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u/MissPantyPrincess · 1 pointr/usedpanties

♥ Contact me ♥ Panty drawer


I'm a 19 year old Korean girl that loves having fun in my bedroom ♥ My panties are size small, and I wear 32AA or 32A bras. I also enjoy wearing socks, stockings, and pantyhose!


Payment methods (most to least preferred): Google Wallet, SquareCash, Venmo, GiftRocket, Victoria's Secret Gift Card (120%), Amazon Gift Card (120%)

Email for Google Wallet, GiftRocket, and gift cards: [email protected]


This package is $45; you will get:

♥ 2 day wear black lace panties played in 5 times

♥ Free US shipping

♥ Vacuum sealing to preserve scent and taste

♥ Handwritten note

♥ 10+ photoset with lots of fun play ♡

♥ Get access to 50 min worth of my videos and 20+ photosets for +$35 with your order!



♥ Physical Polaroid of picture of your choice (+$3/Polaroid)

♥ Upgrade to Priority Mail (+$5)

♥ Extra days of wear (+$5/day)

♥ Custom photos ($1.50/photo)

♥ Custom video ($5/min no sound)

♥ Face in photos (+$10)

♥ Ask me for any other specific requests!


Outfits (to take pictures/videos in):

♥ Pink maid (+$10 flat)

♥ Bunny girl (+$10 flat)

u/kittydeadpool · 1 pointr/usedpanties

|| 👁️‍🗨️ DM: here to purchase ||

🍦 These panties have3 day wear, multiple masturbation sessions and a 2 hour cardio class in them! I always dip mine inside me for extra scent, but trust me when I say these are STINKY, so good!

🍦 I'm told I taste like a cinnamon roll, and my scent is musty copper rose. I'm a trusted and verified seller who has sold dozens of panties to happy customers like you.


🍦 Price: $45 - includes:

  • Custom made art piece
  • Panties sealed in plastic, mailed in an envelope
  • Free shipping + online tracking/delivery estimate

    🍦 Payment Methods (click to open):

  • Square Cash (quickest direct payment, hassle free)
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Home Depot Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card
  • eGifter
  • Giftrocket


  • $0 - perfume | lotion | spit

  • $5 - pee | scat

  • $10 - extra masturbation session | workout session | vial of spit
  • $15 - red week (period) | vial of pee
  • $20 - extra day wear | vial of scat
  • $3 a piece - extra custom photos sans face


    💋 Kitty

    😽 /r/kittydeadpoolpanties to follow the panty trail! I have a lot of custom add ons, check the side bar.

u/indianajane44 · 1 pointr/usedpanties

Indiana Jane here, I just got back from another wild adventure. Me and my team have been under water in search of artifacts aboard a shipwreck that have been lost to the world for thousands of years. I would tell you what I found, but I do not want to encouraging looting. It is hard work, but man, is it worth it. Each day is a new adventure as I travel all over the world in search of artifacts and treasures begging to be discovered.

Speaking of treasures that beg to be discovered, I notice that my panties are by far the most soaking wet and sweaty out of every article of clothing on my body. Between the excitement I have for excavating the unknown and the rigorous activity I put my body through, my panties take most of the blow. I cannot keep carrying my little artifacts with me, they are weighing me down and I need you to relieve me of such stress so that I can travel lighter and quicker.

My base fee is $25.00 (including priority shipping) and if you are interested in special requests, I am fetish friendly to a certain extent and I would love to discuss your desires further.

Some of the things I am willing to do, upon request (for an additional charge), include:
Cummed-in wet panties:
Masturbation: $10
Vaginal Sex: $20
Run or exercise in my panties: $5/mile or $15/30 minutes of exercise
Urine-soaked panties: $25
> I accept payments through Amazon ecards through this link. Once I receive a payment from you, I will send out your own personal archaeological adventure within 1-2 business days. Along with your package I will send you a tracking number so you can trace the history of your package! You will be just like a real archaeologist, except instead of searching through the dirt to discover artifacts, all you have to do is open my package and discover the hidden gems inside. It is that easy!

u/RebeccaStilles69 · 1 pointr/usedpanties

Petite brunette here!(: I'm 20 years old, based in Seattle and get off to D/d roleplay, butt play, rough sex & so much more. I'm a pretty active girl and I love to cum, especially in my panties! Can't wait for you to be enjoying them.

Nude Thing W/Red Lace $30#

  • 10 picture HD photoset of me in your panties!!

  • Worn 2 days with my creamy juices

  • Free shipping & tracking (US only)

    My Dirty Used Panties#

  • $30 Each With 2 Days Wear

  • Details & Add-ons

  • Album


    I accept Google Wallet, Venmo, Giftrocket, Bitcoin and Amazon NO FEE FOR AMAZON Giftrocket takes a few days to deposit

    Just got my own subreddit up, please subscribe and check me out. I'll try to make it an equal mix of fun and work. Thanks<3

u/TheAussieSmell · 1 pointr/usedpanties

Available Payment Options in order of Preference; AU woolies e-gift card on the US ebay! (Use this method & get every picture I make for a week free, sent as a link via wetransfer) NOTE: I do not do nudes full stop. Bitcoin, AU Ebay e-gift card on the US ebay, AU Ebay Gift Card, AU amazon e-gift card, Bras N Things E-gift card, US Ebay E-gift card, US Amazon E-gift card, Victoria's Secret E-gift Card, Perfect Keto e-gift card, Steam Wallet Codes, Eshakti E-gift card, AUD preferred Payment = Wish E-gift card or an egiftcard of choice. There is an alternative payment method used for both national and international payments, please message me for details.


In the Process of getting IndieBill


Contacts; [email protected]

Kik: AussieScent

DMs & PMs open


What's included in Panties:

1 days wear

Picture of inner sole before sent out (unless you want a surprise).

At least one orgasm in it

Comes with very light wiping or no wiping


50% Add ons:

$5AUD/ 3.5USD each extra day (includes an extra orgasm) NO LIMIT

Gym session = $3AUD/ 2USD

Extra Orgasm = $3AUD/ 2USD


All new customers get a day's wear free


I have a loyalty program where after every 12th purchase a client gets a free pair of panties & regulars get a free pair on their birthday.

A regular is someone who has; bought 5 clothing items from me or more, OR 5, 30min or more kik sessions

u/asianpantygirl · 1 pointr/usedpanties


Please let me know what you are interested in and PM me.

Other items:

u/LunaVixen · 1 pointr/usedpanties

First time seller! Pop my panty selling cherry! < 3

24 year old, Amateur Pale Hispanic Female. 34B-34C "5'1" 100lbs. See more of me here. 3 Victoria's Secret pairs to choose from, one in a matching set with a bra. All are well worn and loved, washed for your choice of wear days.

$25 for two days wear

+$5 per extra wear day

+$5 Masturbation session < 3

Buy all three and I'll do each for a third day free of cost. ($75 for 3 panties with 3-day wear
Shipping through USPS, panties will be ziplocked and mailed in a discreet brown envelope.

Preferred Method of Payment: Amazon Gift Card

u/leeloospanties · 1 pointr/usedpanties

Every buyer will feel differently but you will have so many buyers requesting it that you might as well either provide it with all your panties or at least offer it as an add-on for a small fee. It doesn't hurt your sales to have it on hand at all! A lot of us use this awesome handheld that you can get for less than $10 on amazon. I can get the link if you're interested.

Edit: my bad, you asked what kind in the title. It's the Ziploc Vacuum Starter Kit.

u/maritzarose · 1 pointr/usedpanties

Price: $40


Order Includes:


¥ Custom letter:


¥ Panties sealed in Ziploc baggie, mailed in discreet envelope


¥ Free shipping



Payment Methods (click to open):


¥ [Amazon] (, (Email to: [email protected])


¥ [Amazon] (, (Email to: [email protected])


¥ [Squarecash] ($MaritzaRose69)





¥ $0 - perfume | lotion | spit


¥ $5 - pee | scat


¥ $10 - masturbation session | workout session | vial of spit


¥ $15 - video | vial of pee


¥ $20 - extra day wear


¥ $2 a piece - extra custom photos sans face


Additional add-ons are always considered.

u/bubblesqueen · 3 pointsr/usedpanties

Price: $35 includes 48 hours wear, minimum 4 play sessions and 1 workout sessions.

Your package includes:

  • A pair of panties sealed in a Ziplock bag
  • A handwritten message with your username on it and panties next to it
  • 4 Pictures
  • Packed and shipped discreetly


  • $5 per Additional Day
  • $5 Pee No Wipe (Per Day)
  • $5 Extra Orgasm
  • $5 Extra Workout
  • $20 for 10 Pictures with only Panties and Bra on (No face)
  • $10 Brand my Ass with a Sharpie (You can use your username or real name)

    Ask me about any other extras! I am Fetish friendly.


    Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin, Circle Pay, Square Cash, Amazon Gift Card (+5 USD), or Credit Card via Delivery Code

    [PM ME to Buy or Customize a Pair]