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Best Maid Dill Juice
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9 Reddit comments about Best Maid Dill Juice:

u/LadyMO · 22 pointsr/DiWHY

I too am a lover of pickle juice. And it's possible to buy just the juice! The Single servings are pretty solid, but there is also a Gallon Jug option.

I got hooked on it after using it as a poor kids solution for nighttime leg cramps from sports. I still prefer it to most real electrolyte solutions after exercise (I know it usually only has sodium salt, but the "balanced" salt supplements taste awful).

u/SirynCodex · 8 pointsr/fasting

You would probably be better off just continuing the water fast and forgoing the bone broth. It could certainly make you hungrier, and its primary benefit is usually that it helps some people get through the early days, which you've already bypassed (and those are generally considered to be the hardest where hunger pangs are concerned.)

Also speaking from personal experience, I tried adding 2 cups of bone broth to my 10 day water fast after experiencing a few days of very low energy, and I had a very bad reaction to it (intense nausea, belching, and dry retching / vomiting). I mentioned it here, and the suggestion from a few folks was that the sudden influx of sodium had probably triggered it.

If you'd like to supplement electrolytes, here are some recommendations:

For sodium, Celtic Sea Salt on dissolved on the tongue or small sips of Pickle Juice. For potassium, NoSalt has a good amount per serving and can be mixed with water and taken as a shot. Magnesium can be supplemented in pill form, a lotion/spray, or by soaking your feet in Epsom Salt. These will all be most beneficial on a longer fast, although I find that supplementing sodium starting on Day 2 of my own fasts has made me feel better (less brain fog and dizziness, improved mood). As for the most beneficial amount, a general recommendation - provided on the Fasting Talk podcast - was discussed here.


u/Zombies_Are_Dead · 5 pointsr/Cooking

Actually pickle juice is used in the Southern US quite often as a rehydrating drink. You can even buy just the juice. There's energy drinks and even frozen treats that are dill pickle juice based.

u/nosheepnosleep · 4 pointsr/transgendercirclejerk
u/humanbeing2018 · 2 pointsr/fasting

yeah pickle juice for the win. I've ordered

Dilute it 1 oz in sparkling water 1:10 ratio and its like a treat for me :)

u/rap31264 · 1 pointr/texas
u/dumasymptote · 1 pointr/swoleacceptance

You could try this brother.