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BLACK+DECKER BM3B Fully Automatic 6V/12V Battery Charger/Maintainer with Cable Clamps and O-Ring Terminals
Charges and maintains 12 volt and 6 volt AGM, GEL and WET batteriesEasy connection to vehicle battery using battery clips and O-ring terminalsStops charging automatically when battery is fully charged or topped off, switching to float mode monitoringBuilt-in circuit protection guards against overcharging, reverse polarity, or short circuit; ETL certified for performance and safetyMounting bracket built-in to charger for convenient placementAC Low voltage compensation ensures maximum performance when used with an extension cord
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16 Reddit comments about BLACK+DECKER BM3B Fully Automatic 6V/12V Battery Charger/Maintainer with Cable Clamps and O-Ring Terminals:

u/NoradIV · 16 pointsr/askcarguys

Yep. These devices are made for that application.

If you store your car outdoor, I'd recommend getting a car cover similar to this (get one that fit your car), which will reduce paint damage from UV exposure. I also put the car on a tarp to reduce rust under it (I live in Canada, this is good for winter especially).

If you live in an area where it can go below freezing, leave your fuel tank completely full.

Fuel stabilizer is a good idea, but not necessary for 5 months.

If you want, you can also over inflate your tires to prevent them from flat spotting. Again, this is not necessary, more like the cherry on top.


So, to summarize, get a battery maintainer and a tarp if outdoor. Change the oil when you come back. If you stay for like 6 months, then leave the oil in the car when you leave and change when you are about to drive it.

u/randolf_carter · 3 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

You would still need to plug the charger into an AC outlet. This is one I own that has an adapter for the accessory port.

Theres probably other ones that have Lithium batteries that could be used to charge it instead if you park your car far away from an outlet.

u/Shnifty · 3 pointsr/RX8

Don't listen to this guy. WTF? If the battery is getting drained that has nothing to do with compression. The most likely scenario is an alternator issue. A brand new battery will work great until it gets drained and then it will stop working. What I would do is buy a $20 trickle charger and leave it on the battery. If it continues to start fine, it's because you're keeping it charged with the charger and that would imply that your alternator isn't charging your battery. I have had similar issues when not driving mine for a while because the battery will slowly drain over time from the onboard computer and alarm. My alternator works though so i just use the charger when I'm not driving mine.

This is what I bought and it works great:

Seriously dude... why would this guy start saying scary things about compression when that has literally nothing to do with a constantly draining battery?

Edit: I missed the part about it not starting again even while jumping it. This is possibly because of flooding. If you don't let rotary engines warm up all of the way, they can flood. Best way to avoid this would be to leave the car running until it the temp gauge gets to the middle where it is straight up and down. I still think you main problem is the alternator though.

Another question I have is whether or not the engine is turning over or if your starter is going bad.

u/terminal_veracity · 2 pointsr/CPAP

I use a 35ah deep cycle SLA battery like this one:

SLA doesn't require any venting and works fine even upside down. They can also be left trickle charging forever, which makes a great backup if the power ever goes out. I get 3-4 nights at 14/18 on BiPAP without the humidifier. Humidifiers can be used, but it more than doubles the discharge rate. I still hook up the humidifier, but I leave it set at zero. This gives a bit of passive humidity. Your trolling motor box is fine. I use a toolbox with some plastic glued in to keep the battery in position. All the wiring can go inside (just like your trolling box), with a 12v cigarette adapter on the outside. This makes for a compact unit.

A voltmeter on the outside is really handy to know how much juice you have left. Also, I leave it charging all the time, so the voltmeter lets me know that everything is 100% ready. This one I picked up has USB too:

I use this cheap charger (The "Battery Tender" ones are recommended, just a bit more expensive):

The total cost was under $125 (plus a DC to DC adapter, which it sounds like you don't need).

Shoot me a message if you need a hand getting setup.

edit: here's some pics

Here's some good, firsthand info:

Choosing a Battery

A sample of other components

How long will a battery last with/without humidifier?

u/lostsheik · 2 pointsr/solar

I have just put together a system for a remote barn on my property. It may be overkill for what you are trying to accomplish, but thought it might help.

u/FacE3ater · 2 pointsr/scooter

I got my '15 PCX new in early 16 for around $3000 (if I remember correctly) + extra to build it and shipping fee. I think the build fee was like $100-$200 and another $100 for "shipping" it to the dealer. I think your getting an average deal.

Make sure the helmet you get is Snell certified. From what I remember the Snell cert is higher than the DOT cert. If this is your first helmet and you don't know what your doing, have the dealer fit you for a helmet. Its very important that it fits properly or it wont be as effective in an accident. When I got my PCX I got an HJC helmet from the dealer since I had no idea how to size one correctly. They are very nice helmets.

As far as bluetooth, make sure you read local laws. Some places make it illegal to use headphones while riding. Also, if your a new rider I would suggest not using them for a while and concentrate on the road.

As far as other stuff to buy, I would suggest a good jacket with pads and good padded gloves. If you hit the ground, you will be happy you had them.

Before winter, get yourself a small battery tender to maintain the battery while its in storage. If not, you may be buying batteries every year. My step dad has a Harley, never puts a tender on it over winter and wonders why he needs a new $125 battery every year. I got this one and it works great:

u/SaltFishin34 · 2 pointsr/kayakfishing

Sweet, no problem. Hopefully that works well for you. If you need charger recommendations, I got a 12v black and decker charger/maintainer off amazon for about $25. I hook it up to my battery after every outing and it has worked well for 6 months.

Edit: It’s $14 on Amazon right now, and $15 at Walmart

u/BimmyLee27 · 2 pointsr/scooters

Just kickstart it and ride around for a while. Order a battery charger, they're cheap.

BLACK+DECKER BM3B 6V and 12V Automatic Battery Charger / Maintainer

u/Devchonachko · 1 pointr/Harley

You're good on the kickstand, just roll the bike forward a few inches every few weeks so the tires are not always resting on the same spot all winter. Also, you can pick [this Black and Decker] ( tickle charger up for $20. If you don't have the $23 to spend to get a trickle charger, well you mentioned Christmas gifts. Ask for one and wait another 25 days.

u/DEVOmay97 · 1 pointr/Cartalk

First off, whoever said there isn't a drain on the battery could easily be wrong. Cold temps dont drain batteries, it just reduces the battery's potential output current. A cold battery cant put out as many amps as an equally charged warm battery. If there is a drain it can be really hard to find, you basically need to monitor the drain on the battery while disconnecting one thing at a time to see what makes the drain on the battery drop down to where it should be. Try turning on the headlights for a few minutes before trying to start the car, if the problem is that the battery is too cold to push the amperage you need to start, that might warm the battery up enough to start the car.

if the headlight trick doesn't cut it, you might want to get a battery charger, it will continuously trickle-charge the battery so it stays fully charged throughout the winter. I would ultimately recommend that you find someone who knows how to diagnose battery drains, but this could be a decent way to handle things in the meantime.

here's a cheap one I found on Amazon

u/IllRememberThisUser · 1 pointr/AskElectronics

I have a couple of these but was looking for something more "integrated" or internal to a project box.

u/ChunkyLug · 1 pointr/Harley

First, check to make sure the battery connection is tight; second, check to make sure battery has a charge; lastly, do you have fuel? When the bike is parked, keep it on a trickle charger. Attach a pigtail to your battery so you hook it up easily when you get home every night. If you're getting a click-click-click when trying to turn it over, it's probably the battery. I bought this trickle charger a while back and haven't been sorry at all. It also comes with a pigtail. Good luck.

u/EorEquis · 1 pointr/astrophotography

IMO, any and all of the "power stations" are overpriced.

It's just a the case of most of the "power stations", it's not even a very good one for its task.

You could :

Find a 35Ah (twice the capacity) deep cycle (superior technology for what you're using it for) battery for about $30

Buy a nice red LED flashlight for $5-$10

Throw together a power distribution panel with whatever types of plugs you like for $20-$30 or so.

Finally, for our purposes, any reasonable 12V battery charger will do.

Now you've got twice the capacity, all the same gadgets, customized hookups that suit your needs, and you've spent $50 less. :)

u/silverfox762 · 1 pointr/Harley

If the bike is going to sit for months at a time, get a tender, but you should be able to find a good one for $20 USD or so. They all charge the battery the same way to the same 12V+ level, no matter what brand. I bought one from Black and Decker for $20 USD since I now have two bikes and one sits for longish periods.

u/wolfcry0 · 1 pointr/audio

THD is total harmonic distortion, basically if it's over a certain point it begins to affect the sound quality.

The easiest option for power is a standard lead acid battery, they're a bit heavy and large but are also safe and cheap.

Here's an example.

And because they are standard you could use a small car charger to charge it up like this one.