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3 Reddit comments about Player Select [Explicit]:

u/thelionnl · 66 pointsr/gamegrumps

Holy shit, You can Pre-order already!!!

Edit: You can actually hear 30 second previews of all songs already if you're interested, personally i'll just wait till the album actually comes out!

u/sighperish · 1 pointr/VentGrumps

Oh my, didn't realize this was available for listening already! Here's a quick link for anyone who can't be arsed to search it.

To be honest, I thought a lot of it actually sounded pretty decent. I agree that the songs could be longer, but then given their time constraints, I'm thankful to see a new album this soon. Plus there's really not much competition in this particular area of music.

u/chrismith85 · 1 pointr/gamegrumps

The amazon page says December 16th, so that's probably the release date give or take a day or two. Do iTunes and Amazon usually have different release dates?

EDIT: Release date confirmed Dec 16th on twitter!