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u/Sam_Vimes81 · 6 pointsr/sticker

Thank you so much!

I've only been at it for just over a month now, so I'm no expert by any means, but here's what I found works best for me:

this paper
UV spray
For Cutting
[I use this printer] (

I started out using regular sticker paper with a cold-press laminate(it was the cheapest route), and they looked and felt really first. they didn't hold up against weather and water for very long. The laminated part was water proof, but it would get wet under the sticker, and eventually break the sticker apart. They were also hard to make without them getting all scratched up before you even cut them.

I like that vinyl paper a lot. There are a lot of options for it, but that is the most cost effective, and so far, it's been really fantastic. The paper is water resistant, so water doesn't get underneath the sticker and break it apart like the other ones. After I print a page, I spray it with that UV spray. It just gives a nice texture that I like, and keeps them from fading in the sun. I ran a sticker through the dishwasher before I sprayed it. The sticker part held on phenominally well, the ink ran tho. I haven't tried it with the coat, but I don't see myself washing many stickers.

After the spray dries (a couple of minutes), a run it through the Cameo 3. I started out with a Cricut. I actually like the Cricut machine better. It's designed to just work. However, the software is garbage. It's web based, and even worse, it automaticaly arranges your artwork on the page to be printed and cut. That sounds nice, but 99% of the time, it wasted more than half the page. I was throwing out so much paper. There are some workarounds I found online, but they were tedious, innacurate, and not worth the effort. I do not reccommend the cricut until they get their software in line. The Cameo takes a little more fiddling with, but it's more custumizable, and I arrange stickers on the page how I want.

My printer is just that low-end Epson. It works great actually. The only thing I would suggest is getting a printer that you can side-load. I feel like the the paper getting bent through the printer isn't good for the paper, and makes the printing inconsistent (also, it probably has to do with being a cheap printer too). I plan on upgrading, but I already bought a bunch of ink, and I want to get through that first.


Sorry about the novel!

u/Magnetic_Balls · 1 pointr/sticker

A lot of people here like to draw on shipping stickers because they're easy to get your hands on. Those look kind of amateur-y but they also benefit from the raw, un-filtered look of that medium. Those you simply draw pen on shipping labels and yer done.


Others like to buy some supplies to make stickers off amazon. Some things like this:
are similar to the shipping stickers but bigger and easier to cut out. You can go a step further and add a laminate layer on top of that to make your sticker sheen (The paper I linked above has the same texture as plain old printer paper but it has a sticky back, so adding a laminate will make it look nicer). You can draw on this paper with pen and ink or you can load it into your printer and print out designs you've made!

Other people who have money to spare/really love their designs will take it to the nEXt LeVEL and have their designs printed and shipped to them by sticker companies. Some of the favourites here (I think, I havent been here long) are stickerapp and stickermule. These services obviously print out some really beautiful quality stickers of your design. You can also have them printed in different fashions (Circle Cut, Square cut, die cut, etc.). You can't really beat the quality you get from these guys, but it also costs you some $$$. So make sure your design is kick ass before you send it off :)

This link will get you store credit at Stickermule ($10) if you sign up. Note that this also gets me store credit!! That's why I'm plugging it here ;)

u/Weez250 · 4 pointsr/sticker

Please check the subreddit if the question has been answered already!

This is probably the most asked question on this subreddit. The easiest way to get usps 228's is to trade with people from the United states if you want the classic USPS 228 labels. Or you could simply purchase blanks as they are almost available in every stationary shop or office depo, Sometimes they all called "name badges" Websites such as graffcity, amazon and ebay all offer a wide range of blanks. Here are some blanks graffcity offer: I believe in Germany you can get stickers from both UPS and DHL (thermals) here's a video that may be useful:

Try taking a look at some "name labels" or "name badges" they can often have some pretty interesting designs and they hold up okay in the street depending on the material they are made out of and how sticky they are. Take a look here: and You could also try looking at thermal stickers as they are made from a waterproof material. I however would recommend eggshell stickers:!blanks/cjdh They are SUPER sticky and will stick to ALL surfaces. Once applied they are impossible to remove as they are made from a special material called destructible vinyl which is delicate and will break into tiny pieces when trying to be removed. I hope I helped and answered all of your questions

u/audio-blood · 1 pointr/sticker

Acquiring blanks/labels

Mailing labels: If you're in the US, go down to your local USPS and pick up a stack of these, they're free. You can go after hours when just the lobby is open if you don't want to be asked why you're taking the whole stack.

You can go down to Staples or wherever and find some "Hello my name is" labels.

Check out Egg Shell Stickers if you want to go all out.

Sign up at DHL to order huge quantities of blank label rolls.

Get creative. Anything that is a label can be painted over. You could find scraps of vinyl, too.

Markers and Pens

Decocolor has always been my fav paint marker.

Sharpie also makes some good paint pens. Be mindful of water-based vs. oil-based if you live in a city with weather.

Uni's Posca pens are also great.


Again be mindful, if you use acrylics they'll run in the rain. You could use spray paint and stencils, or just paint for your backgrounds.

u/brodyf · 4 pointsr/sticker

Here is what I currently use, but I would suggest browsing the sites linked for materials that fit your exact needs. For example, you may want stronger adhesives or a laminate with UV protection for outdoor stickers.

Print Media:


Cutter (love this thing):

You'll want a cutting mat as well as a good craft knife so you can make adjustments/fixes as needed or if you plan to do all the cutting by hand rather than buy a machine. Also, get a couple of vinyl squeegees to apply the laminate firmly.

u/GOpencyprep · 1 pointr/sticker

As others have stated, a lot of artists use shipping labels / USPS labels etc. I personally don't because they aren't large enough for me, I prefer regular ol Avery brand 8x11" sticker paper - but I the USPS ones are free if budget is an issue. And USPS labels are def part of the culture, if that's your thing.

I prefer to hand draw onto sticker paper using markers

u/dreamisle · 2 pointsr/sticker

Yes, very much this. I have his recent book as well, which features a lot of awesome quotes and samples of his work.

u/starssand · 1 pointr/sticker

No problem! You can definitely self-print with sticker paper and cutting them out yourself with some scissors. Or you can draw on sticker labels that are pre-cut into rectangles already. With packing tape, you can make clear stickers, too! Here's a tutorial. Hope all goes well with your sticker adventure!

u/ScarletJBun · 1 pointr/sticker

Hey thanks for replying! So I’ve tried about 3 vinyl paper in which all three harbor the same results, “Cricut Vinyl Paper”, PPD Inkjet Glossy Creative Vinyl Stickers , and Neato Blank White Full Sheet Printable Labels .
I’ve tried 2 laminates, XFasten and StyleTech

All can be found on amazon

u/FoxOctopus · 2 pointsr/sticker

If you just want stickers made online try “sticker” they have many custom options and materials. If you want shipping labels those are free on the usps website. If you want to make them at home look into getting a cricut or silhouette. Those are machines that cut out designs on anything from tissue paper to leather, and are pretty useful for making stickers. Drawback they are a couple hundred. This sticker maker is also pretty cool: Xyron XRN500EN 5 Inch Create-a-Sticker Machine (sorry for the url gore I’m on moblile) but you just draw or take a design and roll it through, now it’s a sticker

u/tripptofan · 1 pointr/sticker

Agreed. Laminating stickers printed with inkjet is a must. Use these. Get a squeegee to help apply to your sticker sheet before cutting.

As for what you print on: make sure they are weatherproof and compatible with your type of printer.

u/NAMegaFauna · 1 pointr/sticker

This paper is a-ok

but also use this or something like it. Spray multiple times if you're using a lot of ink.

edit: tl;dr: if you're using gloss or vinyl use acrylic coating.

u/JayMan522 · 3 pointsr/sticker

Please do. Everyone should know magnetic sheets