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u/notboring · 1 pointr/nsfw

The reviews of her autobiography are good.

I think she's the only X performer I'd actually like to have a conversation with.

u/The_Comma_Splicer · 1 pointr/nsfw

Bowflex Selecttech 552. I've got the 1090 that goes up to 90 lbs and would definitely recommend them.

u/lectrick · 1 pointr/nsfw

I have a hunch that if we could somehow embrace ALL a woman can possibly offer and not force her to choose between these two female archetypes, there would also be less cheating. Look at the rise in popularity of burlesque, belly dancing, strippercising, books on "lap dancing for your man," etc... Women reclaiming their sexuality (and, let's face it... a woman's potential sexuality far outstrips a man's...) ...I believe that these are positive changes that will result in more people being happier in the long term.

I think fears and insecurities are the root of many relationship evils. For example, a person who is too insecure about themselves will never be able to open up completely to 1 person... that's too many eggs in one basket to risk. There's also enough "open" relationships/marriages at this point to prove that enforced monogamy is not the same as trust/security. (Not that those are for everyone. Just that it proves that monogamy, security, and trust are not synonymous... merely harmonious, perhaps.)

The lovely woman here who originally showed herself off on 4chan should NOT have to feel worried, ashamed, or otherwise fearful, simply for showing off her (very) sexy side. I look forward to a world like that, and I'll do whatever I can to help bring it about.

u/spammeaccount · 2 pointsr/nsfw

She has a non toxic lifestyle book to sell, need to drum up interest in her again somehow.

u/ydnab2 · -26 pointsr/nsfw

No. No it doesn't. I'm tired of this (very tired) argument.

It is a representation of the desired body image. Read the book You Are Not So Smart and read the chapter about why women flock to rich old guys and why men will fuck a Real Doll.

We want better than what's average or normal, we want the best, so we make it happen. The 70% hip-to-waist ratio is ideal, but we're more drawn to a 50% ratio, which would effectively kill any woman who tried to give a natural birth if she had those measurements.


u/SnowCrashv5 · 1 pointr/nsfw

So I guess when Maquis de Sade wrote about ejaculating on a woman's face, amongst many many many porn acts that are considered extreme even to this day, I should've checked what was in people's VCR's, or their TV's and their cookie history?

Take any sex act you can possibly think of. Anything. (not involving modern technology anyways), and it's been done throughout human history.

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u/thoraway6969 · 2 pointsr/nsfw

Dudes: It DOES work. There are two different muscles (or sets of?) that control each.

The secret is hold the "cumming" ones and not the orgasmitron ones.

Exactly what you're talking about:

u/DiscreteOpinion · 1 pointr/nsfw

It apparently also gives a potential 1 - 2" extra length when they do this, but there is some evidence to suggest that doing this can reduce the ability/benefit of male kegel exercises.

u/watyousay · 10 pointsr/nsfw

Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach.

Great book. One of those life changers. Short as hell, too. PDF available here. Give it a look.

u/Delet3r · 0 pointsr/nsfw

Dude... people don't make free choices. I mean, take a minute and look into psychology, genetics, studies on how people's environment shapes what they do and think, mental health issues, etc. If you dig into the science of it, anyone who look at it openly realizes, people do not have free will. Neuroscientists even write books about it.

So to say anything is 100% free choice... I mean, how naive can you get?

Do you think healthy women can get into bad relationships with an abusive man and get driven to suicide? Or even better... do you think Stockholm Syndrome isn't real? The examples are so endless it boggles the mind.

I doubt the guy who committed suicide was totally healthy to start, but it doesn't mean the woman didn't push him either. Its also possible she was sane, and he had all the issues. But usually, crazy attracts crazy.