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u/MissPantyPrincess · 2 pointsr/usedpanties

♥ Contact me ♥ Panty drawer ♥ Panty album


I'm a 19 year old Korean girl that loves having fun in my bedroom ♥ My panties are size small, and I wear 32AA or 32A bras. I also enjoy wearing socks, stockings, and pantyhose!


Payment methods (most to least preferred): Google Wallet, SquareCash, Venmo, GiftRocket, Victoria's Secret Gift Card (120%), Amazon Gift Card (120%)

Email for Google Wallet, GiftRocket, and gift cards: [email protected]


This pair costs $40, which gets you:

♥ 3 day wear panties played in 5 times

♥ Free US shipping

♥ Vacuum sealing to preserve scent and taste

♥ Handwritten note

♥ Get access to 50 min worth of my videos and 20+ photosets for +$35 with your order!



♥ Physical Polaroid of picture of your choice (must order pictures with panties for this) (+$3/Polaroid)

♥ Upgrade to Priority Mail (+$5)

♥ Extra days of wear (+$5/day)

♥ Custom photos ($1.50/photo)

♥ Custom 1080p HD video ($6/min minimal sound)

♥ Custom video taken with phone ($5/min no sound) ($5.50/min minimal sound)

♥ Face in photos (+$10)

♥ Ask me for any other specific requests!


Outfits (to take pictures/videos in):

♥ Pink maid (+$10 flat)

♥ Bunny girl (+$10 flat)

u/RebeccaStilles69 · 1 pointr/redditamateurvids


All customs must be at least 10 minutes in length! <3 I film in 1080p and deliver videos via downloadable Dropbox link



Jerk off Instructions



Cum Eating Instructions

Forced bi

Ass Worship ♡

Cock Worship & Rating

Foot Fetish

Those are my favorites but I'm open to more!

  • $4/Minute- nude and natural (fingering, tit play, clit rubbing).

  • $5/Minute- nude with toys.

  • $6/Minute- With your name included

  • $7/Minute- light fetish, ATM, pee play

  • $8/Minute- ageplay(18+)

  • $9/Minute- several kinks and/or heavy scripting

  • $10/Minute- B/G watch me get fucked, taste cock and/or get creampied


    Costume Options

    Outfits and Lingerie



    Thigh Highs and Pantyhose

    High Heels and Shoes





    Vanilla Masturbation Videos


    B/G Videos


    Incest Roleplay Videos


    Fetish Videos


    Ass Videos


    Panty Videos


    Foot Videos



    Christmas present available in my wiki. My content daily and more info on ♡ r/RebeccaStilles69 ♡


    Google Wallet, Giftrocket, Bitcoin and Amazon
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Panties4Sale

Thanks for checking out my post! Nice to meet you, I'm Janie ;)

More pics of this pair...

I'm charging $35 for this pair. Preferred payment is Visa Gift Card or Amazon Gift Card sent to [email protected]

I pay for shipping and make sure it's discreet. Each package will contain the panties in a zip lock bag along with a personalized note from me!

Message me directly if you have specific requests or add ons, requests are accepted and priced on a case by case basis.

I am not responsible for any damaged goods resulting from the shipping process.

u/WrK_OG_PRIEST · 1 pointr/RocketLeagueExchange

you'd be going first either way since i'm a MM lol but you still have the capability to get your money back via paypal which is why i'd rather not take the risk based off your account.

for an amazon code, you can just go to the below link and enter the amount you want the code for. you'd be paying with a debit/credit card tho, not paypal...only do it if you want to tho