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u/Riptor552 · 40 pointsr/cosplay

Looks like a great start! I can really only suggest minor things given the work you've already done. :)

  1. Press/iron the shirt. It'll look worn on its own as you wear it around.
  2. Get some shirt stays. They'll keep your shirt looking tucked in.
  3. Be knowledgeable about the weapon prop policy at the convention center.
  4. Even though it's not on the reference picture, I think you'd look better with the tie tied a bit longer. Could just be personal preference

    Keep it up!
u/madnesscult · 18 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Polish your boots! I'm not sure why, but most women never polish or care for their leather shoes, merely buying new ones when they get scuffed. Seriously, boot polish (if done frequently and before the leather is too damaged) can take a pair of leather shoes or boots from dingy to looking new again.

You can get a full polish kit for under $11 on Amazon just make sure you match the polish to your boot color. It only takes like 30 minutes most of which is waiting for the polish to set, and is super easy.

u/Jebediah_Johnson · 14 pointsr/ems

A use a 50/50 mixture of blood and vomit, then I buff them with a bleach wipe.

But occasionally I use kiwi polish. I have this kit.

u/Deeviant · 13 pointsr/pcgaming

Funny since I can buy a cavas ammo bag for under 10 bucks.

And that's with paying the mark up charged by this seller, so you could probably get them wholesale for <$5. Yep, WAY too expensive for a $200 product that is probably already >40% markup.

u/ruindd · 11 pointsr/malefashionadvice

non-mobile link for the lazy

u/_Cool-Breeze_ · 8 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

Lincoln polish is awesome, kiwi parade gloss if you can’t find Lincoln. Get a bag of cotton balls. Swirl the cotton ball around the tin of polish fast and the friction will melt the polish. Swirl the cotton ball on the boot leather in small little swirls and leave the polish on until it dries.

Take a fresh cotton ball and put a few drops of water on it. If water comes out when you squish it you’re using too much. Buff out the dried on polish until it shines. The first time you do a new pair of boots repeat this cycle 7 or 8 times to build up a good base. Every time after you will only need to do one cycle unless you get a really deep scuff.

Bonus points if you get some seal-a-shine and do a coat after. Fresh cotton ball with 7-10 drops on it per boot.

I used Corcoran boot because they only have a toe cap and heel cap to polish. The marauders are canvas on the sides and super comfy and breath well in hot weather.

Links for Lincoln polish and seal-a-shine:

u/NyarlathUaBriain · 8 pointsr/UnresolvedMysteries

Great write-up, not much to add.

Just wanted to say that I don't see a hair bun, I've always personally thought:

  • short male, (just something about the stride I guess, weak I know)

  • chef/food worker. Because of the clothing and hat, which I think is something like this. You know those flatter almost, beret-like chef hats.

    All in all just goes back to how lucky this POI is. Unsexed, face obscured, and wearing clothes that can be seen as fitting many different occupations.
u/jdbee · 7 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Hands down, your cheapest, best option is Rothco. There are some other colors/shapes on Amazon, but they're all around $20-25. Fantastic beater bags. I used one for years before I splurged on a Filson duffle.

u/ILikeToBakeCupcakes · 7 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I have so many questions, guys.

  1. Does anyone have a favorite clothes drying rack? I'm looking at this one right now.

  2. Any recommendations for waterproofing spray? I've got this in my cart. Also, it seems like you can pretty much use waterproofing spray on any type of leather that true in y'all's experience?

  3. For scuff marks that are lighter than the color of the leather, is shoe polish the right solution? If so, where can you buy that type of thing? I'm hesitant to order online because of color matching.

  4. Does anyone have experience with final sale items at Banana Republic? I think something I bought is final sale, but I'm not entirely sure, and I was hoping to return it.
u/Dumfoozle · 6 pointsr/pcgaming

Military style canvas parachute bag retail price: $24

AmazonBasics Brand nylon bag: $20

I only picked those bag styles because they have a zipper, which requires more sewing work. Those are retail prices, too, which makes the $100+ people spent on the CE even more of a rip-off.

u/repotxtx · 6 pointsr/Boardgamedeals

That one looks good, especially at that price. At the moment, I'm a fan of the Rothco bags from Amazon, specifically this one and this larger version. They're both in that same price range and work great. I can generally get four full sized games in the smaller version with a bunch of smaller games around the sides. The large version holds a ton of games, generally more than I'm ever interested in carrying. They don't have backpack straps, which is a nice feature of the cajon bag, but can use a shoulder strap. Meeple Mountain did a pretty good review of the larger version, which gives an idea of how much it can hold, etc.

Just saw your shoulder comment. Obviously, these wouldn't help with that. Loaded up with games they can be on the heavy side.

u/KibblesnBitts · 6 pointsr/promos

I just bought this...fuck my 4:30 AM drunken shopping

u/LarsAlereon · 4 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Note: I'm familiar with men's shoes but most of the principles are the same.

You don't really need leather conditioner unless the leather is exceptionally dry or poorly cared for, but bad-looking leather can be restored a surprising amount with good care. Your most basic regular care is to wipe the shoes down with a damp cloth, allow them to dry completely, and then polish them with an appropriately colored paste polish like Kiwi. This wax will add both shine and a protective layer that prevents water or dirt from getting onto and damaging the leather.

When shoes are dirtier or need more restoration, you want to wash them using a leather cleaner like saddle soap, which will remove any dirt and strip off any built up wax or polish residue. Make sure to thoroughly wipe off any soap residue with a damp cloth and then allow the shoes to completely dry. Polish the shoes using a cream polish like Meltonian in the appropriate color, which both conditions the leather and restores the color. After this is complete, polish the shoe with paste polish for the protective layer.

For very dry or old-looking shows, after washing and drying, thoroughly massage in a leather conditioner or balm before you use the cream polish. This can help a lot if the leather is hard and creased, the oils in the conditioner will make it supple again.

Edited to add: Consider buying a Kiwi Deluxe Shoe Shine Kit or similar kit, which will come with the brushes and cloths you need as well as some paste shoe polish. Honestly brand doesn't really matter for paste polish, it's all basically the same. I use Fiebing's saddle soap, Meltonian cream polish, and Saphir Renovateur restoration cream, but those are just my opinions. You will find that people into shoes have VERY strong opinions about what products you should use and how you use them.

Don't ever polish a shoe with a different color polish unless you know exactly what you are doing, it will usually look hideous. You can use a neutral polish if you're not sure what color you should use.

Second edit: Always put cedar shoe trees in your shoes before you go to bed. This will absorb odors and moisture and help your shoes maintain their shape and last longer.

u/Oeboues · 4 pointsr/politics

Here, you need this:

I'm sure your shoe is quite scuffed after burying it so far up /u/Beer_Is_Food's ass.

u/insanityFTW · 4 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I have 3 bags. One for simple shopping, the second for travel, and the third for everyday.

The first is just a small, colorful over the shoulder [bag]($(KGrHqZ,!ioFBQfJNZ1RBQl(o9tqKQ~~60_1.JPG?set_id=880000500F), and It holds a wallet, phone, hygiene products, a few lip products, and loose change. It's good to just grab and go when I need to run out somewhere.

When I have to travel, I have a larger handbag that has a makeup bag, hygiene products, hairbrush, iPod, phone, a book, and usually I can throw a pair of shorts in there. It's similar style to the large sized longchamp bags.

My third is my everyday bag, and it's a simple cross body messenger bag. It holds everything that bag 1 does, and can hold a book or whatever I need to bring around that day. Personally this one is my favorite and is with me most of the time. Plus it's so cute!

u/leggup · 4 pointsr/TerraformingMarsGame

I'll never understand the drive for custom 'gear' when transporting/organizing a wide variety of basically rectangular things. I can maybe see it if you're a traveling D&D DM with a dice addiction.. so any DM? But for typical board game boxes I don't see why an IKEA bag or any old tote bag would be a bad idea. $79 for a tote??? Obviously I'm too late for OP, but for anyone else reading this thread:

u/goatboy1970 · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Get the stirrup kind. Never once slipped or broken on me.

u/Arsenault185 · 4 pointsr/Military

Dude, just all kinds of no. Giant rookie mistake, and I wish I could find the man who started this shit and punch his dick off.

Don't ever light your kiwi. Its counter productive. Its flammable because of the oil in it. The same oil that shines your boot. You want to know how to make them motherfuckers bling bling? I got you. I wish I had pictures, but I swear to Christ my old boots were shinier and more reflective than my low quarters. Holding my hand above my head I could count my fingers. Here we go.

First off ditch the lighter and get yourself a heat gun. Pick a brand, doesn't matter,

next, throw that busted ass polish out and get you some new shit, because you ruined it. This first part will take a couple hours, but is all prep work, and you only have to do it once. After that, its a quick shine and you're good to go.

Next, start cooking your boots. Hold that dragons ass close enough where you can feel it from the inside of your boot, but not so close you destroy the leather. Warm it up and glob some of that polish on there. Real thick. Cook it again. You'll see the boot suck that shit right in, and it will gray over.

Slap some more of that black tar heroin on there and cook it again.




Repeat until it seems like its taking forever to suck in. You'll know. That's the last time. Yo don't have to get to boot to suck it in.

Your base layer(s) is (are) done. Your leather is no saturated with polish making all future polish's easy.

With that last failed attempt to get the kiwi to suck in still fresh on the boot, now you add your polish layer. I prefer to use Lincoln parade wax for the shine after wasting the kiwi in the boot, but that's up to you.

Using a strip of newish (fresher the better, no so thread bare) white t-shirt (browns aren't soft enough), start polishing like you would normally. That is, little bit of wax in a thin-ish layer all over, then polish with some water in small tiny circles. Make sure to not just start polishing with a new cloth right off the bat. You want the cloth you're using to get progressively cleaner. If your cloth is too clean, youll just wipe wax off. Small circles all over a couple times, then shift the fabric. Repeat until your cloth is hardly stained, or you can shave with your boot, whichever comes first.

And if you really want to stick it in yore chief's craw, pick up a pair of Corcoran Marauders.

Easiest boot to shine, and man do they gleam.

u/Omap · 4 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I like the rothco bags you can get on amazon.

They're cheap, and unlike the HF "voyager" bags they are pretty well made, cotton canvas with thick zippers. I much prefer cotton, way more durable than the thin nylon and won't separate at the seams. I've been using this one for my work tools for ages and it's not ripped at all. Plus you can throw them in the wash to clean them.

u/Madman_Matt · 3 pointsr/fightsticks

I like to use these rothco messenger bags. They are nice and cheap, have plenty of room, and come in tons of different colors and styles.

u/reyswoo · 3 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

My shoe shine guy says kiwi is shiny clay. He says not to rub dirt on your shoes. Buy Lincoln.

u/67Macavelli91 · 3 pointsr/howto
u/viper_dude08 · 3 pointsr/GoodValue

Rothco Hw Canvas Classic Messenger Bag Black is the one I've used for five years now, admittedly mostly for travel though.

u/Jesse_berger · 3 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

Military Garter Straps

Maybe the Air Force is just lazy, I never learned how to do the military tuck, what we did do however was buy straps that will keep the shirts tucked. I prefer the ones that goes through the foot the on that attached to the bottom of the shirt and sock has the tendency of coming undone at the socks and going upwards.

u/muddled_thoughts · 3 pointsr/baltimore

If you're not adverse to doing it yourself, it's actually not a very hard process, and can feel a bit rewarding afterward.

All it takes is a bit of shoe polish, a lighter, a rag (I usually just use an old cotton t-shirt), some spit, and some edge dressing.

Make sure the shoe itself is clean first. A wet cloth for one pass, then a dry one to make sure it isn't damp.

What I used to do when I was in the habit was take a lighter to the wax (it's flammable, so be mindful of your settings and ventilation), light it and let it liquify a little before smothering the flames, dab a little onto the rag, and gently work it onto the leather.

Work it by section and rub it on in circular motions. The leather should be taking on a darker sheen. It may start to look a little cloudy; that's just excess wax. Keep buffing at it. Spit on the area you're buffing, and work it into the whole thing. I don't know why, but I've found spit to work better than just water. I know, eww, yeah yeah.

After a while, the excess should buff away, and you're left with darker, healthier looking finish. Do this for the entire shoe. If you want the tip to shine more, just pay more attention to that area, maybe do another layer, and buff more vigorously.

After you're done, take the edge dressing, and lightly apply to the side portions of the sole.

Remember to work in a well ventilated area, where you aren't afraid to make a mess, and away from smoke detectors! Also, the edge dressing is not to be set on fire! Only the shoe polish, and only to liquify it a bit.

u/DistrictCop · 2 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

I highly recommend these shirt stays. All the other ones I've tried slip off and snap you at random points during the day. Yes, these do make a tiny (pinprick) hole in your shirt, but it's definitely worth it.

u/Dains84 · 2 pointsr/boardgames

>Never sure why some folks in my group bought expensive special bags that hold fewer games.

Agreed, I got a canvas bag off Amazon and a shoulder strap to go with it. It has no padding but it's a workhorse. It can hold something like 10 games.



u/RoyalPickles · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am very grateful for my [cute snuggly pitbull] ( because he keeps me safe from ninjas who be creepin through my knickers. No, really because he is my best friend! I would like [this (1st)] ( and for second place I would like for you to surprise me with something close to 10 from my default WL. Thanks for the contest!

u/IguanaRepellent · 2 pointsr/RedWingShoes

You'd probably have to go into the store to get it if it's not on their site. Otherwise, here's a link to the Lincoln brand!

u/policemansrage · 2 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

Lincoln Stain Wax is the only way to go. But it has to be kept up daily or it will turn brown and flake off.

u/philiph · 2 pointsr/tall

I am using these shirt stays. They are long enough to work just fine on me (I'm 6'6").

A lot of the Amazon reviews are pretty negative. I can only assume those negative reviews are for the clip style stays, not the stirrup style stays. No complaints from me.

u/ArstanNeckbeard · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Just be careful with heavier (as in mass) games, the top of mine ripped day 1.

I have one of these now. It doesn't look like it from the picture but it's a perfect fit. I can cram eight Ticket to Ride-sized boxes into it.

u/Theboss0320 · 2 pointsr/teenagers

This one is sick. Its not too big, but unless you carry a lot, its fine.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Get yourself a Jack Sack my friend.

u/Red1086 · 2 pointsr/boardgames

This is what I use at the moment to transport my games to my FLGS on game nights:

But I am considering getting something like this:

Not sure if it would work out as well, but its can roll, which will help with how heavy my bag is. It also looks sturdier. Still debating with myself if I should switch.

Oh, if you do decide on the canvas bag, make sure to give it a good wash in the washer/dryer. A lot of people say it has too much dye in it and bleeds when wet. Do yourself a favor and wash/dry before use.

u/susandeaux · 2 pointsr/discgolf

I buy the shoes I want (which are typically somewhat expensive) and fix my toe dragging habits with this:

u/CrimJim · 2 pointsr/boardgames

For the bag to carry board games, I recommend a parachute bag. Holds a lot more games, is cheaper, and is a lot more durable. I'll reformat the link when I'm not on mobile.

u/AlejandroMP · 2 pointsr/boardgames

100$ for a crappy (likely nylon) bag? How about a canvas bag for 21$?

u/GotAStewGoin · 2 pointsr/LittleRock
u/jrocbaby · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

I am guessing that he cleaned them with a horsehair brush, wiped them down with water, let dry, cleaned with saddle soap, then conditioned with leather conditioner, oil, or shoe creme. Could have polished them with shoe polish and buffed them to a shine.

What's really cool is that you can get the stuff to do this at home (and you should) for something like $20. Then you can do it whenever your shoes need it. It's good preventative maintenance. I also started liking shoes a lot more once I started doing this myself. Here is a shopping list.

  • saddle soap - $5.69
  • neatsfoot oil - $5.94
  • some old rags.. cotton tshirts or socks or whatever.
  • shoe polish - $7.50.. but I am sure you can get it cheaper.
  • brush - $3.50

    also check out allen edmonds site. they have cheap shoe care products and free shipping.
u/g8trtim · 2 pointsr/myog

I want to make a kit bag as well but canvas parachute bags like that from Rothco are less than the price of material.

u/7silence · 2 pointsr/boardgames

I don't have that specific bag, but I do use one of these.

My GF and I bought one about the same time a year ago. The zipper on mine slipped and I ended up returning it after I couldn't fix it. Hers is still going strong.

I would recommend against filling it to capacity with games as it just gets too heavy. I like that it zips closed when it rains.

u/DrowningInMercy · 2 pointsr/boardgames

I don't keep them on a shelf, I keep them in a bag that I got on Amazon that's fantastic for carrying games around. My collection is still fairly small and I travel around a lot so I just take them with me. I tend to keep them in there horizontally as well.

u/EpimetheusIncarnate · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

CHEEEEFFFSSSS HAAAATTTTTT!!!! Thanks for the contest! :)

u/dlongwing · 1 pointr/SysadminLife

I've been hunting for the "right" bag for years. I carry a MacBook Air (I favor ultralight laptops) and it's a challenge to find a bag with just the right form-factor. Not too big and not too small. My ideal bag has enough room for my daily gear, with a bit of extra space for additional items, and a convenient place to stow a water bottle. Sadly, I've yet to find the perfect bag for my needs, but I do have a few suggestions:

I've used RedOxx bags for years, and I've always been quite happy with them. I use the CPA laptop briefcase if I need to carry a ton of stuff. There's also the Metro Laptop Briefcase, which is a skinnier version of the CPA. I love the CPA, it's a phenomenal bag. However, it's just a little too big to be my daily driver. RedOxx also sells backpacks if you prefer that form-factor (I don't).

My daily driver is often the ThinkGeek Bag of Holding (Con Edition). It's the right size for my laptop and a few accessories, but not half as well-built as a RedOxx bag. I'm unsure if it'd fit a 15" macbook. I like it fine, but it's hard to recommend. It does everything I want it to do, but I'm constantly wishing for a better-built bag.

I've had my eye on the B7 Flight for a while, as it looks like it'd solve the problem of sometimes needing a big bag and sometimes needing a small one, and it looks like it's built for quality (their market is commercial airline pilots).

I used this dirt cheap canvas shoulder bag for years. The build quality is terrible and it'll fall apart after a while, but you can buy a dozen of them for the price of some other bag, and they're a great size for a small laptop and some extra stuff. I'm pretty sure it's too small for a 15" macbook, but there are dozens of this kind of bag on Amazon, a bigger one would probably work fine. I throw this recommendation in here as a reminder that you don't have to buy the best-of-the-best.

Of course, if you're made of money, you could always order something from Saddleback. They're beautiful, but too rich for my blood.

u/-dav · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I use Meltonian cleaner/conditioner and either Angellus or Lincoln for my wax. These aren't high end products, but they get the job done for my purposes. If you're looking for higher-end, I've read good things about Saphir and their line of products.

u/epicurusepicurus · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Haven't tried any of the "belt" styled shirt stays but far as the "clip-on" styled shirt stays are concerned, the stirrup style is definitely better than the straight and Y style shirt stays.

u/Blue_Yoshi2015 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I wear these. The only issue is that they show if you aren't wearing black socks. I might get a pair that just clips to the socks. The thing I really like about these is that the clips are VERY strong.

u/EccentricBolt · 1 pointr/discgolf

I use these. Much cheaper and very durable.

u/Moeparker · 1 pointr/Games

Someone commenting on their twitter response found a canvas bag on Amazon.

I bought it the 24" one. I have a garment printer. I'm gona make my own Fallout canvas bag. I didn't buy a CE version of FO76 but after all this talk of bags I did need one. Why the hell not, make my own.

Could just iron on a Fallout logo on it too.

As for was it all a lie. Could've been a solid plan, but I'm guessing some meeting had the expenses and cost savings of going cheaper and that was voted on just for saving money on some bag no one would ever think about again. I'd say they were a bit wrong.

u/ThisNilla · 1 pointr/boardgames

I ordered this bag about a year ago and i has never done me wrong.

u/eventhorizongeek · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

I always just bought mine at the local Military Clothing Store (on base), but a quick search on Amazon found quite a few - I'd suggest these.

u/_ChestHair_ · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

There are also stirrup-style versions that have a loop at the bottom, and you hook under your foot instead of attaching them to your socks. These are the ones I have and they work wonderfully.

If they catch on the inner lining of your trousers while walking and make a thwack kind of sound, I've found that putting your socks on over them, instead of them over your socks, fixes the problem.

u/gamergrrl88 · 1 pointr/boardgames

I bought this cargo duffel bag from Amazon for ~$20 and love it. It holds a lot of games, is square shaped so they fit snugly when stacked, and has handles and an optional shoulder strap.

u/clumsydevil · 1 pointr/Hyperhidrosis

I'm not sure if this will work for you but I spray my shoes with boot protector. That way they are a little bit more water resistant and hopefully could help fix the issue?

u/garage_cleaner · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think this medic style bag is too cute! She needs to lug around a ton of books I'm certain, and this seems like it will fit the bill from the reviews. It also looks super stylish without being too pretentious.

Also, just tell her you love her and will miss her. If she doesn't have a webcam, honestly, that will be the best gift so you can FaceTime one another,

u/ingodithrust · 1 pointr/boardgames

I recently picked up one of these and it has worked great. I find it holds 13-15 games comfortably and seems to be durable.

u/The_Chief · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

This is what I roll with you just need to replace the strap

u/koreancornchips · 1 pointr/streetwear

w2c german flecktarn camo parka's in size gr6 or gr7 that also ships to Canada? Looking for this pattern/colour.

u/jonesgrey · 1 pointr/AskLosAngeles

Would the bag be at baggage claim even though LAX was my departure airport, not my destination? I would imagine the staff would at least figure out that someone departing LA wouldn’t be at the LAX baggage area.

My bag is a dark olive green, military-style duffel bag with no branding or writing on the outside. There is a red combination lock on the very top.

This is almost the same bag on Amazon:

u/pudaspriest · 1 pointr/goodyearwelt

I did have this problem about a month after I got them, the cement they use just doesn't hold very well. Pretty annoying in a shoe of this price. I just used shoe goo to fix it myself and haven't had any problems since.

u/11C_Motard · 1 pointr/army

Rothco Top Load Duffel Bags - 30" x 50" (Large) version. Cant go wrong with classic OD.

u/kake14 · 1 pointr/WeddingPhotography

I think something like this would probably fit that bill. Looks big enough to fit the 50-150 (I'm on crop) and the batteries/cards can probably fit in that front pocket.

Thanks for the tips!

u/commadelimited · 1 pointr/boardgames

I bought the Rothco Canvas parachute bag from Amazon about a year ago and love it:

It's super durable , holds a crapload of games, and is inexpensive, at under $23. Google for Meeple Mountain game bag if you're interested in reading my review of it.

u/dentttt · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I've been satisfied with Kiwi products. This is a good starter kit. You'll want to get separate cloths and brushes for each color of shoe polish that you are using, but that stuff is cheap. Brushes are less than $10 and for cloths, I just cut up old t-shirts and use those.

You should use shoe trees in boots, not just to keep their shape, but also to get rid of odors.

u/Bacon_Thief · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

The bag itself was just one from Amazon ( and the patches were from Etsy (

u/definitelynotaspy · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

For boots, Obenauf's LP is great. It'll darken the leather a bit, but it works wonders even on relatively cheap leather. Saddle Soap is another good option to consider, Kiwi makes one that you should be able to buy on Amazon.

As for polishing, you'll need some sort of polishing kit. This one should have everything you'll need except for polish. The Bostonians look burgundy, so this is probably your best bet. If they're not burgundy, then get whichever color matches them the closest.

u/Rock_out_Cock_in · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice
u/Bauer22 · 1 pointr/gaming

Messenger bags seem to be like that. You could always buy the one I own for 22 bucks.

u/Nilphinho · 1 pointr/bootroom

I wonder if waterproofing them would work. Works really well on my work boots but I wonder if it would compromise the touch at all... intuition tells me no but I could be wrong. But if you’re only coaching that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Some beeswax or a silicon based waterproofing product should do the trick. This is what I use on my work boots

u/Chairyou2 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice
u/attackoftheisland · 1 pointr/Edmonton

Just saw a link to a site that then linked me to this medic messenger bag. Cheap!

u/SeanArtist · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. 25

  2. 10

  3. 5

    I think you you should do 1 $25 gift because go big or go home ;)

    don't go talking too loud you'll cause a landslide, Mr. Jones
u/gordo65 · 0 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

So you invented shoe cleaning kits that include cleaner, a cloth, and a brush? Are you planning on suing Kiwi for infringing on your copyright? And did you also invent post-it notes?