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u/IwataFan · 3 pointsr/nintendo

With screen protectors you really want to go with tempered glass. Starter kits are a nice deal, but you do get what you pay for when it comes to screen protectors; such is life.

For a screen protector, I along with the rest of Reddit it seems have settled upon this screen protector as being the absolute best. I even had Best Buy Geek Squad install it to virtually guarantee proper installation, and it looks absolutely fantastic. I had the chance to play for a few weeks without it and personally think it actually makes the screen look better.

For a case I would go the RDS Industries route and get either this or even this larger case that can fit all the related Switch accessories.

u/RammyZs · 2 pointsr/nintendo

You should really consider getting some GameCube controllers and games for some good local multiplayer. Most of them are a lot more competitive than the more family-oriented Wii games.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! offers better co-op and competitive play than Mario Kart Wii.

Super Mario Strikers is crazy fun if you are willing to spend some extra time to get a good grasp on its mechanics. (I wouldn't recommend Mario Strikers Charged)

The N64 Mario Party games (Which are available at the Wii Shop Channel) are famous for being the best by many, though I have never played them myself. GameCube controllers can be used to play the game.

Good quality GameCube controllers might set you back quite a few bucks since their supply is declining. The best I could find online is here

u/roytoy1678 · 0 pointsr/nintendo

Things that you will require:

Screen protector. The switch has a plastic screen. It will scratch incredibly easily. Don't buy the el cheapo film style protectors. Get a glass screen protector. You can get a two pack of them on amazon for under 10 bucks. Vastly superior to film screen protectors.

Carrying case. IMO, there are two non negotiable things a switch case needs. First, it needs good rigidity. With the DS line, you could get away with a soft case. The clamshell design is fairly impervious to damage in any kind of case. Not so with the switch. You want something that is hard, so it will resist squishing in a backpack, or whatever. It needs to hold the switch in place inside the case rattling around will damage the device over time.

The second thing it absolutely needs is molded cutouts behind where the triggers are. A case that's flat under the switch will press on the triggers when it's in there, and wear it out. You will get many suggestions. Most of them are badly designed or way overpriced. This is the best case for the money. It's super solid, holds 8 games, secures the unit, and has the cutouts.

You'll also want a micro SD. If you're gonna buy physical games, a 32 or 64 should be fine. If you're buying digital, get the biggest card you can afford.

Things you probably want

Buy a good usb-c cable. I recommend Anker brand. Cheap cords are a crapshoot. Not all are standard compliant, and can damage your device

Thumbstick caps. The stick caps as is are frankly shit. I bought a pack of rubber caps for like 4 bucks 100% improvement.

If you're planning to play a lot of Mariokart, get the plastic wheels. They're cheap, and they're cool.

If you want an external controller, I'd advise not buying the official pro controller. is currently making a switch compatible controller with gyro, rumble, and usb-c charging. It will be out before the holidays. You can get one of their current controllers for like 40 bucks. It lacks rumble or gyro, but it's a great alternative for games that don't need those. A little small though. The upcoming SNES 30 Pro model looks awesome. I'd advise you to wait for it to drop and check out reviews. The nintendo pro controller is badly designed and super overpriced.

And a plastic folding tablet stand is very useful for tabletop mode. I use one all the time.

u/rand0mher0z · 12 pointsr/nintendo

God damn you Forbes and your fucking money schemes. Here's the text from the article.

"Overnight, Nintendo update the official SNES Classic Edition console's webpage with links to six major retailers.

The website has changed to say "Pre-order now from these retailers" and includes links to Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart.

Credit: Nintendo
Get ready to pre-order the SNES Classic Edition.

What time each of these different retailers goes live is an open question at this point, but I'd urge gamers to pay careful attention today as these roll out. There's no doubt in my mind that they're going to go quickly.

Best Buy's pre-orders went live briefly last night, and it's unclear if they've already sold out entirely or if the retailer will open pre-orders up again today.

Regardless, pre-orders will be going up in the very, very near future so keep your eyes open.

Meanwhile, as of this writing the links at the SNES website go to each retailers' home page rather than a store landing page. Here are the actual landing pages for each site except Toys R Us:

Amazon (

Walmart (

Best Buy (

Target (

GameStop (

Toys R Us (?)
Stay tuned for updates throughout the day.

Here's a list of games coming to the SNES Classic Edition. (

Hat-tip @Wario64. (

I'd love it if you followed me on Twitter and Facebook and subscribed to my channel on YouTube. Also feel free to subscribe to my posts by email. Thanks for reading."

u/nthny · 3 pointsr/nintendo

There are a number of solutions that involve plugging the controller into the Wii Remote so that the Wii U will read them as a Classic Controller.

For GameCube, you've got a couple of options. You can go with this adapter, which lets you use your existing GameCube controller. There's also this controller from Hori, which is an actual Classic Controller in the exact shape of the GameCube controller. I have both, and they both work well, but I prefer the Hori controller.

For N64, there's this adapter. It's the same idea as the GameCube adapter linked above. I haven't used this one myself, so I can't tell you from experience how well it works.

Because all of these options register as Classic Controllers, they have the advantage of being compatible with any Wii or Wii U game that uses it, which is very many of them. For N64 games on the Wii U Virtual Console, you'll be able to adjust the button mapping in the options menu to make sure everything plays just the way you remember it.

I hope this is helpful. Enjoy your Wii U, and welcome to the club!

u/boshjalka · 1 pointr/nintendo

Hi there, deandiggity!

Thanks for sharing your submission with /r/Nintendo, but unfortunately I've had to remove it because it breaks our rules. Specifically:

u/hipnotyq · 1 pointr/nintendo

Yeah, I feel pretty confident in saying that the employees set consoles aside, which I guess I can't be that pissed about because I did it too once (but not on a super hot item like this, just on a game we only got a few copies of at the store).

It would be nice to get one of these, but I really just want the controllers, which are also sold out everywhere and going for $600 on at the moment since I already have an awesome modded Wii that I've put a lot of time into and has way more than 30 NES games. I want that controller though for authentic feel. Oh well, I'll get my hands on one soon enough, it's just like amiibos.

u/ledfrog · 2 pointsr/nintendo

You don't have to mash F5 if you're hoping to find it online. Here are the things I did that allowed me to get one pre-ordered:

  • Bookmarks - In my browser, I added 3 bookmarks leading directly to the product pages on, and Periodically, I'll check these links just in case I get lucky.
  • Accounts - At each of those three retailers, I made sure my account was updated, accessible and had at least one current payment method ready to go. If I didn't have an account, I created one.
  • Saved passwords - I use Chrome to save all my login passwords on my personal computers and the one I use at work. This allows me to log in (or stay logged in) for even faster access once the pre-order goes live.
  • In stock alerts - I signed up over at to get a notification via email for when the Classic SNES is available at any of the known retailers. As another measure, I also signed up for the in-stock alerts at the retailers themselves.
  • Check Reddit - Periodically, I do a search for "classic snes" on reddit to see if someone might have reported a known pre-order launch date/time.

    When the Walmart pre-order came online, I got emails from Walmart and NowInStock at exactly 8:30pm (PST) when the pre-order launched and at about 8:45pm, I opened my computer, clicked on the Walmart bookmark and since I was already logged in, I added the item to my cart and ordered it with two clicks.

    Ideally, you just want to be as ready as you can before the pre-order goes live. The more time you spend logging into an account and/or typing in shipping & billing addresses and credit card numbers, the more chances you have of screwing something up or missing out entirely because the item sold out too fast or the site crashed.
u/Justice_Prince · 1 pointr/nintendo

We'll I'll be getting a SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD which is going for $69.95. A 256GB micro SD is too much right now. I considered getting a 128GB to have even more, but per GB the 200 comes out to be about the same so I figured why not get a little more.

I'm also planning on getting the Nintendo Switch Hybrid Cover. I could just buy a case to protect my screen, but this seems like it will be good for standing up my Switch at angles the kickstand doesn't

I'll be getting a USB-c cable for charging as well, but I'm might shop around a little still. The one you have picked out there looks pretty good though.

I'll probably buy a carrying case too, but I haven't settled on one yet. I might hold off a while, but I'll probably buy a second pair of Joycons, and a Pro controller too. Of course I'll have to get either a charging girp, or charging stand for that extra pair of Joycons when I get it too.

u/Phillips455 · 3 pointsr/nintendo

There hasa been a confirmed list of the 17 games:

  1. Balloon Fight
  2. Donkey Kong
  3. Donkey Kong Jr.
  4. Dr. Mario
  5. Excitebike
  6. Ice Climber
  7. Kid Icarus
  8. Kirby's Adventure
    9, Mario Bros.
  9. Metroid
  10. Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
  11. StarTropics
  12. Super Mario Bros.
  13. Super Mario Bros. 2
  14. Super Mario Bros. 3
  15. The Legend of Zelda
  16. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

    from the amazon uk listing
u/fifosexapel · 1 pointr/nintendo

I have both the Mayflash Adapter and the PDP Fight Pad

If you already have the GCN controller, the adapter works well enough, specially if you want it for VC games. Every once on a while, The adapter disconnects mid gameplay for a few secs, so that can be bothersome, I used it with a pc like you intend to, works just fine. The downside is you have less buttons than the classic controller (no select/- and only 3 shoulder buttons) and the L and R are recognized as such instead of ZL/ZR which can be confusing in some instances.

The PDP Fight pad works beautifully, has all the buttons and the right analog stick is actually a stick as opposed to the shorter c-stick. The one downside is the controller feels kinda empty, which makes it feel cheap (kinda like the classic controller or those awful gamestop branded GNN controllers), but it only feels cheap cos they are very responsive.

I would recommend the fight pad over the gcn adapter, unless you absolutely positively need the original gcn controller. Havnet used the hori pads, they have turbo built in but as far as i know are pretty similar to the pdp pads.

u/p0rtugalvii · 0 pointsr/nintendo

While neither look optimal, and I'm getting neither, each version has their strengths and weaknesses.

In the HORI one, the turbo switch and button is an immediate turn off. Any controller with turbo is usually third-party trash and it makes less good players, better through manipulation and I don't like that. The overall build seems like it's a cheaper plastic that the standard ones.

In the PDP one, it is super glossy which looks strange. The C-stick is replaced with a second analog stick, which may be an improvement in some cases, so I don't know how I feel about that. The D-pad looks pretty terrible as well. It is a licensed third party manufacturer on these so, I don't know if that is good or bad.

Personally, I'm getting the Smash Bros WiiU bundle with a GC controller and 4 port adapter and I can use my GC controllers I still have or a Wavebird.

If you want a GC controller spoof for the classic controller like the HORI and PDP essentially are, you can get a Mayflash adapter and just plug any old GC controller into it. I have one and it works really well. Wouldn't recommend it for frame perfect reaction games like Smash, just like I wouldn't recommend a Wavebird either, but it works well.

u/LeavesCat · 316 pointsr/nintendo

Look up the HORI Nintendo Switch pad; it's an official wired switch controller with no motion sensors included. It's basically the Pro Controller, except since it doesn't have the gyros and the rumble and the Amiibo sensor, it's only 25 USD instead of 80.

Since none of the special features of the more expensive controllers will ever be useful to you, and are in fact more likely to be a hindrance, wouldn't the best solution to this and future problems be to get a controller that doesn't fight you?

I understand if $25 is too much, but if you're committed to having a Switch and being able to play the games you want to play, one good controller will make your playing experience so much better.

In fact, with the right setup, you can hook up an Xbox controller to the Switch and have it work. I'd look up a guide if that interests you at all.

u/replus · 1 pointr/nintendo

Oh wow, I wasn't aware the problem ran that deep. I was aware of the risk of getting counterfeit stuff from Amazon, but figured that was restricted to stuff along the lines of "sold by KICKINRADGOODZNGAMEZ and fulfilled by Amazon." Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'll check my card when it shows up next week and post my findings for those still looking to buy. I bought this particular one:

(Not a referral link AFAIK, but feel free to remove it if need be. If removed, it's a Sandisk Ultra 128GB UHS-1 for $39.99. Should be the top result if searching "Sandisk ultra 128 micro".)

u/Suitchi9 · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Honestly I bought the switch never intending to use it in handheld mode because I have a giant TV, but once i undocked it to play some Mario Kart... I never went back to TV mode.

  • The Screen Protector I use is amFilm Tempered Glass

  • To Clean The Screen I just use a small drop of water on a micro fibre cloth

  • And The Case I Use is WaterField CitySlicker Leather Case Black Which Also cleans my screen aswell cause it has a built in Cloth inside so whenever I take it out I get a fresh new screen :)
u/oakwooden · 1 pointr/nintendo

Orzly has a tempered glass 2 pack available for $10. That's such a good deal I'd be suspicious, but I've used their products for all my phones and the quality is excellent.

Nintendo Switch Screen Protector TWIN PACK by Orzly - Transparent Super Tough Protective Oleophobic Screen Guards - 2x Solid Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Nintendo Switch Tablet Screen

u/STUNT1990 · 5 pointsr/nintendo

Not sure but this is PDP's Switch "case" (also on BotW version) and, by the looks of it, it's just a semi rigid pouch.

I'm probably getting this one once I can see it in person or a nice review; it looks like it will have some kind of foam (as shoulder buttons would tilt the switch and yet it seems to be in a horizontal position) and I think it's made by the same company as a pretty similar looking NES mini case.

u/zikaprevail · 6 pointsr/nintendo

dont buy it off ebay, buy direct from a store or amazon, sandisk are best and then samsung. also walmart or best buy wil match amazon. heres what i bought

u/Anime_fitness · 1 pointr/nintendo

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is everyone sure that the main Amazon page went up last night or this morning? I realize in the link provided it's sold out, but I thought this was the main one:

Did this go up already, or do we have another chance? Thanks

u/Miketendo88 · 46 pointsr/nintendo

screen protector Love this screen protector. Doesn't noticeable affect the screen brightness. I honestly just wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth (or my tshirt) haven't had any issues.

u/Yargnit · 3 pointsr/nintendo

Any idea how safe the pre-orders are once you've got them in? I got my confirmation email already, just not sure if I should still follow through with my plan to go to gamestop when the open to order it in store, or if I'm safe to not have it get canceled at this point? (ordered less than 5 minutes after this post went up)

Also anyone know what's up ewith the BotW special/Master editions? They say switch but are listed under Wii U category, and say their release dates are the 13th rather than the 3rd. Got both the regular and special edition pre-ordered now just to be safe, but it's a bit confusing.

u/halcyoncmdr · 1 pointr/nintendo

Is it slower than a built-in NAND module? Yes, but in the case of a game like this is intended for you'll probably never notice the difference. I don't think that's what you were actually referring to though anyway. I'm betting you were referencing the old slow MicroSD Class 1 cards everyone bought because they were cheap at the time.

Every current MicroSD XC card I can find on Amazon is at least a Class 10/UHS-1 card, which means minimum 10MB/s speeds. Like this $40 128GB Samsung card here. We're not talking about the old standard MicroSD Class 1 cards anymore, modern external card speeds are more than enough for what this use case would likely require.

u/Encryptomaniac · 1 pointr/nintendo

I got these on amazon, they (it comes with 2) get incredible reviews and theyre the nicest screen protectors ive ever bought. I definitely recommend

u/Exaskryz · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Amazon used a different listing than what was set up earlier.

Original listing:

Live listing:

Word is that they set up a second listing to thwart bots and trackers like NowInStock that would have automatically purchased on the original listing.

However, it also had the side effect that people who were signed up to be informed when the item went live through Amazon's own notification system did not get any notification - because they were signed up to be notified on the original listing only.

u/Kytharc · 1 pointr/nintendo

The blue and white one? Me too! That case is gorgeous =)

Edit: This is the one I meant

u/deshayzilla · 1 pointr/nintendo

Well you can always get this to use a gamecube controller. It will work with Wii U games that support the classic controller and classic controller pro, as well as Wii games that support the classic controller and classic controller pro.

u/ThisDudeIsRad · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I have an adapter that basically tricks a Wiimote into thinking a Gamecube controller is a classic controller and I love it for Virtual Consol games. There's a TINY bit of lag, so it wouldn't be really useful for Smash Bros or Street Fighter ir other fast paced games, but it works great for Star Fox and Zelda, etc...

Here's a link!

u/polytrigon · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Best buy should be available day of. Sometimes they have midnight events as well.

There are a few options for stand alone cases too though, take a look...

Link Blue Deluxe Case
Premium Console Case Zelda Edition
Zelda Blue Travel Case
Zelda Black Travel Case
Tunic Edition Starter Kit < My favorite

u/Dain42 · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I tend to think that screen protectors are generally unnecessary on glass devices. There's a chance that in the case of impact on the screen, it might save your device, but it's a pretty limited range of impacts that will shatter a glass screen protector but not the screen itself.

As far as scratches go, I'm on my third smartphone at this point, and before that I had an original iPod touch. On all those devices, the only one I've ever managed to scratch at all is the iPod. And even that was a tiny scratch.

I am relatively careful with my phones (I don't shove them in my pocket with my keys like a monster, for example), but I'm not doing anything that I see as being out of the ordinary, either. I use them, and I take them with me just about everywhere (including day hikes); I just don't abuse them.

I also oversee a 1:1 iPad deployment at work, where we give them to high school students. A lot of ours are in Otterboxes that we provide which cover the screens, but we have a fair number that aren't (and the first year we did it, we used a different case). I've only seen a very very few of those that kids managed to scratch. And they're rough on things. (We do have a moderate number of broken screens each year, but these are careless high schoolers.) Even on our iPads in carts at the elementary and middle schools, where I've seen glitter and art supplies and various other things on the screens, I don't think I've seen any scratches (and we've had no broken ones). So take that for what it's worth.

I think that if you get an inexpensive case for the Switch for when it's riding around in your bags or when it's not in use, it'll probably be fine.

u/picano · 2 pointsr/nintendo

A 2nd set of joycon would give you 4 player (4 single joycon: 2 left, 2 right) or a solid 2 player (2 full pairs). There are some games that require a full controller (joycon pair / pro controller), others that only support single Joycon (Super Mario Party) and many others that allow a mix (Super Bomberman R allowing up to 8 players).

Nothing from the Wii/U will work, unless you have a gamecube adapter + gamecube controllers. A gamecube controller via this setup is a mostly full lacking a few gameplay buttons (ZL, L stick, R stick), a few system buttons (Minus, Home, Capture), rumble, and gyro.

Also, get a screen protector.

If you plan to do online play, you'll want a family account even if you're only using 1 console. This way, each of you can have a profile/account for $35 rather than $20 apiece.

u/jc726 · 5 pointsr/nintendo

This is what I'm buying:

For the price, this or something comparable is about the best you'll find. Good speeds, versatile, resistant to common failures, etc.

I've had a smaller one for my New 3DS XL and its been great.

You're going to want to stick with reliable names like SanDisk and Samsung, don't just get a generic card without a brand name or one you don't recognize.

As for size, it depends on what you're willing to spend and how many digital games you plan to buy. A 128GB will last you a while if you're splitting between physical and digital games like I am, possibly for the life of the system if you plan it out right.

Going digital-only will likely require something larger - but they only go up to 256GB right now, and those cards are incredibly expensive compared to 128GB.

u/TyMiles2012 · 3 pointsr/nintendo

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 2017 (2-Pack)

This one. I absolutely love it! One thing to mention though, the protector is a little thick. You'll feel the friction taking it in and out of the dock, but obviously plastic is MUCH softer than glass so it's not gonna scratch it. Really it just makes the switch fit snug. Though reviewers are saying it makes no difference, or they're getting friction as I am, so that probably shows how the docks have been made inconsistently. But like I said, the protector will keep the dock from scratching your screen anyway.

u/erwan · 2 pointsr/nintendo

If you don't want to get a classic controller, you can get this:

But it may be better to wait for the official Gamecube controller adapter that will be released for Super Smash Bros.

u/eliteprotorush · 1 pointr/nintendo

Found it!

That being said, this would be pretty rough to carry around, or shove into a carrying case haha.

u/Norviskor · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Don't forget that Mayflash sells an adapter that plugs into a Wiimote and ports to a GC controller. This way is not effective for SM4SH because it uses two controllers per person, but for single player games, it's great.

u/MoogleMan3 · 4 pointsr/nintendo

Ouch. Save up until you can afford the repair fee, then invest in a set of $8 tempered glass screen protectors, then rest easy knowing you won't have to pay another $99 to repair something that could have been prevented with an $8 investment...

u/kitt_lite · 2 pointsr/nintendo

You could have saved $30 by using Amazon.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Black

Hopefully you still have the receipt. I'd return it, or else at least have the retailer you bought it from price match.

u/SpiralViper · 1 pointr/nintendo

I recommend the Samsung EVO 128GB.

It has an excellent read speed, and happens to be the card that Nintendo Treehouse used in their Switch during the unboxing video.

u/xaroar · 1 pointr/nintendo

This one?

The one that got deleted was this one but people who pre-ordered with it had it changed to the one above, meaning they're likely to be honored. praying

u/Haney0713 · 3 pointsr/nintendo

Would this Micro Sd Card be a good one for the switch?


u/MistaHiggins · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Thank you for posting this. Just snagged one off of German Amazon (here) since they're accepting international orders now!

u/data_Jack · 10 pointsr/nintendo

Like others have mentioned there is no way to charge the Switch while on a kickstand; however, short of crafting one for yourself, I found and preordered a nifty stand that has adjustable levels and plenty of room for the charger. Hope this helps anyone

HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch Officially Licensed by Nintendo

u/xooxanthellae · 3 pointsr/nintendo
u/thescottishlion · 1 pointr/nintendo

Looks in stock at Walmart.

Here is an independent seller on Ebay. Another Ebay listing

Amazon has some from different sellers as well.

While more unconventional, r/gameswap or r/GameSale may be of help to you!

u/AlexD336 · 1 pointr/nintendo

I just pre ordered one at best after reading this post. Id rather get it late than not get one at all.

Will this one work instead?

u/Anarchaotic · 3 pointsr/nintendo

I had no idea there was a prime specific link -

I waited on the normal one like an idiot. Luckily best buy got my pre-order.

u/Etteluor · 1 pointr/nintendo

If you have the extra money i'd just be safe and pick up a 128 gig sd if you see one on sale before then. You can grab one for like 30 USD, and that will last you through the year most likely.

Even regular price they are "only" 40 dollars

u/nickazevedo · 20 pointsr/nintendo

Thank you very much! I would also recommend keeping an eye on the /offer-listing/ version of the page

u/KoolAidMan00 · 1 pointr/nintendo

Glass screen protector at the very least:

Aside from giving protection it also makes the device feel more premium, like a smartphone. It is also a very inexpensive upgrade.

Everything else like Pro Controller, MicroSD card, stand, case, are good to have but those depend on how you use the device and personal preference.

u/StudlySquirtle · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I'm about to blow your mind op.

17 dollars well spent. It works excellently. Only downside is the amount of cords. If you have any questions about it let me know.

u/Teggert · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Nintendo's officially licensed black carrying case (the $20 one, not the $12 one) feels by far the sturdiest when compared in person to even the Zelda variations of the same design. The zippered pouch is very useful and it comes with storage cases for 8 cartridges. The messenger bag is terrific if you need to bring the dock and absolutely everything, but for just the console, games, and charging cable, I find the $20 one most convenient.

EDIT: I just noticed Amazon has this one listed for $25, however my local Walmart has them for $18.

u/thegreatbobin0_ · 5 pointsr/nintendo

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 2017 (2-Pack)

This one right here is awesome I have one myself

u/Gr8NonSequitur · 1 pointr/nintendo

> And I'm not just picking on Nintendo here. My xbox one lost two fifths of its space to the OS, Halo 5, and the MCC alone. Their 500GB HDD just isn't enough for their first party, AAA games.

Holy Shit yeah, but they are the outliers. Between Halo 1-4 (MCC), Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 (and the OS) I doubt you'd have any room on a 500 GB model, but XBone is it's own counterpoint... as I have some 50 games installed on mine (like all 360 BC games are 8 GB or less) on that same drive (and the space hogs on an external).

Now let's compare this with Wii U games that were all "constrained" by the optical drive's 25 GB capacity:

  • MK8 on Wii U was under 5 GB, or just about 6 GB with all DLC. I doubt MK8 Deluxe will be much larger.

  • Super Mario 3D World, Zelda: WW HD, NSMBU were all under 2 GB each.

  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was 11.5 GB....

  • Lego City Undercover was 22 GB.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles was ~ 24 GB.

    Personally I'm Thrilled Nintendo didn't pop a 200 GB flash memory in there and jack up the cost for the system. The fact that I can upgrade via non-proprietary and inexpensive micro sdxc cards is a huge win. I personally plan on popping in a 128 GB card for $40 and despite it not being enough to have Halo 1-5 on an Xbox One I'm sure 150 GB of space for digital downloads will last a long long time for Nintendo.
u/dfreuden · 1 pointr/nintendo

Amazon Link - ... AVAILABLE! Limited to 1 per customer - thanks Amazon.

u/Airsh · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I just ordered the special edition on Amazon and am happy about that, but I'm confused. The page says Wii U, but then checkout says Nintendo Switch.

I'm cool if it really is the Switch version.

u/RelaxYourself · 12 pointsr/nintendo

I ended up preordering [this one] ( It's simple and while it has the little patch on it, it doesn't exactly scream, "HEY EVERYONE I HAVE A NINTENDO SWITCH IN HERE". I honestly can't wait to travel on a plane with the Switch.

u/bstock · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Just nabbed the special edition on Amazon. It says March 13, hopefully they adjust it and get it out on time though.

u/DarkJadeBGE · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I tried posting this for everyone as a new thread. It disappeared from the sub, so here it is again. I think everyone should have a fair chance to get one.


















Smyth Toys










EB Games








u/Cripnite · 29 pointsr/nintendo

Here's a link to the same controller (without Mario theme) on, which should be free shipping if sent within Canada and over $35 (which it is in Canadian money).

u/StunnyTrangaroo · 7 pointsr/nintendo

I bought this Nintendo Switch Case and it carries up to 8 games with it plus two SD card cases that would each fill in one of those 8 game slots. Very nifty!

I rarely take my 3DS with me at all. But when bringing my games along, I had a separate case for that one too.

u/CRWheeler · 1 pointr/nintendo

direct amazon link (not a personal reference link like some reddit scumbags do)

u/EnduranceProtocol · 5 pointsr/nintendo

Unfortunately no. Wii games are played in the WiiU's Wii mode, which is basically Wii hardware. The Gamepad simply shuts.

You can use the Wii Classic Controller (Pro). There are 3rd party Wii to Gamecube controller adapters such as this one, if you're interested in that, although I can't vouch for any brand or if they're even reliable at all, as I've never experienced any.

u/MegaHaxorus · 2 pointsr/nintendo

That won't work on Wii U, as that adapter replicates a GameCube controller. GameCube controllers are only compatible with Smash 4 and certain vWii homebrew titles.

You could use one of these to use a GameCube controller.

Edit: This was supposed to be a comment on a comments. Oops. Oh well.

u/burntbrownfox · 1 pointr/nintendo

They're preorderable on!

Black XL model

Red XL model

Soooo... not sure what's going on with the United States.

u/BlackRiot · 1 pointr/nintendo

Can anyone speak for the quality of HORI Switch HORIPAD controllers for PC gaming on Steam?

I fell in love with the Switch pro controller after going to a friend's house because of it's buttery smoothness. However, spending $80 Canadian loonies on a controller with so many features I don't need seems wasteful. I'm currently on an XBOX360 wired controller that works fine, but the shoulder and trigger buttons seem a bit too plastic-y for me nowadays.

u/weltonlx · 1 pointr/nintendo

I use [AmFilm] ( It fits nicely over the Switch's screen and is only $9 for a pack of 2.

u/Treadwell_CRB · 4 pointsr/nintendo

I ordered the RDS travel case:

The reason is simple. I travel quite a bit for work. I am going to toss this in my backpack and slog it thru the airport. It seems to be a little thicker and provide a little more protection than other ones.

And it looks nice.

u/Hudbus · 4 pointsr/nintendo

Take a look at this.

That's really the only way to get official GC controllers to work with all Wii U titles that support the Classic Controller.

The overhyped adapter only works with Smash Bros. for some (possibly marketing related) reason.

u/rakadur · 1 pointr/nintendo

Sweet design, looks thought out.

I'm going for this though, can't agree with leather:

u/batmandan6 · 2 pointsr/nintendo

There's also the Hori fight pad. Same concept, but it looks and feels exactly like a GameCube controller (with the exception of springy shoulder triggers) and works with anything that uses a classic controller.

u/DrakonLitshed · 4 pointsr/nintendo

Like This one? Thanks for the info, i was dreading getting a screen protector after how many bubbles my 3DS one has.

u/Obi-Tron_Kenobi · 1 pointr/nintendo

Here you go. It looked identical to the original NES controller listing.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/nintendo

Yeah, it should work.
I recommend this model since I've never heard of Raphnet

As for you dance mat compatibility I have no idea, sorry. D:

u/wytrabbit · 6 pointsr/nintendo

To everyone looking to Amazon for pre-orders/early release, what's being sold might not be the actual console. Check the Edition and Description before buying it.

$300 NES Classic Controller, it comes up as the default product when looking to buy the console because the console is not available yet. Don't be fooled, wait until 2pm PST when the console becomes available.

u/ErrorEra · 1 pointr/nintendo

It's this one. For me, I don't like the outside, it looks like it'll get dirty fast, the rest of it looks sweet.

u/JohnyCalzone · 1 pointr/nintendo

Don't get the PDP fight pad. Those controllers aren't really made well. Get the HORI Battle Pad. This is what I used when I played Xenoblade Chronicles. The controller connects to your Wiimote like the classic controller does. That and it's made by HORI. They are THE third party accessory makers for Nintendo due to their high quality products.

u/00420 · 1 pointr/nintendo

Don't bother, the article doesn't really have much info other than links to product pages at various retailers that the author thinks will be offering pre-orders soon.

Here's the list (which most of us probably already have bookmarks for already anyways): Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, GameStop. He doesn't have a link to Toys R Us because they don't have a product page yet.

u/jathzia · 1 pointr/nintendo

The Grey Switch went up last night around 3:15 am EST. I received a confirmation email from amazon when i pre-ordered it. It's currently back for pre-orders, but might be gone soon


u/-ItWasntMe- · 1 pointr/nintendo

I found this one on Amazon US.
There's another one that is grey with Nintendo Switch written on it, but it doesn't contain the earbuds, the joy-con rubber covers and the stick grips.

u/JimZiii · 1 pointr/nintendo

i recently found a cheap NES Mini and consider getting a guide since i don't have the time to re-learn and find everything again.

i found these 2 guides

'Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics' -

'NES Classic: The Ultimate Guide: Tips, tricks and strategies to all 30 games' -


any recommendations?

u/aunaste · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I have a one of these,
It works just fine, the tricky part is remembering to press the start button multiple times for + and - on the classic controller.

u/Szalkow · 3 pointsr/nintendo

>I wan't a brand new official GCN controller. Only have 2 clones.

Why wait?

u/Lumas202 · 0 pointsr/nintendo

Depending on what you are using it for, this might help. It connects a Gamecube controller to a Wiimote. The system recignizes it as being a Classic Controller. It works for Wii and Wii U games.

u/JUMPhil · 36 pointsr/nintendo

Remember 200 GB cards are only $70

u/alimighty1 · 1 pointr/nintendo

Can you link to the product page for the controller you go? Is it this one?

u/dariakus · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I can't even order a controller, and that page is up and says IN STOCK. But every time I add it to cart, it doesn't work.

u/Puzzle_Master · 1 pointr/nintendo

I beleive that the Sheikah case is excusive to the SP & ME. There's always the Link's Tunic starter kit in case the others sell out.

u/SpideyMikey · 1 pointr/nintendo

PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit - Link's Tunic Edition maybe this one?

u/matbr0 · 1 pointr/nintendo

This is why I ordered this

Screen Protector Nintendo Switch - Orzly Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector TWIN Pack for 6.2 Inch Tablet Screen on Nintendo Switch Console

u/TnAdct1 · 1 pointr/nintendo

Also, you could always use the Nintendo Switch Playstand to have the Switch screen stand in vertical mode.

u/gordonw23 · 2 pointsr/nintendo

The one I found is the European version, so they should be in english I would think, right?

Looking at this one specifically.

u/Tato23 · 1 pointr/nintendo

that is the link that i got from nintendo everything, and ordred it, says i purchased this item....that is it right?

u/sonic260 · 3 pointsr/nintendo

Then just buy an SD card. A Nintendo switch is $300 and a 128gb micro SD card is $40, totalling to $340. An iPhone 7 plus with the same capacity is $750. You're already paying less than half the cost of an iPhone for the same capacity.

If you want more than 32GB, then just go get more.

EDIT: Edit, sorry, regular iPhone 7, not plus. The plus adds an extra $100 for its price, but still way more expensive than a Switch + Micro SD.

u/hypermog · 1 pointr/nintendo

The item page is pretty much the pleb link. This link is how people got them. When they are in stock, Amazon will be top of the list. I learned this from the Amiibo wars. Unfortunately I then forgot about it until it was too late this time around.

u/GrimmLocke420 · 3 pointsr/nintendo

The delivery for me is March 23rd ;-;. I'm not sure how much I'll be taking the console out without a screen protector on.

u/br0000d · 2 pointsr/nintendo

It is confusing, but if you look to the right blue box - it shows the product is sold by a user other than nintendo.


u/Maximus-city · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Back up on Amazon UK for anyone who missed getting one from Nintendo's UK store:

u/Siendra · 15 pointsr/nintendo

That dock doesn't appear to output video.

And seriously, just buy a screen protector. Even if your dock is actually scratch prone, it isn't going to do anything to tempered glass.

u/BloodyJonesy · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Hori do make some, but these are not the ones. These ones are made by PDP.

These are the Hori ones and they are a shit tonne nicer!

u/redchris18 · 3 pointsr/nintendo

Use the official Nintendo store version. Mine was at MSRP at a time when people were talking about how difficult it was to find one. I didn't pre-order, and had it within two days of placing the order (although that was likely a shipping fluke).

u/thecheesefinder · 2 pointsr/nintendo

This could kind of fit your need of a "wireless" "Gamecube" controller HORI Battle Pad for Wii U (Mario Version) with Turbo - Nintendo Wii U by HORI

u/jinreeko · 1 pointr/nintendo


u/DjFrostixa · 1 pointr/nintendo

So it's not this one ?!?! No wonder I missed preorder...

u/lostfrog1357 · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Official third-party alternatives don't include gyro, rumble, or NFC. I doubt that's the reason. Regardless, I'm in the mindset of Wii U accessories never working on Switch, and that's fine.