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u/aderra · 18 pointsr/audioengineering

Tough to go wrong with Kind of Blue.

u/gugliata · 13 pointsr/VinylDeals

Perhaps someone who has already ordered Giant Steps from getimportCDs could enlighten us to exactly which pressing this is?

The listing details are kind of a mess, but the UPC implies that this is for the 2014 UK Atlantic Pressing, which has great reviews. CamelCamelCamel says that it beats the historic Amazon listing by about $1.50.

This at least appears to be a legitimate Atlantic, Rhino or Warner release (and not one of those grey market Euro pressings)...

u/boomincali · 7 pointsr/VinylCollectors

Not trying to rain on your parade, but your prices seem a bit steep on some of the records. For example:

Fight Club OST for $55... You can still get these brand new straight from Mondo for $35

Also the NES v2 can still be bought from Moonshake for $25... 65 is insane.

and Bitches Brew is currently at $33 new....

edit: I knew this guy was marked on my RES for a reason... He's been quoted by saying this...

> I always price high

He's been deleting his post history so that people who try to do their homework before buying from him wont see the numerous amounts of downvoted posts he's made with over priced records. I'm not saying not to buy from this guy or anything, but that's just sketchy already.

u/CecilFieldersChoice · 7 pointsr/Cardinals

Young Frankenstein is one of the GOAT movies and if you think differently you probably enjoy Tim McCarver's album unironically.

u/edgeman7 · 6 pointsr/VinylDeals

Wax Time label is crap. This is a European label that reissues old classics where copyright protections expire after 50 years. They exploit the artist and the worse offense is that they are simply pressing from CD sources and not the original analog tapes from Verve. Sounds low quality. Step up to this Verve pressing instead for $17.86.

u/Boscovite · 5 pointsr/VinylDeals

I think the Spain blue note release is a CD not vinyl.. Though Amazon also listed it for $13. 53
Birth Of The Cool [LP]

u/newtothisdadthing · 5 pointsr/Cardinals
u/elephantengineer · 4 pointsr/Jazz

if you're already into duke, thelonious monk plays duke ellington might work for you. that being said...

i can't think of any bad monk albums, but he's at his best when he gets to stretch out on longer solos, building rhythm patterns, echoing and deconstructing melodies, etc. he often re-worked the same compositions at different points in his career, so for a lot of tunes there's not a canonical this-is-the-official-version "best" recording. you might try this imho stellar recently-discovered live recording at carnegie hall with john coltrane.

u/The_Natty_Knight · 4 pointsr/Cardinals

Im gonna leave this here.... Tim McCarver Sings Selections from The Great American Songbook. Read the reviews.

u/birdgetstheworm · 4 pointsr/Jazz

The Smithsonian Anthology is a nice historical survey.

u/DarthContinent · 4 pointsr/AskReddit

I really enjoy me some Miles Davis, I like to drive by his "Spanish Key".

u/columbiatch · 3 pointsr/videos

This is a pretty good overview of the genre. Jazz is a very diverse genre and this will give you a taste of everything throughout its history.

edit: this has little to none avant garde/free jazz, though that might make it easier to digest for new listeners.

u/Jacko1235 · 3 pointsr/trumpet

I was in the same position as you a couple of months ago. I went through this book I found it really good as it starts from the very beginning and it took me time to reacquire the fundamentals. I then went on to Arbans and used this book as a guide I'm also trying to learn jazz properly and have been using this as a guide which requires this book to start Any other questions let me know.

u/ShitRandyHates · 3 pointsr/drums

Love this guy- never heard of him until I picked up his DVD on a whim one day. Fucking BLOWN away by how good he is.

u/donkeytime · 3 pointsr/Marijuana
u/okletstrythisagain · 3 pointsr/Jazz
u/HeSoScary · 3 pointsr/Cardinals

MLB Network was playing songs from Tim McCarver's album...

u/A_Smack_of_Ham · 3 pointsr/Cardinals

Since we're spending time talking about Tim, I'd like to once again remind you all about this 100% genuine, for real, non-ironic album he made where he "Sings Selections of the Great American Songbook."

Read the reviews.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/hiphopheads
  1. Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf

  2. Mobb Deep - The Infamous

  3. Madvillain - Madvillainy

  4. Radiohead - In Rainbows

  5. Mos Def - Black on Both Sides

    Honorable Mentions:

u/georgesanders · 3 pointsr/VinylDeals

Europe grey market stuff is basically at best a cd pressed on a record. At worst it’s a cd pressed on vinyl with crap vinyl quality.

You’re much better off for Giant Steps either getting the 2017 mono which is a quiet flawless pressing or the Kevin grey mastered stereo , both on rhino, both fantastic sound.



u/allergictoapples · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


While it appears that lorises might make very good pets as they seem harmless and cute by many people, they are wild animals and not suitable to be kept as recreational livestock. The fact remains that they are only harmless once their teeth have been removed as they are capable of inflicting a toxic bite.

u/citronella4algernon · 2 pointsr/Music

How about the Smithsonian Jazz Anthology? Pricey but informative and lots of music.

u/w33z312 · 2 pointsr/VinylDeals

Here's some more that are about $13.50ea shipped. Some may be for Amazon Fr Prime Members only.

Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation

Cream - Disraeli Gears

Bob Dylan - Times They are-a Changin

Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak

John Mayall w Clapton - Bluesbreakers

Lorde - Pure Heroine

Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares

Nine Simone - Pastel Blues

Patti Smith - Easter

Patti Smith - Horses

u/tedfletcher · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Awesome! Idle Moments is my favorite record of all time. Not just regarding jazz, but all time - in the history of music. Joe Henderson's solo during the title track is perfection. Read the liner notes when you get a chance, there's a great story in there about the actual recording session.

First runs on ebay are go for more than $300 at the VG+ level . Don't be discouraged though, the 1970's reissues play great and can still be had for a more affordable price, so definitely grab one if you can! Also if you're anxious for a play copy on vinyl, represses can be had on Amazon for like $10-15. I bought a few of these for gifts and they play just fine.

u/Quesjac_Canal · 2 pointsr/Jazz

For what it's worth, [this] ( recording claims in the liner notes to have corrected various errors in the earlier re-issues.

u/xLudo · 2 pointsr/gaybros

Half way through this video there is some great help on fills.

As for beats there are too many to mention but I thoroughly recommend Mr. Greb's dvd, sacks of knowledge on how to go about creating, implementing and controlling all the different patterns oot there.

I practice my left foot exactly as I practice the right, try playing a pattern with your right foot for a bar then playing the same pattern on the left for a bar, alternating hands between hats and ride. And yes, always start slowly and gradually get faster. This will help build the dexterity in your left foot and make it not feel like there is a brick tied to it! Happy drumming my friend :)

u/PriceKnight · 2 pointsr/VinylDeals

Price History

u/Archare · 2 pointsr/IWantToLearn

A good book recommended to me by a jazz trumpeter: How to play jazz and improvise.

u/raddit-bot · 2 pointsr/listentothis

| | |
|name|The Reign of Kindo|
|about artist|The Reign of Kindo is a jazz/rock band from Buffalo, New York, United States, signed to Candyrat Records. The band formed in late 2006 from the remaining members of This Day & Age, along with a new member, Jeffrey Jarvis. On August 21, 2007, the band released their first record, and EP entitled simply The Reign of Kindo EP. In January 2008, they began recording for their first full-length record which is entitled Rhythm, Chord & Melody, and was released through 111 Records on August 19, 2008. ([more on]( Reign Of Kindo))|
|album|Play With Fire, released Jul 2013|
|track|Feeling in the Night|
|images|artist image, album image|
|links|lyrics, wikipedia, official homepage, myspace, track on amazon, CD on amazon|
|tags|jazzrock, pianorock, progressive, rock|
|similar|This Day & Age, The Dear Hunter, Closure in Moscow, As Tall As Lions, Tides Of Man, Tides of Man|
|found in|r/Music, r/listentothis|
|metrics|lastfm listeners: 30,335, lastfm plays: 1,779,132, youtube plays: 28,627, score: 31|

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u/VinylDealsBot · 2 pointsr/VinylDeals
u/duffman82991 · 2 pointsr/Trombone

As other people are saying, listening a lot is obviously really important. But here is a fantastic tool to help you in a slightly more concrete way:

This was the book of choice by my jazz professor, who I studied improv with. The most important part about the book is in the middle, where there are a series of increasingly complex chord progressions. It starts with 12 bar blues, and evolves into full charts. And it comes with a CD, which has drums and bass playing those changes. To me, this was the perfect way to practice improvising. Just spend an hour a day playing along with the changes, and you get rapidly better.

The rest of the book is full of common improv vocabulary, with exercises, scales, licks, etc. Study these a bit to get some of the important vocabulary under your belt. But the most important thing is just to listen to solos you like, use them as inspiration, and then practice playing to the changes. Good luck.

u/meltphaced · 1 pointr/listentothis

Hehe, I'm just busting your balls, dude. I actually didn't start with the early classics either. Made my way from 70s prog rock to fusion jazz to contemporary jazz and then made my way back.

Anyway, look into the concert at the Carnegie Hall Monk did with Coltrane. That should be a good intro. Underground is also a great album.

u/Donbot · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Duke Ellington - Three Suites. Not strictly Christmas, but it's got a great jazz take on the Nutcracker Suite to start off with. Plus, the rest is Duke Ellington, which is great.

u/Casting_Aspersions · 1 pointr/Music

If you don't have much of a jazz collection yet, this is a GREAT place to start. The enclosed liner notes are wonderful and the compilation represents a fairly diverse range of the genre:

I know it is pushing $100, but this is probably the best place to start if you are starting from scratch.

Additionally, this question (and similar permutations) has been asked on this (and other) sub-reddits so you might get some good inspiration from a search.

u/rightc0ast · 1 pointr/baseball

That's pretty good, and brings back some memories ... but the first time you play the samples here is going to be pretty high up on the Mclaughometer:

u/On_A_Friday · 1 pointr/VinylDeals

All ship for $3.99

Larry Young - Unity - $7.69 -

Grant Green - Idle Moments - $11.55 -

Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage - $8.53 -

Dexter Gordon - Go - $10.98 -

Lee Morgan - Cornbread - $9.24 -

Dexter Gordon - Our Man In Paris - $8.51 -

Sonny Rollins - A Night at the Village Vanguard - $9.81 -

Jimmy Smith - Back At The Chicken Shack - $9.23 -

Bobby Hutcherson - Total Eclipse - $9.24 -

Ornette Coleman - At the Golden Circle Stockholm Vol. 1 - $8.18 -

Jason Moran - Soundtrack to Human Motion - $11.21 -

Freddie Hubbard - Here To Stay - $9.48 -

u/GDDesu · 1 pointr/vinyl

Grant Green - Idle Moments. The opening track is simply amazing.

u/atut48 · 1 pointr/VinylDeals
u/FunkyTimbo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Miles Davis! I've always loved Jazz, it always gets me in a better mood. "Music is always a commentary on society."

u/H-H-H-H-H-H · 1 pointr/listentothis

There’s also this 5 cd set Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology that takes you through the history of jazz. All the tracks are classics.

u/judgebeholden · 1 pointr/Jazz

I've built up a nice little jazz collection over the past few years and I really love slow, introspective piano stuff. Andrew Hill's Hommage is a great solo album, as is Mingus Plays Piano. Dave Brubeck's Jazz Impressions of Japan has a nice balance of fast/slow jazz and Thelonius by Himself is contemplative and cool. For a something a little different try Walt Dickerson's Impressions of a Patch of Blue or Sun Ra's The Night of the Purple Moon. Fun, funky stuff.

Something faster paced? Bitches Brew by Miles Davis or The Cry by Prince Lasha are two of my best purchases.

u/CrownStarr · 1 pointr/Jazz

FYI, the Ellington album is called Three Suites.

u/TheWayoftheFuture · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I can't narrow down the songs and movies to 5 but I think I can take a stab at the albums. The links go to Amazon. In no particular order...

  1. Kind of Blue by Miles Davis - It works in every situation. It makes me feel like I am out in nature. Just that feeling of being able to breath deeply and you think, "this is where I am supposed to be."

  2. Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd - It's so timeless. If this album came out today it would be hailed as innovative and fresh.

  3. In On The Kill Taker by Fugazi - The energy. The passion. The emotion. When I need to get pumped up, this album does it for me. I can hear the first notes of Facet Squared just typing this.

  4. A Fistful of Film Music by Ennio Morricone - My favorite film composer. This anthology is awesome from top to bottom and I could listen to it all day.

  5. Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan - I was introduced to Bob Dylan way later than I wish I was so I feel like I am making up for lost time when I listen to him. No one makes nonsensical lyrics make so much sense like Dylan.

    I could survive on a desert island with these 5 albums and never want for music. I might want a power supply though.
u/Puzzlecuts · 1 pointr/VinylDeals

Price history - has only been lower than this for a day or two last year

u/paulcoe · 1 pointr/Music

Dave Brubeck - Time Out

u/ploky123 · 1 pointr/listentothis

If you'd like the CD or mp3,

u/chemistry_teacher · 0 pointsr/AskReddit

Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall

This audio CD is notable for many reasons:

  1. It represents a style at its height (1957).

  2. It contains two of the world's greatest jazz artists, during the very short time they worked together (less than a year).

  3. It documents Coltrane's style at a time when it really began to take flight.

  4. The recording was discovered at the Library of Congress in 2005, so it's "new".

  5. It was recorded live, and extraordinarily well for its day, at Carnegie Hall.

    Edit: it's also nice for getting your groove on with the ladies.
u/video_descriptionbot · 0 pointsr/TheDearHunter

Title | The Reign of Kindo "Play with Fire" (CD Audio)
Description | "Play with Fire" CD available at itunes - amazon - Purchase the "Play with Fire" "YouTube Sessions" at Visit The Reign of Kindo at
Length | 0:54:50


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