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u/Adeno · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh YEAHHHH this is something I enjoy talking about hahahah :D Let me share with you the pictures of the things I won from our beloved Amazon reddit place :D

First of all, I KEEP those little gift messages that come with the stuff that people send me :D Yeah I'm that type of guy... quite sentimental hahaha! :D

Since I live in an apartment and I'm not allowed to have pets here, it's just natural for me to look for something cute and cuddly (I miss my old cat back home). Fortunately, I discovered those Webkinz toys and I added them to my list. Those became my recent prizes :D

They now became my Piano Troops :D And yes... that piano is on my bed lol! Aside from that, all of the little friends that I've won in contests have become part of my little toy review and weirdness/fun site called AdenoFunTime on a certain blogspot (which I cannot link because I'm an affiliate of Entertainment Earth and I promote stuff there) :D I make them the stars of my little toy comics. I always make a "Thank You" page on my site to the people who gave me the cute stuff because even if I won them via contests, I really appreciate the effort and time they put in sponsoring these fun activities... plus it never hurts to say thanks in a special way :D

Now on to the toys and what happened to them :D

Yoda came from /u/LaLocaChristina :D I love her interesting story and creativity contests :D Yoda's role in my little story comics is as the wise person who gives advice... in a near incomprehensible manner :D

Samuel the Black Bear also came from her. I gave the bear the name Samuel because I recently just watched Pulp Fiction and I loved the movie! I also liked Samuel Jackson lol! Naturally, since Samuel Jackson's trademark phrase is "Mother$#@#$#!!!", I just made little Samuel bear more "friendly"...but he still ends his phrases with a very descriptive thing lol :D

Daviana the Elephant came from /u/ladyllana :D Daviana's based on an old big lady actress that i watched as a kid. Since this actress' roles were primarily as a strong woman who beats up bullies to protect her kids, I made Daviana become the "strategist" of the animal group. Her role is usually to come up with plans on how to solve problems while using her power.

Mia the Cow came from /u/Bkr4f :D Mia's character is based on Mia from Pulp Fiction lol :D She's a very lady like cow who sometimes... says weird stuff, but she's very supportive and helpful haha (plus points to people who recognize that scene in the image) :D

Don Brando the Brown Bear came from /u/Rustygurl :D I based his character on Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather movie :D Don Brando is the leader of the pack. He's a strong and very confident bear and you cannot refuse to play with him :D

The next group of stuff that I've won during my time here are the movie guys :D

Superman and Robocop came from /u/steampunktrex :D Robocop is usually the law enforcer of the toy shelf group :)

Superman on the other hand, keeps on hitting on Faora for some reason.

Jor-El came from /u/TurningLane :D Jor-El's is usually the "playboy" of the gang and he hits on the lady toys, but it usually ends badly for him :D

Faora came from /u/Hobohuntinghippo :D Faora is Super Henry Cavill Man's love interest... but Faora doesn't like him at all! It really ends badly for Super Henry Cavill Man :)

General Zod came from /u/NamesNotCrindy :D He's Faora's love interest because he's the most evil guy around :D Of course, Super Henry Cavill Man and Bootleg Vegeta can't compete with him. :)

Finally, the small Muto, Godzilla's latest enemy in the 2014 movie, came from /u/Reptarxking :D This little Muto's the only "gift" in the group which I got for being a newbie here in the Amazon reddit section :D Little Muto is quite the narcissist :D

I give my happiest THANKS to these great people for these wonderful prizes :D They make reddit a totally more fun and adventurous place where one can be creative and explore all sorts of fun situations :D

I hope you enjoyed my little story :D

Oh and Gillian Anderson needs Dazzling Duchovny! :)

u/tomkatt · 1 pointr/emulation

That definitely looks better. I'm still a fan of CRT-Geom flat 2x sharp, regular CRT-Geom flat and Phosphorish though.

Probably because my favorite CRT TV back in the day was a 27" Samsung Dynaflat, so flatscreen CRT and really sharp image with S-video and component.

u/CaptainHarleyStorm · 0 pointsr/PublicFreakout

copied from above.

Are you saying if someone wore a Frozone costume (from the incredibles) you wouldn't know who it was unless they painted themselves?

Who is this. I'm sure you recognized it without her painting her skin

And this. Who the fuck is that? She's didn't paint her face white so I'm confused.

People knew who these girls were without Black face.

If we can't tell who you are without Black face then that means your costume sucks. If a guy throws on some circle glasses and a cap to cosplay as Samuel L Jackson then no one will know who the hell he is. But if he did his hair and clothes like this people are more likely to get the idea.

EDIT: links

u/luchak · -4 pointsr/Games

Eh. I dunno. I just looked at a bunch of romance novel covers and the beefy male characters on them are not really posed like video game characters. Virtually all fall into one of two categories:

  1. Man staring soulfully at and possibly embracing his lover.

  2. Artwork that draws attention to the ass or crotch.

    There are occasional exceptions, but even these are posed differently from, say, Kratos, whose messaging is clearly less "I want you so bad" and more "I'm a badass and I can do what I want."