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u/dangersandwich · 1 pointr/tf2trade

Allow me to take the shotgun approach, seeing as how you didn't give us much information about what she likes:

If she likes anime: Totoro is pretty cool or something a little more 'traditional'. Maybe buy her an anime series box set.

If she likes jewelry: Stuff from here or here

If she likes art: This is a great book or perhaps some designer toys? Also, art prints are fantastic too, though you will have to buy the print and frame it (fragile).

If she likes music: Buy her an album that she doesn't own. If she is an audiophile and uses a record player, than buy it in the form of an LP if possible.

Also, it is October and she is in Germany (i.e. Oktoberfest), so if she likes beer then buy her a German stein or something similarly themed.

u/K1LL3R_XoX2 · 1 pointr/tf2trade

> The MP should be abadoned

I don't think the people playing within the thriving CoD 4 community are only playing it because they're waiting to play CoD 8.

It's a $20 game which has been on sale on Steam for $15 I think in the past.

Has your experience with CoD 4 been exclusively on the Xbox 360? The PC version and community is a bit different as there's tonnes of custom maps, clan servers, custom mods etc. I don't suppose it's shocking to you a fair amount of people still actively play CoD 1 / 2?

> If I would see someone IRL who sells somethink I think people don't want for a "high" price I would still offer something lower than that price.

You offered 1 refined for a fairly sought after game, not even the less-popular fire-sale priced games are sold for 1 refined. Even Portal 1 which was offered for FREE several times trades for more than 1 refined.

u/Aumanidol · 1 pointr/tf2trade

ahahah,I fear that I cannot buy it from outside europe due to delivery cost. it's this one wich is very expensive for Italy (not really sure about america,I see that your books cost way more than ours,even the same books cost more).
I need to get it in a paper format (the exam is open book...wich means:no book?gl) and in english,since the course is not in our native language (my professor is also one of the authors...) :/

I really thank you for offering help,you are a kind person :)

u/number_47 · 2 pointsr/tf2trade

These were my gifts to my sister last Christmas. She's an art teacher. (I don't need any tf2 items)

Space pens are awesome ($11):

LaCie iamakey v2 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive ($25 for 8gb / $40 for 16gb):

Swiss Tech UKCSB-1 Utili-Key 6-in-1 KeyChain MultiTool (can't take it on the plane due to the blade, but handy, compact, and only $7.50):

u/RedSquaree · 1 pointr/tf2trade

>29 up votes


gg 'community'.

  1. GIS and Crime Mapping. Sorry that I already seem like a boring bastard but I'm doing a PhD and this thing is like my bible.

  2. Mario Kart 64. The difference between the 2nd choice of Goldeneye is negligible!

  3. Hitler!
u/Novelty_Frog · 1 pointr/tf2trade

They're Nintendo's equivalent of Microsoft Points.