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u/lukeman3000 · 1 pointr/pussypassdenied

Hey man, a little late here, and I don't know if this is applicable to you or not. But, I just thought I'd share my experience. I noticed significant thinning a few months ago and started a particular regimen, and it's yielded pretty good results.

I use the Nioxin #2 system, as well as their Minoxidil (Hair Regrowth Treatment) once per day, and that was the progress over 5.5 months. The instructions recommend to use the Minox twice per day.

Furthermore, if you really want to attack it, you could consider taking Finasteride, which, when combined with a good shampoo, conditioner, and Minoxidil, is a pretty powerful combo for halting and even reversing hair loss due to male pattern baldness. Personally, I wanted to avoid taking the pill, so I just tried the topical solution first. And it seems to have worked pretty well, even when using it 50% as much as the instructions say to.

u/WordySigma · 1 pointr/pussypassdenied

Gentlemen ... rather than excessively trying to "yell at" anyone here (who may have failed to see the point of what I am attempting to do) I kept things (for me) pretty "light and kind" in replies made here ... but where the craziest FemTard books go ... I kept hitting as hard as I figured Amazon would let me get away with.

In other words: here's my latest reviews of Venomist "literature" ... (a link to my review, plus those of a small bunch of other, prior reviewers) ...

Switching subjects, a bit:

I get the sense that some folks "get" what I'm trying to do ... but some do not understand. To try to make it more clear to the latter, here's a link to a site that tries to explain an ancient concept in (one on one) warfare called "counting coup". It's not an exact example of my overall idea -- that would have to include the idea that I think radical feminists are pretty much all, by and large, narcissists, to a degree I'd have to say was "clinical, plus some" -- but by intentionally "invading their territory" I'm already ticking them off; by crapping all over their precious idealogy, it's making their "narcissistic injury" worse ... and, eventually, I figure they'll act so badly, if prodded gently but persistently, that they'll end up de-platforming their own selves: that is, getting their books kicked off of Amazon as a sales platform.

u/TerriChris · 4 pointsr/pussypassdenied

Friend. Before you ask an American woman to marry you, I strongly recommend that you sit in your county's Family Court hearing room. The hours are usually Monday through Wednesdays, 9a to 12p. It's also free. Sit up front to better hear the judge.

If you're brave, ask fathers in the hallway, 'How's it going?'

If you're disinclined to visit, read 'Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family' by Dr. Stephen Baskerville.

u/notacrackheadofficer · -8 pointsr/pussypassdenied

Amazon absolutely loves spoof reviews. They highlight many products that are filled with them . Tuscan whole milk one gallon, is my favorite.

u/ragingfartalot · 1 pointr/pussypassdenied

Always listen to (or at least heavily consider) your intuition on things like this. It's rarely ever wrong.

Here is a good book I've read on this subject: "The Gift of Fear."

u/Raging_Dragon_99 · 1 pointr/pussypassdenied

You're supposed to hear the subtext, and it doesn't hurt to call her out that if she wants you to take her car in, she should just ask.

However, your life will be easier if you listen for the message within the message. She just wants you to take care of her so she's phrasing her questions in a way that you will do so.

This book: "Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man " explains this.

u/apreotea · 8 pointsr/pussypassdenied

Good for you for dropping a nugget of knowledge.

This book is a useful tool indeed.

The Laws are:

  1. SJWs always lie.
  2. SJWs always double down.
  3. SJWs always project.
u/sirpuffypants · 2 pointsr/pussypassdenied

> I love hose biscuits, and the ones I make at home just ain’t the same.

Aside from the fact the recipe has been reversed engineered, didn't they start selling a branded biscuit mix in-store a long time ago? You can for sure get it on Amazon. Never personally tried it, but I'd assume its literally the same thing they supply the chains.

u/Speedracer98 · -3 pointsr/pussypassdenied

there is a mountain of evidence you refuse to accept. try this textbook for example,

every point made in the book is backed up by multiple studies, all are listed in the footnotes and you can quickly look them all up if you feel like they aren't true. it's long past time you learned a bit about society and stopped accepting everything inside your echo chamber.

u/earwaxremovalsystem · 7 pointsr/pussypassdenied

It has little to do with race. The driver was black and very decent.

Read Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell for a better understanding.

u/Brandwein · -5 pointsr/pussypassdenied

My father sits, i sit, most men at my work sit. I was raised that way. For reference.

Reading up on it through google, more and more countries are evolving in that direction. Also seemingly has health benefits.

u/Pussylickersaurus · 1 pointr/pussypassdenied

>Oh so you’re sexist against your own gender? Do you just say this stuff to make yourself look better than most women?

@ u/roccoseinfeld - May I recommend a book to you?


It's author is: ESTHER Vilar

u/elephant2701 · 1 pointr/pussypassdenied

naw man, you got that wrong. pepper spray is weaker. This police strength pepper spray is 0.33%

u/AshyBoneVR4 · 1 pointr/pussypassdenied

See, that's why you're in a relationship lol. If you grab some flats, you might be able to get away with putting them in her bag/purse if she carries one. Other than that, There's always these bad boys. Foldable shoes. Not the greatest looking things, but if she gets in enough pain, she won't care.

u/The_Music · 6 pointsr/pussypassdenied

This isn't 'proof' but a strong indicator. Many of these women, a strong majority, are well aware of what they're getting into.

They're also aware that the world is still strongly sexist and so they believe that they can get away scott-free or with a slap on the wrist under the guise of "Oh no! I'm just a dumb woman! I had no idea! Think of our children!"


> ISIS is recruiting an army of AK-47-brandishing women from the West who are just as bloodthirsty as the men they are marrying. Calling themselves “lionesses of Allah,” they are thought to now number more than 600, and they’re bearing the next generation of terrorists, whom they call “cubs of the caliphate.”

> Many of these women are true believers who trust that even with horrific gore and bloodshed, they are helping carry out the holy work of Allah in restoring the ancient Islamic caliphate, and that once it’s reestablished, all believers will live in peace and harmony under Islamic rule.

> And ISIS pays them a generous stipend for each “cub” they deliver ($25 for each child per month, plus a $400 maternity bonus, and a $500 marriage bonus). This is a strategic move. With more of its men killed in battle, the terror group has to ensure its longevity.


> Shannon Conley was arrested in 2014 while trying to board a flight to Turkey with the alleged goal of traveling to Syria to join and marry an ISIS extremist she had met online. Conley believed her Internet mentors that “defensive jihad” was not only permissible, but her duty. She told FBI agents that she believed U.S. military bases; government facilities and personnel; public officials and law enforcement were all legitimate terrorist targets. Trained as a nurse’s aide and in firearms, Conley hoped to either fight jihad in Syria and Iraq, or if prevented from entering a combat role, to assist jihadi fighters. Lured by a romance that she carried out via Skype with an ISIS fighter, Conley was on the road to destruction—until her father turned her in to the FBI.


> Her prospective groom’s insistence on absolute secrecy had not seemed strange at first. Karen had met him through the swarm of Isis-friendly social media. They started by chatting on Twitter and, then moved to encrypted messaging apps such as Kik, Surespot and Telegram. Paranoia runs through most of the online interactions – no one’s identity is clear, and anyone could be bluffing. But the hint of danger was part of the glamour and Karen thought she was being careful. She was in her late teens and had recently graduated from high school, where she had been a lonely girl interested in Star Trek and computer programming.

> She converted to Islam less than a year before her journey, after watching the news and deciding to learn more about the religion. She had been inspired by Isis’s apparent authenticity – they were as far removed from the west as it seemed possible to be. Her Christian parents worried whether she would be safe walking down the street wearing a hijab. She kept her real plans well hidden from them. Online, she disguised her identity by using a kunya – a traditional Arab title. Karen had created several of these, but mostly she went by Umm Khalid – “mother of Khalid”. The name derived from Khalid bin Walid, a military commander known as the “Sword of God” in the early days of Islam. Umm Khalid was also the name of a Palestinian village that was evacuated in 1948 and swallowed up by the Israeli city of Netanya. The name has its roots in violence inflicted and violence suffered.