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Lincoln Shoe Wax Polish 3 Fl Oz (Black)
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u/_Cool-Breeze_ · 8 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

Lincoln polish is awesome, kiwi parade gloss if you can’t find Lincoln. Get a bag of cotton balls. Swirl the cotton ball around the tin of polish fast and the friction will melt the polish. Swirl the cotton ball on the boot leather in small little swirls and leave the polish on until it dries.

Take a fresh cotton ball and put a few drops of water on it. If water comes out when you squish it you’re using too much. Buff out the dried on polish until it shines. The first time you do a new pair of boots repeat this cycle 7 or 8 times to build up a good base. Every time after you will only need to do one cycle unless you get a really deep scuff.

Bonus points if you get some seal-a-shine and do a coat after. Fresh cotton ball with 7-10 drops on it per boot.

I used Corcoran boot because they only have a toe cap and heel cap to polish. The marauders are canvas on the sides and super comfy and breath well in hot weather.

Links for Lincoln polish and seal-a-shine:

u/Arsenault185 · 4 pointsr/Military

Dude, just all kinds of no. Giant rookie mistake, and I wish I could find the man who started this shit and punch his dick off.

Don't ever light your kiwi. Its counter productive. Its flammable because of the oil in it. The same oil that shines your boot. You want to know how to make them motherfuckers bling bling? I got you. I wish I had pictures, but I swear to Christ my old boots were shinier and more reflective than my low quarters. Holding my hand above my head I could count my fingers. Here we go.

First off ditch the lighter and get yourself a heat gun. Pick a brand, doesn't matter,

next, throw that busted ass polish out and get you some new shit, because you ruined it. This first part will take a couple hours, but is all prep work, and you only have to do it once. After that, its a quick shine and you're good to go.

Next, start cooking your boots. Hold that dragons ass close enough where you can feel it from the inside of your boot, but not so close you destroy the leather. Warm it up and glob some of that polish on there. Real thick. Cook it again. You'll see the boot suck that shit right in, and it will gray over.

Slap some more of that black tar heroin on there and cook it again.




Repeat until it seems like its taking forever to suck in. You'll know. That's the last time. Yo don't have to get to boot to suck it in.

Your base layer(s) is (are) done. Your leather is no saturated with polish making all future polish's easy.

With that last failed attempt to get the kiwi to suck in still fresh on the boot, now you add your polish layer. I prefer to use Lincoln parade wax for the shine after wasting the kiwi in the boot, but that's up to you.

Using a strip of newish (fresher the better, no so thread bare) white t-shirt (browns aren't soft enough), start polishing like you would normally. That is, little bit of wax in a thin-ish layer all over, then polish with some water in small tiny circles. Make sure to not just start polishing with a new cloth right off the bat. You want the cloth you're using to get progressively cleaner. If your cloth is too clean, youll just wipe wax off. Small circles all over a couple times, then shift the fabric. Repeat until your cloth is hardly stained, or you can shave with your boot, whichever comes first.

And if you really want to stick it in yore chief's craw, pick up a pair of Corcoran Marauders.

Easiest boot to shine, and man do they gleam.

u/reyswoo · 3 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

My shoe shine guy says kiwi is shiny clay. He says not to rub dirt on your shoes. Buy Lincoln.

u/policemansrage · 2 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

Lincoln Stain Wax is the only way to go. But it has to be kept up daily or it will turn brown and flake off.

u/IguanaRepellent · 2 pointsr/RedWingShoes

You'd probably have to go into the store to get it if it's not on their site. Otherwise, here's a link to the Lincoln brand!

u/-dav · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I use Meltonian cleaner/conditioner and either Angellus or Lincoln for my wax. These aren't high end products, but they get the job done for my purposes. If you're looking for higher-end, I've read good things about Saphir and their line of products.