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Datrex Emergency Survival 2400 Calorie Food Ration Bar, 12 Bars
Pack contains Twelve 200 kCal bars5 year Shelf LifeApproved by U.S. Coast Guard
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4 Reddit comments about Datrex Emergency Survival 2400 Calorie Food Ration Bar, 12 Bars:

u/TehRealBabadook · 71 pointsr/Survival

putting a shitty first aid kit in this isn't going to do anything other than take up space. when you are designing a first aid kit, think about what you are going to use that kit for. In what circumstance are you going to need a first aid kit that is sealed in a water resistant container? Probably not in a vehicle because you can take your damn self to the hospital if you need to. But what if you cant? Now If you think the every day risk of serious injury is too great to not have a decent first aid kit, then I'll be the first to tell you that you will be just fine throwing an IFAK in a nylon pouch under your driver's seat and securing it with some rubber bands so it stays put until you need it. If you think you will need first aid supplies for more than one person just build an aid bag with an old back pack and throw that in the back and secure it in place with hook and loop fasteners or paracord. If you DON'T need that serious of a first aid kit, just put some band aids, neosporin, and a pair of tweezers and a bit of duck tape in a ziplock bag and throw it in your glove box. TLDR: using this box for first aid is dumb.


For your neat little survival box:

fishing line (can be used for more than just fishing)

more fishing supplies

survivial blanket(s)

emergency rations. (Below are two brands that I have had success with.)

- Ultimate Survival Emergency food rations

- Datrex emergency survival rations

water purification/Emergency water supplies. (datrex makes some that have a good shelf life)

a GOOD fixed blade knife that can take a beating

Signal mirror/signal flares

Things to start a fire effectively and efficiently (dont just put matches in it. put matches AND a lighter AND some wax coated cotton balls AND OOOO steel wool and a 9v battery. Always have a backup for fire.)

100 feet of paracord

A good, high quality, sturdy multi-tool

maybe a cigar if you are into that sort of thing.


Edit: whoa holy hell I got silver for this?! thank you. Being in the infantry has taught me a lot of valuable skills. If anyone wants to pick my tiny 11Bravo brain for knowledge, just let me know.

u/rlconkl · 10 pointsr/PostCollapse

Great start! Feel free to x-post to /r/bugout, as they'll have some more suggestions. Here are my thoughts:

  • I agree with gittenlucky: if the first-aid kit is mostly off-the-shelf, you may want to consider adding some pain killers, anti-diarrhea, and any prescription meds you might require. Some people also recommend iosat tabs, if you're concerned about nukes. If you're comfortable collecting and using them, also consider minor surgical gear, antibiotics, etc. Maybe some sun/bug protection? If you're walking, moleskin and foot powder?

  • Although I noticed you have at least one pull-top food can, the P-38 can opener is lighter and surprisingly effective. If you're interested in lightening the load, they're available cheaply. Lighter than carrying cans, you might alternatively consider a stack of Datrex bars.

  • While the candles might be romantic on a calm day, I'd swap them out for a flashlight, head light, or a pack of chemical glow lights. Each stick lasts about 8 hours and is pretty bright.

  • Have you considered any defensive items, even if it's as benign as pepper spray?

u/revmachine21 · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife


  • Construction hard hat

  • Purse / wallet

  • Prescription medications

  • Baofeng short range radio

    Emergency supply hand held bag

  • Smoke hood

  • Plastic plate (2)

  • Chopsticks

  • Silverware, plastic and metal

  • Street maps

  • T-shirt (1)

  • Pants (1)

  • Socks (1)

  • Underwear (1)

  • Rain jacket

  • Plastic poncho

  • Emergency blanket

  • Solar smartphone-charging weather radio & flashlight (

  • Toothbrush

  • Matches

  • Spare prescription glasses

  • Headphones

  • Pocket knife

  • Toilet paper

  • Feminine hygiene products

  • Fire starter

  • Spare laptop charger

  • Spare micro-sim charger

  • Spare lightening plug charger

  • Saran wrap

  • Water purifying kit (

    Emergency supply bum-bag

  • 3 days water (

  • 3 days food (

  • Compass

  • Pencil

  • Pen

  • Pad of paper

  • Waterproof matches

  • Exacto knife

  • Mirror

  • Iodized salt packet

  • Earplugs

  • Can opener

  • Whistle

  • American Red Cross Blackout Buddy H20 by Eton

  • Emergency candles, set of 16

  • Safety gloves and towel

  • Toilet liner if water and sewage is out (3)

  • Dust mask (6)

  • Plastic bags

  • Eye mask

  • Razor blades

  • Safety pin

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • String

  • Cord

  • Wire

  • Fish hook and fishing line

    Medical kit, need to update my meds!

  • Absorbent cotton, pads, gauze for dressing

  • Bandaids in various sizes from large to small

  • Q-tips

  • Sterile swabs and wipes

  • Ibuprofen (1, expires Feb 2018)

  • Excedrin Migraine (1, expires Jan 2018)

  • Caffeine pills (1, expires Mar 2017)

  • Sleep aid (1, expires Mar 2018)

  • Benadryl (1, expires Jan 2017)

    Financial Documentation Grab-bag

  • Cash in various bills, coins, and cash equivalents including savings bonds and foreign currency

  • Postage stamps

  • All US non-DL IDs and membership cards

  • All credit cards, ATM cards, point cards, membership cards

  • All bank account ledger books

  • All passports current and expired

  • Identity confirmation documentation and instruments (ex. Yubikey)

  • Birth certificate

  • Social security card

  • Spare household keys

  • Blank checking account checks with ledgers

  • Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Nodes walking map

  • College transcript and diploma

  • Pension booklet and information

    Other Documentation

  • My Estate plan

  • 1 page technology break in document

  • Technical how-to for restoring online life without any equipment
u/actualtango · 3 pointsr/Goruck

Answer by number:

  1. Pants. I like Prana, others wear the Goruck brand, some wear the ones you get at Walmart (very similiar to Goruck Simple Pants).
  2. Gu Gels or Clif Shots, Starburst, some kind of crackers or Datrex emergency bars, candy bar, 5 hour energy. That's it.
  3. If you're less than 2 weeks out and don't have shoes sorted your feet are likely not going to enjoy this. Trail runners are popular with Hoka and Altra leading that pack. The Goruck MACV-1s are also very popular. I wear New Balance currently and have tested them on the road and trail both doing long rucks. Whatever you get I would wear it 100% of the time between now and your event and do some practice rucks.
  4. Just a very light rain jacket. You will not be cold for long.
  5. Bring pedialyte electrolyte powder and mix them when you get a longer break. You shouldn't need more than 2 for this event.