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u/cadillo · 10 pointsr/opieandanthony

Off the top of my head:

  • He stipulated in his first contract that he would only be working 4 days weekly. He hides that fact until after he gets to Sirius, then announces it as if it's some organic Monday-Thursday trial run.

  • He promised his listeners Howard 101 would be a well-defined part of the enterprise staffed by radio professionals. It is currently staffed by semi-homeless people literally working for $200 per week.

  • Howard airbrushed Artie out of the show like Stalin. Years later, he finally claims that the reason Artie isn't back is because Sirius cut him out of the budget. (Not mentioning the fact that Sirius downsized Howard's worthless show and Artie's lousy $200k a year is now in Howard's pocket).

  • Howard built his empire on sexist, racist and homophobic humor. In the last 5-7 years, it's been completely removed from the show. The entire empire is now sanitized in a new political correctness, GLAAD-style.

  • His daughter released an album produced with his money and using the Stern Show's audio engineer, Scott Salem. Stern fans revolt, spamming every Howard-channel show with mentions of his daughter's single, "ZOOZAZOO" (ala Baba Booey mentions of the past). The channel never acknowledges why they have to censor the calls, they just pretend it isn't happening.

  • The show is now conducted in a lightless, musty, impenetrable cavern completely untouched by the outside world. In Sternland, it's still 1996. He's still the King of All Media and just as big as ever.

  • Last year, show's would commonly start with an unironic invocation of the phrase, "Oh, Robin, everyone is a buzz about last night's AGT." I shit you not.

    Recent one that no one noticed:

  • Howard did weeks of radio pretending that he was in a negotiation saga for a second year of AGT. Howie Mandell then appeared on the show and revealed that there was no negotiation: he had signed for 2 years up-front and pretended that NBC was pursuing him for a 2nd season.

    I could keep typing, but I've laundry-listed my grievances too many times.

    O&A fans have no idea how good they have it. There's no competition anymore.
u/Gregsbouch · 9 pointsr/howardstern

Emily, the oldest. She released a bizarre spoken word album recently. That is where Zoo za Zoo comes from. She writes for some super religious spiritual Jewish blog now.

Here you can buy her album.

Edit: the album was mixed by....SCOTT!!! the engineer

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/howardstern

Howard's daughter Emily recorded a really bad album called Birth Day it was recorded by Scott the Engineer.

This comment/review is great

Zoo Za Zoo was one of the songs on there, Howard would dump out any reference people made to it but some people got through on the Wrap Up Show about it.

The only good thing to come out of it was this remix someone made on YouTube

u/freedomrang · 1 pointr/opieandanthony

Listen to clips of Emily's album here. Fucking atrocious.

u/bomi3ster · 0 pointsr/howardstern

You disingenuous fuck. Emily Stern is STILL attempting to sell this shitshow of a CD.