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u/charliemadman · 1 pointr/gamegrumps

On the subject of introverts and extroverts, Susan Cain wrote an interesting book called "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking". I'm only about a chapter in, but it's really interesting.

In the introduction, she talks about something she calls the Extrovert Ideal. This is the idea that society has dictated that the thing that everyone should strive for, the ideal self, is to be comfortable in the spotlight, outgoing and have a colourful personality. However, she also talks about Closet Introverts, that many people act as extroverts to suit society, but really are introverted.

Also in the introduction, there was an informal personality test (link here to the same test online). Particularly interesting and relevant questions to the 'coat' conversation (bloody hilarious, if I may say so) are questions 5 (I dislike small talk, but I enjoy talking in depth about topics that matter to me.) and question 15 (I feel drained after being out and about, even if I’ve enjoyed myself.).

Finally, Dan thought he was a mixture of the two. If you take the test and get a generally balanced score, that means you'd probably be an ambivert, a mixture of introvert and extrovert.

I'm not expert on this, just thought it was an interesting book with an interesting topic and it came to mind when they were talking about it.

(Amazon book links in case your interested: US UK ISBN: 978-0-141-02919-1)

u/CaptainSouthbird · 3 pointsr/gamegrumps

Well, first of all, you probably want to scope what you're going to do, and also figure out how much money you want to spend to do it. I mean it's kind of vague to just want to match their equipment and it might be extreme overkill for you to do so. Like you don't need "breakaway cables" to switch your consoles (per the GrumpOut vid)... in fact, I highly recommend switchboxes as a much saner thing to do there. :P

But to the question:

> I don't know where I could order or purchase them

... this may or may not be a simple answer. Depending where you live, Amazon sells just about everything you could possibly want. Not saying you should necessarily buy it from them, but you'll probably find everything you need there.

But getting back to cost, definitely consider what you can spend, because even just one Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone (as they have just stated they use) costs about $1000.

/u/FabbrizioCalamitous already answered adequately about capture cards of course, so no need to repeat that.

Honestly I think getting good audio equipment and a good environment to make your voice sound excellent is one of the most difficult aspects of the setup. There are just so many factors when it comes to audio; reflections in the room, how your mic is mounted, quality/type of the mic, vibrations from the street, etc. Few of us have a real "studio" type acoustically-sealed room to get really good voice recording, and it seems anything and everything easily gets in there and makes a mess of it. But of course unless you're really well off you probably can't afford to set up a room like that or afford Sennheiser MKH 416 mics. (Or at least can't justify the cost for something extravagant before your YouTube channel has taken off.)

Most likely what you ought to do is Google around a bit and try to find a more modest starter kit. If you start to earn a decent viewerbase you might start considering upgrading incrementally. I mean, even the Grumps started out with just a mic on a table in the living room. They graduated to much grander setups over years of time.

u/Pogotross · 3 pointsr/gamegrumps

I think Arin likes The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses, Second Edition and either he or Jon liked Game Feel: A Game Designer's Guide to Virtual Sensation.

Personally my favorite game design resource is either Mark Rosewater's design articles or his podcast. I prefer his podcast but both covers most of the same information. MaRo is the lead designer for Magic: The Gathering so a lot of the articles are about MtG specifically or about tabletop games but nearly all the general design podcasts are worthwhile. Most importantly, he has around twenty years of successful (and unsuccessful) design under his belt, so he isn't just talking in vague generalities or theories. He has examples backing up pretty much everything he talks about including, and maybe most importantly, times he thought he was doing the right then and messed up. I think anyone interested in game design should listen to the "Ten Things Every Game Needs" and "20 Lessons" series. You can hear his GDC version of the 20 Lessons here.

*: But the absolute best thing you can read on game design is a gamemaker tutorial. Theory is useless without execution.

u/RubberNinja · 15 pointsr/gamegrumps

Haha! Good start! Funny stuff.

If you want advice, the best I can give you is this:

Be mindful of the brush size and the zoom % you're doing line art in. If you're working in 3 size brush and you're zooming in and out to different % to do your line art, you'll find the line art becomes very inconsistent. Brush size is entirely relative to the zoom percentage you decide to use. So what I recommend is, rough out your animation with whatever zoom or brush works for you, it doesn't particularly matter at this stage.. Then once you're done with your rough, go back over it on another layer entirely on 200% or 300% zoom (you'll see the amount of zoom in the top right of the stage). I recommend 3 size brush, pressure sensitivity and 40 smoothing. If you're mindful of this your line art will look awesome! You'll find the imperfections on lines will be lost the closer zoomed in you decide to do the line art.

Also this book will change your life.


u/underenemyfire · 3 pointsr/gamegrumps

Really good animation is going to take alot of time and a lot of determination, not only to learn but to just simple execute. If you can draw well and you have good fundementals in drawing you'll probably have a bit of a head start but it's still going to be alot work. Don't fret however because animating is both fun and rewarding once you have the skills down! Really if you're serious I highly reccommend buying The Animator's Survival Kit: . Also watching these:
My advice is that if you want to animate, just go for it. Also buy Adobe CC because there is no decent alternative to Flash. (I have wasted too many days searching for one). Anyways good luck to you sir.

u/JayceMJ · 17 pointsr/gamegrumps

If anyone is interested in the Upright Citizens Brigade there's a book you can purchase that's quite good and is the standard resource for anyone interested in rat dicks.

u/thekey147 · 1 pointr/gamegrumps

I've been told this one here works well.

And yeah, a surface tablet is far more convenient, I just enjoy having a second monitor, and having a 1:1 translation when drawing.

u/gds15 · 2 pointsr/gamegrumps



CD Baby


Take your pick! I'm pretty sure both are offering MP3 downloads with the CD, Amazon through their AutoRip thing and CD Baby sends a code.

u/flameabel · 1 pointr/gamegrumps

I don't know the video you're looking for -
But usually when animators refer to animation books it's the:
"Animators Survival Kit" - Richard Williams
"Illusion of Life" - Ollie Johnston & Frank Thomas
These cover the basics, and are helpful for understanding principles in animation.
But online tutorials and blogposts can teach just as much. Epsecially just experimenting on your own.

Of course, Ross could have mentioned completely different books, and I'm sorry, but I hope this helps atleast a little.

u/xnamkcor · 1 pointr/gamegrumps

Click on the search box(looks like a rectangle near the top with "All" on

the left and "Go" on the right).

When you see the vertical line blinking, type in:

Starbomb CD

Then Press "Return", "Enter", or click the "Go" button on the right.

Look for the image that looks like the current album art.

Read the Description.

If it says MP3, that is the wrong one.

If it says CD, that is the correct one.

Click on the Album Art and you will be taken to the product page.

There will be an option to view the MP3 page instead, do not click that.

Click "Pre-Order And Add To Cart"

u/chrismith85 · 1 pointr/gamegrumps

The amazon page says December 16th, so that's probably the release date give or take a day or two. Do iTunes and Amazon usually have different release dates?

EDIT: Release date confirmed Dec 16th on twitter!

u/ideka · 1 pointr/gamegrumps

I believe Arin once recommended The Art of Game Design.

Here (~6:35) he talks about something I believe he got from that book.

u/1upforever · 44 pointsr/gamegrumps

"Huh, expensive microphone? My Blue Yeti is kind of showing its age, I wonder if I could afford it"

>One google search later


u/Azoozoo · 7 pointsr/gamegrumps

I ended up getting this book for Suzy after that goose episode and sent it to their post office box:

u/Punt_Rocket · 1 pointr/gamegrumps

Probably this one

Game Theory is mostly math by the way, it doesn't directly pertain to video games.

u/JayUnderscore_ · 3 pointsr/gamegrumps

Not sure about the book Dan mentioned, but The Art of Game Design is by Jesse Schell. It's technically a textbook, so it's a bit pricey, but here's the link.

u/thelionnl · 66 pointsr/gamegrumps

Holy shit, You can Pre-order already!!!

Edit: You can actually hear 30 second previews of all songs already if you're interested, personally i'll just wait till the album actually comes out!

u/nixyboy · -3 pointsr/gamegrumps

Consequences change based on circumstance. Unless you don't think theres a "fanaticism problem" in deontogy or whatever frameworks you have credence in.

Holly not being depressed --> getting trashed online for being a whore = fine whatever

Holly being depressed --> getting trashed online and then killing herself = not the same calculation.

Morality is a tug of war. Get read on some ethical theory, you adorable philistine. 😎

-Sincerely, me