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Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones - Blue
SPORTS AND WORKOUT EARBUDS: Specifically constructed with a flexible design so earbuds remain stable in your ear throughout all levels of exercise.WATERPROOF AND SWEATPROOF: Designed with invisible nano-coating technology to protect earbuds against water and sweat during running and workouts.LONG LASTING BATTERY LIFE: Impressive 8 hours of wireless listening time per charge allows you to spend more time working out with these sport headphones.WORKOUT FUNCTIONALITY: Easily accessible on-ear controls let you control music and calls through our Bluetooth technology while running, biking, and other forms of exercise.SPORTS EARBUDS SAFETY: Headphones features a safety-oriented eartip design that allows you to hear your surroundings during outdoor exercise and activities.Sports and Workout Earbuds: Specifically Constructed with a Flexible Design so Earbuds Remain Stable in Your Ear Throughout All Levels of ExerciseWater-proof: Ip57rating to Withstand Fresh Water up to One Meter for 30 MinutesLong Lasting Battery Life: Impressive 8 Hours of Wireless Listening Time per Charge Allows You to Spend More Time Working out with These Sport HeadphonesWorkout Functionality: Easily Accessible On-ear Controls Let You Control Music and Calls Through Our Bluetooth Technology While Running, Biking, and Other Forms of ExerciseSports Earbuds Safety: Headphones Features a Safety-oriented Eartip Design That Allows You to Hear Your Surroundings During Outdoor Exercise and Activities
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57 Reddit comments about Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones - Blue:

u/SmashingBoard · 347 pointsr/Showerthoughts

8 hour battery life, charges in under 90 minutes. 10 minutes gets me an hour or two in an emergency. Lightweight. Waterproof.

I don't understand why people still have wires. I shower with my headphones.

EDIT: Galaxy S8 checking in. I haven't used apple in years. I work indoors and carry a 20000 miliamp battery in my work/gobag. My headphones pretty much never die before my S8. I listen to a lot of podcasts and difference in sound quality is negligable.

What I use and Amazon link:

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

u/Mittico · 14 pointsr/xxfitness

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones - Blue

I love these so much! Best headphones I've ever had. They aren't really noise cancelling but they work great for running and crossfit and everything in between.

u/Daguvry · 10 pointsr/running

I use the Plantronics Backbeat Fit. I find the sound quality to be great and I sweat all over them almost daily over this last summer. I get about 6+ hours of usage before I charge them, so I charge them once a week. The biggest bonus for me is you DON'T cram these into your ear canal. The music is plenty loud with bass and I can still hear cars. If you plan on running on a highway these might not be the headphones for you.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones - Blue

u/imstillnotfunny · 8 pointsr/running

I have plantronics back beat water resistant (water proof?) headphones. I've had several of my friends upgrade to them. We all love them.

u/DeliciousSoma · 7 pointsr/runningmusic

I have been running with the Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones since March and I love them. 7 hours or battery life. They connect really quickly and there is very little lag when using the physical buttons. The sound quality is good but do note that they are designed to allow you to hear things around you even when listening to music. This is a nice safety feature, but I can see how some people would prefer earbuds that would block out external sounds. For the price, $81 USD, I feel like they provide quality for affordability.

u/freshshock · 7 pointsr/running

I highly recommend you to try out Plantronics Backfit which is currently 79.99 on Amazon.

I've used numerous bluetooth headphones including Powerbeats 2 and 3 and both died on me. What I like about BackBeat is it's very comfortable and weight is distributed evenly, unlike others that have controls on one side swing as you run. It sits in your ear light and comfortable. It's the best wireless earphone I've used based on price, lightness, and comfort.

u/FightArts1 · 6 pointsr/AppleWatch

Check out the Plantronics Backbeat bluetooth headset..they're waterproof, work great with AW, and have amazing battery life. I've had them for a while and they're amazing

u/brooksms · 5 pointsr/xxfitness

I love these ones!

They were cheaper on amazon a few months ago so I'm not sure whats up with the pricing. Either way, the bluetooth range is outstanding and they fit well in my ears. Finally, headphones I don't have to mess with at all during my workouts.

u/ScaryBee · 4 pointsr/running

Every time this question comes up Plantronics Backbeat Fit ends up the top voted answer ... I have these and they're really good - fit is excellent, sound quality is ok, have been happily using them for 2 years .

u/joeythenaiveone · 3 pointsr/loseit

I have smaller than average ear canals, so headphones that hook over my ears are a must. I've had the Plantronics Backbeat Fit for almost two years and LOVE them. Good audio quality, easy to sync, you can control volume/skip/pause all from the headphones and they've even survived my cat chewing on them repeatedly.

u/islandniles · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

I run with these, and they're great. Earbuds rarely fit in my ears, but these never move/fall out! And they hold up against sweat well!
However, they suddenly stopped working about 6 months in, but Plantronics sent me a replacement very quickly. Great customer service.

u/codeofsilence · 3 pointsr/Fitness

I love these:

The bit around the backside of your head is very flexible - the pictures make it look less than great, but it's amazing.

Sound quality is very good, durability is off the charts for me.

u/Rayu94 · 3 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

I would recommend Plantronics BackBeat Fit ( A little bit pricey, but they stay in place while I'm doing handstand or burpees.

u/knullabulla · 3 pointsr/weightroom

I really like Plantronics Backbeat Fit. I usually do yoga stretches at the end of my workouts, and the headphones stay in place even when my head is upside down. Works great for running as well; they don't bounce loose the way earbuds do and they don't block out ambient sounds (being run over by cars puts a damper on my day).

u/prettyunsmart · 3 pointsr/TheMassive

What are you using them for? I can't say I know much about fancy over the ear headphones, but I love my bluetooth headphones and will highly recommend them to anybody who asks.

u/krabizzwainch · 3 pointsr/running

I was going to look for the other post that the other person that replied to you mentioned, but I am lazy. I use these. They are a bit expensive, but I honestly love them. They are lightweight, sound great, aren't noise cancelling (good to hear cars), 7-8 hour battery (with spoken battery notification of the time remaining), and rain and sweat proof. Got mine for Christmas. Other than that, I used to use like 10 dollar wired Phillips headphones that you could pick up at Target or wherever. Decent enough and I didn't care if they died in the rain. Had a pair last me through a half marathon in the rain and they weren't waterproof.

u/StevePantol · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I'm a big fan of the Plantronics Backbeat Fit:

I sweat like, well, a fat guy exercising, and they're holding up very well. Running, lifting, no problems.

u/_cool_beans_ · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Depending on your budget, I love the plantronics backbeat fit headphones. Wireless is super convenient, they don't fall out of my ears, and they don't have a loose wire. I had a pair similar to the Jaybirds (though not actually the Jaybirds) and I found I got a lot of noise interference from the stupid wire bouncing on my neck as I ran. The Plantronics are still on the pricey side, though a bit cheaper than the Jaybirds.

u/devilishlyhomely · 2 pointsr/gadgets

I use a pair of plantronics that work great! I've had them for a bit over a year with no problems. They're sweat and water resistant, I actually recently ran them through the washing machine by accident and they still work.

u/Blixenk · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I received these plantronics Bluetooth headphones a year and a half ago as a gift, and I love them. I run/walk about 30 miles a week, and I sweat like crazy. They work perfectly and the battery lasts forever on a charge.

u/96-ramair · 2 pointsr/triathlon

This is actually covered on I'm not entirely sure I agree with their rating, but it's because of what you value (safety vs. sweatproofness vs. soundproofness vs battery life). Here's a link to what I've used for several years now, which are their favorite for "unsealed" (e.g. - you can hear around you in case a car comes along side you during your run):

Here's the link to the Wirecutter article:

u/PureFicti0n · 2 pointsr/loseit

I have a giant phone. It's obnoxiously large, and it drives me crazy. I got a giant exercise belt that looks suspiciously like a fanny pack, but it holds my giant phone and it's not horribly uncomfortably. Occasionally I just stick my phone in my sports bra (right along the outer side of my boob) and it works well enough in there, too, except that the bras are getting looser as I lose weight and I'm getting more worried about the phone falling out.

As for headphones, I currently use wireless ones (alternate between the Mpow Swift and the BackBeat FIT... holy shit, I just noticed how expensive those BackBeat ones are, my insurance company gave me those as a replacement for much cheaper ones!) but when I used wired ones, I just ran the wires under my shirt and never had any problems.

u/ps_reddit · 2 pointsr/running

While not exactly cheap I have been fully satisfied with these:

I have been using them for gym or running indoors and for daily use as well. They are comfy to wear and the rubber handle thingie doesn't flap while using at the gym or running.

u/Schmedes · 2 pointsr/Fitness

These are the ones I recently bought after returning the Bluebuds. So far so good, haven't come out yet but have only had them a little over a week.

u/Barry_Johnson831 · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I use the BackBeat Fit headset. They're Bluetooth wireless headphones that are SWEATPROOF. Seriously, they're awesome, not to mention you can answer your phone while working out and not have to stop your workout. Solid Quality, coming from a gym rat.
Click Here for a look

u/PrincessSleepyFace · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Can also confirm. Bought these based on everyone here's recommendation and have not been disappointed. And if you don't care about color, the lime green ones are usually cheaper by $5-$10

Edit: I bought mine on Amazon and it appears they may be cheaper there than from the manufacturer directly.

u/ilikethenumber37 · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I use these ones. They are a little more expensive now than they were when I bought them, but they work really well. The part that goes in your ear tapers nicely so you can rotate them in as far as what's comfortable for you.

u/PacoBedejo · 2 pointsr/gadgets

I'd wager you were doing something wrong and it was simply a tech-support fail/cop out, but there's no way of knowing for certain.

I have both the BackBeat PRO and the BackBeat FIT. Neither has given me any issues with Win 7, Win 10, or Android. I'm sure the audio quality is less than in the more expensive audiophile offerings, but I'm more about form and function coupled with cost, than I am about pristine audio quality in a wireless device.

And, honestly, I didn't set out to buy Plantronics. I started shopping for a set of features in a product with good reviews and a reasonable price. Both sets of criteria led me to Plantronics products. I really thought they'd gone out of business before that.

u/Therealcodyg · 1 pointr/iphone

I've had 2 pair of these (washed and dried the first pair) and use them for everything. Battery life is excellent, recharge quickly, has mic for calls and stays put in my ears for my daily run. I highly recommend these.

u/Rhythm825 · 1 pointr/steroids

I bought my lil bro these for his birthday about a year ago and he's loved them.

He uses them exclusively at the gym.

u/Emilio_Molestevez · 1 pointr/USPS

I got some bluetooth buds that last 7 hours

u/Heasy_Peasy · 1 pointr/Fitness

Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones
They may be expensive, but are 100% worth it.

u/thechilipepper0 · 1 pointr/Android

I've been using these Plantronics Backbeat 903+ for a few years. It's got okay sound and fits comfortably, plus about 6 total hours use between charges. When I bought, the reviews were acceptable and the price around $50. I like that it's designed to let ambient sounds in, which is important for not getting hit on runs. I don't like earbuds because they never stay in, so I like the over the ear support. It doesn't look like they make this anymore, so the price is higher, but they do make a model called the Backbeat fit which have a similar ear-hugging shape, but are also much more expensive.

There are plenty of discussion over in /r/running, like this one, and I thought I found a decently priced (~$50) well-reviewed one that I said I would purchase once these go kaput, but now I can't find it. Just search 'bluetooth' over there and you'll find more discussions than you really want to dig through. Just be aware that many BT headphones will have mediocre sound quality, accept it, and you won't pay hundreds of dollars on them. If you need good sound, you can venture into the higher regions.

u/SirMaster · 1 pointr/Vive

Personally I've really liked using these with my Vive:

Wireless which of course is really convenient, I generally can't even tell I'm wearing them. You can still hear the outside world if you need to so it's great for when people new to VR are trying out my Vive.

u/kenya271 · 1 pointr/iphone

You might look at the Plantronics Backbeat Fits.

Old model:

New Model:

I had the old version and ended up returning them as I was looking for isolation. I also wasn't satisfied with the max volume which given your scenario may not be an issue.

u/memtiger · 1 pointr/gadgets

I recently got the Plantronic BackBeat Fit. I'm really surprised at how comfortable they were. Additionally, they hover over the rear of the neck do you don't have anything laying on them.

u/BrentRS1985 · 1 pointr/AskWomen

I've been using these for a while now and they're great.

u/bumblelina · 1 pointr/C25K


I have these and they are awesome. Around $80 though but it comes with an arm strap too. Typically, I hate running with my phone strapped to my arm but this one works really well and doesn't chafe me!

Edited to add - Don't get these: []

They work fine and sound quality is decent but it pinches the tops of the ears after a while. If you plan on running for more than 30 minutes, these are not the ones for you.

u/steinamo · 1 pointr/runningmusic

My go-to wired earbuds were always these:

Super cheap and sound great.

I recently bought these:

I actually like them a lot. The band that dangles backward could be super annoying because it's floppy, but I wear a headband to keep it in place. Sweat can accumulate in/around these, but I did a 10-mile run last week and it never affected the sound for more than a moment. Really digging the bluetooth/wireless aspect and I would recommend them, even though they're not perfect.

edit: it looks like the yellow Plantronics are on sale for $76 right now, great deal.

u/Lyons55 · 1 pointr/iphone

That price point is going to be rought. I price matched with Amazon at my local bestbuy and picked up a pair or Plantronics Backbeat fit and they are awesome with no complaints from me

u/dennisi01 · 1 pointr/Fitness

Dude for like 80 bucks you can get behind the ear bluetooth headphones that last for like 8 hours.

u/Precious_Twin · 1 pointr/AskTechnology

I've had my Plantronics backbeat fits for about two years, and that was to replace the same model I had for about another 2 years but lost at the gym. They aren't super comfortable, but they've outlived about a half dozen cheaper headphones I use for my daily use.

u/thisisbarao · 1 pointr/Fitness

Just bought the plantronics backbeat fit and they're amazing. I bought them in black and yellow, but you can get them in black blue

u/krissycole87 · 1 pointr/loseit

After trying many pairs that all fell out of my ears (I think my ears are.. weird shaped? Or I just cannot find the right size buds for them) I switched to the over-the-ear style and it is amazing. These are awesome, they sound amazing, and are totally water/sweat proof. They never come out of my ears no matter how intense my workout. Highly recommend.

u/AberonTheFallen · 1 pointr/C25K

LG Tone Pro's... Wouldn't recommend it, the sweat just destroyed them. They make a sport pair, which might be better. I'm looking at these for my next purchase:

u/BensonHedges1 · 1 pointr/iphone

Grabbed these Plantronics Headphones at Costco a few weeks ago for $50, they're great especially if you're a runner. They aren't the best quality (sound great, but don't block noise) but I wear them running, and hearing outside noise is important.

u/Palteos · 1 pointr/headphones

Most won't hate you for considering beats but they will give you some grief for violating rule 1. That said, Solo2 are on-ear and the Studio Wireless are over ear. Over-ear headphones are generally more comfortable. However, everyone has their preferences though. Luckily most Best Buy's have them on display, so I recommend going there and trying a few on and see if you prefer on-ear or over-ear style.

Also, headphones might be uncomfortable when you start sweating and might have trouble staying on your head depending on what you're doing. Depending on whether sound quality is important to you when working out, I would suggest something like these. I use those when I'm at work and they're comfortable when I sweat a lot and stay on my head securely. Sound quality isn't as good as a headset but that's not my main concern when I just want something to listen to when working.

u/aiu_killer_tofu · 1 pointr/fatlogic

I have these [Amazon page] and they've literally never fallen out of my ears even when I'm super sweaty.

u/sholder89 · 1 pointr/iphone

I just got a set of these a few weeks ago and they are great, battery life is awesome, lasts me the whole week pretty much of running and going to the gym, and they don't have the silly buds that go all the way in your ear and are super uncomfortable.

u/Blekah · 1 pointr/running

SoundPEATS QY7 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Microphone Headphones which, based on the reviews, seemed to be a good option for a poor college kid like me. I was lusting after the Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones that were being raved over in that thread, but I can't afford $80 headphones that I will probably manage to "misplace" sooner or later anyway.