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Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip - Jungle-Stripe Lounge
Lounge, jungle print designed cat scratcherCorrugated scratching surfaceHelps protect furniture from claw damageCatnip included17.5 L inches
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12 Reddit comments about Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip - Jungle-Stripe Lounge:

u/Whatamensch · 39 pointsr/HumansBeingBros

Might be this?
Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip - Jungle-Stripe Lounge

u/FosterKittenMama · 20 pointsr/bulletjournal

Oh! Oh! If you can't tell by my username, I can help here!

First of all, based on the $85 fee I'm assuming you're adopting adult cats? Thank you so much! Adult cats take forever to find their furever homes. If they're kittens THANK YOU for adopting them in pairs! It's more important than most people think! But no matter what, the one time fee means that you're choosing to adopt instead of supporting a breeder. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this! I foster kittens that are constantly coming and going, so I've gotten a pretty good list of cheap things that work well. Sorry in advance for the wall of text. If you need ANY help at all when it comes to anything cat related, please ask!

  • Food - Make sure you give them whatever the shelter gives them even if you plan on transitioning. It's important that you do it slowly. Here is a good article about how to do it. I highly recommend not going cheap here. If you spend money on one thing, a good diet is where to spend it on! I recommend grain free and/or limited ingredient diets, but I'm not a vet so I'd talk to yours about specifics.
    • Food bowl: You wouldn't think a little bowl would be so damn expensive, but it is. I have a dozen or so of these bowls for the kittens since I use many at a time, but I'd recommend starting out with 4 and see how you do there. Basically have 4 bowls (two to give to each cat for food, and an extra 2 for when the dirty bowls are in the wash). Almost any bowl will work, including the ones you have, but if you were thinking of buying one of those $73.12 bowls because you think your cat needs it and it has a silicone bottom, don't. They're a huge waste of money.
  • Litter/box: Skip all the weird stuff/scents to put in your litter box to get rid of the smell. Just get unscented litter and baking soda. Sprinkle the baking soda on the bottom of the box, fill half your litter, sprinkle some more, fill the rest of your litter. You will also want 2 litter boxes at a minimum. The general rule of thumb is a box per cat + an extra one. As for litter box, I love this one, and here looks like a cheaper and similar version. As for litter, I HIGHLY recommend clumping because non clumping is a nightmare (we need to use it for very small kittens since they can ingest the clumping and it can hurt them). I use petco's bulk litter and love it. If you have one near you, you can pick up a big bin and refill it as needed for a lower price. Here is the big bag of it, but I think a refill on a 30lb thing is 10 dollars?
  • Scratcher: Cats need to scratch, and they'll do it if you provide them with a scratcher or if you provide them with your own furniture. I would recommend at least one of these for each cat, plus maybe a couple extra depending on how big your home is. I have these everywhere because of of my kitties loves using them as beds. Soft fluffy stuff? Not a chance. Hard cardboard? Now we're talking! He's weird, and one of your beauties may be too. This is the best value one I could find, but really any of them would work. I also like this one because it's bed shaped-ish so they can also lay in it.
  • Vet care: Every year you'll need to get vaccines and preferably a checkup for each one of your cats. I know petco recently started doing a clinic day where they JUST the vaccines for something like 40 bucks or something, but that doesn't come with a checkup which I would recommend. I would ask your shelter about low cost vet clinics in your area, I'm sure they would know! I can't find a link where you can put in your zip code and get a list or I would link it :(
  • Toys: This is probably the easiest category to overspend in so don't. There's a lot of fancy looking toys that are great, but your cat gets bored of them quickly and even the best ones will get destroyed. I highly recommend buying a few kinds of cheap toys and seeing what your cat likes. Then regularly replacing them so it's new and shiny! For toys that'll fit in a bag, I like to have a catnip bag that I put some catnip in with the toys. Every so often I'll take toys out of the bag and the cats lose their minds. If after they get bored they're still in good condition - back in the bag they go!
    • Sparkle balls: These become choking hazards really quick, but cats LOVE THEM. I just bought these and they seem to be holding up well. Just like the food, I wouldn't recommend going cheap on them. The good news though is that even the good ones are still pretty cheap! Your local pet store will usually have good quality ones of these as well. Just don't get those "100 sparkle balls for 2 dollars!" off amazon.
    • Multipack: I LOVE this pack because it has a little bit of everything to see what kitty likes. The only downside is that the tunnel is pretty small. That's perfect for my foster kittens, but not so much for an adult cat. If you get it and the tunnel is too small, donate it to your shelter! Something like this also gives you a cheap way to stock up on a variety of toys.
    • Cat Dancer: I buy these in bulk they're so amazing. The link I'm giving you currently has the price of $4.20, but on November 2nd another seller will have them back at stock for 2 bucks each. I wouldn't buy them at 4 dollars, but at 2 they're a steal. The company also has a thing where you can hook them onto your wall and cats will play with it while you're gone. I bought it but haven't set it up yet. Another thing I LOVE about this is that you can wrap them around something.
    • Fishing pole toy: I call all of these kinds of toys a fishing pole toy. It's essentially a stick with something dangling from it. Cats go CRAZY for them and this is a good and cheap one. I also stick the pole part in couch cushions or between the bed and box spring so it's dangling.
  • Cat tower: Honestly, some cats love them, some cats don't. I would eventually get a cat tower (at least one), but don't let it stop you from adopting! Your local pet store will have tons, but I've seen some very happy people who got a massive crazy one for cheap off amazon. I have 4 (3 for my cats, one for the kitten room) that all get very loved but I honestly have no idea where I got them from or I'd link it to you!
u/CannonballAdderley · 3 pointsr/RandomKindness

My girlfriend and I have three kittens. We are unemployed, disabled, and neither of our financial aid disbursements have arrived. Our cats are destroying all of our furniture for we have been unable to replace their scratching box for months. Thanks for the offer, I hope this might apply.

u/MrsSmartyPants · 3 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

I’ve been watching a lot of “my cat from hell” on YouTube for tips - so? Anyway, I bought him these exact 3 things 🙂 he really REALLY likes the scratcher lounge so that’s why I bought the 2nd cheaper one to place on the other side of the room.

FEANDREA Cat Tree, Cat Tower,...

isYoung Cat Scratcher Lounge...

Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip...

u/atllauren · 2 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

You got some good responses already, but let me add in that going younger (but not necessarily a kitten) will be better if you're worried about leaving the cat home all day. An older cat might be more set in its ways and more difficult to acclimate to that lifestyle, meaning it may be more likely to scratch, pee outside of the litter box, or otherwise revolt.

A younger cat you'll be able to raise around your schedule so it can get used to that without any major headaches.

If you get the cat used to being home alone and free eating (as in, you fill the food bowl and it manages to eat when hungry and not eat the entire bowl because it is there) you'll have some flexibility should you need to go out of town. I feel comfortable leaving my cat alone for 3-4 nights because she'll have plenty of food and is pretty chill by herself.

Before you spend the money (and they are expensive) on a carpet cat tower, try the cardboard scratchers. My cat goes apeshit for these things, and she never touched ONE of the expensive scratching posts I bought her. She used to scratch my furniture -- taking one sofa down to the wooden frame. I found this scratcher
at TJ Maxx for $6.99 and later cheaper on Amazon. They take up a lot less room than the towers, and has been the only thing that saved my furniture.

Also, if scratching becomes an issue on your furniture, Soft Claws are one of the greatest inventions ever. They are little silicone caps that fit over the cat's nails and don't interfere with anything they do. Before I got the cardboard thing, those would prevent damage to my furniture even though cat still went through the motions of scratching. Also, they have fun colors and I get to make her nails red & black during football season. :)

u/hannaHananaB · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Either this or this would be great for my kitty. I really need to break him of his scratching our furniture.

u/spencmm · 1 pointr/Gunpla

Screw it I'm going to try a couple of these cat scratching things. Less of a ball ache than cutting all that cardboard down to fit and even trying to glue it. The catnip comes in a separate baggie so I'll just toss that. I'll post something if it's any good

u/do_you_realise · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

Thanks for the reply. For horizontal scratchers we've been trying to get her to use doormats that we've already got throughout the house. She seemed happy to scratch them, and we've already got them, so I figured let's try to convince her to use those rather than buy another piece of cat furniture which she might never look at (like the scratching post)

The issue just seems to be the differentiation; she just wants to scratch wherever she's currently standing, regardless of whether it's a "good" or "bad" place to scratch.

By cardboard ones do you mean something like this?

u/glass_tangerine · 1 pointr/cats

Omg she's beautiful. Never seen a kitty quite like that.

If you care about your furniture get scratching posts or cardboard cat scratchers.

That's a cheap one from amazon.

If she scratches something show her the scratcher and scratch it yourself a few times.

Also cats hate the feel of tin foil so tape it anywhere she starts scratching to break the habit.

A lot of cats respond well to high perches. It let's them feel safe because they see everything going on. If you sense agression or mistrust, make more perches.

u/NoLockedThreadsBot · 1 pointr/NoLockedThreads

Original post: I was in tehran(capital of iran) and saw this in front of a coffee shop. The waiter explained: “ we tried to take him home with us but he would just escape and come back here so we made him a little bed and give him food and water daily and when it’s cold he’ll just sleep inside the shop”


Author: Kasia_Kalon Body: Awww they gave him a little scratching post too. He probably considers the coffee shop his home and that's why he always goes back. No place like home!

Author: gorcorps Body: We have the same scratcher (we call it the kitty couch) and they LOVE it. It gets teared to shreds, slept on, then replaced so it can start all over again.

Author: ReleaseTheKraken72 Body: We have the same one too! Out of all their scratching posts, this is by far their most favourite they have ever had!!

Author: RedcoatsWife Body: Can I have the name of said scratching post please? I need a good one so bad for my very weird, picky cat.

Author: Whatamensch Body: Might be this? Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip - Jungle-Stripe Lounge

Author: MaritMonkey Body: My cat's mostly grown out of scratching stuff, but at one point we were going through those things weekly so we started cutting ~2" strips of cardboard and gluing them together into a plank (like this). If I had it around I'd sprinkle catnip between the "boards." If you also suffer from an overabundance of spare cardboard in your life, this could be a budget solution. :D

Author: TrimiPejes Body: On a sidenote, how is Teheran? Always wanted to visit

Author: krkzrm Body: I was actually worried about visiting but it was actually pretty great. It’s really big and populated and it can be kinda confusing and the transportation system is not the best but it was a good experience overall

Author: TrimiPejes Body: Thx bro

Author: LlamaramaDingdong86 Body: Are foreign women required to wear a hijab or can I go bare haired?

Author: Seskapill Body: Women must cover their hair while outdoors, but it's not extreme like in SA, you can leave some hair out of the front (see these for example)

Author: LlamaramaDingdong86 Body: Thanks for the good answer with pictures.

Author: MM__21 Body: Actually those examples are not exactly accurate. You have a high chance of getting arrested if you show that much hair. Maybe like an inch or three. Either way, you should still go! Amazing food and places to see. Edit: Some people have pointed out it is fine, so wear it how you want I guess. But people I know usually cover most of their hair when they visit to avoid getting in trouble. Edit #2: Looks like things have changed from how I remember it, so you probably wont get arrested.

Author: LlamaramaDingdong86 Body: Based on travel shows like No Reservations, it seems we all have more in common than media and government leads us to think. The common people of any given country are more alike and peaceful towards each other than their political leaders. I have dreams of making enough money to travel to very far away places like Iran. One day.

Author: samdavi Body: They’re waaay more lenient on foreign women than Iranian women. The pictures are pretty accurate.

Author: Tark1nn Body: french but talks about women's role in Iran, definitely not what we think it is.

Author: alikh1010 Body: It’s crowdy, big and beautiful. I live in Tehran so ask me if you need any information.

Author: pedoreus Body: Salam azizam.

Author: Oirammario12345 Body: Azizam salam

Author: krkzrm Body: Doset darm asheqetam vasalam

Author: pedoreus Body: Man ye irani hastam vali to soed. Teheran Che khabar?


u/valiantdistraction · 1 pointr/ragdolls

I used one of those pheromone collar things with my cat when I brought him home and I think it helped. I got him as an adult (~2.5ish years old) from a rescue and the people there swear by them, and I figure they'd know since they have cats coming and going all the time. He cried in the carrier in the car, but he always does that.

I highly recommend Tidy Cats Breeze litter system. It is much easier to deal with than clumping litter, imo. I fill it with two bags of the pellets and replace roughly once a year. I get little dog poop type bags to scoop the poop into (I do it every day/every other day - I know people who go a week but my cat screams at me if I don't keep it clean) and put the pee pad in (I change 1x/week and I sprinkle Tidy Cats litter deodorizer across the new one). I also move the pellets around and wipe down the litterbox interior with clorox wipes and spray the pellets with Nature's Miracle. You can also wash the pellets in bleach water and put them back in rather than buying new but that sounds like too much work for me. I don't know how switching over would go because my cat just used it straight away.

My cat loves toys like this:
He also likes little balls, especially if they're those ones with the kind of... hollow bits... so he can pick them up with his teeth and carry them.
Also, he is WAY more into carrying his toys into whatever room I'm in than any of my previous cats. He wants himself and all his things with me all the time. He will pull all his toys out of his toy bucket and carry them into my bedroom and put them right on top of me when I'm asleep. (He also has never used a pet bed and just sleeps either in my bed or in the armchair in my office or on the couch, depending on where I am. He likes to just hang out by me most of the time, even when he's asleep.)

I have a steel comb and a metal slicker brush for grooming. I don't use the furminator because it cuts his fur... it DOES completely eliminate hairballs, but it gives his coat this weird jagged appearance and tbh if I was that into completely eliminated hairballs, I'd trim his fur shorter with an electric trimmer (when he came from the rescue it was like that) so it was all even and nice. But regular brushing and combing and a periodic shower keeps him nice and we only get hairballs when the season changes into summer. My cat sheds A LOT and I have to do a light brush every day or two and a more thorough one weekly, especially in his armpits to keep the fur from matting. I also use small grooming scissors to trim his interior thigh and butt area because he can get "danglies" if I don't, and imo the fur smells a little funky in that area if it isn't short enough to be out of the way of his business.

I bathe him every several months - idk what would work best for your cat but for us I just bring him in the shower with me, wash and rinse him, wash and rinse me, turn the shower off and wring out as much as possible, wrap him in a towel and hold him like that for a while to absorb the water, then blow-dry. It's not too bad. He cries and tries to escape but he doesn't try that hard, and he looks so nice afterwards. He doesn't watch me shower like a lot of cats do but it's very clearly because he's worried he'll be washed, lol. I don't let him in the bathroom when I'm using it because it's creepy to have him staring but he usually waits right outside the door.

For whatever reason, this is my cat's favorite style of scratcher:
I've tried many others but he basically only wants this one.