 2 pointsr/myevilplan

Nattey Cotton Blend Cloud Sky Twin Queen King Size Bed Pillowcase Duvet Quilt Cover Set Twin Queen King (King)

Just surround the car in a wall of these. You get a great view and they get a car surrounded in clouds.

u/curly123 · 2 pointsr/myevilplan

Instead of honey on the door knob, use [this] ( Make sure you wear gloves when applying it.

u/dudesweetman · 2 pointsr/myevilplan

Need more details about the CCTV. If possible: Have an oil-change and keep the old oil. Now make it look like that bitches car is leaking cause its always wet oil under it.

You could also have fun with this:

How furius would she be if someone PARKED HER IN? Lets say its a its a non-working car someone bought for almost nothing and decided to put it there.

u/theora55 · 3 pointsr/myevilplan

as long as you don't send anything threatening or really creepy/ stalker-ish. Start with this:

u/kickingturkies · 2 pointsr/myevilplan

For the first month I suggest tampons dipped it pig's blood or fake blood. Whichever looks more real.

Second: lady bugs.

Third: A regular looking envelope, but inside is a piece of paper soaked in pig's blood. Nothing has to be written.

Fourth: A nice parcel with a styrofoam head.

On the fifth, leave a fruit basket. Don't do anything to it.

After that, I have no idea. Just be careful: I'm not a lawyer.

u/e12532 · 3 pointsr/myevilplan

Get some of this stuff - expanding foam - should be able to pick it up at any hardware store. It's basically Styrofoam in a can and has a flexible nozzle - you should be able to squirt it into the holes in the locker, filling it with a foam that will rapidly harden, ruining anything inside and making it very hard to open.

u/Furah · 2 pointsr/myevilplan

Tried talking to the other roommate about waking up earlier so you can make noise of a morning? Chances are it's annoying him just as much as it is him. If that doesn't get the go ahead Just go wake him up constantly by slapping his face, blocking his nose, splashing water on his face. The other alternative is whenever he does this, go in to his room of a morning and hide something that smells really bad in there. Simmer a small amount of vinegar in a pot with a lid, pour it in a cup and put it in his room.

EDIT: In my search to help someone with pranking, I've come across fart spray. I'd also recommend shrimp scent if you wish to really get the message through.

u/board_dev · 2 pointsr/myevilplan

hey dude if you want to do this get a friend to record him beating i.e. video recordings and have a small mp4 recoder to go with the tape. then show this to the school after backing it up. this will ensure the school has to do something about it as there is substantial proof. if they do nothing then go to the board/super to get some ultra revenge

u/RotPit · 2 pointsr/myevilplan

Ok here's something easy that'll cost you about $35. Wait until he opens his window. Or break it if he ever leaves i don't care. Drop a pregnant cat or rat in there. The rat will hide and do its thing. The cat will kinda do the same, but it'll fuck you up if you come near it. Then just wait. He's either gonna have a rat problem and chewed wires eventually. Or he'll have a cat.

EDIT: For the 56" gap