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Summoner Wars Master Set
For 2 to 4 players30 minutes play timeSummoner are demigods, once mortal beings of exceptional ability now wielding vast supernatural powers that even they only partially comprehend
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u/kimdontcome · 24 pointsr/boardgames

That's right. Here's some price data taken from /r/lowestprice. Its more like a 20 to 30% discount witch is still pretty great

|Name|Price|Usual Price|
|Forbidden Island|$10.19|$14.50
|Resistance The 2nd Edition|$12|$15.50
|7 Wonders|$28|$33
|Say Anything|$15|$19
|Flash Point Fire Rescue 2nd Edition|$24|$30
|The Walking Dead Board Game|$21|$27
|DC Comics Deck Building Game|$23|$30
|Zombicide Base Game|$54|$74
|The Castles Of Burgundy|$22|$29
|Summoner Wars Master Set|$30|$39
|Formula D|$32|41
|The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game|$17|$22
|Axis and Allies 1914 World War I Board Game|$59.39|$75
|Risk Godstorm Game|$30|$36.50
|Saint Malo Strategy Game|$20|$27

u/ohcrapitschris · 3 pointsr/boardgames

I HIGHLY recommend Summoner Wars. I absolutely love this game.

That's if you do sell the GC. ITs a great game.. has multiple factions you can use.. Plenty of variety. Its a strategy board game with cards.

u/kerred · 2 pointsr/adventuretime

Wish I could :( Its about half price on amazon coincidentally this week:

May be best to try it out at a friendly local game store first. It has lots of upside down text (unless you play your cards upside down so you opponent can easily read them all) and rules exceptions like a typical American style card game, so if you have friends okay with that, you're good to go.

u/lookinforabean · 2 pointsr/breakingmom

Does he like board games too? There is a game called Summoner Wars that is like chess had a love child with MTG.
My husband and I love playing it together.

u/The_Rooster · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Sorry I've not played Thunderstone or Dominion either. But I have been thinking of getting Summoner Wars for a while now. I seem to often see Thunderstone and Summoner Wars talked about together. No idea if they are similar as I've never investigated Thunderstone.

That said the great value for money Master Set of Summoner Wars is a great price on Amazon at the moment for $36.80. From what I understand this is a starting set that has everything you need including 6 faction decks.

Summoner Wars

Not sure if it is what you are after but might be worth investigating. Might even add that to the basket myself :)

u/MrOrruha · 1 pointr/boardgames

Hope you enjoy it. It is definitely one of my favorite games.

I was curious and checked CSI's posting for the Big Box. It does not seem to list the Filth pack, but it should be in your box - I ordered mine from CSI back in March, and the Filth were included. If, for some strange reason, yours does not contain it, I would contact CSI, because it should definitely be there.

Could just be an oversight on the product page, though.

Edit: Amazon seems to have some copies of the original Master Set in stock for ~$35, which isn't much more than what CSI is asking for, if you're intent on having a complete Summoner Wars collection ASAP.

u/Wassup554411 · 1 pointr/summonerswar

I don't know if they are actually related but this is the card game.